Today's game

Today’s lineup features four shortstops on the infield. Nomar Garciaparra (1,024 games), Ramon Martinez (249), Rafael Furcal (846) and Cesar Izturis (559) have played a combined total of 2,678 games at shortstop during their careers entering today’s game. For good measure, the starting catcher Russell Martin is a converted third baseman.

Happy Birthday goes out to Aaron Sele, who celebrated last night with a victory.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Ethier, LF

Martinez, 2B

Izturis, 3B

Martin, C

Penny, P

If we can get out of here with a sweep, it will be nice, given our recent track record on the road in AL cities. Check out Tony Jackson’s Daily News blog for more on that.



    Derrek Lee just returned to the lineup today. My guess is that Furcal will at least be booed loudly when the Dodgers go to Chicago.


    Looking for a good outing from Penney. Run production from the middle of the lineup. but most of all a S-W-E-E-P


    the perez release watch is still on, and i hope it ends soon, as for something important, how is andy laroche, is he gonna have surgery?… and how bout my kids… they are simply amazing!



    It’s great have Izzy back, I hope he’s not trade bait, we have room for him (3B or Furcal at 3B), and the opportunity for an excellent defensive infield. I’m for the release as well.



    Congratulations to Nomar on hitting the 200th Home Run of his career in the 7th Inning!

    Way to go!



    great win today. great sweep and back in first again!

    nice to see izzy getting more comfortable at the plate, though his swing is still aways away. thought he should have been more patient at the plate with bases loaded.

    there was talk of trade rumors where the white sox would want aaron rowand back from the phils for starting pitcher, garland. they want/need a center fielder. how about we send them cruz, or lofton or one of the kids for garland?


    Great game today. It was fun seeing TWO milestones. First, Rafael’s 1,000th base hit and Nomar’s 200th home run. Here’s to many more!

    On a slightly different note… Does anybody know why CPK put American Cheese on their Pizza’s today? Both mine and my friend’s had it and they tasted so weird!


    All around great game today !! Izzy was a human vacumm out there, the Kids all did well as did Furcal and of course Nomar !! The bullpen was great, I just hope they can keep it up on the road.

    On a personal note, we were sitting near and noticed Mia Hamm today signing autographs so my daughter went a couple of times to see if she could get her to sign her ticket. Twice she was turned away by the isle attendent and told to wait for after the game, which we completely understood and respected. After the game my 11 yr old waited respectfully a couple of rows away and when she approached she was ignored, so my oldest daughter spoke up and aked if she could sign and she took issue with my girls. She gave the autograph, but wasn’t very happy about doing it. Looking back I had wished we didn’t ask, it wasn’t worth the moment in time. I wish them the very best and hope that this was just a moment to forget.

    Keep the streak going guys !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I don’t think the Sox will take Cruz or Lofton for Garland. Maybe along with a couple of prospects. It seems too soon to sell off the future. I expect GM Colletti to continue to protect the young guys and come up with a fairly good pitcher without giving up too much of the youth movement. We hope to make the play-offs but realistically speaking we are looking at a longer term progression built on the young guys and bringing in some essential parts. I think everyone, management, players, fans will be patient and satisfied as long as there is progression. Everyone loves to see the kids mature into real Dodgers.


    Grady gets a DH again, and you know he’s thrilled. Ethier will probably get the nod against Liriano, and if he can hit him, Grady will try him against Santana. If Nomar needs a day off, then Saenz moves to first and Drew DH’s. Izzy at the bottom for that “surprise!” factor.

    Predicted lineup (mon/tues/wed):


    Lofton/Izzy/(Ethier or Cruz)








    * – denotes expected DH


    Nice sweep against a team we r supposed to beat down. Let’s keep it rolling into Minnesota, Mon. is important because after that we face Liriano and Johan. We have hit lefties well all year(aside from Zito,hopefully that whole series was an aberration), and I think we got a surprise for the Twins. Hopefully Chad can keep that pitch count down, would like to see him go a bit deeper into the game. Olmedo should be a big factor this series, he pounds lefties. Battle of the two top hitters in MLB, Nomar and Mauer, I’ll take a healthy Nomar anytime. Go Dodgers!!


    I might be willing to give ledee for garland but his era is high and his SO/W ratio is only 2:1 not to mention he has givin up 19 HR’s and a 7 mil contract.Its hard to Fix a problem with a maybe I’d leave well enough alone in that trade.Gotta have someone who can get an era under 4 with 3:1 SO/W ratio and be consistent with the ball in the park if we are gonna move people around and are gonna carry a med to large size contract for a bargain Rookie that is producing.
    I think that we can afford one of our good AAA Kids and a Maybe AA with Money for a Lights out Top notch pitcher Who is Producing if we can make sure we can retain said pitcher for a few years. That I think could make us contenders for a couple years most of the puzzle is complete 1 kick butt pitcher could complete it. S W E E P Go Blue!!!!


    Ok Trade freaks I did my Homework tonight and this is the list of pitchers I’d like from teams whom are not looking to be contenders.#1 Josh Johnson Fla marlins 6-2 as a starter 6-4 overall 327K/Year rookie .215 baa 2 hr. Mil Brewers Chris capuano Lefty 450K/yr 8-4 3.33era 23/101 W to K .249 baa
    Also from The fish is Carlos Zambrano 11 hr 60/104 W/K 6.5 mil 6/3W/L.191 baa. 6.5 mil and lastly CC sabathia Cle Ind 7.25 mil 5-4 7 hr .247 baa 20/64 W/K but was shelled in his last outing againgst the cubs for 9 runs in 2.1 inns.Top Trades i’d give 2 prospects from Vegas and Jack and a Crappy “P” or “S” pitcher plus money for last 2 I’d trade a prospect and workout the details for but I would not Give it away the way The past has done. But it needs to be done somehow someway and I’m not on the payroll so it ain’t my job. GOOO BLUE Make it 5/6/7/Sweep So Sweet!


    listen, we shouldnt trade any of our guys in the farm. I’d rather not make the playoffs this year to keep that core group of young players that will take us to the playoffs for 5-6 years. Trade odalis, ledee, werth, and/or money for a SP. IF you cant trade odalis, work with him to get the best we can. Lets be honest, no one is going to take him. We shouldnt trade the following: billingsly, broxton, kemp, ethier, martin, loney, la roche, guzman, aybar, martinez. There are more, but you get my drift – we cant afford to give up our young talent.

    Its not like our starting rotation is THAT bad, we lead the NL in ERA. But I understand where everyone is coming from.


    I don’t see the point in trading for Garland. We already have guys with numbers like that.


    I want to agree with but it isn’t reasonable. Whether we trade now or in the off season we’re going to lose someone we value. The question is who and is it worth it ?? We have to remember these veterns are all on short term contracts and could be gone tomorrow. Nomar is only committed to this year !!! I would lean toward a long term fix rather then a short term fix. I don’t think a reclamation project is worth the cost to the farm system. I’d rather miss the playoffs this year and work on the long term !! If you can get a Maddux or some vetern without losing a kid then of course we should do it. But the demand for pitching is at an all time high and the teams willing to let loose of someone still want too much !! And the teams in need like the Yankee’s are willing to pay the world for anything. I think fisher is right on with his inventory and we have to try, but at the end of the day it’s looking like we’re going to have to work with what we got. So get to work Honeycut and fix Perez and Seo, it’s all in our best interest !!
    Keep the Streak Going !!

    Go Dodgers !!!

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