Loney recalled today

Prior to today’s game, the Dodgers will recall James Loney from Triple-A Las Vegas. Loney was leading the Pacific Coast League with a .372 average, the sixth-highest mark in minor league baseball. While with the 51s, he played nine games in the outfield and 74 at first base. He’s basically been getting some playing time at first, left and a little in right field, which is a good thing. With Nomar down for at least a couple more days, this gives us a first baseman/outfielder for now. Betemit will arrive later today and be activated tomorrow, when another move will have to be made to free up a roster spot.

As you might imagine, yesterday was pretty hectic leading up to game time. The team knew that it wanted to activate Tomko (who looked pretty efficient out of the ‘pen), but there was not a spot open. Ned, Kim, Roy and Bill LaJoie were literally on the phone with various clubs, including the Braves, up until about five minutes before first pitch.

I was standing in Ned’s office as the deal was literally getting completed and as soon as it was, he had to hustle downstairs to let Grady know and to inform Danys and Willy about their new homes. Both guys took it in stride, though it was obviously tougher on Willy, who has known no other organization since he was 16 years old. They’re both good guys who deserve good things down the road.

Once Ned and Grady had informed the players, Kim called me and told me I could announce it in the press box, which took place at about 7:37. The broadcasters got this just seconds before they went on the air and passed it along to all the fans. Ned made his way upstairs, where he met with the media to explain the move during the top of the first inning and then immediately headed back to his office to try and work some more magic.

I’m rarely in the clubhouse during a game, but had to head down there last night to say goodbye to those two guys and see if they would be willing to talk to the media before they left. Both guys obliged, which says a lot about them. I can’t imagine being told that I have to pick up my life and move it to the other side of the country in the next 24 hours and then have to explain my feelings to the world. Sure, these guys make a lot of money, but they are human beings with families and lives that they go into utter disarray for this period of time. And the thoughts that must go through your head when you’re traded have to run the gamut from excitement to disappointment to confusion to curiosity and a million others.

Finally, to answer one question about Nomar’s Spanish – from what he told me a while back, he can understand it pretty well but doesn’t really speak it that much. I’m sure he knows plenty of phrases – you’d be surprised how many other American guys on the team have picked up quite a bit just being around it so much – but Nomar certainly takes pride in his Mexican heritage and the Mexican-American community here in Los Angeles really seems to have taken to him quite quickly.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Repko, CF

Drew, RF

Saenz, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Izturis, 3B

Martinez, 2B

Lowe, P


  1. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    When Loney was sent down, Grady said what determines his future is what he does with the bat. He’s been tearing up Triple A, so I guess he’s been listening.

  2. interpol2424@yahoo.com

    great job, & thanks for answering my question I’m kind of suprised he dosn’t speak it but I have friends that are like that as well, they want to no the language but there parents never toght them.

    Let’s get another W.

  3. cosmow123@yahoo.com

    ok with loney being called up and betemit joining the team, who would be the logical one to go? Assuming that Garciaparra does not go on the DL which he is apparently adamant about then we have 3 first basemen (loney, Saenz and garciaparra) and 7 people who can play outfield (including loney) seems to me someone in the outfield is going bye bye hopefully Cruz and or Ledee

  4. alex41592@aol.com

    Cosmow i believe you are dead on with your analysis with Loney in the big leagues, Sanez can slide over to backup Betemit, with Loney potentially playing the outfield when Nomar returns next week I would think it’s time to say goodbye to Jose Cruz Jr.

  5. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I hope it is Cruz who goes rather than Ledee. Ledee can at least maintain a reasonable average and has had a better record of coming off the bench than Cruz. While we needed Cruz during much of the season while being short in the outfield, he never lived up to expectations with the bat. Of course another possibility is if we can move Lofton to another team before the deadline – a good AAA prospect (especially a SP) would be nice for next year.

  6. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    1) The guy you trade here depends on who you can get the most for, so I don’t know who the Dodgers go with. But there’s no doubt that it will be an outfielder, unless Nomar ends up hitting the DL.

    2) Betemit and Aybar will have a travel day, though Baez may arrive early enough to make an apearance, possibly allowing Atlanta an early chance to hate this trade.

    3) Grady plays the lefty/righty game today, thus Loney does not start, but Repko does. Ethier, though, has proved he’s good enough to play against right and left handed pitchers.

    4) I do like Repko in the #2 spot in the lineup. He’s got the speed potential, and you never know what he’ll do with the bat.

    5) Martin may have found a new home in the lineup at the 6 spot. I don’t know what this lineup looks like tomorrow, though. Hendrickson pitches Sunday, so I’ll guess









    And against a right-hander tomorrow starting for the Nationals, Hall will be the only one in the lineup to bat right-handed.

  7. khgates@gmail.com

    Here is my list of tradee’s:

    Cruz, Ledee, Lofton, Izzy, Saito, Hall and Betemit.

    Betemit could be Ned’s ace-in-the-hole for a bigger trade. Especially, with him not on the roster yet.

    We might have to throw in a Guzman.

    Could a combination of these players land us a Tejada?

    I would be willing to make such a trade. But, Baltimore probably would want more pitching.

