Tough loss but a good day

A walk-off three-run shot is never a good way to end the day, but today was still a very productive day for the Dodgers. The team rapped out 17 hits (three each from Jason Repko and Ramon Martinez, who both added two RBI), but in the end the Braves came out on top. Still, there were plenty of bright spots.

It’s always a good thing when your starting pitcher has to go back to the bullpen after he comes out of the game so that he can finish getting his work in. Brett Tomko pitched two perfect innings and made only 16 pitches, so he retreated down the left field line to finish up his workout during the game. Takashi Saito also threw two perfect innings in his first appearances outside of a game in Japan.

J.D. Drew was back in action for the first time since early July and went 1-for-1 with a walk and told reporters after the game he felt pretty good about how things went. Grady Little said he was most impressed with the swings of James Loney today, who had two hits and made two hard outs in addition to drawing a walk.

Laroche_brothersBut anyone watching the ESPN telecast probably will remember one moment from the game today that won’t show up in a box score. After getting a hit in the fifth inning, Dodger prospect Andy LaRoche was standing at first base with his brother, Adam, of the Braves (pictured). Now that’s got to be a cool feeling. ESPN had Adam miked up, so they caught a fun exchange between the siblings on the basepaths.

Grady told reporters after the game that Joel Guzman will serve as the designated hitter for tomorrow’s game against the Orioles and that he thinks we’ll see Jeff Kent fill that role sometime in the next week. He said that Jeff will DH before he gets in the field for a game.

Finally, if you’re a die-hard fan (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are), don’t forget that tomorrow is the first day of individual ticket sales. Ron Cey will be out at Dodger Stadium and there’s plenty of fun in store for those who show up on site.


I think us Die-Hard fans have this website as our homepage. Too bad about today’s loss, I went to lunch and came back to find out we gave up our lead. It’s good to know that our spring training invites are able to put up numbers and hits though. Imagine what our set roster will be able to do this season. As for ticket sales, I already have my ticket plan bought.

Bleed Blue for Life

Martinez and Robles both looked good today. Is the job Robles’ to lose, or is it going to be given to whoever has the best spring?

It was awesome to see our vaunted prospects in action, most of whom I’ve only heard described up until now. Not to mention J.D. at the plate.

I like Ethier’s approach at the plate and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as the opening day left fielder. I don’t think that Guzman is anywhere near ready, offensively or defensively.

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