The Rumor Mill – Josh Rawitch

The message boards were chatting today about the new Dodger helmets and speculation that we’re changing uniforms, so I figured I’d clear that up a little bit for everyone.

The new helmets this year were a change made unilaterally by Major League Baseball this year, not the Dodgers, and to make sure everyone knows – we’re not changing the uniforms next year. The only difference will be what we’ve already announced: That we’ll be putting the names back on the backs of the jerseys in 2007. But, rest assured, the Dodger uniform isn’t going anywhere. No new color schemes or anything like that.

Now, it’s off to listen to Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss. I’m curious to hear how the former teammates sound together on the air…yesterday I thought Reuss and Russ Langer did a nice job. Hopefully Dodger fans are enjoying a little twist to the spring broadcasts.


I enjoyed listening to Russ Langer. I had never heard him before.

Hey Josh,

My name is Steve Gonzalez and I love your work. I was just wondering if you are at all hiring in the public relations departement. I am a huge dodgers fan. I know I can do a wonderful job in the department. Working for the Dodgers organization is my ultimate goal in life. I know if I made it in the organization I would be set for life. I would love going to work and I would finally live my dream. I am a 2004 graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I was also the Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Loyolan,which is the school newspaper. All I’m asking for is a shot. I know I can be great for the organization, and you would be able to see the passion I have for the Dodgers and how professional I am. Thanks again for your time and consideration it means a lot to me.


Steve Gonzalez

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