Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Lugo, RF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Penny, P



    why are we paying big money to a player who can’t play 5 games in a row? Drew makes big bucks and sits out games like a 40 year old.


    Penny will deliver, sure, he usually does. Poor Hendrickson delivered too, yesterday, and the offense couldn’t manage a peep against Peavy.

    Come on guys, grab this one!


    I know im over stating the obvious- but TODAYS GAME IS HUGE!!!!! Leaving town up 3 in the division is soooo much better than up 1!!!! Lets go BLUE!!!



    I think we don’t need to just win this game, but we need to hammer it to SD. I want to see an explosion of offense and take the game by at least six runs. That would be sweet. Our poor pitchers keep giving us stellar performances in SD, and we can’t score for them.


    The path to the division championship will be tough. Cincy and Mets thrown in there for an added challenge.
    Seems to me last year this time we were pretty much out of it so things are looking pretty good. Tonight is an important game. Three up is certainly better than one. Go Dodgers. Just relax and take this one. Ray did you notice Kuo had another good start? They limit him to five innings and he has four good ones in a row.


    at least mike marshall is not in the lineup… oh i’m sorry i mean j.d. drew… well, we really need this one, and hopefully penny delivers.. btw, i’m still waiting on the severity of andy laroche’s injury…



    i have been paying attention euhlman, and at some point, i want the team to give him a shot in the rotation.. the way hes been pitching in vegas has been great, hes not walking ppl, striking out a bunch, and it looks like hes starting to fullfil his once promising career…



    Ray, Ray, Ray… the Mike Marshall comment; Dude, that was harsh! But you knew that, didn’t you?! lol…


    I really like this lineup as well, and just like Alex, I agree that Drew should bat sixth when he returns. We need the RBI guys in the middle of the lineup, and it might take some of the pressure off of JD to perform… he might actually do better there.

    Let’s pile on the runs tonight! Let’s start a new trend against San Diego! Go Big Blue!


    Lets Go Dodgers! Must win tonight. It will not be a suprise that we hit better without Drew. I thought Drew use to have 5 tools he has no arm he doesn’t ever steal I’m really starting to hate this guy!


    Our son’s favorite player was Mike Marshall. We travelled from Nova Scotia to LA in 1985 to see five games at Dodger Stadium. Jamie got Marshall’s autograph. I was not aware he was fragile. I do remember his three run homer against the A’s in Orel’s two hit shut out. Orel had three hits himself in that game. Go Dodgers.


    i’m 18, so i never saw mike marshal play.. but the lowdown is In his eight seasons with the Dodgers, Marshall spent more time complaining about hangnails than he did hitting. He posted careers highs in 1985 with 28 HR and 95 RBI, but never really came close to that in any other season. During his Dodger career, Marshall fought with teammates and management, but somehow managed to hang around for almost a decadeā€”a supposed savior who never lived up to his “potential.”.. mike marshall was j.d. drew without the huge contract



    although, j.d. drew at least to my knowledge has never fought with management or teamates, and is a good guy… so hes got that going for him..


    You and Patriotacts are kids, just like the Dodger youngsters. Really good to see you guys posting with so much good info. As you know by now my first season as a Dodger fan was 1952. Just think about it Ray – Campy, Hodges, Robinson, Reese, Cox, Duke, Furillo, Erskine, Newk, Preacher Roe, Podres, Koufax, etc. I got to watch them on TV and listen on radio here on the east coast until 1958. Hard to build teams like that now because of free agency. I see Eric Gagne will take less to stay with the Dodgers. That part is great. His agent is Steve Boros, the team wrecker. That part is bad. Go Dodgers.


    “I see Eric Gagne will take less to stay with the Dodgers.”

    Really?? That’s great news euhlman. Where did you read this?


    kssparkuhl – in today’s LA Times sport section. Article by Steve Hensen. Seems like Eric would settle for smaller contract with incentives but also has turned it over to Boros.