  8. npurcell@email.arizona.edu

    Josh, please clear up Betemit’s age once and for all so everyone can shutup about it. WE NEED CLOSURE!

  9. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    khgates you read my mind . I too think Betemit might continue to move on past the Dodgers. However, Don Sutton, Braves announcer, and other Brave announcers speak really highly of him so don’t know. I knew that Aybar was an odd man out and still hate to lose him because he wanted to be a Dodger. I also think Delwyn Young and James Loney are odd men out too. There is not much time left before the trade deadline so perhaps Loney isn’t being showcased. The trade intrigue is exciting but scary at the same time. One would think that when Betemit reports another move must happen, all the way from DL to DFA to a big trade. Hoefully youth and the future are the hall marks of any trades. I like the Betemit deal, if he isn’t moved on, because he is young and not eligible for free agency for four years. khgates, I would hate to throw in a Guzman. Tejeda deal might be an option if Baltimore eats some of his salary and doesn’t demand the world in top line prospects. I think Izzy would go in that deal.

  10. pellam.1@osu.edu

    npurcell, I think I know you from somewhere else, just can’t put my finger on it. But to answer your question, a highly qualified expert on such things over at Dodgerthoughts has stated unequivocally that Betemit is 24/25 tops.

  11. kristograf@yahoo.com

    I think Izturis has to go. He still has value as a gold glove starting shortstop right now. If he plays out the year as a utility player and hits .250 (a likely scenario), then his value will only be that of a utility infielder in the future. I’m all for Cruz leaving, but he is one of the few players on the team now that can hit one out of the park (although that hasn’t been evident lately).

  12. Dodger

    I had written the press release with him turning 26 yesterday, which I got from the Braves media guide. That’s why you see that out there in most of the media outlets. However, his agent did see that and call to let us know that he actually turned 25 yesterday, so my assumption is that is correct. I’ll ask Wilson at some point soon.

  13. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I am happy with the addition of Betemit. I think he will be a steady contributor for us for a number of years – probably 20-30 home runs a year as a steady starter. Aybar may develop into that, but he’s not a polished major leaguer yet, and many things can happen on the way. I’m glad we got someone who’s set to be with us for more than just a year or two.
    I think it is somewhat ironic that Seo, Baez and Odalis are now all gone, and I’m looking what we gave up for Seo and Baez. Can’t really fault Colletti for that, because the previous records of all three would have provided encouragement for this year. Frankly I think that our field management let Colletti down on all three pitchers, and I mainly mean Honeycutt. I think we’ll find that all three will be reasonably successful somewhere else, because their pitching coaches will know how to work with them. I think Honeycutt has been a total waste with our pitching this year, PERIOD.

    Now, let’s see if we can take another two from Washington.

  14. npurcell@email.arizona.edu


    he actually turns 25 in novemeber.

    baseball-reference.com and baseball prospectus have the correct dates.

  15. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Gotta love Ethier and Martin. Now come on Lowe. Relax and get us a win. Furcal certainly is coming on as Josh pointed out yesterday. Also someone yesterday questioned what Repko had to offer and suggested little by way of MLB tools, just high energy. He certainly does a good imitation of a big leaguer. Sometimes enthusiasm and energy trump raw skills. Remember Mickey Hatcher.

  16. s.infantino@comcast.net

    Messagebear, it may be ironic, but you have to give Colletti credit for realizing his mistakes and doing something about them;i.e. erasing them from the roster. Too bad he had to make such costly errors though.

  17. steveboughner@comcast.net

    I think the Betemit deal is a good move, regardless of his age. He’s a solid, maybe even above average defensive player and he has a bat with some pop. We can definitely use that. I think this deal is the first of two deals in which Izzy will be included in a package for,hopefully, a starting pitcher in the second deal. As good as Izzy is, defensively, he will never put up the offensive numbers that Betemit has already shown. As far as players who haven’t lived up to expectations, there are plenty of examples outside of the pitching staff. Let’s look at Drew and Kent, a couple of guys we’ve paid big bucks to put up big numbers. Granted, Kent has been on the DL twice but he hasan’t put up anywhere near the numbers he did last year when he has been in the lineup. Considering his age, It makes you wonder about the wisdom of his contract extension. Until last night’s slam, Drew hadn’t hit a homer since June 1. He definitely hasan’t been the offensive force we thought we were getting. I,too, give Colletti credit for rectifying his mistakes concerning the pitching. SWEEP!!,SWEEP!!

  18. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Great win saw lotsa heart in the Win But Why did Broxton close is something wrong with Saito? Thought he was our Closer.Have nothing wrong with the win but Roles need to be defined and some consistancy declared if we are gonna make a move on the title.

  19. bokonon42@hotmail.com

    I heard Betemit is really 28. He had two fake birth certificates, one that put him old enough to sign, but two years younger than he actually was, and another, with him four years younger than he really was, that he hoped would get him free agency! It’s layers of conspiracy, with a deception mortar.

  20. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Read in the LA Times that the clubhouse manager advised James Loney to pack enough clothes for the trip to Cincinnati and Florida this week. Good news for me. Means he is not being traded.

  21. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Josh, any news on Justin Orenduff. He has only pitched about 50 innings this year at Jacksonville and none for quite some time.

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