Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Penny, P


Not a bad lineup for a day game after a night game. I’m glad our bench is so deep. Getting Lugo seems awfully smart on days like today.

IMHO, I think Lugo is overrated. He made a bonehead play last night not getting bonds at third, barely getting the force at 2nd. He has been picked off, caught stealing home with “1 OUT”, (though that could have been Little!} He has not hit anything as a Dodger, and he was lucky that ump in Florida didnt ring him up looking at strike three..{Thanks Loria}

However one can argue that his defense has been great, except for Brad Hawpe’s game winning single the other night…And he did knock in that clutch go ahead run last night..

I would rather have Betemit’s bat in there every night!!

Does anyone favor Lugo over Betemit?

I agree with thebigluna that Betemit should get the starts over Lugo every time. Betemit has done nothing but produce for us since coming over in the Baez deal, so why not just use Lugo as a super sub instead of starting him at third base? Otherwise I’m THRILLED with the way this team is playing right now. I had given up when they went through that tough streak after the All-Star game, but I couldn’t be happier with the trades that Ned made! Things are finally going our way for once.

I personally think that Betemit should be an everyday player, except when he needs to get a rest day or if he should get into a slump. He seems to be good defensively and has exhibited power since he has been with us. I’m also counting on him being a Dodger for a number of years.

bigluna… Give Lugo a break, will you? He’s a .300 hitter in the American League, and as Vinny said last night at least twice, “He’s learning the pitchers in a new league”, so he’s not going to pick up right where he left off. Same goes for Hendrickson: he’s learning new hitters as well… but still, by his own admission, could have pitched better.

As far as Lugo’s attitude and heart is concerned, he’s going to make his fair share of trying to do too much at first here. He wants to impress and show that he deserves playing time. I love the guys’ attitude and the fact we’ve only lost one game since he’s been here… well, who could argue with that? Play the man! He’s got a good glove and will settle into his own on this team. He’s come from a perennial losing organization to the best franchise in baseball, so he’s going to try to do it all until he settles in.

Oh, and yes, I also believe that Betemit is the better player for third base. Lugo will be the utility man but will still play four or five days a week around the infield and even an outfield start here and there. The way that Repko is playing of late might force Grady’s hand in playing Lugo in the outfield more often.

Go Blue!!

I also think Betemit is the better choice at 3rd, but Blue will need all of these players before this is through. No doubt it is true Lugo is adjusting to his new digs and it would be better for us if it’s sooner rather than later. I think we can look forward to contributions from Lugo.
When the team was down, I tried not to get to far down myself. Not that I was always successful. Now that they are rolling, I try not to get to carried away with their streak and look at things objectively. I still think we can look for good things from Lugo

With a bench deep enough to let Ledee walk, imagine how deep it will become when the rosters expand. Hope to see Kemp back, especially with Repko struggling since returning from injury. Betemit should be at 3rd everyday not only right now, but for the next 4-5 years. Lugo is really pressing, but you can’t question his effort. Drew hitting cleanup puzzles me, but maybe he’ll find that pop that has eluded him most of this season. Hopefully Brad has his good stuff today, if we can get this one, it’ll break their spirit, what little they have.

I like this lineup. This is the lineup that won 9 or ten in a row.

I noticed yesterday that a couple of guys beat themselves with a wet noodle because they got down when things weren’t going so well. I think that was just their passion for the Dodgers showing through. You care just as much as the rest of us. There will always be ups and downs. Since 1952 I have seen many wonderful times and some not so good. However, I have learned that in due course something good will always happen again. In fact something good happens every game, win or lose. Josh was right to help us keep an even keel with positive things during the slide. James Loney just tripled again. Brad Penny drove him home. Regardless of how the game turns out, soomething good has already happened. So ,from a Dodger fan of 54 years, to me things look right on the Blue team (attitude, growth)now and in the next few years. My big fear was losing too many kids but Ned has calmed that fear by being very selective, parting with what he figures we can afford, not what was asked for. I do believe he has a plan. No need to consider yourslf less of a Dodger fan because you got a bit down. Just as the players always try to do their best, fans do too. You have stuck with the blog daily even during the slide. I expect many people of less passion read this blog and figure we are part of some cult. They must wonder how we can be posting when we lose 13 out of 14.

Penny just struck out the side. Something else good just happened. Go Dodgers.

Hey Ksspark, I am giving lugo a break!!!!! I understand what he does mean to this team. I just dont think he is the player Betemit is and he is getting more playing time that Betemit. I think most fans agree on that.

The number one thing about this team is it seems that every hole has been filled. We have depth in pitching now. A very good bench and our bully has been great lately. I am looking forward to the Final month and a half and through OCTOBER!!!!!!

the problem i have with julio lug-nuts is the way the dodgers seem to cater to this guy like he’s a-rod or jeter.

i mean he comes over from the d-rays and thay have to put in the 3 hole when he is only going to press and try and do too much!?!

then they force feed him at 2b then 3b and he is a bit of a loose cannon with the steal of home and the way he didn’t slide the other night to win the game.

true, he has made the some plays with the glove, but geeez, can we ease this guy in,or they are afraid his feelings are going to be hurt by not playing…

Uh oh look who just made an error!!!!!!!!

A wet noodle?? Are you some kind of comic now?? LOL! Thanks euhlman… I needed the laugh.

Dodgers and Giants always play it close to the vest.

