Kent extension – Josh Rawitch

Jeff_kent_win_clinic_1Just wanted to pass along the great news that Jeff Kent has signed a one-year extension with an option for 2008. This is a great way to finish out our time in Vero Beach and hopefully get us going on the right foot as we head west.

I personally think this deal says a lot about the direction of the team and we’re all extremely optimistic about the season, with Opening Day just five days away.


  1. Ever

    That’s great news…Kent was one of the few success stories for the Dodgers last year. Looking forward to having him a little while longer.


    There has been a lot of talk about losing Jeff Weaver. I agree that was unfortunate but also understand how it happened. For me the most difficult part to spring training is the difficulty some players find themselves in. Players like Cody Ross, Oscar Robles and Cesar Izturis. They all give everything they have but still are on the fringe. I hope Ross gets traded to a team where there is a spot for him as well as Robles. In fact, especially Robles, since his was one of those feel good stories last year. I expect Izturis, due to no fault of his own, is also out on a limb with Kent signed for two years and Furcal for three years. He is just coming into his prime but there seems to be no place for him. I also hope he gets traded to a team that is in need of an excellent shortstop. Must be a very difficult job evaluating personnel and putting the pieces together. I am really looking forward to the season as I think many good moves have been made. I do hope the quality players who are in excess on the team can be placed elsewhere at the major league level and bring something good in return.
    Harold Uhlman – Lunenburg, NS, Canada


    Bravo for Jeff Kent! He’s a true professional and a gamer in the clubhouse. Just the type of person the team needs. Too bad Milton Bradley didn’t work out for the team. I was so sad to see him blow up the way he did… such talent there… and it could have been great here for him. I hope he does well with his new team and puts the past behind him once and for all.

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