Today's lineup – Josh Rawitch

For today’s game at Jupiter, here’s what we’ve got: Oscar Robles, 2B; Ramon Martinez, SS; Joel Guzman, LF; Olmedo Saenz, 1B; Ricky Ledee, RF; Willy Aybar, 3B; Jason Repko, CF; Russell Martin, C; Brad Penny, P.

With the World Baseball Classic fresh in the minds of baseball fans, it’s interesting that today’s starting lineup features players from five different countries and Puerto Rico. Oscar Robles (Mexico), Ricky Ledee (Puerto Rico), Joel Guzman and Willy Aybar (Dominican Republic), Olmedo Saenz (Panama), Russell Martin (Canada) and Jason Repko and Brad Penny (United States) will all start today’s game. Starting shortstop Ramon Martinez was born in Philadelphia but resides in Puerto Rico, while the first six batters in the lineup are all native Spanish-speakers. Martin is fluent in French and English, having grown up in Montreal, Quebec.

Also, in response to one fan’s question about whether or not Nomar’s been getting enough reps at first, it’s safe to say he’s had plenty.  He’s played 75 innings over there, more than any other Dodger this spring. That’s actually more than any other player at any position (Joel Guzman, who’s also learning a new position, is second with 73 innings in left field). Let’s hope that it translates to success during the year.

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