Radio Broadcasts – Josh Rawitch

In response to the comment about our Spring Training broadcasts, I wanted to make sure you all know how important it is to us that our fans get a chance to listen whenever possible.

As you probably know, we were airing our games on tape delay on KFWB for the last couple years and that did not go over very well with our fans. This year, we knew that airing the games live on the radio still was not a possibility, given the format of the station, so making them available on was our next-best option. Of course, we do realize that to access those games, you must buy a subscription to the Gameday Audio. But, I do honestly believe that $14.95 is very reasonable, considering that you get access to more than 2,400 games, including the entire regular season.

In doing a little research, I’ve found that very few teams around baseball broadcast all of their spring games and some only do a handful. While that’s not a reason for us to change what we do, we also have to understand the needs and interests of our radio partner.

However, you should all know that we put quite a bit of thought into maximizing the amount of games that could be heard from Florida this spring and that we take your comments seriously when it comes to matters like this.


Sorry to complain, but I have xm radio and your games were supposed to be on it this spring. May be not. I sure hope their own xm radio in april. Thank You

Thanks for your explanation. Unfortunately, I was still unable to access yesterday’s game even though I bought the $14.95 package. It seems as if only certain games are available. Also, I am usually on the road so I can’t listen from my laptop. I’m just too diehard I suppose. Isn’t there a way to have spring games broadcast on another station? Thanks again, I am bursting at the seams for the season to start! MW


Thanks for the explanation and thought process. As a Dodgers fan in New York, I find the small fee to have live video and audio of the Dodgers throughout Spring Training and the regular season as well worth the cost. Keep up the good work.


I understand the explanation but I really think Mr. McCourt has to look at the relationship the Dodgers have with an all-news station. The Dodgers are a first class internationally recognized organization that should have better coverage that it has now.

The Dodgers radio coverage has suffered ever since they stopped broadcasting on KFI 640. Without a 50,000 watt station with a non-directional antenna, listeners in the outlying areas like Ventura county have a hard time bringing in the broadcast clearly. Putting the game on the Internet will not help those of us who like to have listen in our cars or with a portable radio outdoors.
I enjoy the pre and post game talk shows which are not available on all Dodger affiliated stations like KVEN in Ventura.

I don’t remember the Dodgers being on KFI Luke, but I do remember them being on KABC 790. That always seemed the best, with a pre and post game. And all the spring training games…

The content on KABC was great. Jeff Witcher and Al Downing did outstanding jobs in the pre and post game shows. The only problem was that KABC had a 5000 watt antenna and was hard to pick up in Camarillo. It was frustrating to listen to the game on the local KVEN which came in clear, then have to switch over to KABC to hear the post game show. Unless I was in my car, I could not pick up the signal clearly.
KFWB is somewhere in the middle between KFI and KABC in it’s ability to be heard at my location.

While I appreciate KFWB’s on-going efforts to be the Dodger Station, there are a few points I believe you are overlooking. Most importantly, the Dodgers are in a knock-down-drag-out fight for the hearts of Los Angelenos, and EVERY SINGLE ANGEL SPRING TRAINING GAME IS BROADCAST LIVE ON ESPM. EVERY ONE. Beyond that ESPN is a sports station. The constant bump of Angel commentary is evident because all they talk about is sports. It’s nice that KFWB makes room for us, but they are a NEWS STATION not a SPORTS station. And that makes the Dodgers second rate in the broadcast race in Los Angeles. SECOND. That’s pretty bad considering the fact that we always say there is only one baseball team in LA. Oh, but not on sports radio.

On a personal note, I should add that I can’t listen to Gameday Audio because my work computer doesn’t have a sound card. My boss would be glad to let me listen on the radio — in fact I do listen to EVERY ANGEL GAME even though I am a Dodger fan. But I can’t tap into Gameday Audio.

The bottom line is if the Dodgers intend to be the first and foremost LA team, they need to get the first and foremost edge in sports themed programming. That would not be a news station. That would be a sports station, where the hum of sports goes on all day, not just when the break away for it……

I’m glad to see that some others here have articulated even better the point that I was trying to make, particularly goodgnuz. It is hard to see the Dodgers play second fiddle to LA of LA. I know that Mr. Rawitch mentioned that many teams don’t broadcast their spring games. Since when do we copy other teams? LA has always been an organization of trendsetters and has done what is best for the fans, or so I thought. I also agree that it would definitely be in the Dodgers best interest to be on an all sports station like that other “LA” team.

I just wanted to ask about radio this year in Las Vegas. We have had problems with the station here not carrying all the games. What about this year?

Today’s game (Wednes, March 8) was also not available on the site, although the link on the Dodger page advertised that one could “Listen Live”.

One question: How much longer does the contract with KFWB run?
Signing up with a station that is so weak that it barely reaches destinations 60 miles away from Dodger Stadum was a major blunder. Score it E-M, as in error management! Even the Ventura station that carries fades beyond 15 miles! Bottom line, there’s a lot of static that your fans have to deal with.

Obviously, you need to do a better job negociating the next radio deal. Here’s a couple of hints (requirements): 1) A strong signal that covers all of Southern California. 2) Broadcast every game live – even spring games. 3) Find a position for Ross Porter. It was a disgrace how he was treated after all of his years of loyalty.

I agree with Mr. McCourt, when he says that his is less an owner and more of a caretaker of this storied franchise. I like the moves that he has made in the past year. I would just like to be able to listen to LA’s TEAM everywhere I travel in Southern California.


I wish to add my displeasure with the poor reception from KFWB. Can they increase the strength of the signal ? Can the Dodgers find a better partner in Ventura County with a stronger signal ? KFI and KABC were better.

Is the KFWB situation related to the absence of Dodgers spring training broadcasts from XM?

I’m late to the party here, but there are signal issues as well between the L.A./SFV areas up to the Antelope Valley. Depending on the time of day/evening/night, KFWB fades out and if you’re not far enough North towards the Antelope Valley, you cannot yet tune in the local affiliate, hence, the absence of broadcast. KFWB does not do the Dodgers proud, nor provide a service to the listeners.

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