Dodgers recall Kemp

Today’s lineup is quite a bit different than yesterday’s – guessed right yesterday, as we’ve optioned Lance Carter back to Triple-A Las Vegas and recalled outfielder Matt Kemp from Double-A Jacksonville.

Furcal, SS; Cruz, RF; Nomar, 1B; Saenz, 3B; Aybar, 2B; Kemp, CF; Ethier, LF, Martin, C; Seo, P

KempI haven’t seen him play since spring, but from his numbers, you can tell Kemp was really struggling – .327 average (3rd in Southern League), seven homers, 34 RBI (tied with Andy LaRoche for the league lead), 65 hits (leads the league), 38 runs (leads the league) 11 stolen bases, a .528 slugging percentage and .402 OBP in 48 games for the Suns.

I had a feeling this could happen a few weeks ago when Kim Ng came back from a trip to see some of our minor league teams and was raving about how exciting Matt is as a player. She didn’t say that he was coming up soon, but I got the sense that she was impressed, as is just about anyone that watches him play these days.

It’s also pretty funny to think that when we got to Spring Training, three guys were lockered next to one another in the non-roster/minor league side of the clubhouse – Saito, Ethier and Kemp. The two kids nicknamed Saito "Sammy." They all went about their business professionally and before June 1, all three were in the big leagues. Not too shabby.



    Exciting! Love watching “the kids” play, although I hope this doesn’t mean JD’s down for the count because we desperately need his bat over the long haul. I have a feeling if he and/or Kent are lost for any length of time we will see Ned making a deal or two…sooner, rather than later.


    Your lineup has both Cruz and Ethier playing left field.

    Is this a new defensive strategy?


    Hmmm.. Not sure that I like starting the clock on a 21 year old who has only played 50 games above the (A) level. Should we take this to mean that Kent and Drew are both headed to the DL? Arrghh.. Here we go again.


    Kent and Drew may not be headed for the DL, the team needed another OF regardless of the latest injury situation. I suspect Kemps call up will be a just for a cup of coffee with the big club, and will go back to Jacksonville soon. Guzman maybe still too young and working on balancing his plate discipline (started out the year in AAA very bad, but is improving) VS power production (started out the year great, but has tapered off)…. Lets just hope Drew, Kent, and Lofton can be patched up and back out on the field in Atlanta. A win today would be a pleasant surprise. GO DODGERS!!!!


    It would be pleasant, although with the way the Dodger call-ups have played thus far this season, surprise may not be the case.


    I must say this blog has become a really important source of information about the Dodgers, and well worth reading on a daily basis.


    eddie murray needs to have a talk wiht kemp and tell him to calm down and stop pulling a beltre every AB.


    npurcell, he got a hit his last at bat, I still kinda don’t like that he’s up here though.


    If he’s pulling a Beltre, the Dodgers need a hypnotist to tell him it’s a contract year.

    Not the prettiest debut for a Dodger call-up this year, but at least he managed to get a hit. But don’t count him out yet; Ethier took his time to heat up.

    Odalis Perez might find his way back into the rotation if Seo doesn’t lock into something solid. This now marks the third start in which Seo has not made it past the 4th inning.


    I’m surprised Grady batted him 6th, but there’s not enough of a sample size to determine how he’ll do.


    The Jacksonville Suns website says J. D. Drew is going on the 15-day DL. Could there be an additional roster move coming today? Will we finally see Guzman in ATL?


    Is the Jacksonville website accurate? I was wondering since it does not mention that Lance Carter was optioned down to AAA. My guess is that they posted the announcement before Carter was sent to Vegas, and Dodger management switched at the last second after talking to JD.

    My guess is Grady realized his mistake in not giving Drew a rest in one of the games next to the off day on the calendar, and that Drew can play just fine on two days rest. I would also guess that even though Kent is known to “play through pain,” the fact that he has a history of wrist injuries and a few more years under his belt will cause the Dodgers to be cautious about starting him, and if anyone he would go on the DL, or at least be out tomorrow. But I guess we’ll see what the club does.

    Also, with Izturis on the 60-day DL, does that at all hinder with his eligibility to come back in mid-June?


    The 60-day move does not change Izturis’ status. He can still come back as scheduled. The 60 days begin when he was placed on the DL originally, which was at the start of the season.


    Finally got a copy of the media guide, could I send you some comments at the email address in the guide, just some things that I find useful could be added and some errors in the guide.


  15. Dodger

    Absolutely. Please do let us know any ideas you have for the guide, plus mistakes we made in the most recent version.


    How about publishing the media guide in PDF format too and putting in on the Dodgers web site as a free download?


    Kemp has ability no doubt, he just seems really raw. So far pulling off the ball, and shaky d is nothing special. 5 tool player that needs some seasoning, perhaps AAA will be his home this year. With all these prospects we have, a trade is imminent.

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