Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Cruz, LF

Martin, C

Sele, P

The team has won a season-high six consecutive games, during which they’ve outscored their opponents, 48-11. They’ve won eight of their last nine and 14 of their last 17 games to raise their record to 26-20, the first time they have been six games over .500 since May 14, 2005 when they were 21-15.

Also, the team has not swept a six-game homestand since May 9-15, 1994 when it took three games from the Astros and Padres at Dodger Stadium. Last year, the Dodgers had a five-game homestand sweep over the Giants and Padres from April 12-17.

Equally as impressive is that the Dodgers have won their last six series dating back to May 5. This marks the first time they’ve won six straight series since June 29-July 20, 2004.



    good lineup but would rather have ethier over cruz but the rest is good. the only thing is it is time for Martin to have a day off. He has done great but he needs a day soon.


    I’d like to see Ethier in there too, but even he’s going to require a day off every now and then. We’ve got to keep the bench players sharp and this is a good way to do that. More importantly, with the extra day off tomorrow, why hasn’t Martin been given the day off today? I guess his age makes it an easier decision.


    Also… is Alomar Jr. hurt? If so, nobody’s saying anything about it. Could this be the reason Martin’s caught 16 of the 17 games he’s been with the big club?


    Grady is doing a great job mixing up the lineup. I agree with the others Ethier IS the everyday leftfielder the lineup is better with him in it. Great defense, but watch Cruz tonite, he will prove Grady to be a mastermind.


    Whoa… Frank McCourt has jus finished visiting with Vin Scully for an inning and a half! This is unprecedented. He’s proud of the way the organization is performing, and especially the mix of having the young players being taken under the wings of the veterans. Very cool indeed, but his main message was to thank the fans for the support they’ve given the club thus far. A real class act!!


    Hey folks, I mainly follow AL baseball, but purchased an account and have really been enjoying the Dogers games over this past stretch. It’s great to see Aaron Sele pitching this well! I recall his days with Boston and really liked his stuff. I know he had an off year with the Mariners last season, so I hope this trend continues for him (and you) this year. Cheers!


    WHAT A GAME !! WHAT A WIN STREAK !!! I agree Martin needs a rest, he’s running on pure adreiline and probably doesn’t know he needs rest. It’s a long season and we need this guy for the long run. Unless Sandy Alomar is hurt I would think Grady will rest Martin tomorrow.
    Go Dodgers !!!

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