Nothing like breaking a record

25 hits in a night. Hard to believe we haven’t done that in Los Angeles…ever.

What a night for Andre Ethier, who asked me before the game if he could get field passes for his four family members that were in town from Arizona. I can’t imagine a more proud moment than getting to watch your son, nephew, brother, etc. get five hits, a sacrifice fly, a home run and throw a runner out from the outfield. Andre told me after the game that he rembered a six-hit game in college and a 10-for-10 double header in junior college. Wow.

We got the lineup card from tonight’s game, plus the ball that went for the 25th hit and they’ll go in the Dodger archives, which will hopefully be displayed someday at Dodger Stadium.


I met Andre at the Eric Gagne Bowling Extravaganza. Very down to earth, genuinely cool young man. I remember wishing him well and said something like “go kick some butt”, lol. I like a guy who keeps his word 😉 Congrats on a great night, Andre!

Gary’s kids had a great night. Pretty exciting to get up this morning and read about the agme and the posts about it. Gave up collecting baseball cards when Piazza got traded and because of all the expensive marketing ploys by the card companies.Also hard to acquire in Nova Scotia, more hockey territory. Think I will have to start again and acquire collections of young Dodgers, starting with Russell Martin. Seems like Willie Aybar can just plain hit. Wish he had more power. Maybe that will come. Ethier was a nice acquistion for Bradley. Hoping relief pitching straightens out as the starters seem to be doing quite well and we can score some runs. Also hoping for another good one today.

Can we please have “GAME OVER” again? Mix THAT with the hitting this club is capable of, and the league will be in fear of the Dodgers!

25 hits?? Weaver looked pathetic. I thought maybe he might have turned it around last year, but obviously not. He’s one cat that seriously has a confidence issue… and I’m glad the Dodgers let him go.

I think if he would have stayed a Dodger he would not have the issues he has with the Halos.

I think it’s great that the “Ole Blue Wrecking Crew” is back in town!Go Blue!

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