Prospect Watch – Roy Smith

In response to your requests for updates on our prospects, Chad Billingsley, along with Greg Miller probably have as good stuff as anyone in the organization. The most important thing for Miller is to stay healthy and get a full season in.

Billingsley is coming off a very good year in Double-A and we anticipate him starting the season in Triple-A. We will let his performance dictate when he is ready for the Major Leagues. He will get some innings in Spring Training so our new staff can get a feel for him and he can get his feet wet. It is possible that we could see Chad in LA very early, but we will allow him to go at his own pace and try to make sure that he is ready when he is called up.

As for Yhency Brazoban, who you also asked about: He will pitch the 7th and 8th innings along with Danys Baez. Who pitches first and how often will be up to Grady. However it pans out, we feel very good about our ability to hold leads late in games with those two and Eric Gagne.         


It is well-known that Las Vegas is an extreme hitter’s park. This has two negative effects: (a) it can damage a pitcher’s confidence when his ERA balloons to a very high number, and (b) it can make you overconfident about your hitters. See the effects of Colorado’s ballpark in the major leagues.

Do the Dodgers worry about the unsuitability of their AAA park with regard to developing prospects? Have they considered moving their AAA affiliate to a place where their pitchers and hitters can be more fairly evaluated?

the dodgers have a few players who appear to be straddling AA & AAA right now. does the organization has firm answers on where the following players will begin the year?:





I am intrigued by the numbers that Justin Ruggiano has put up so far. Can you tell me more about him and why he isn’t talked about more as a legitimate prospect?

Loney had poor AA numbers in ’04 and a .280+ average there in ’05. Therefore, I why doesn’t L.A. convert a much better hitter like Ruggiano or Kemp into a first baseman — inasmuch as that position should provide as much offense as possible.

<——– My dog plays dead, just like the team!!!

Thanks, Enchanted. All my dogs do that too 😉

3 for 19 wRISP……PATHETIC!!!!

Sorry for stealing your term, Jhall. But, tragically pathetic is what we are right now.

How is it we have so many guys thrown out at home on infield grounders? Who keeps telling these guys to go? Isn’t first and third or second and third better than first and second? Is it me?

It’s not just you! I think everybody, including the coaches, are brain dead!

The curse of risp live on.

How is it this thread is for prospect Roy Smith, yet he’s not mentioned anythwhere except the headline? Obviously he never amounted to anything. I do have to congratulate gtcprplus on his exceedingly accurate assessment of Loney some 6 years ago.

Roy Smith was the writer of the article, not the prospect

Shocking. We didn’t scored that inning.
Why do we have to endure Blake and Gywnn et al. rather than at least having someone to root for in the kids? I know what these turds can do – NOTHING. Why not let the kids have a shot and get their feet wet while there’s no pressure of playing for anything?

New term for our team: consistantly horrible.

Great play by Kersh!

So far, the only bright spot of the day.

Ain’t it the truth?!

Unless Matty hits one out, we are doomed!

Yep….we are doomed!

It’s not likely that Matt will be hitting one out if he continues to not hit the ball.

LOL…sad but true!

Another homeruns for Sands.

But we have Gwynn, Oeltjen and Thames – who could want for more?

( ( 🙂 ) )

How many pitches per AB does Uribe see? I’m thinking 2 point something.

I don’t think he “sees” any 😉

I love how we get that deep flyball but to bad Loney didn’t do that in the 4th.

The team is not hitting in rhythm. They get hits when there’s nobody on base; they get fly balls when they’re not needed.

It really sucks!

I love the slugfest game in Houston.

Damn Uribe you could’ve got him.

Urgh damn it Uribe.

There goes the ballgame!

Well, there’s the ballgame.

I have to admit though, we have made a nice move on San Diego during this homestand.

Yep! The downward spiral towards the cellar. . .

Poop flys all day long!

Last year’s team stunk. This year’s team is absolutely putrid. Rancid would be an improvement.

At least last year team hit better with risp and the bases loaded.

That run should not had score. If only Kershaw did that inhis last AB’s.

Payback from yesterday game thanks Wells.

If not for Kersh, we wouldn’t have scored. He’s put his heart into his pitching, and I’m glad it’s a new game.

