More notes below today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Penny, P



    wiht kemp up now, i think repko’s role will be diminished significantly..



    Have to disagree ray. Kemp got off to a great start but tailed off. Repko got off to a great start too but got hurt. I don’t see grady using Kemp in the late innings like he has with Repko


    1) Here comes Matt Kemp! The last time he faced Aaron Cook, he batted cleanup and hit 2 homers off of him fresh out of the humidor. Grady has a good memory.

    2) I really think that with the nagging injury, Nomar just needs to spend some good time on the bench and let James Loney get some starts at first. Loney hasn’t homered yet in the majors, but he’s developed into a solid line drive hitter – an impressive .313/.389/.625 his second time back.

    3) JD Drew is a favorite punching bag, certainly. I’ve taken shots at him myself, and I even wanted to trade him off. I admit fallacy and say I’m satisfied with him. He broke that awful homerless streak, generally plays good defense, and gets on base a lot. He had a great August, hitting .279/.394/.477, and I hope he keeps that up. In time with further player development, though, I think he’ll end up in the 2 hole because he’s that good at getting on base.

    4) The Dodgers are looking at the reality of their team now. Kenny Lofton will likely be elsewhere as Matt Kemp steps into centerfield. Loney will get some playing time soon too, and Nomar may not be too long for the Dodgers. Kuo will likely get a start soon (though I’d like Sele to start Sunday, because he’s good in Dodger Stadium), and he could very well be a part of the rotation for years to come. The biggest question will be who wins out at third base, be it Betemit or Laroche. This future is not so dreadful, though, and is actually something to look forward to quite a bit.

    5) Brad Penny is one good month away from being an NL Cy Young contender. He has 6 starts left, and has 14 wins on the season. Do the math; I don’t think any other starting pitcher in the NL has as good a chance at 20 wins. What he’ll need to do is be efficient and last 6 innings per start, lower his ERA, and not get ejected for yelling at an umpire. Brandon Webb (14-5, 3.02 ERA) and Chris Carpenter (13-6, 2.87 ERA, 1.01 WHIP) will make for stiff competition, though. Brad Penny doesn’t need to win the Cy Young award to prove he’s a good pitcher, but it would be nice to have.


    Kemp won’t be a late inning defensive replacement. He’s here because he can contribute, and the Dodgers want to see if he’s ready for the show full time. Repko will still be the late innings bench guy and pinch runner, but maybe in right field instead.


    I too wish that Nomar would get a little time on the bench to rest his knee. Maybe Little has asked him and Nomar has expressly stated that he is alright to play and will work through the slump and the injury. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a few days off and an easy week. Even healthy players need a rest in September, everyone that is excluding Furcal. He’s a machine.


    Jonweisman – sorry for your blues. Why not sit back and enjoy the ride with the rest of us. Anything can happen, like Billingsley getting injured, but we have had a great season playing through considerable adversity. Not to send you for more Rolaids, Tums, etc. but regardless of how this season finally plays out, this is just the start. Look at the contribution made by the rookies and more on the way. Check in again in a couple year’s times and see how your stomach is. Go Dodgers. Keep it rolling for Jon.


    kemp is here to see if he can be our everyday cf next year, repko is a nice role player, but thats it.. and loney should get at least 2 starts a week from now on, we need nomar healthy in october…



    Hey, fake Jon. What’s the point? Get over yourself. Jon is as big a Dodger fan as there is. Don’t hate him because he wants to understand why a team wins games.


    Kemp is back and better than ever. Don’t be fooled, the power Kemp showed early on wont be the norm until next year maybe the next, but while in Vegas he became a real base stealing threat. He plays a good center field (that will get better, you can’t teach speed), has power to the gaps, and will start driving in runs right away.
    Kemp is the real deal.

    He will be a force in the post season.


    Choi Central… Isn’t that an Oriental Fast-Food joint?

    Matt Kemp is baaaaack!! Lookout world, because this Dodger team can really make the Mets wish they hadn’t invited us over for the weekend! We’ll be kicking some tail in Flushing real soon! Let’s hope the kids can make their case for being included on the playoff roster…

    Go Big Blue Wrecking Crew, 2006 Baby!!!

  11. Dodger

    Lowe is, indeed, pitching on Wednesday, not Penny. It was either misspoken yesterday or changed, but this week will be:

    Monday: Maddux

    Tuesday: Hendrickson

    Wednesday: Lowe

    Thursday: Penny

    Friday: Hopefully Billingsley, according to Grady


    Hey, Dodger. Why Hendrickson instead of Kuo? At what point does Grittle realize that Hendrickson is no good?


    Why is Nomar playing every day although injured?: His contract has incentive clauses for plate appearances and he has reached the point he is making #25,000 per plate appearance. You don’t miss games when they reward you $100,000 or so for each one you play. Who cares if that’s best for the team or not? This is the pros, man.


    “Why is Nomar playing every day although injured?”

    Because he can still hit line-drive, three-run home runs over the center field fence. That’s why.


    Anyone else here noticed how quietly the hitting streaks are mounting up? Most notably, including tonight:

    Jeff Kent, 9 in a row.

    Andre Ethier, 8 in a row.

    Wilson Betemit, 7 in a row.


    I know Drew is having a good night, but there is never a bad time to rip the guy.
    Has anyone else noticed that Drew does great with nothing on the line. It seems that most of his RBI’s come when we are already up by 4 or 5.


    Randy. Nothing on the line!!Something is on the line every game now. SD up 5-1. Isn’t driving in the second run, scoring the third for your team significant in the stretch run? Isn’t his seventh run important now that Colorado has scored five and threatening more? Got a game going now. C’mon Dodgers. C’mon JD- could use some more now.


    Now here we are. I say bunt Martin to second. Can never figure out what is wrong with one run baseball. Better than double plays.


    my kid loney hit his first shot!.. if nomar is too expensive, i would be ok with it because we have j-lo!! now i want to see what andy laroche is gonna do in the show



    I missed James Loney’s home run last night. Anyone have a video clip of it?

    Josh, could you suggest that they put Loney’s homerun on the page?

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