The waiting is over – Josh Rawitch

It’s the night before Opening Day and just like every Dodger fan, I can’t wait for the morning. Of course, my morning will probably start a little earlier than most Dodger fans, as our office will be arriving at Dodger Stadium at 7 a.m. for the last minute preparations.

Grady Little put it best today – that everyone from the groundskeepers to the broadcasters to the players, coaches, managers and front office will have some butterflies at first pitch tomorrow.

We’re continuing to think positive about any possible rain. At this point, it is our intention to get tomorrow’s game in regardless of the weather. The good thing about a day game is that it allows for rain delays and we still have the ability to play a full nine innings.

There are all sorts of exciting things going on tomorrow, including players greeting fans at the turnstiles from 12:00-12:10 and Hootie and the Blowfish playing a concert from 12:00-12:30. Tommy Lasorda will throw out the ceremonial first pitch and the usual pomp and circumstance that accompanies Opening Day will be in full effect.

If you can’t make it to the stadium, be sure to check out FSN Prime Ticket as they switch over to their "new" station (same station, new name).

By all accounts, it was a very successful spring. Very few injuries (Kenny Lofton should be ready to go by the time we come back from the first road trip) and the vibe in the clubhouse is as positive as I can remember in all my time with the Dodgers. Now, it’s time to get some sleep.


The color for 2006 is DODGER BLUE!!!

Just saw on ESPN that Nomar will not be in the starting line-up due to a strained rib muscle. Let’s hope it is not a prolonged injury.

Ouch! 8 to 1 in the 5th??? What gives with our ACE??? Lowe was a 15 game loser last year and doesn’t appear to have learned anything this spring. Yeah, I know it’s early… I know the error led to runs in the first… but come on! He’s still got to make the pitches! A sinker-baller isn’t supposed to be putting the ball so far up in the strike-zone. Get your act together Derek Lowe! Where’s your control? Where’s your consistency in location? Please do your best to keep the Dodgers within reach in games that you pitch. We desperately need your arm this year.

He had the flue bro! He’ll pitch better once he’s at FULL STREAGH (sp?)

He had the flue bro! He’ll pitch better once he’s at FULL STREAGH (sp?)


“” I wish I could use that as an excuse, but I can’t,” said Lowe, whose inconsistency last year coincided with the Dodgers’ midseason collapse. ”

Enough said…

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