Today's lineup

Repko, CF

Cruz, LF

Drew, RF

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Martinez, SS

Navarro, C

Robles, 2B

Perez, P



    Robles and Martinez? Looks like Grady had decided to lose another series, conceding defeat like last night when he took out Drew for Martinez and brought in Carter to pitch.


    Furcal and Kent both need a day off. Each one is mired in a slump and they’ve played a lot of innings… not to mention the errors Furcal has made thus far. What suprizes me is that Lofton is out of the lineup in place of Cruz. You’d think Grady would have put Repko in left, with Lofton in Center, batting one-two in the lineup. Oh well… so much for the lineup settling in. I hope Repko goes 5 for 5… then Grady might get the message he has an everyday ballplayer in this kid.


    I like the way Lofton has been finding ways to get on base and keep the defense off balance with the threat of a steal. Even though Kent is struggling, he has picked up a couple of RBIs in key situations with a fly ball sacrifice. Some of the younger players need to learn how to pick up a run when there is a man on 3rd and one or no one out.
    I hope Furcal is not hurting too much. I have a feeling he is not 100% yet and is pressing.

    I also hope that Alomar and the coaches are showing Navarro the replay of his passed ball and telling him to get his body in front of the ball, not just try to backhand it. That lapse of fundamentals might have cost us the game last night.


    Cruz, you will remember, hit best when he was in the #2 spot. And Grady knew he had some players that needed rest, especially after a 14-inning game.

    Not to mention, now, if need be, he has Kent, Furcal, and Lofton to pinch hit.


    do you think they might play repko more? how many times does he have to be the only dodger doing something to get regular playing time. the dodgers should start him every day and rotate drew, lofton, and cruz.


    That was a nice 2-run shot Repko had earlier. It’s also good to know the Dodgers can score in the 9th inning against the Astros. I understand him as the 4th outfielder, but think it might be a good idea to give Lofton a day off the day before JD Drew does, so he gets 2 games in a row in there. But he’s starting off great, with 3 HR, 11 RBI, a .333 BA, and 6 SB.

    Let’s see if the magic of rest will work for Furcal. And if you think he’s off to a bad start, look at former Dodger Adrian Beltre. He’s off to a .177 BA, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 4 SB start; the Mariners dropped him to 7th in the lineup.


    I see that “Mr. Hyde” (Odalis Perez) reared his ugly head again last night. Guess that 14 inning game Tuesday night really wore him out… oh… just kidding!

    But really… I’m astonished when this guy falls apart so easily after giving up only 7 hits over his last 14 innings before Tuesday’s game, and then goes out and gives up 11 hits in 4 innings! I mean, Odalis could be one of the greats if only he’d lay off that darn “Jekyll and Hyde” potion of his!

    Sorry… there’s a frustrated Dodger fan in the house!! lol…


    odalis perez has million dollar stuff and a fifty cent heart. he has shown that time and time again, esp in the playoffs in ’04 against the cardinals.

    plus i have never really forgiven him for his comments over the years about not getting run support, when repeatedly i have seen him fail to run to first and cover on throws

    from the first baseman.

    he would probably flourish in a small market place where there would be no pressure of winning or making the playoffs.


    LA TImes…. “Little said he talked to catcher Dioner Navarro about his failure to block a pitch by Penny with the bases loaded and two out in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s 14-inning loss.

    Navarro tried to backhand the ball, and it glanced off his mitt and rolled to the backstop, allowing a run to score. Little said it was “definitely a ball that needs to be blocked.”

    However, Navarro said that the pitch was a fastball that moved at the last instant, and that he could not have moved his body in front of it quickly enough.

    “There isn’t a catcher in baseball who can block a 94-mph fastball that’s out of the strike zone like that one,” he said.

    The play was ruled a wild pitch….”


    “There isn’t a catcher in baseball who can block a 94-mph fastball that’s out of the strike zone like that one,” he said.

    I have a feeling Grady Little could have found a way to throw his body in front of that ball.

    It is unbelievable that Navarro is blowing off his manager with comments like that and not taking responsibility. The passed ball the next day was even worse… a little leaguer could have caught it.

    If he has eye problems or some other issue that is preventing him from playing at 100% he should let the team know. If he is at 100% healthwise, he better find a way to play like a good defensive catcher in a hurry.


    if you threw navarro, jason phillips,
    david ross and alamor, jr. names into hat and picked one – could you really tell the difference?

    which is why the loss of loduca still haunts

    this team. he hustled, he hit, he got in

    players faces, hardly struck out and was the team captain for cryin out loud…

    miss you paulie – allot!


    Yes, but would you want this rotation without Brad Penny?

    The great Dodger teams have always depended on quality starting pitching: Podres, Koufax, Drysdale, Valenzuela, Hershiser. The closest the rotation got was in 2003, when Kevin Brown and Hideo Nomo were a solid 1-2 punch.

    In 2004, the Dodgers’ rotation started out as Weaver, Nomo, Lima, Ishii, and Perez, in no particular order. With Hideo Nomo’s collapse, the Dodgers had Wilson Alvarez, but the rotation was still weak, and Brad Penny had all the potential to be an ace.

    That’s not to say the Dodgers got the better end of the deal, losing Mota, Lo Duca and Encarnacion for Penny, Choi and Murphy, but it was good in the long term. It would have been great in the short term – and our whole perception would have changed – had Penny lasted more than 12 innings as a Dodger in 2004.

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