Scouting and the Draft

Staying with the scouting theme, starting Monday, scouting director Logan White and his staff will be at Dodger Stadium preparing for the June 6 First-Year Player Draft. During that time, Logan will go through the painstaking process of putting together “the board,” which is a preferential listing of all of the high school and college players that we would consider drafting.

In order to arrive at that list, Logan and his staff go over each player in detail with the area scout who originally filed a report, any cross checker who may have seen the player, look at any video of the player, review the player’s medical history and determine the player’s willingness to sign. In the end there will be about 600 names on the board. From those names, we will wind up drafting as many as 50 players, which is as many rounds as the draft goes now.

It is a very monotonous and tiring process and will take every bit of the eight days leading up to the draft. The way Logan has structured his staff, he has himself, special advisor Gib Bodet and Tim Hallgren who serve as national cross checkers, which means they see as many of the top players nationally as possible.

In addition we have three regional cross checkers — Tom Thomas in the West, Gary Nichols in the Midwest and John Barr in the East. All of these men will be with Logan the entire time here in LA. This is a particularly experienced group, as Hallgren, Nichols and Barr are former scouting directors.

Ned Colletti, Kim Ng, and myself also take part. In addition, farm director Terry Collins will arrive around draft day to lend support and also advise Logan on the farm system’s needs as we get down to the end of the draft. Often Logan will bring in some area scouts to take part in the process so that they can experience what the draft room is like.

I have taken part in many drafts both as an area scout and as an assistant GM, yet I am always impressed with the amount of information that a scouting director must process in order to conduct a draft. In Logan, we feel like we have one of the best.      



Today’s L.A. Times has an interesting article by Steve Henson about the Dodgers’ theories when it comes to the First-Year Player Draft.

And, for those who can’t wait until June 1 to see another game at Dodger Stadium or want to scout a high school game, you can come down tomorrow at 2:30, when the City Section Championship game will be played between Chatsworth and Kennedy. 

Chatsworth is currently ranked sixth in the nation by Baseball America and just happens to be my alma mater, where my old baseball coach Tom Meusborn, is still leading the nationally renowned program.




    This is off topic, but- is anything being done to speed up the concession lines? It has been a common complaint and is something that can and needs to be fixed. Sometimes it takes more than an inning just to get a hot dog and beer.


    that was a very informative blog. thank you. I also second xtraxisx coment about the lines at the stadium. I spent 3 innings in line the other day. That is not good. I wasted 1/3 of the game for food.


    Very interesting stuff. Does Mr. White make the final decisions on picks or does that go to the GM?

    What’s the lineup for today?


    interesting… very interesting. martin needed a day off but it is interesting that the first day he took off is the first dodgers loss in quite a while.



    I have posed this question on this blog before – others have as well; Especially after Plaschke’s article in the Times about it. They have yet to comment about it on the blog – which means the front office is ignoring it on purpose because they have no intention of fixing the problem. It *****… im just going to eat before the game…and probably drink before the game too. Although, it ***** not having that dodger dog and beer during the game….pretty soon the peanut guy is gonna have to stand in line.

    Anyways, point is…dont count on them doing anything about this…and dont count on them to talk about it on this blog either. They’re not going to criticize themselves (or admit anything).

    sorry if i rant on here Josh – but the concession lines are REALLY REALLY aggrevating me!


    Read the story about the Dodgers and Walter Reed during this Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps maybe you’re just lucky enough to actually walk to the concession stands.

  7. Dodger

    Please know that we are not at all ignoring the issue of long lines at the concession stands. Long before Plaschke wrote about it, we were trying to find ways to help shorten the lines, but there’s only so much we can do from our end, as the concessions aren’t directly handled by the Dodgers. I’ll see if I can get some sort of progress update for you before the next homestand and thanks for your patience. Rest assured, though, we have no problem criticizing ourselves or admitting when there’s something that needs fixing. We know we’re not perfect and our goal is to improve the Dodger Stadium experience in every imaginable way, including the concession stands.

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