Today's game

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Saenz, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Izturis, 3B

Martinez, 2B

Billingsley, P

A few interesting notes from today’s game notes:

A LOT OF PAIN FOR THESE TWO TEAMS – The Nationals and Dodgers rank first and third in the Major Leagues, respectively, in days missed to the disabled list. Washington has missed a ******** 1,058 games due to injury while the Dodgers’ 763 days is third behind the Braves (766). At some point during the season, the Dodgers have lost six everyday starters to injury – Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Bill Mueller, Dioner Navarro, Cesar Izturis and Kenny Lofton as well as closer Eric Gagné, setup man Yhency Brazoban, starter Brett Tomko and key reserve outfielders Ricky Ledee and Jason Repko. Overall, the team has missed 672 games to the DL.                  

CAUSE AND EFFECT – Not surprisingly, the high number of injuries has caused the Dodgers to use 43 players this season, tied with Cincinnati for the third most in baseball behind Washington (47) and Kansas City (44).    

TAKE YOUR PICK – The top two candidates for NL Rookie of the Year are in the house this weekend. Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier leads all NL Rookies in batting average (.344), on-base percentage (.396) and slugging percentage (.532) while the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman leads in hits (111), RBI (68), doubles (31) and extra-base hits (45). Ethier has a .396 batting average since June 21, the fourth-highest mark in the Majors behind Atlanta’s Chipper Jones (.438), San Diego’s Josh Barfield (.403) and Minnesota’s Justin Morneau (.398) among players with 100 plate appearances during that span.

OLMEDO SAENZ HIS NAME IN HISTORY BOOKS – Olmedo Saenz was part of five double plays on Wednesday, tying the Dodgers’ individual single-game mark set by second baseman Teddy Martinez on Aug. 21, 1977 at Chicago. Saenz was two shy of the Major League record for a first baseman set by Curt Blefary of Houston, who was a part of seven twin killings on May 4, 1969. As a team, the Dodgers came within one double play of the franchise record which occurred on August 5, 1956 at Ebbets Field when Brooklyn turned six of them against the Cardinals.

SHORTSTOP GETS BETTER BY THE SECOND – Dodger shortstop Rafael Furcal has raised his batting average to .275, the highest it has been since April 5, the Dodgers’ third game of the season. He continued his recent string of hot hitting on Wednesday when he went 3-for-4 with a double and a homer. Since May 1, the Dominican native is hitting .298 with 19 stolen bases and 49 runs scored. He has stolen 25 bases this season, which ties him for sixth in the Senior Circuit. He ranks also third in the National League with 418 at-bats.



    1) I’m a little disappointed not to see Aybar in the lineup, but I still like the way this looks.

    2) Tony Jackson certainly had a point about the East Coast media. I live in Virginia, and it’s impossible to follow the Dodgers without the internet. The top 3 sites would be, this site, and Dodger thoughts (which links to a bunch of other good ones, like Dodger Math).

    3) TJ Simers had a good article the other day, and there’s a link for it on the other page. Just a reminder, but Dodger fans really are that good.

    4) Billingsley generally follows his regressions with improvement, and I think he’ll have a good start tonight.

    5) Just another reminder not to trade the farm: Tony Armas, Jr, on the Mound for the Nationals tonight, is that organization’s last link to Pedro Martinez.


    I have never looked forward to a game with more dread. The bottom third of a lineup is a black hole from which no runs can emerge.

    But hey! Bobblehead!


    yes, the Dodger Stadium mound is good enough and unique enough to get a capital letter


    Oh, do we have Pedro Martinez? No, we traded him to the Expos, so really Tony Armas Jr. is OUR last link to Pedro. Which means he’ll toss a one-hitter tonight.


    Tonight will be the last game I’m going to this season. I just can’t stand to watch the Dodgers struggle like this anymore, especially in person. This is now 2 straight years of being a glorified triple-a team and this is the second biggest market in the country! We should just do a fire sale on all the big money pitchers (at least) and get some more top flight prospects in return. We’re losing WITH these veterans, so it can’t be any worse without them right?


    Has anyone heard of a trade for Abreu and Tom Gordon for prospects and cash? My local paper reported it like it was fact. Or did I mis read it?


    Sacramento Bee. Thing is, I wouldn’t mind that trade if its not the wrong prospects.


    Five fanciful trades that could shift the balance of power in the…
    N.L. West

    1. Dodgers snatch Tom Gordon, Bobby Abreu from Phillies. Money and prospects are no object to add pop and Eric Gagné’s replacement.

    It was just a fantasy trade column


    Is Repko hurt again? Also does anyone else think it might not be a bad idea to play Izturis at second while Kent is out?


