Today's game

Clearly Andre is popular, as we had tons of questions flowing in from you guys and your fellow Dodger fans during his live chat. The transcript should be up shortly. Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Lugo, 3B

Hall, C

Hendrickson, P

Roy will answer the question about the Arizona Fall League shortly. Time to turn the tables on the Padres, who seem to have been our toughest opponent all year.



    hey josh, wats the situation with andy laroche, is he done for the season?.. or is it minor?… hendrickson needs to turn it around, or else he’ll find himself in the bullpen, and why is j.d. drew in the cleanup spot again?.. and it was about time that betemit got a day off, he was really strugling.. lets go get one!



    I guess the luck of Betemit has officially run out but I expected him to go up against a right hander (Peavy) and sit vs. some lefties.

    On a side note: former Dodger Shawn Green is now a Met. Let’s just hope that move doesn’t burn us come the NLCS!! Being Jewish, we have an uncle who adores Shawn and is probably excited for him as Greenie gets to go to a contender.


    Great move for AZ.

    From espn: “Green is making $8 million this year and has a salary of $9.5 million next year. His contract calls for a $10 million club option in 2008 with a $2 million buyout.”

    Carlos Quentin took over that RF job and hasn’t looked back. I really like the moves that the new front office has been pulling off in AZ since taking over last off-season.


    the younger players without guaranteed contracts play harder and hurt. when a player gets a guaranteed contract, most of them could care less about playing up to potential or playing hurt, after all they still get paid. lets go back to the 30,40,50, & 60’s, when players were paid a base salary plus incentives. you have a good year you get more. you have a bad year, you get a paycut. i’ve been a dodger fan foe over 55 years and todays players wouldn’t make a pimple on an old timers a**.


    Hi kday01. I have been a Dodger fan for 54 years and recall Campy catching with split fingers from foul tips, Preacher Roe, Carl Erskine piching well, hurt. The game has changed so much it is hard to compare. I don’t quite understand with new training methods, medical procedures etc. why so many are hurt today. In our time Karl Spooner could not be helped after his arm injury so surgery and rehab have saved many careers in the last 20-30 years.Duke Snider was once asked if he was upset he missed the big salaries. Duke said his high salary was something like $42,000 but was 10 times as uch as his Dad earned in a factory. He said he played in the golden age of baseball and wouldn’t trade that for anything. He also said baseball has given him a good living after retirement from the game. I do miss the old guys from that era but am excited about the youngsters making their way to the Dodgers through the farm system. Think guys like Martin and Ethier are gamers and hope their spirit is never dulled by contracts.


    Quentin looks more like the next Karim Garcia then Ken Griffey Jr. but Zona had to dump Green who’ll be 34 next year and can’t even crack 20 homers anymore. The Mets otoh, are weak in the corner outfield spots with scrubs like Tucker and Ledee out there so Green is a significant upgrade for them till Milledge is ready.


    I defende Drew yesterday before the game. I apologize how can I defend a guy who doesn’t hustle? I don’t care about his numbers but if your not producing then you better hustle and that play last night took the air out of our sails! I know colletti tried to trade him during the season so I hope he trades him after this year! Bring up a kid who is going to give his all{Kemp}I love the dodgers and drew is not a dodger!!!!!


    1) Well, Hendrickson is better on the road. I feel better about him on road starts than home starts. And if he has another disaster like last time, maybe we won’t have to see him start anymore.

    2) I was too busy packing stuff up this afternoon and forgot to ask where Takashi Saito’s nickname “Sammy” came from. My guess is that it’s derived from Samurai. I saw a picture on of him after throwing a pitch, and he looked vicious.

    3) The key to beating Jake Peavy is to work the count against him, or to just keep hitting him. That the Dodgers are not prone to striking out a whole lot will probably bode quite well for them, and in fact was why Betemit is not starting against him (he’s 1-6 with 4 K against Peavy this year).

    4) One of the most interesting parts about this blog is so many people here post that have been Dodger fans for longer than I’ve been alive. I got my driver’s liscence the year Russell Martin and Jonathan Broxton were drafted.

    5) My mom got a fortune cookie that was kind of insulting, but made a good point.

    “If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort.”


