Billingsley to pitch Thursday

After the game, Grady just announced that tomorrow we’ll purchase the contract of Chad Billingsley and he’ll start on Thursday here against the Padres. Joel Guzman is heading back to Vegas and Jason Repko went to the 60-day DL.

Seo left the game with tenderness in his right shoulder…doesn’t seem too serious, but he’ll get checked again tomorrow.

Odalis Perez is headed to the bullpen following two innings of relief tonight.



    finally!, another one of my kids is up… and Mr. SOUL GLOW wont be getting the start



    I’m happy to announce that I saw that one coming. Time for the next rookie of the year.

    And as a sidenote,



    zippity do da zippity day my o my what a wonderful day
    plenty of sunshine coming our way…..


    RELEASE Odalis!! I don’t understand what he gets mad about he’s a cancer get him out before he spreads. It wouldn’t suprise me if he’s talking with Joel Guzman why is he upset his swing is long as he’s defense is suspect he needs more time. I wouldn’t mind seeing Furcal move to third he’s a team player but he cost us last night, hopefully he bounces back tonight! Go Blue take back first with a win tonight! We got the ace on the hill!


    Thanks for the update Mark. I’m really looking forward to watching the Dodgers future ace, Chad Billingsley, get to work.

    As a side note, I am one of eight, “Draft Day” winners and I haven’t received an e-mail yet. Did I miss something?


    When Grady Little says that Furcal has done a good job at shortstop, does he mean that in the same sense as when he said “We have a lot of confidence in Danys” just before knocking him down below Takashi Saito on the bullpen totem pole? Furcal’s arm has not had Tommy John surgery, so a move to third would be better for him than Izturis. Grady has essentially said Izturis plays third or sits on the bench, which is as intelligent as saying that Eric Gagne will set up for Lance Carter, but Gagne will not be taken out for a pinch hitter and will bat cleanup. I really think he’s just trying not to hurt Colletti’s feelings by moving the the most expensive player Ned Colletti signed.


    Ray. Your kids are doing great. Really hope Billingsley is ready. What will be the rotation to fill his spot? Joel Hanrahan to Las Vegas, Scott Elbert to Jacksonville? Hanrahan pitching very well as is Elbert. Elbert has very little run support. What about Locke and Bedroza? Are they ready to move up from Columbus? How about Perez to Las Vegas?


    How bout we go the route of the Diamondbacks and designate Odalis Peres like they did to their high salaried pitcher Russ Ortiz……

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