    Jglass, that Drew we’re talking about. I guess you really don’t follow Drew career. Grady is smart sitting him down tonight. This year he wanted Drew to play 125-130 games. We finally get Drew to sit and you wanted to complain. Most of us are happy he sitting this game out.


    diehard, geez I guess the 12 outfield assists he had for Atl was just a fluke of his no arm too. The reason he don’t steal because he afraid he might get hurt bad. You really can’t do much when this guys has been injury prone his whole career.


    gilette I’m talking about the JD Drew who plays for the dodgers, I see runners tag up on him from shallow right field. and he doesn’t steal cause he might get hurt that’s horrible. I rather see a kid like Kemp in there who’s going to give his all!


    gilette, I have followed Drrew’s career. Never played a full season with the Cards or the Braves, however, we sure are paying him enough to play more. Let him sit, just find a way to ship his contract out of town.


    Though this may not be popular news, I fear the Dodgers we had for the past two series is closer to the real Dodgers than the surging team of the first half of August. Then everybody played above potential at the same time. Now that things have returned to normal, they will play slightly below .500 ball, which will result in a final standing slightly below .500.

    Still, I had enormous fun watching the first half of August. Thanks for the memory, Dodgers! Now, I’ll go back to watching with the understanding that the offense can get shut down at any time, and that series can be lost slightly more easily than they can be won.

    Not that I will stop following the Dodgers, but just that I won’t get upset over their losing keeping them out of a postseason they were never quite good enough for anyway.

    With all the young guys though, we’re going to build a team to remember over the following few years, and those are the years to really concentrate on and look forward to!

    Yay Dodgers!


    Hey Josh, an idea that I know has been requested before and I just want to reinforce it again. We need statues of Jackie Robinson, Campenella, Snider, Reese, Lasorda, Alston, Koufax, Drysdale, Walter O’Malley and Vin Scully throughout Dodger Stadium. This should definitely a ten year plan with one being unveiled every year if possible. I’d be willing to pay an extra dollar with each ticket I buy if it goes into the Dodger Statue Fund. While we’re at it perhaps we can come up with a memorial area like they have at Yankee stadium with plaques of our other all-stars, gold glovers, mvps, ROTY, and Cy Young winners.

    Our franchise is too historical to not have more than our retired numbers and world series banners at the stadium. Anyone else with me?


    I’m here to tell you, Jim Rome’s “Jungle Karma” has a life unto itself! I’ve seen this time-and-time again. Russell Martin should have made time for the show as he was scheduled to do this afternoon… now look at us. The Karma is REAL. I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.


    I like the idea of having some more of the francise history displayed around the stadium!

    In other news, watching Kent and Garciaparra at bat recently I wondered what the value is of having players who “know how to win” in the lineup when they are carring injuries and therefore possibly not able to physically execute what is neccesary to win.

    On a sidenote, wasn’t that play by Penny after getting hit on the knee great?


    These umpires are just ridiculous.

    I also knew Drew wasnt the problem. Nobody else is really contributing.


    Pathetic performance tonight. For the last week to be specific. If we don’t make the play-offs, they’ll call us choke artists for sure.


    So yeah, Josh. You’re the PR guy. Why was Russell Martin absent from the Jim Rome show today? Didn’t you understand the ramifications for missing the show, when if he had kept his slot, the opposite karma would have been bestowed upon us in the form of a win tonight? I mean come on. Russell was 0 for 3 with 2 strike-outs. Three guys were ejected in completely unusual ways. Padres bats continued to pummel us. We really could have used the positive karma today. Get Russell on the show immediately. We need the turn-around. :o)


    diehard, Yeah I agree I would rather have Kemp out there than Drew even though Kemp contract is not really that high. I wish we could dump Drew contract.


    Am I the only one who’s noticed that since Nomar and Kent came back this team is not the same? It seems to me that the intenseity is not there anymore, and their play is not the same.


    so another big-time outing from our big time stopper? way to go penny…two straight starts when you crapped the bed.

    yes, i know the umps were squeezing penny, but he reacts like he’s in A ball for cryin’ out loud. how would he react in a playoff game if he didn’t get a call?

    you knew the game was over in the first inning, esp the way the dodgers bats have quieted. time for another lineup shuffle.

    you have to get kent in the four hole. that is what he does best. flip kent to five or six with ethier….


    “Am I the only one who’s noticed that since Nomar and Kent came back this team is not the same?”

    No “fliegel”, you’re not the only one. I think a lot of us have noticed the power outage.


    Man, that was ugly… lets hope we can nip this in the bud- somehting we havn’t been able to do with loosing streaks…. Grady, lets get the guys chins back up. No joking.


