Off-day coverage

It’s Friday, which means Eric Gagne should be starting his throwing program today less than three weeks since he underwent surgery to remove a nerve in his right elbow. Fortunately for Eric, he will be bowling left-handed in the annual Eric Gagne Dodgers Dream Foundation Bowling Extravaganza. There are still a few spots left, so if you’re interested in hitting the lanes with Eric, his teammates and a few Hollywood celebs, take a look at the link.

As promised, there were several good off-day features on the Dodgers today.

Tony Jackson of the Daily News wrote about Bill Mueller’s position in the lineup.

Steve Henson of the LA Times writes about Dioner Navarro’s battle to improve at the big league level.

Bill Plunkett of the OC Register covered J.D. Drew’s hot start.

Allison Otto of the Riverside Press Enterprise writes about Maury Wills’ tutelage of Jason Repko.

And Jesse Sanchez, who is covering for wrote about Ricky Ledee and Jose Cruz Jr. (Ken Gurnick didn’t make the trip to Houston, but I believe he’ll be covering again in San Diego).


  1. dave

    Not being much of a dodger fan, It’s always nice to read about the other side of baseball. Hey love the site, good insights.. Will Jeter be MVP??? Yes or No??? Come to the site and vote in the poll on the sidebar. Play a game or look at the photos..
    Join the Madness


    You know, this isn’t really related, but it is something that bothers me. Often the Dodgers announcers sound like they wish the game would just get over with, especially in spring training or during extra inning games, like Tuesday night’s game in Houston (with Steiner and Lyons). As a fan, I don’t commiserate with them. I enjoy every minute or I wouldn’t be watching. Simply put, I wish they wouldn’t bellyache about doing something that many of us would love to be doing. Act excited even if you’re not. I guess what sets Scully apart is that he truly does enjoy it and can find something interesting no matter what the situation.


    Fianlly! Somebody else realizes that Mueller is too low in the lineup. That is my main problem w/ Little. I have been preaching for weeks for Mueller to move up in the lineup. I was happy to see him in the 5th spot last game.

    When we have the whole team healthy, he looks ok in the 6th spot because he has Cruz or Repko following him. But otherwise, teams pitch around him to get to Navarro or whoever is there.


    Apparently with all the attention, Navarro was able to not only get on base in each plate appearance, but to bat in the run that gave Seo the win.

    Perhaps even more strangely, he stole a base. Don’t know if this says something about Piazza or if Navarro can plan on stealing back what is stolen from him this season, or if it just happened. Either way, I tip my hat to Navarro for a great game.


    How far down can Los Angeles Baseball go? Oh, I forgot. They are Dodgers Baseball??? What McCort/DePodesta did to “The Dodgers,” besides making them “Los Angeles Baseball” is an atrocity. True Dodger fans all over the US and the world were disgusted by 2004/2005. Now, after 50 years of being true
    Dodger blue, the “Los Angeles Baseball” crowd has succeeded in alienating me and probably hundreds of thousands true Dodger fans to the point that we will not watch the Dodgers.

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