    Sports Illustrated rumors say Dodgers interested in Maddux (hope not) but only that Abreau and Soriano are available. Soriano a free agent at end of season so he is a rent a player. Not worth the cost. Abreu age 32 with only 8 homers this season. Last one June 13. A nice player but no one is a savior now. One more year on contact I think for $8M. Phillies rejected Yankee offer. Depending on what is offered he would be in LA for one year. Phillies wanted major leaguer ot top line prospect s for him.


    Yuliesky Gourriel has defected from Cuba, Ned please (you’ll rock!!) if you get this kid!


    see what happens when you miss one word in a headline? Seems my face is a bit red right now.


    Hey interpol2424 where did you read that Yulieski Gourriel defected? I would love for the Dodgers to jump on that kid….he’s the real deal.


    i have a bad feeling about the likelihood of repko being on the team come monday night. If he was not healthy he would not have been activated unless there is a trade in the works because you can not trade someone who is on the disabled list. probably activated him so that he could be used as trade bait.


    s.infantino – no problem. Caused a number of us to do some looking. I am always amazed at the info that comes out when someone asks a question.


    Izzy still in starting lineup? This a-hole costs Dodgers about 0.23 runs per game. Can’t Little read between the line?

    Bench Aybar and play Ramon is not smart, either.

    We shouldn’t be that weak, but playing these ******* is nothing different than raising white flag before the game’s start.


    This lineup is not different from the one that’s lost 13 of 14. It is as likely to win or lose as that other lineup.

    Yes, Izturis is just an out or a single in the lineup, ditto Martinez, ditto Lofton. So even if guys get on base, they just get stranded there.

    Repko injured, I assume. It is sad that there is no word on him … something being covered up? I don’t trust the medical team …

    Nationals are hot right now, so we run right into the maw of yet another “weak” team on a hot streak. Bad luck, crew.


    Dude, we need to get Gourriel, he is absolutley nasty. A-Rod type talent, the real deal. Hes only 19 or 21 i believe, and would be a real catch. Even though the Yankees will probably way overpay for the kid.


    The Dodgers have traded Willy Aybar, Danny Baez and cash to the Braves for Wilson Betemit

    Betemit turned 26 years old today and is batting .281 with 9 HR’s and 29 RBI’s.

    Also, Brett Tomko has been activated from the DL which fills the other roster spot.


    I’m not sure what we got in this trade. Aybar and Betemit have similar numbers to this point in their career, except Aybar is 3 years younger, has a better OPS, and slightly more speed. Any thoughts?


    is it just me, or did we just get screwed on another deal?.. wow, ned for the love of god!, i guess hes been taking trade advice from tommy lasorda….


    Betemit can play defense, so that is at least an improvement. And Baez is worse than Perez was.


    I suppose this means that Izturis is gone. There is no reason to carry two thirdbasemen. I wonder whats in the works.


    This may mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…but I was watching ESPN and they mentioned teams were interested in Miguel Tejada of the Orioles and the Dodgers have come along intensely about him and may be dangling Izturis and other prospects for Tejada. So the question is, was this the first domino leading to acquiring Tejada or (fill in big star here) and/or was it just an upgrade from Aybar? We’ll know soon enough…


    Benemit has more power & is more advanced in his career, I like the trade, plus we unloaded 4,000,000.00, wow Ned good job.


    My parents are Braves fans, and since I live on the East Coast, asleep. I’m not sure they’re going to like this trade though.

    Betemit also has some pop in his bat. He’s got 9 homers on the year, and is posting a .281/.341/.497 line. He’s a switch-hitter, so he’ll be interesting. I’m really surprised the Braves made this trade, though, because Chipper hobbled off the field in pain in the middle of the game tonight. Betemit might have become important, and Aybar, while he has potential, hasn’t delivered a whole lot on the power stroke.

    That Danys Baez was thrown in makes the trade that much better. He blocked Tomko from coming up Wednesday by refusing to go on the DL after he wasn’t feeling well. He said something to the effect of “Why should I go on the DL for that? A roster spot? They can trade someone.”

    I hope my dad’s not too upset about this, but I like this trade. Things will get interesting.


    Good trade. Betemit has more power, Baez proved he couldn’t be depended upon. Izzy at 2nd improves the overall defense. Repko adds a spark when he is out there in center. Reminds me of Brett Butler.


    WHAT? Repko reminds you of Brett Butler? Are you on crack??? Repko will never be half the player Butler was,in the field or in the batters box! Shame on you for making that comparision. I wish we had a Brett Butler type player on our team right now!

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