Leading off…Josh Rawitch

The games are here. The waiting is over. Crack open the grapefruit or use whatever weak catch phrase you want to say that the spring season is underway.

We’re going to do our best to post the lineup as soon as we have it on this blog for those of you who like to get a jump on the day’s events. For today’s spring opener, we’ve got:

Lofton, CF…Aybar, 2B…Garciaparra, 1B…Ledee, RF…Cruz, LF…Mueller, 3B…Navarro, C…Robles, SS…Penny, P

The Braves’ main guys here will be Andruw Jones and Jeff Francouer.

GolfKenny Lofton will lead off today and in the photo, he’s the one putting (though I’m guessing you could figure that out on your own). Yesterday we took Kenny, Eric Gagne, Brett Tomko and Derek Lowe over to The Club at Pointe West to tape the Big Break All-Star Challenge for the Golf Channel. I can’t tell you who won the event – you’ll have to watch and find out – but I can say that it was an awesome day out on the links. It should air sometime around midseason, but check the Golf Channel’s website for details.

It’s a busy day here, getting everything ready for the first game, so forgive the short post. But, thanks to your feedback, we’ll go back to putting the name of the person posting in the headline rather than try and color code it. While it will be myself, Roy Smith or Mark Langill most of the time, we’re certainly planning on having guest posters as it makes sense. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts and keep them coming.


  1. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    Thanks to you guys for the updates. Tremendously exciting to receive from snow bound Nova Scotia now. Really enjoy the personal perspectivees. Visited Dodgertown in 1985. Thrill of a lifetime. As a Canadian I am naturally very interested in Eric Gagne and Russell Martin. Hope they become battery mates. Was also very touched by Eric Langill’s story. Really refreshing in the days of free agency and money.I think he will one day make a wonderful coach, if given an opportunity, as a prime prerequisite of coaching must be love of game. Do the Dodgers keep their eyes open for prospective coaches who may not achieve success at the Major League level? Might be another Tommy Lasorda if he is happy to just put on the jersey.

    Harold Uhlman Lunenburg, N.S. Canada

  2. amat87@yahoo.com

    Well, it’s a half hour to the first pitch, and Dodgers.com, in a front and center story, says the game is available on MLB.TV. Problem is, it’s not on the MLB.TV schedule for broadcast. Which is it?

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