Today's lineup

Running way late. Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Billingsley, P


i hope bills has his control on today, has anyone heard how the coaching staff has tried to help him control his pitches? lets get 6!


I don’t wanna “stir things up” but today is a very interesting start for Bills.

come on Chad you can do it!!


I’m really starting to warm to Lofton. It seems this might well be the best possible lineup. I still think Lofton’s high average is kind of empty and his defence has been bad. But even an empty average is good if it’s high enough!

Interpol? Is that you, bluebleeder87?

Drew in cleanup? Is that because he’s so good? Anyway let’s keep it going tonight and put more distance between us and the rest of the division.

Lofton is the man, id love to see him back as the #4 OF next year. Of all the Dodger hitters- when he is up you just feel like he is going to be a tough out. Rarely gives ABs away.

Think STRIKES Chad, STRIKES. You can do it!!! Clearly a good way to beat the Marlins is getting to their bullpen, hopefully the boys make Anibal (Lecter) Sanchez throw a lot of pitches early.

I will say this Chad made the Marlins hitters look over matched with his fastball last time out, it will be very interesting to watch that’s for sure.

Lugo should start in place of Drew but good enough to field against a AAA caliber Marlins squad!

Chad trust your stuff this start could could make or break him with Dessens coming of the DL. I hope Maddux taught him a thing or two with his start Sun. Lets Go Dodgers!!!!

1) Billingsley hasn’t faced any team more than once except for the Cardinals, which frankly I wouldn’t count. I’d be interested to see who learned more from their last two outings. Thanks to Gio last night, though, he only needs to go 6, and then Tomko, Broxton, Saito can get the job done.

2) Lofton has done a lot this month to fill up his average, and is now OPSing a respectable .777, and he also is 21 for 24 on the basepaths. While a single and stolen base is not as good as a double, it’s still pretty good.

3) Kent is batting 5th to offer protection in the lineup for Drew, Ethier, and Betemit in case Girardi wanted to use a lefty reliever. Not that Ethier couldn’t hit a Marlins lefty, but still. Martin, though, really is a number 8 hitter in this lineup, which says something for the lineup.

4) Sanchez only gave up 6 hits over 6 innings the last the the Dodgers and Marlins met, but consider those hits included a double for Martin, a double for Ethier, a triple for Loney, and a home run for Lofton.

5) The Cincinnati Reds, who the Dodgers host at the end of the month, may be the stiffest competition they see until the Mets. The most important stretch, though, will be the next three serieses following the Marlins, where the Dodgers face the Giants, Padres (ESPN 2 on Monday!), and the Diamonbacks, the guys in 4th, 2nd and 3rd place in the division, and all on the road. This is where they can break away; that’s where the pressure is (or at least should be).

Ok – did anyone just see the look Furcal gave Ethier after he ran out to catch that pop-up? It seemed like Ethier must have said something about how he could have made the play, but Furcal gave him a “Who the heck are you?” kind of look. Was it just me?

I’m pretending like i’m not watching Bills like a hawk but I am.

I rather ignore that simply beacuse i’m to worried about Bills today.

Agreed, I want him to succeed badly

earlier this year, me and my dad went to vegas to check out bills pitch, and the way hes pitching today, is the way he was pitching then… i dont wanna jinx him, but i love wat i’m seeing today.. now lets get some runs and get him the win


Kent looks old, I am still not sure why we had to sign him to an extension in the middle of the year, seems kind of silly looking back.

Hmmmm, another lucky break, Olivo looked safe sliding into first but Furcal’s lapse was darn right funny and worked out for the best!!

17/18 baby!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on making history team!

Chad Billingsley had a game score of 79.

On Sunday, Greg Maddux had a game score of 78.

Yes, this means Billingsley has pitched the best game of any Dodger starter this year, according to that metric Bill James came up with (which I think is a good one).

Dodger Starters avg game scores (minimum 7 Dodger starts)

Penny: 53.75

Billingsley: 51.67

Lowe: 50.58

Sele: 49.71

Hendrickson: 44.13

Here’s what the heck a game score is in case you’re wondering:

Still mad at Kent and Ethier for costing us the game last week.

We should have 18 STRAIGHT!!


Call it a hunch but with tommorow being an early nooner I would imgine Lugo gets his first start at shortstop while Lefton leads off. I also expect Hall to get work in with Hendrickson as they are paired to the grave and seem to have good chemistry together.

Wed. 8/16 Lineup Prediction:

CF – Lofton

SS – Lugo

RF – Drew

2B – Kent

LF – Ethier

3B – Betemit

C – Hall

1B – Loney

P – Hendrickson

dwartik: I noticed the look that Furcal gave Ethier. It wasn’t a nice look he shot him, that’s for sure. But I took it more from the perspective of a veteran calling out the rookie for not calling him off the ball. The replays were vague, but I couldn’t make out Andre making any call on the ball. So I feel that Furcal was just telling the kid to open his mouth, because the next time that play happens maybe it could result in an injury if they’re not careful. Definitey it was a much harder play for the shortstop to make, so Ethier was at fault for not taking charge of the play.

I’m sure Raffy and Andre are getting along just fine. It was simply a case of the veteran taking the rookie to school.

I love this win!! Billingsley pitched his heart out! Looks like he really does want his next start. And kudos to the offense for getting the kid some runs when it counted most! Let’s hope that Hendrickson can follow suit with another good performance tomorrow afternoon.

The Big, Blue, Wrecking-Crew, 2006 Baby! : )

Everyone talks about how the Dodgers can’t win against teams with a winning record. Well, I’m here to point out that there are currently only five teams in the NL with a winning record. Of those teams we are:

Mets, 1 and 2

Cardinals, 0 and 7

Padres, 3 and 8

Diamondbacks, 6 and 6

Of the two winners in the AL we have played, we are:

Angels of Chula Vista next to Redondo Beach of Anaheim, 4 and 2

A’s, 0 and 3

We’re done with the Cardinals for now… come on playoffs! Remember ’88. The

Dodgers were swept in the regular season by the Mets. Then Kirk Gibson happened. Speaking of the Mets, we play them next month four times in New York. This will be a playoff preview and will be a true test of where the Dodgers are at in being ready for the post-season. And as for the Padres and D-Backs… well, this is a new team and they’ve yet to play the renovated “Big-Blue”. These next seven weeks will tell the tale, and the renovated Dodgers will be formidable. This team can hit, and the pitching is getting better each week. Let’s keep our heads on an even keel and rememeber this time in Dodgers’ history for what it has been: epic!! We have the best franchise record for an 18 and 1 stretch. Un-freakin’-beatable baby! : )

“Bleeding Dodger Blue, and loving every minute of it!”

patriotacts, the games scores mean very little. It is weighted for strikeout pitchers and does not penalise enough for walks. It also does not take in to account the line-up faced, location of game (nomo’s no-no in Colorado), or how close the game is. A pitched game is a work of and cannot be judged by some formula (listen to Vin Scully’s broadcast of Koufax’s perfect game) By the way, I am not sure if you noticed that one of the highest scores for the season was our pitcher today. The only stat I care about today is W.

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