Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Cruz, LF

Mueller, 3B

Loney, 1B

Navarro, C

Perez, P

It’s getting closer to the projected lineup…just missing Nomar, now.


In the last game against the Pirates the lineup was explosive and Little chose to not use it again. Yesterday this lineup was pathetic and he chooses to use it again. I understand tendencies and righty vs. lefty all of that stuff, but it seems that he would go with the hot bats (Saenz, Ross, Alomar, Repko)?

I’m with you on this one dodger6384 Grady PLEASE USE TO HOT BATS!!! Ross is hot right now!!! use him!! please!!

ps he hasn’t played since that day!!!I DON’T GET IT!!!

Provided that Lofton’s legs are up to task, the top of the lineup is now quite fast.

Cruz said earlier he was really happy and comfortable batting in between Lofton and Drew. With Jeff Kent hitting his first homer last night and Bill Mueller having a teriffic start, one can’t help but get the feeling he’ll be effective tonight too.

Go Dodgers! Take some walks, and beat the Giants!

I like this lineup. Not everyone can play everyday. It’s that simple. Saenz is not an everyday player. His body won’t hold up to it. Even he knows this. Ross is still a kid and will do well when called upon. He’s the last outfielder on the depth chart. Alomar is the same as Saenz… he can’t play everyday. Navarro is #1 on the depth chart. Repko will get his playing time. Let’s see what Kenny Lofton can do. He’s got a very good stick, he can steal, and he can get on base for Kent. Repko and Ross will get their day. We all know about the dreaded injuries that can and do take place. Or perhaps a trade for pitching is in our future.

On a side note: Living in Boise, Idaho (a former LA native), I’m only able to watch these games by subscribing to MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV. Last nights’ game was broadcast from San Francisco. How absolutely unprofessional the announcers were. I cannot remember a time when Vin Scully ever talked badly about a city or its fans. Scully would never allow himself to lose his objectivity… which is the one thing that truly makes him special. He’s not a homer like most announcers are becoming. He tells the story exactly the way it is. We are truly blessed to have such an iconic announcer in Vinny. He will be sorely missed when he does eventually retire.

I also live in Boise, ID and
I also was annoyed with the giants announcers. Especially when they kept scratching out Tommy Lasorda’s face and bragging about how many ex-giants were now Dodgers.


What’s the official pronunciation of Danys Baez name? I’ve heard it pronounced a few different ways. It is pronounced like “bays” or “bi-ez”? Just wanting some continuity with that… Thanks!

If I read the Gameday correctly, Kent and Cruz executed a double steal, with Kent taking third! I didn’t know Jeff had it in him!

I think I can answer that question for you kssparkuhl because that’s My last name as well. Its “Bah-ez” you know that little thing Gagne has on top of his last name? what do you call it in english? in spanish it’s called an ASENTO. You put the ASENTO ON TOP OF THE E.

Great to see the Dodgers get a win against the Giants. I am still very concerned about this lineup. Only 3 runs on 5 hits and 18 runners left on base. I don’t think we can expect this kind of pitching everynight.

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