I don’t understand why Lugo is batting third. I’d rather see Betemit batting in that spot. If Kent and Nomar have to sit, then it would be this lineup if I were filling out the card:










Well, Betemit must have heard the nice things said about him – another dinger. He needs to be in every day!

Betemit’s swing looks really effertless, really nice HR swing.

Another won series with a not-so-stellar effort, but a win is a win especially against the giants. Sweep ’em tomorrow.

We seem to stumble a little trying to crank it up against NL West opposition, but hey, we beat the Giants, who sure seemed like they were playing hard, while having a few wobbles here and there!

Third 1-run game in a row going our way. Good work, Dodgers. You’re doing the good work you are capable of now.

kssparkuhl – Good things continue to happen. Tomorrow night the Dodger-Giant game is the Sunday Night Game. Will be available in Nova Scotia by Rogers Sportsnet. Will get to see the guys in their home uniforms and Greg Maddux pitching. Hope Betemit is playing.

Great and we got to rest Kent and Nomar for the upcoming week!!

Lineup vs. Schmidt that I’d like to see…

Furcal – SS

Lofton – CF

Nomar – 1B

Kent – 2B

Ethier – LF

Drew – RF (rally killer gets moved down!)

Betemit – 3B

Martin – C

Maddux – P

My guess is we see Repko and Lugo and go all righty for Dontrell on Monday. But Sunday’s game we will have a left hand heavy lineup with the exception of Loney who will probably be benched in favor of Nomar.

BTW, as soon as another veteran outfielder is waived by another club or Dessens is ready, we have have seen the last of Gio Carerra in Dodger Blue.

We’ll miss you Gio, God Bless!

No more Lugo bashing from the crowd that looks at 3-4 game trends. He had a nice game today. He plays hard and has been a very good player the last 3 seasons. Seems to have a decent attitude about being moved all over the diamond too, amazing how winning helps….. GO BLUE!!!!!!

I read this blog everyday (multiple times a day). I dont post comments all the time…but just wanted to let you know Im here with you all.

I was at the game when we beat the rockies (kenny in the bottom of the 9th)….that was just GREAT. Rally towel night came thru!

Be there on monday as well…

Hey Dr. J. I dont think Anyone doesnt like Lugo on this team. Betemit is just better..

Well, I just got back from being on vacation, and it looks like the Dodgers have been rather productive while I was out. So a few remarks

1) Now leading the team in home runs is a guy who spent the first half of the year on the bench (behind Chipper Jones). Wilson Betemit now has 13 homers, averaging one every 18.77 at bats.

2) Starting pitching has been pretty good too. Derek Lowe suffered from poor run support in his last start, but has put up game scores of 68 and 66 respectively in each of his August starts.

3) I don’t know what is going on with the lineup. Repko gets some platoon duty, Lugo starts at third occasionally, and Kent and Nomar both rest. With the depth the Dodgers have as a result of trades, Grady can certainly afford to give Nomar, Drew, and Kent the rest they need.

4) I’m very encouraged by the organization’s committment to James Loney in letting Ricky Ledee go. Loney has not homered yet, but he’s averaging 2 total bases per hit, is slugging .720 this month, having hit 3 triples, and struck out once in 29 at bats since being recalled.

5) The Dodgers really seem to have the most puzzle pieces together right now, thanks to improving health and a few trades. I feel perfectly comfortable with Dessens, Tomko, Broxton, Saito, Beimel, or Sele out of the bullpen, and I’m happy that Baez and Odalis are both gone. Wilson Betemit really inspires a lot of confidence in me, and while he won’t be as hot as he’s been since the trade, Lugo still has room to heat up, as well as reason ($$$$$). Billingsley continues to impress me even though his walk numbers suggest that he faces Bobby Abreu 17 times a game.

What gives me confidence is that things can sill get better; the Dodgers are playing well, but they have not reached a peak that would suggest they have nowhere to go but down. Lugo has yet to homer as a Dodger. Maddux hasn’t thrown more than 81 pitches for the Dodgers in a single start. James Loney is due for his first major league home run. Matt Kemp will likely be back in September. In addition, there is not a lot that is going well that is really out of the ordinary, but people are just doing their jobs. It is not unthinkable to suggest that this team is a winner.

Too think we could’ve had both Vlad Guerrero and Maddux in place for the 2004 season has we had ownership inplace!!

JD Boo *** out loud and is killing our chances from becoming a great team.

Drew needs to bat second or seventh. He’s not a middle of the lineup hitter.

skunkspot2001 – I like that lineup idea, but I’m willing to guess Drew gets the day off. Drew played the day game after a night game, after all, and my guess is Grady Little will reward his hard work with a day off today, because it’s very important to give Drew days off.

I’d look for Lugo or Loney in right field with the hot hitting Kenny Lofton in center. Lofton has put up a .462/.512/.641 line so far in August (sure it’s a small sample, but it’s still good), and Grady will probably return both Nomar and Kent to the lineup. The batting order I’d go for:

Furcal – SS

Lofton – CF

Nomar – 1B

Kent – 2B

Ethier – LF

Betemit – 3B

Martin – C

Loney – RF

Maddux – P

Next year Ethier will be the 3 hitter, right now he’s just not patient enough at the plate while Nomar is.

Loney in right for today is what me might see with James hitting so well but it would be a risky move by Little because Loney’s only played there a couple times.

It’s kind of fun to predict the lineups, we’ll see which one of us has better luck predicting! 🙂

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