What a difference a win makes

It’s amazing how much one victory can change the way everyone thinks. Imagine, if we had lost last night’s game, we’re 6-9 and everyone is starting to think that we’re falling apart. Instead, we’re 7-8 with a great walk-off win and everyone’s feeling great. It’s strange how that works, but fortunately people who have watched baseball for years know how long the season is and that one win or loss in April doesn’t really make or break a season. Of course, we now have one more win we don’t "need" in September, but I’ve always found it interesting how much it changes people’s moods, thought processes and outlook.

On the injury front, Nomar is getting closer to making his Dodger debut, while Yhency Brazoban’s surgery went well yesterday. We’re all thinking of him and his recovery today, as it’s a long road back from Tommy John surgery, but everyone is hopeful he’ll be back and better than ever in about a year.

As for the offense, the Dodger hitters got together before yesterday’s game and while it didn’t create an offensive outburst, we doubled our hit production from the previous two nights and got a victory, which is what counts.

Finally, after Jason Repko chatted with fans yesterday, Dodger Vice Chairman and President Jamie McCourt will host a live chat tomorrow on USA Today.com.


Supposedly Dioner Navarro is here because of his defense and not his offense. However, his defense is Jason Phillips-esque and so far and his offense is a disaster. Is there any talk of bringing Russell Martin up and giving him a shot?

Yeah… that win sure made a HUGE difference!

I posted a long blog about my thoughts on the game if you want to read more about it, http://dodgerdaily.mlblogs.com

Keep up the good work here!

How is Brazoban’s injury in which he tore part of the bone off different from the standard Tommy John surgery in terms of rehabilitation?

Good post Josh…

As for Dodger Magazine… is there a way for out of towners like myself to buy copies of the magazine? If I remember correctly, the only thing that changed in the magazine each month was the visiting team rosters… or do they change the articles more often than once each month now? Anyway, I’d be interested in learning how to obtain some. Thanks.

Yea, I guess 1 win this early doesn’t make much of a difference. It seems like the wins and losses are magnified this early in the season, I don’t know why. Last year after the 12-2 start I was ready to buy World Series tickets! So I am just hopeful that this team is consistent and wins the division.

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