Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Garciaparra, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Saenz, 3B

Kemp, LF

Martin, C

Billingsley, P

We get to see Chad in his home debut, which is what a lot of fans have been waiting for. After seeing him in San Diego last week, it’s hard not to get too excited about his potential.

In the meantime, I’ll spend the afternoon helping get the word out about this weekend’s Hollywood Stars Night. We just got Sandy Alomar Jr. on 96.3 FM and earlier today, Matt Kemp was on KROQ with Kevin and Bean and on Jim Rome’s radio show.

For those of you who haven’t been to the Hollywood Stars game in a couple years, it’s new now, so you can sit on the outfield grass and catch potential home runs hit over the temporary fence by TV and movie stars.



    I’ll be there tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing the new kid throw !! Can’t wait to see Izzy, I hope he comes in later for defensive purposes !!
    Thanks again for all your help Josh.

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I’m having a tough time with Cesar playing third. He’s a gold glove short stop coming off surgery. Makes more since to me to move Kent or Furcal.
    However, Little and Coletti are obviously much closer to the team and we will have to rely on their good judgement. Does anybody think Giovonni should be with the big club? I’d like to see him get a chance. He may not have the potential of some of the others at this point, but he could probably throw a few more strikes.


    Nice line-up, I hope it all clicks tonight, looks to have the potential for some run producing.
    I agree with knouffbrock, let the gold glove play his position, and have Furcal play third, he’s got the strongest throw.

    Looking forward to see see Billingsley with a home crowd behind him.


    The issue with Cesar playing somewhere up the middle is ego. Neither of our current guys want to switch, so Cesar loses that battle of wills. Also I keep hearing gold glove this, and gold glove that, are we forgetting he had tommy john??!!!!! Which is why he was mostly a DH on his rehab stint, we haven’t seen him field a ball in a year, and Furcal nor Kent r moving, period.


    Also, Kemp obviously struggles against lefties(struggling all the way around lately), why not Cruz? Hopefully I gotta eat crow, but I would have liked to have seen Cesar and Cruz, as they hit LHP very well.


    Cesar’s brother, Maicer, is doing his part to help the Dodgers, hitting a game-winning double against ‘Frisco.

    I missed who the announcers are, but it’s so nice not to hear the game called by Jon Miller.


    how come scott elbert pitched today but as a reliever?… and for the love of god release odalis, yeah he pitched 4 shut out innings, but its gonna be a cold day in **** before he does that again… let this bum go…




    Baez, the flyball pitcher, keeps it in the park. And one other thing . . .



    What a joke. Can someone tell me our record this time last year??? Our team is more or less healthy and still playing .500 ball all year. What’s up with Furcal getting yanked half way through a tight game, if this is how the experiment is gonna go we better buckle up. For some reason we have been flatter than a Baez breaking ball, and I’m not sure why but something needs to happen and now. Getting swept in Oak not so good,possibly getting swept by Sea in LA,is downright atrocious!


    I am very impressed with Andre Ethier. Saturday was great – 4 RBI’s and he scored himself. I see him being Rookie Of The Year!

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