Cody Ross

Cody Ross was hit on the left wrist during last night’s game against the Mets at Port St. Lucie. He left the game after the first inning and returned to Vero Beach. X-rays were negative and Ross said this morning he should be OK. Ross is out of minor league options, so the Dodgers must decide his status this week. In 17 games this spring, Ross is batting .360 with four home runs and eight RBI.



    Cody Ross is having a very nice spring and i hope he makes the club however it seems he may not due to the logjam out there. Atleast he’s doing well and auditioning for other clubs. He should be able to find work throwing left and batting right with some pop though…


    It is a shame that the Dodgers are not giving Ross a legitimate shot at making the team. There are many good outfielders on the roster, but Ross has had by far the best spring of any. Lofton is far past his prime and Cruz has been inconsistent his entire career. Ross has so much potential and it looks like the Dodgers are going to let that potential be put to use on another team.

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