Today's game

Before today’s game, we will option Willy Aybar to Triple-A, activate Izturis and move Mueller to the 60-day DL. It looks like Izzy will play some third base as well as middle infield. Here’s tonight’s lineup.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Kemp, LF

Martinez, 3B

Martin, C

Penny, P



    everyone kept saying that he was being activated for this game but then no word today. I wonder if there is some transaction in the works because to activate izturis, not only do they have to send someone down. They also have to release or designate for assignment someone off the 40 man roster because he is coming off the 60 day disabled list which puts us at 41 players.


    Furcal is gonna need a day of soon (hopefully sunday) I can’t wait to see Izzy & that gold glove of his.

    Go Dodgers


    VERY BAD move sending Aybar down. He belongs in the major leagues. This leaves the dodgers with very limited options at third base. Izturis does not want to play there. Saenz is best as a pinch hitter and Martinez is best in the middle infield or as a pinch hitter. Not a good move.


    Izzy will have to earn his respect all over again. He came in and took the job from Alex Cora first, and now he’ll have to take it from Furcal.

    We know that neither Beltre nor Penny are in 2004 form, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see if Izturis is.

    So Go Dodgers!



    Beltre homered in his first at bat back in Dodger Stadium.

    What to do with former Dodgers that leave? I would say boo him for not taking the money. But I can’t stand Red Sox fans, and I took great joy in watching Johnny Damon go to the Yankees. I could also understand that the Red Sox did not actively try to retain him, and so I think that was the same problem with Beltre.

    And for those of you who are upset about Aybar being sent down, it could be worse, and you could be Angels fans. The Angels sent down Jered Weaver, who was 4-0 with a 1.37 ERA, and kept Jeff Weaver, 3-9 with a 6.02 ERA. What makes this even more consoling is that Jered Weaver has the same hairstyle as Jeff.


    Cesar is back, sweet. Might he start manana against a left,he has traditionally done well against LHP. Very pumped to see the rookie again, let’s hope he can get a w this time and break our losing streak.


    how ’bout jeff kent waking up and paying attention again?!? what’s up with this guy?
    last week it was the base running error. tonight he holds the ball like a little leaguer while a run scores. yo jeff, look in the mirror and give your grizly veteran advice to yourself.

    maybe its time for another grady little team meeting. this team is just in a major funk. getting nothing from the pitchers. lack of timely hitting. and the relief pitching is anything but relief.

    and finally, matt kemp is still a rookie. i repeat. still a rookie. before we all run off and carve a statue of the guy somewhere, this was the third time he has gone hitless with the bases loaded…and swinging at the first pitch to boot!

    don’t love aybar going down, but not surprised. still don’t know where izzy fits in. is he really going to love third when he is not going to be with the club past july 31 anyway?


    Well, the next game is on ESPN with the only guy who’s won a game in the last week, that clutch hitting RBI machine, Chad Billingsley.

    Izturis did what only one other Dodger did last night: take enough pitches to walk. He walked 10 times (to 3 K’s) in his rehab stint, so he might be working on that to boost his OBP. But the Dodgers need more people to take pitches.


    Just wondering where the pitching coaches are in this continuing Dodger pitching debacle. I’m meaning both Honeycutt and the bullpen coach. Before they send in a Kuo who can’t put a ball across the plate, is it not apparent from their bullpen workout that he doesn’t have control of his stuff. We’re getting killed by walks, especially Kuo and Seo. The coaching is not working the way it should and the way it has worked in the past in the Dodgers pitching tradition. For my money I don’t see either Kuo or Seo belonging on the major league club. If they are to reestablish control of their pitching, they should both do that at the minor league level and not put a game beyond reach when they’re brought into a game in the majors. I’m tired of hearing Honeycutt or Little saying how much these guys are improving their pitches each time they come into a game – it’s NOT HAPPENING, and I’m beginning to blame the coaching as much as the couple of guys vainly trying to perform at a level where they don’t belong.


    Last night’s game was disgusting. The bottom line is we need pitching. The collection of stiffs in the bullpen, along with the three other first class bums in the rotation won’t win this division. What annoys me the most is that our GM sounds like he won’t make a deal until we near the trade deadline…. sad part is, by then it won’t matter, it will be too late.

    Sincerely, Odalis Perez


    so let me get this straight. izturis is activated on tues, then told he is starting on thurs at 3b, a position he declined to learn in his rehab.

    okay, i feel better now. oh yeah, and he has yet to make that long throw with tommy john surgery. feeling much better about our defense already.

    the front office must have had an exit strategy in mind for izturis in the event he returned. lets hope it gets us at least a AA pitcher. however i am concerned that aybar is being asked to play lf in the minors – and continue a 3b.


    Why are we movin a gold glove shortstop to third and have the league leader in errors at short? Please Little give Izzy a week at short and we are all going to laugh that we even considered Furcal at short over him.
    Honeycutt needs to take some heat with our staff they need to throw strikes! I think we are find when we have a lead with Broxton, Baez, & Saito. Its when we’re chasing and we bring in the other stiffs. I’m still hopeful we have a good gritty team that is going to win! Go Dodgers keeping the faith!!

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