    I am not saying I am prophet or anything, but I posted on another dodger blog that I was impressed with Chad’s composure on the mound, especially with some of these tight calls by the umps. I am never one to blame the umps, but they did not do our pitchers any favors, and I knew Penny would be gone quickly if things didn’t go well. He and Lowe start flaying their bodies on the mound when they don’t like the calls…maybe it is a nervous twitch. Nevertheless, we need to go to Arizona and clean house, put this behind us, and hope San Diego doesn’t make it via the Wild Card.


    still am frustratred to read all the stuff about the umps and penny. between penny and lowe you would think there was an nba game going on and they didn’t like another foul call.

    i coached high school baseball for a number of years and i swear its just like watching young, hot headed sophomores who would be staring in at the ump after a close pitch and huffing and puffing at the outfield if they dropped a ball.

    besides, what umpire in his right mind is going to give you the next call if you constantly show him up and stomp and stare at the mound?!?

    stop you’re complaining and stop losing your focus. you are getting paid millions for basically six innnings of work, every five days.

    watch and learn from maddux. he is headed to the HOF and actually has a head

    on his shoulders and has certainly benefited from a generous strike zone over the past 20 years.


    “I remember Marshall playing he always hustled!”

    i remember him fliping the bird to the gints once (i believe it was ’87) he gets a free pass on that alone from me.


    Okay, maybe the ump was squeezing the strike zone, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “BAD Penny!!!”


    Any Thoughts on this picture?


    yea, i got a comment…how’s about you go back to your padres board?!? at least our fans (for the most part) support our team 100%, and our players back each other up…i know the beginning of the season was a while ago, but not too far to remember that the last sd homestand against the dodgers had MORE dodgers fans in the stands AND had fans booing & chanting “Let’s go Dodgers” against the padres in THEIR OWN HOME FIELD…

    i bleed dodger blue, and no way would i get caught doing something dumb like posting on an opposite team’s board

    what do you think of that picture *shakes head*


    Dude get a life Philthy. That shows alot of class. Pretty busch league move right there. Thats really too bad, I feel sorry for you.

    But you know what. Put the following in your pipe and smoke it:

    1) Last time I checked, you’re still looking up at us. Despite the sweep we are still leading the division.

    2) You are 54-59 against teams not named the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thats a pretty solid record in what is regarded as a very week National League. On the other hand, we are 63-50 against teams not named the Fathers in Spanish. To bad you dont play us 162 games out of the year.

    3) WIN A WORLD SERIES. Your team has no history, no world championships, no success, and if it wern’t for some guy named Gwynn you’d be about as prolific as the Devil Rays. If this were the Premier League (English Soccer for you sports-challanged Padre fans) your “franchise” would have been demoted to AAA a long time ago.

    Whats really funny to me is the fans in San Francisco and San Diego hate the Dodgers out of pure JEALOUSY. All the Giants fans hate LA and the only reason they can ever give me is “because you guys are our rivals.” I hate the Giants because of Barry Bonds, their ugly *** orange uniforms, Bobby Thompson’s homerun, and most imporantly how they used a telescope in the centerfield bleachers in ’51 to steal signs, and the NL Pennant from the Dodgers. I could care less about the Padres and their entire “franchise.” (disclaimer I use the word “franchise” loosely. Not too sure you can call it that.) You all pretty much dont exist to the Dodgers and their fans. Maybe thats why you have to come on to our message board and post **** just to get noticed. Go back to San Diego and enjoy Chan Ho Park and his giant contract. You’re poor no talent fans even had to stoop to the “beat LA” chants the Giants like to claim as their own. Too bad im pretty sure the Pistons fans came up with that one in the 80’s when they went up against the Lakers. Nice try all around though.

    Funny thing is no Dodger fan would ever do something like this. We dont need to pump up ourselves. We let our performance on the field speak for itself.

    May God bless you philthy. Looks like you need it…


    the beat l.a. chant first appeared in the ’83 finals between the lakers and the sixers, the philly fans started, and its getting pretty old.. almost as ol as our own barry s.u.c.k.s. chant.. and padre fan, can u tell me how many games u have lost in a row in the world series? i believe ints 8, so shut up, and go have another fish taco..


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