Quiet Day in Vero – Mark Langill

The Dodgers have the day off today, except for right-hander Derek Lowe, who will pitch a minor league at Dodgertown this morning. Los Angeles travels to Orlando tomorrow to face the Atlanta Braves.

NOTES: The players and coaches from the 2005 Jacksonville Suns will receive their championship rings from Jacksonville team president Peter Bragan on Friday. They will also be honored at Dodgertown during the Western-theme dinner on Thursday night. … Television producer Rob Menschel is spending the day with Dodger minor league infielder Jamie Hoffman as part of his "Day in the Life of Vero Beach" one-hour special, which will air later this month on Fox. Menschel already has filmed several locations in town, along with other behind-the-scenes baseball footage …

JobeCongratulations to team physician Dr. Frank Jobe for being included in The Sporting News’ list of "the 120 most coolest numbers in sports history" to commemorate the publication’s 120th anniversary. The magazine lists "288 – Career victories by Tommy John; 164 – Victories by Tommy John after ulnar collateral ligament transplant surgery by Dr. Frank Jobe; 1,128 – Tommy John surgeries Dr. James Andrews performed from 1988 to October 2005."

… Jobe’s revolutionary surgerical procedure, an experiment when first attempted on the Dodger left-hander during the 1974 season, should one day earn Jobe induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame for his medical contributions to the sport.


After watching more than a few “preseason” games by many Grapefruit League teams on my directv feed, I’m more than slightly disappointed by the lack of Dodger TV games on Fox West 2. Ah well, maybe next year.

Even more disheartening is the lack of radio during spring training. KFWB only wants to air night time broadcasts in hopes that we will leave our radios tuned to their station for morning drive time. I miss the days of KABC and Dodger Talk and all of the radio time for the Dodgers. The big corporations giveth and taketh away….even after FOX!!!!

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