Nice win

I enjoyed meeting the Dodger Thoughts crew at tonight’s game. Hopefully they enjoyed the victory.

Izturis goes back to shortstop tomorrow and Furcal gets the day off. Saenz gets to face Zach Duke, against whom he’s 6-for-7.



    What a game! Good to see Izzy showing off a hot bat.

    I was at the game tonight and unfortunately had a pretty bad time. Seems that the bobblehead giveaway nights bring out the worst in people. It’s a shame, but oh well.

    I’m feeling a three-game sweep. Anybody else feel that coming the Dodgers way?


    I don’t understand why so many here feel that Izzy won’t handle himself at third base. I for one really like the idea. It solves many problems right now.

    Yes Furcal has as many errors now than he did all of last season, but look at his numbers. He’s scored 56 runs for this team! He gets on base and makes things happen. His average will come up, but the fact remains that he is scoring and scoring at a huge pace.

    With the uncertainty of Izzy returning, one could not fault Colletti for pulling the trigger on the Furcal deal. But now that we have both healthy, and we all know what a gamer Ceasar is, having the both of them on the field at the same time can only make for more runs and scoring for both of them! It reminds me of the Jeter-Rodriguez scenario in New York. It only make our ballclub that much stronger. Those of you screaming for Izturis to be traded for pitching need to shut the hades up!

    And those of you who are calling for the retirement Kenny Lofton need to be ashamed of yourselves. Andre Ethier will one day be a star in this league!! But, for the now, for this time being, Kenny Lofton is a leader in the clubhouse. His presence in the lineup and years of experience can only make Kemp AND Ethier much better ballplayers in the future. For crying out loud! Lofton’s scored 33 runs himself AND he’s hitting 300 and stealing bases! The kids’ will get better. Have patience. It will be well rewarded. Lofton is a class act and he’s a winner.

    Okay, I’m stepping off of my soap-box now!

    Yes Wordy… three game sweep comin’ on up!! Go Dodger Blue!


    I saw Cody Ross batting for Florida Marlins the other day. It was the weirdest feeling, as I watched him ground out to the first baseman on another uniform.

    Sort of frustrating to have seen the Dodgers in a slump, but this game of baseball is a marathon, and makes me appreciate it so much more. Hopefully, Mueller and Gagne will be back for the postseason.


    Dodger Thoughts’ comment section has labeled Izturis to be the “thirdstop” because he’s got such a great range at third it seems like he’s getting into the shortstop zone to make plays.

    I think this is a sustainable arrangement in the infield, actually, especially if Izzy can keep up his plate discipline. If Izturis can handle the top of the lineup with Lofton, then Furcal, who has a bit more pop in his bat, could be a good catalyst at the 6 or 7 hole.

    I would also advocate giving Odalis Perez a start on Sunday (Kip Wells against him), so we can put Penny, Billingsley, and Lowe up against Minnesota next week (Liriano and Santana at the end of that series – yikes!).


    You make some excellent points, KSSPARKUHL – I agree with your position. I also want to say something about the Odalis comments over the past couple of weeks. I would not be all so fired up to trade him or to simply release him, while still being responsible for his $39 or so million. Given his performance and inactivity over the past month or so, what trading value could he possibly provide for us. Anybody willing to take the chance on Odalis and willing to part with any proven or even promising talent would have to figure that they can reconstruct Odalis to where he is again a successful starting pitcher. He has been that to some degree in the past, and he is hardly old enough to be over the hill. Right now he probably is much “out of shape” and in need of some “head counseling”, but if anyone can reconstruct him to a previously successful level, why not us? Trading him now is not going to bring us anyone of value that will contribute to this season. Someone in the organization should be working with Odalis to bring him back to a level of performance that can contribute to the Dodgers NOW. I don’t ever hear about that going on, and I think that is too bad. Forgetting him on the bench or letting him pitch just a couple of innings every other week will not get that job done. So, let’s lean a little bit on our coaching to get in gear to get this $39 million package working for us instead of against us. OK, now I’ve said my piece.

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