Selfless approaches

Tim Kurkjian of has a great piece today about five players whose selfless approach helps their team more tham most people realize. Not surprisingly, Sandy Alomar Jr. is the first guy mentioned and I can’t put into words how much this guy adds to our club. It’s like having an extra coach who happens to hit .400 with runners in scoring position. There’s little doubt in my mind that he’s going to make a great manager someday and will be a valuable asset during the second half as a pinch-hitter, as Grady will be able to use him without worrying about not having another catcher in case of an injury.

Also, Tom Verducci wrote a piece for the CNNSI website and SI Magazine that talks about all the great rookies in baseball. Despite the bad captioning (it shows James Loney and talks about Matt Kemp), it’s another good read.

Enjoy the day away from the game. Hopefully we’ll come back recharged tomorrow after a tough three games in Minnesota.



    Josh, I think the world of Alomar and I also think he’s going to make a great manager. But even as good as Alomar is batting can we really afford to lock up a spot on the 25 man roster with a guy that can’t play everyday or multiple positions ?? Especially when we’re carrying 12 pitchers and dead weight like Odalis ?? Saenz is our guy off the bench and he can play several positions. When Repko returns, do you send a Kemp or Ethier down or hold on to Alomar ?? And now that Hall has arrived do we really need three catchers on the 25 man roster ?? Let’s face it Hall isn’t going to AAA, he was a starter in TB and holding his own. Our third catcher needs to be in Las Vegas, not LA and Alomar isn’t about to go there !! It’s time to shop Alomar and Perez and see what kind minor leaguers we can get
    Go Dodgers !!!


    You’re right, it was a great article. In fack, its the first time I’ve ever agreed with Kurkjian.


    “as good as Alomar is batting can we really afford to lock up a spot on the 25 man roster with a guy that can’t play everyday or multiple positions ?? Especially when we’re carrying 12 pitchers and dead weight like Odalis ??” – Nope.

    If Alomar is such a great influence, then they should just hire him as a coach. Now that we have Hall, there’s no need for Alomar to be taking up one of the 25 roster spots….having 3 catchers on the major league roster makes zero sense for this team, they have too many other pressing needs.


    Why are we carrying a dead weight like Odalis? release him already the guy is a cancer now he’s talkin about Kent. He’s never going to improve!He’s not making adjustments and thinks its everyone else’s fault. RELEASE ODALIS!!!!!!Go Dodgers!!!Sweep the Halos!!again!


    It is stunning when a player admits he gave less than a full effort, but Perez did just that. On the play that preceded the grand slam, Justin Morneau hit what would have been an inning-ending ground ball up the middle.

    “If I put more effort into it, I might have made the catch,” Perez said.

    But he let the ball bounce past him, he said, expecting to see second baseman Jeff Kent shaded up the middle. Kent raced to his right and made a diving stop but had no play.

    “If Kent would have been in another position, he might have made the catch,” Perez said.

    He suggested the coaches should have moved Kent from where a second baseman traditionally plays. According to the Dodgers’ scouting reports, Perez said, Morneau loves to hit the ball into center field. According to the chart of Morneau’s ground balls on, Kent could have been shaded slightly — but not markedly — up the middle.

    “I’m not blaming him,” Perez said. “It’s my fault. I take responsibility.”


    Even the slightest suggestion of it being someone elses fault just goes to show you that this guy is a cancer to this team. I can only imagine what Kent is saying right about now !! This isn’t the type of sportmanship we want leading these kids on this team. It all goes down hill from here until something is done to cut this cancer out !!! It’s easy for me to spend McCourts money because it not my money !! But please Frank / Ned take what ever you can get for this guy and cut your loses !!! Everyone will support you for it.
    Go Dodger Blue !!!


    In the same midseason report article, Nomar was named the best Free Agent Signing in the National League.

    Could not agree more with SI on this one.

    I also thought the bit about the kids was a great read as well.



    I agree with everything that’s been said about Perez. Obviously, he needs to go, from a personal as well as a professional standpoint. The only good that may come out of Perez’s comments is that it may spur Ned into doing something about it sooner rather than later. In terms of money, there’s little difference between a trade or being released. We’ll pick up either all or most of the money. We probably won’t get much in trade.(a second-tier minor league prospect,at best) But you gotta do what you gotta do. Re: Alomar; you could make him a coach now, but, even if you do that, Hall is still only going to catch once a week. Alomar is a perfect backup catcher. He knows what his role is. Despite all the words to the contrary, Hall can’t be happy about being a backup (a seldom used backup) after being a regular in Tampa. In my opinion, Hall has more value to the Dodgers as trade bait than as a once-a-week backup. Trade him someplace where he can play and we can get something that we need more than a third catcher. A perfect win-win situation. GO DODGERS! Let’s prove, once again, there’s only one team in LA.


    I have to agree about Hall, he can’t be happy and he would get us more in a trade then Alomar. But, I would hate to see Martin go down and have to rely on Alomar as our new #1 catcher. Hall might not like it but he doesn’t have options and it could work for the year!! Either way Odalis has to go !!
    Lets spank some Angel Butts !

    Go Dodger Blue !!


    Russell Martin – $327,000 a year.

    Andre Ethier – $327,000 a year.

    Matt Kemp – $327,000 a year.

    Eating the remainder of Odalis Perez’s three-year $24 Million dollar contract – Priceless


    I’m cool with this trade martin is fresh and new He needs 2 days rest to stay hot Alomar is a great hitter and can be traded or kept he can hit.I’m actually glad we have that opportunity now. Doesn’t work well into double switch situations but is a Very soild Pinch where as our bench has been more a situational place which screwed us in the AL.With the OF we have now Ledee and Werth are gone in my charts( Good players but)….We Have better now in their youth. Sorry werth thought the world of ya.But on a Tougher note what has that under 1 mil trio produced against a balls to the wall club in the last 3 days? Hmmm 1 run on 1 hit and 1 rbi….Not Knocking them kss but Don’t flaunt low salaries when they just aren’t doin the job.I’m a realist and the fact of the matter is in my long drawn out opinion is that we are lacking in AL scouting.I’ve never Knocked the scouting before but we are getting CREAMED!I expect good things like another sweep at LAA WANNEBEES but sooo many batters looked sooo overwhelmed in this last roadtrip.Batters slump teams slump but this is getting a bit BS Starting to look like last season where we might have a chance then we **** type mode.The west is back to who ***** the least. GL Dodgers Get Sum’


    Last Year!!! Your crazy last years team had nothing no youth, no defense, nothing but a bunch a stiffs. Plus the worst manager in baseball. Baseball is peaks and valleys we will be BACK! Believe in the BLUE! RELEASE ODALIS!!!Please we will lose more money if we keep him and not win the west. Initially McCourt might take a hit but in the long run you cannot have a cancer in the clubhouse! SWEEP the HALOS!!I’ll be there tonight representing my boys in Blue. Here’s to our ACE getting a winning streak started!Go Azul!!!


    And in other news, the Angels DFA’d Jeff Weaver, because his little brother is better than he is (news via Dodger Thoughts).

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