A Pittsburgh staple – Josh Rawitch

We’re at the ballpark early today and it’s safe to say that of all the new ballparks around the league, PNC is probably the best, if not second-best in my opinion. The view from the press box and stands is unreal, with the Allegheny River right behind the outfield and all of the city’s skyline just beyond the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

A few of us took a side trip to West Virginia last night to a horse racing track where one of Rich Donnelly’s sons works. It was an interesting road trip to the middle of nowhere, but with a night game following a day game, we had some time to kill.

Today, we went to Primanti Brothers for lunch, which is the Pittsburgh staple I referred to in the headline. Angelenos probably wouldn’t go for a sandwich that has eggs, cole slaw, french fries, turkey and all sorts of other random things thrown between two slices of bread, but the people here love this stuff.

Otherwise, it’s just another day at the yard. Will post the lineup shortly.


Hey Josh, have been to PNC and it is truly a site to behold, esp like the Roberto Clemente pedestrian bridge to the ballpark! Quick question on Hong-Chih Kuo wearing #56. Wasn’t that in fact Don Drysdale’s number and if so, I thought they would have retired it?

Also, do you think Kent is still bothered by the hit on his arm. He jus doens’t seem like he is making good consistent contact.

Drysdale actually wore 53 and it is now retired. As for Kent, we’ve got no reason to believe anything is wrong with him…in fact, he nearly homered in his first at-bat tonight.

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