The Rat Pack is Back – Josh Rawitch

How about those undefeated Las Vegas 51s?  The “Jacksonville Five,” a group of prospects that helped the Double-A Suns to the Southern League championship last year, are mostly now in Las Vegas and are wowing the crowds in their first stint at Triple-A.

Even though James Loney is in the Majors and Andy LaRoche is in Double-A, Chad Billingsley (1-0), Jonathan Broxton (1-0), Joel Guzman (.440, HR, 7 RBI), Russell Martin (.333), Andre Ethier (.389) and Willy Aybar (.333, 2 HR, 12 RBI) are among the Dodger prospects that have helped Las Vegas win their first six games of the 2006 season.

Wilson Valdez, who was recently acquired in a minor league trade, has been playing shortstop for the Dodgers in Vegas and has had a great start, too.

We are all hoping it won’t be long before these guys will be in Los Angeles with us. Well, we won’t be in Los Angeles for another couple of days, but we’ll hopefully head back from Pittsburgh with two more wins than we’ve got right now.


It seems showing footage of the starting pitcher has been really effective for the Dodgers, as they have gotten off to quick starts each game, but it doesn’t hold up in the late innings. Should they make the in-flight movie while traveling the opposing bullpen?

great news Josh.

Why did the Dodgers send Andy LaRoche back to Double-A? Did he have a bad spring or has his star begun to fade?

I agree the DODGERS have started almost every game very well but fail to do damage against sub- par relievers such as solomon torres, roberto hernandez and gonzalez. coming into the game those guys had given up some hits but the DODGER hitterS made them look like all- stars.-Go DODGERS-.

I think that LaRoche went to AA because he only had less than half a season at that level. Plus they have Aybar at AAA. Where is Kemp playing?

Hey Josh,

Really enjoy your daily comments. As a Dodger fan for over 50 years it gives me a sense of what it must be like to travel with the team.

Some guys have all the luck!

If Valdez is playing short for the 51’s, does that mean Robles isn’t starting, or do they have him playing 2nd?

kemp is in AA Jacksonville

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