    What is it about some umpires these days that take forever to call strikes? I swear I could go visit the refrigerator for a soda and come back to just in time for the strike call on the pitch I saw before I left. Laz Diaz is just the latest in about four or five umpires I’ve noticed of late that really seem to stretch out their strike calls.


    How about a little help here? I’ve noticed two unusually different Dodgers jerseys in the past week while watching the games on TV and I can’t seem to locate anywhere on the web where these might be for sale.

    Last week I saw a Dodgers jersey in the style of the 1970’s Houston Astros, except the rainbow was in blue colors with the script “Dodgers” where the Astros name would usually be.

    And then last night, I noticed a jersey in the style of the 1970’s Chicago White Sox with the horizontal blue and red striped block with the name “Dodgers” where the White Sox name would have been.

    These are really unusual and I was hoping someone might know where to point me in the right direction for finding them. I’d like to see what else might be available.


    When do we see the Hendrickson-Sele platoon?

    Just askin’ 🙂

    ( pity about Furcal’s error just throwing away the game :-\ )


    Wow patriotacts, as your comments are usually well thought out and insightful I would have thought you were a bit older than that. Keep up the good work.


    Ho hum, so they do!

    You just have to get it done against the other teams then, guys. Write this one off as the lady having fun.


    What is it about the Padres and why can’t we ever seem to beat this wanna-be major league team? What have they won in the past? One NL Pennant? What gives?

    Okay… so are we done with the JD Drew/cleanup hitter experiment yet?


    Okay… so two NL Pennants.

    Who was that guy who pitched for the Dodgers tonight? Kudos to my boy Hendrickson for pitching his heart out and getting no run support. I guess that would fall under the heading of “has shown me something”. But can he do it again in five days?


    where has our offense gone?… this really pisses me off, we had the chance to put the padres away in this series, and they blew with careless defense, and dreadful hitting… i hope this isnt the springboard to another losing streak.. get j.d. drew out of that cleanup spot!…still looking for the seriousness of the andy laroche injury…


    Drew needs to hit 6th behind Ethier and give Ethier some protection. Losses 1-0 hurt more than the 15-4 Marlins debacle because we had a chance every single at bat tonight to do something to impact this game and we failed every single time. Disappointing loss but we can push it back to a three game lead tomorrow night.


    That was about the hardest game we could have lost. Hendrickson pitched his heart out and there was some great “D”, by both sides. The bullet by Piazza to Furcal is what hurt the most, and you can’t fault Furcal he did his very best !! Then the “E” by Nomar, which was a great try in it self given how far he went to get it, even Drew ran down several deep fly balls etc.. The guys really worked hard. Hendrickson was the best he’s been since coming to the team, a great 6 innings and the bullpen once again did their job well. We can only hope that their drive and spirit to win didn’t go with that game. Keep up the great “D” guys and believe in the offense, we’re still in first place by 2 games and it can be back to 3 up in the West if we win today !!!
    Go Dodgers !!


    Unless the offense wakes up, we’re going nowhere. You can’t win a game unless you score some runs 😉


    Russell Martin is going to grab some “Jungle Karma” for us today. He’ll be on the Jim Rome radio show sometime during the shows’ third hour… which starts at 11AM Pacific Time.


    “Duuuude… that’s like so profound.”

    I so wanted to say that myself !!!

    Griffon64, hang in there buddy, we are in FIRST PLACE YOU KNOW !!!

    Go Penny !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Wish I knew what it is about San Diego. Someone here said if we had Koufax, Drysdale and the’27 Yanks the Pads would still win. I think you could throw in Williams and Gibson and get the same results.

    Penny’s up and I’m thinking pride of some sort will kick in and get us a win.


    Martin was a no-show on the Jim Rome show today. For those that don’t know the power of Rome’s “Jungle Karma”, Martin’s no-show almost guarantees that we’ll be swept tonight. I’m not happy about it. It’s just the way it is.


    Actually it’s Kevin…

    But yes! The Karma cannot be denied… history is repleat with examples of Jim’s guests who got too busy to do the show, only to be outdone in their next performance. Let’s just hope Russell takes time to call in tomorrow, before it’s too late. ;o)

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