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I’m sure you’ve noticed that at times I tend to throw the lineup up and don’t get much time to comment on it. Your comments were correct…Lofton had a scheduled day off today. Guzman was Grady’s decision and is okay after last night’s HBP. Drew is available to pinch-hit.

Before the game, when Grady addressed the media, I was in the visitor’s dugout and managed to sit down in day-old red gatorade. Fortunately, with Grady’s relaxed dress code, it only messed up my khakis, not a suit, but the visiting clubhouse manager was kind enough to wash them for me. I had to borrow a pair of shorts from someone inside the clubhouse and not surprisingly, I took quite a bit of grief from our reporters, announcers and players for my dress shoes, brown socks and shorts. It was a sight not to be missed, but fortunately the pants came back clean before first pitch.

Finally, with nothing much to discuss on a Sunday morning, the topic of quotes came up among the beat writers. For those who read every article in all our papers each day, you might have noticed that Grady had a similar quote in the Daily News, L.A. Times and O.C. Register regarding our starting rotation. The words were only slightly off in each version, but it might have made fans wonder if Grady actually spoke to all three writers about the same thing but at different times. In reality, these sorts of minor differences come from the normal shorthand notetaking that each writer uses. In this case, Bill Plunkett’s quote that said, "The changes we’re going through with our starting rotation now are about all we can stomach at this point in time," was the correct quote.

It’s little things like this that keep everyone entertained at a high altitude. Of course, each quote is basically the same, but one person used the verb "stomach," one used "stand" and one used "handle." At the end of day, it doesn’t mean much, but in case you all were curious…

Back to the game, where Matt Kemp just hit his second homer of the game…his family drove out from Oklahoma to watch the series and are being rewarded handsomely.


Glad you got your pants cleaned. How does the club house manager get the grass and dirt stains out of the uniforms? Saw Grady’s remarks re: starting pitching. Must be a total frustration since we can score runs. Is Matt Kemp real? WOW!! I noticed in last year’s draft the Dodgers signed 14 of their first 16 or so picks and then only four more after that for a total of 18 out of 51. Why is that? Not enough cash to sign more, considered low level prospects, players don’t sign to pursue college, etc. Good job they signed Kemp and Martin in previous drafts who weren’t high picks.

As you say that, I’m reminded of Ichiro Suzuki’s comments after winning the World Baseball Classic that he wished that American dugouts were kept cleaner. Colorado apparently is no exception.


Great come from behind win for the Dodgers today, Saito’s been a god send for us.

hey Josh, can you give an update on the draftees and their signings and where they will start their pro careers. thanks.

The non-roster invitees to spring training this year were probably the best the Dodgers have ever gotten. They got a closer in Takashi Saito. They got a starting pitcher in Aaron Sele. They got a good utilityman in Ramon Martinez.

Top of the 5th in AZ, and the Mets are up 10-0. Pedro Martinez led the inning off with a single. The Pirates are having a big 8th inning over the Giants, taking the lead 7-5. The Marlins are up 6-3 over San Diego. Gains all over the NL West!

odalis perez is worthless. before, i was disgusted with his performance, but now i’m just disgusted with him… odalis perez had a program called o’s 45’s. its a program that gives inner city school children 45 tickets for games when he starts.. well since odalis was relegated to the bullpen, he decided to stop doing it, even after being put back in the rotation, he said he wasnt gonna do his program anymore because he got no credit… are you serious odalis?, he went on to say “When you spend your own money, you want to be recognized for that,”… he later added, “I don’t want to be a hero, but just pay more attention to what I’m doing. People don’t want to give me the recognition for it.” … odalis is worthless, and if the dodger organization had any guts, they would send this mud-slinger packing… i’m sick and tired of this imbecill.. i hope all you dodger fans feel the same way… thank you dodgerblues.com


Ray I have to agree with you on this one. I didn’t like Odalis before and from what I’ve seen he’s only gotten worst. He refuses to play defense, get aggressive, hold runners or listen to his catcher. But most importantly he refuses to be a team member and do what is best for the team. The mear fact that he could pull a charitable act proves that he was only doing it for is own gain. Instead he’d rather pay the taxes instead of benefiting the under privledged. This isn’t a good person and clearly the Dodgers would be better off without him. Short of eating his entire contract send him to Tampa or KC with the other bad egg for some gratful minor leaguers. I’ll bet the rest of the clubhouse would like to see it done !!!
Go Team Dodgers, your a pure joy to watch this year !!

Ray can I ask you were you read that? I don’t wanna believe it until I read it, WOW!

Yeah I’ve heard Odalis complain more often than not. Last year was run support (granted, that was a pretty good argument). This year it’s about respect and recognition. Fine Odalis, I’ll recognize this:

W-L 4-2

ERA 7.02

K 27

Walks 12

WHIP 1.82


There’s the link.

I’m amused by the proposition to trade him to KC and eat some salary. Then he could be a role model for Hochevar.

Rarely do Dodger fans boo their own team – but I was at Odalis’ last outing and he got it pretty bad from the fans. At first I thought, we shouldn’t boo him, but now, after reading about this charity thing – I dont feel bad about it.

He doesnt act like a Dodger, doesnt pitch like a Dodger, and he’s not a team player like a true Dodger….so you know what? – he’s probably not a Dodger.

I know its very easy for us to say to eat his contract – but I hope management can figure something out, ’cause the fans defintely dont like him, and he doesnt represent the team (or us fans) very well (in reference to the O’s 45’s).

He disgusts me as a Dodger. His career is over. He has mentally lost “it”.

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