Nomar to the DL

To make room for Betemit, Nomar is heading to the DL, retroactive to July 25. It was everyone’s hope that he would be able to play by Tuesday, but while he can swing just fine, he can’t run full speed and cut corners just yet.  He’ll be eligible to come off on Wednesday, Aug. 9 vs. Colorado.



    Nomar on short term DL. Something else up in next 24 hours. Josh what is the rule? When a player is traded, why is he pulled from the lineup even in the middle of a game? Why can’t he play that day as Abreu can’t today? Abreu and Lidle to the Yankees for young guys.


    This gives Loney a week to show if he’s made any changes since April. It ***** that Nomar is back on the DL, but it’s only one more week. 25 hours till the trade deadline…


    Now that the roster is in order, I’ll make my customary 5 points.

    1) All eyes will be on new Dodger Wilson Betemit today, as he makes his first start at third here and bats 5th. This season he’s hit 3 for 11 against Nationals right handers, for whatever that’s worth. But before you roll out your jump to conclusions mat, give him a week or two at the hot corner.

    2) This is the youngest infield the Dodgers have used so far. Furcal is the senior infielder at 28, Izturis is in the older half for once at 26, Betemit is supposedly 25, and Loney is now 22.

    3) Jason Repko apparently is still a platoon player as long as Lofton hits a rather respectable .308/.357/.410 against right handers, and as he still gets his ankle up to speed.

    4) It seems the Dodgers are only delaying the inevitable, that either Ricky Ledee or Jose Cruz (or both?) will not be with the club long. The fact is, there’s an abundance of outfield talent, and not an abundance of roster space. Cruz and Ledee don’t seem like the guys to keep, especially if Lofton becomes the primary lefty pinch hitter.

    5) Today is the Hall of Fame induction, so it seems appropriate to quote a Dodger Hall of Famer. I’ll go with the man on the stamp, Roy Campanella, who Duke Snider noted in “Few and Chosen” for saying “Same team that won yesterday is gonna win today.”


    Correction, read point five

    Roy Campanella, who Duke Snider noted in “Few and Chosen” AS saying “Same team that won yesterday is gonna win today.”

    Roy Campanella was also noted for being a great catcher and teammate.


    Ok, I’m just not doing justice to Campy here. He’s the man. Read “Few and Chosen.”


    The Brave announcers made the same comment. Wait for a month or so to assess the trade short term, then check in again next year this time.


    Aybar so far is 3-4 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. Betemit has a big hill to climb to have a better debut. Also, would it be that bad to get rid of Nomar now? Are the Dodgers really going to keep him past this year? I don’t think so.


    Dodgers strand two leadoff doubles. This doesn’t smell too good.

    Poor Hendrickson, having a balk called for that fall!


    Now is our chance to turn it around, we can get on the road with a sweep. But we gotta overcome this 3-2 deficit and hold them. Great call by Grady, pitch out to gun down Soriano. We have given him a hard time this weekend, I’m sure the trade rumors are wearing on him, I for one wish him well wherever he lands. He’s got a world of talent, but for some reason he can’t find a home. This Betemit kid can really hit, Aybar had a good debut, but I think our new 3rd baseman is having an equally impressive debut. If Kent and Nomar can come back semi healthy, we can easily track down the Pads. That’s the only squad I think is comparable in talent, they will be there until the end this year. We’ve seen how all of our NL West opponents can have their troubles. I look for 1 more trade to kinda settle guys into their positions for the stretch. Tomko in, let’s hope he can be a stopper in the pen. Penny coming in was a bad idea considering his history with arm trouble, very happy he didn’t make an appearance. Not very happy Grady would even consider it. Hendrickson isn’t a star, but he can be servicable to his, he battles and you gotta love that. Odalis should take notes. This game is very important in my eyes, being we are 12 under .500 on the road. However I get the feeling this road trip is gonna be the turning point for us, but lets get tonight’s 1st. Let’s get a couple runs, and head to Cincy with confidence running high. This game is shaping up to be a good finish, I don’t think the Nats wanna get swept, they deserve credit for showing fight… a quality our team need’s to show more of. Cruz just bombed one, boy is that great to see. All tied up, this game is ours. Nice going Jose, bet that felt great for him.


    Penny volunteered to pitch an inning if needed.

    Well done team, getting the sweep under the belt, and fighting back from trailing too.

    Road trip very important now – we need to show we can win in the grey too. Off you go, team. Make us proud.

    I like the feel this team has right now.


    Orel Hershiser is working on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball with Jon Miller tonight. Guess Joe Morgan has the day off. Good start for Wilson Betemit today. Will be a nervous time in the morning checking to see what moves the Dodgers might have made.


    I’m impressed. I left the game for dinner, and I came back to find out that Izturis hit the game-winning double.

    This game is yet another credit to the wisdom of Roy Campanella.


    Yep watching the ESPN game only to hear Orel. Usually I mute it and crank some music cause I hate Morgan’s arrogant style (“when I was on the big Red Machine, When I was with the Gnats”). So far Orel’s done very well. Be nice if one day we could go back to single announcers talking to the audience rather than talking to each other.


    Speaking of play by play guys, it would be nice if I didnt have to listen to Steiner…. at all. He’s a *******.


    Seconding the desire not to listen to Steiner … will have to watch my baseball on mute the coming week!

    Good work Dodgers, and good to see some spring and confidence back. But don’t throw it all away now as you’ve been doing of late, and with a road trip too. See it as being on a 5-game losing streak and needing to claw back four or so on the road to break even again.

    Here’s to hoping the boys can shine on the road!


    I think the dodgers should go after someone like zito and trade loney and another younger guy that we dont need, to get zito (maybe guzman or a younger pitcher).


    Have you noticed that no one on theses blogs likes Charlie Steiner ? I agree with all of you, he stinks! Listen to your fans Mr.McCourt, and fire Steiner.


    I have to put in my two cents worth here as well: I’ve listened to many baseball announcers in my life and I simply do not care for Charlie Steiner in the least bit. I’m horrified that he may be the one to replace Vin Scully, if/when Vinny retires.

    Here’s to hoping that Dodger brass actually pays attention to this blog, because it would appear the general consensus is a total dislike of Steiner or his approach to calling a game. It’s not working… please get rid of him and find someone with class that can work into the next few years as replacement for Vin when his time comes to move on from baseball.

    It will be a sad day indeed when Vin Scully can no longer call games for the Dodgers. I have many fond memories growing up and listening to his calls. He’s a true Baseball legend and can never be replaced… but at least the organization can find someone that has a similar love of the game. Someone that announces with the same objectivity that Vinny is known for. It’s this objectivity that I believe has endeared many LA listeners to the style that Vinny brings to his trade. Let’s not ruin Scully’s legacy with Steiner at the microphone… please.


    Izzy for Maddux
    Guzman for Lugo.

    Don’t understand whu Lugo. Wants hugh contract. Too soon to give up on Guzman.

    Ned loves those middle infielders.

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