Signs of life?

Maybe . . . . . but then again, maybe not.

Doubtful. Probably just an involuntary muscle twitch. This team hasn’t had a pulse for a long time.

I hope Kersh isn’t gassed after first to home!

Dang not what I wanted.

Crap! What the hell are you guys thinking?!

Dang you had to make that Loney catch.

Whew – got out of that handily.

Dodgers tip-toed through the 8th…..Vinny 😉

And, now trying to avoid the 9th inning blues.

Maybe Ned should’ve signed Downs over the crap Guerrier but that another left handed would’ve been bad.

The trouble is shad, EVERYTHING Ned touches turns to crap. I’ve no doubt if Ned signed Pujols or Fielder, they too would turn into crap.

I don’t think Ned could mess that one up with Fielders and Pujols if they were sign.

Come on Kershaw one more out.

Oh fuck.

Wells was 0/3 with 3 k’s


Look at the bright side – at least Kersh gets credit for a complete game.
How’s that for putting lipstick on a pig?

Or, the BP would have given up more than one run!

You ain’t got enough lipstick for Uribe, Navarro, Blake, and Loney. If you can’t get runners in from 3rd with less than 2 outs, it will come back and bite you.

Time to send in Gordon and as I type this here he is.

lol at those sunglass on the base path. That seem very weird to see.

Why couldn’t Gordon steal 3rd?

43,104 paid attendance.

Thanks Trumom!!

Still breathing. . .

Holy crap that was a horrible call.

He was out. We caught another break.

Damn. There goes Kersh’s CG.

I don’t believe it…we won a game!

A gift from Wells and the umpire. But, Kersh did pitch a damn nice game. I’ll take it..

I remember when the Giants was giving us gift early.

Crap. And we could’ve caught SD today too.

Glad Kersh got the win. He deserved it!

Wow!! Glad Kersh got the win!!!

lol Kershaw stole that wins. I need that for my fantasy league but I wish I was in a CG league.

Kersh deserved that; he’s been screwed so many times by our inept offense.
I find it ironic that I can count at least three games that Tony Gwynn has won for us, even though he’s not good. Two of the games were when he dive-caught balls in the ninth inning to preserve those wins, and then today’s walkoff.
Other than that, I was kind of looking forward to at least spending some time in last place in the division, but then, the season isn’t over yet.

Not as much as Kuroda has.

Something isn’t right here? Why are the Mariners/Marlins at 10:10 EDT on a Sunday?

lol no wonder espn is screw up the Mariners are the hometeam but still a game at 7:10 PDT

Greetings from the Twins Ctiy!
We arrived early Sunday. Hated to miss Kerhsaw’s game but was thrilled that Kershaw won! We gave our tickets to good friends at the stadium.

Good Morning. So, McCrook is at it again. Filing the Dodgers for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Will this allow the jerk too keep the team? Or, is it too little, too late?

We can only hope and pray that this is too late.

The weekend culminated an all-around bad two weeks at Dodger Stadium.

Frank McCourt’s contract with Fox TV was rejected, which was probably his last lifeline for saving his ownership of the team. It’s reportedly doubtful he will make the payroll on June 30, and commissioner Bud Selig is expected to pay the bills, seize the team, and order him to sell.

Attendance was awful again—even against the Angels. Previously, there was only one time, since the start of interleague play in 1997, that a “Freeway Series” game at Dodger Stadium failed to generate at least 50,000 fans.

This weekend, the attendance was announced at 43,460 on Friday, 41,108 on Saturday and 43,104 on Sunday. The key word is announced. Lots of sold tickets, which are what’s counted, went unused. By most estimates, the count of those actually watching the game was 15 percent to 25 percent below the announced total.

I wonder who updated the Dodgers team reporting page on yahoo?

C Dioner Navarro picked off two runners and threw out two runners trying to steal in Friday’s loss to the Angels. According to Elias, the last catcher with two or more pickoffs and caught stealings in a game was Ron Hassey on June 8, 1986 against the Orioles. Navarro has four pickoffs this year. He’s thrown out 6-of-14 would-be base base stealers for the season.

By The Numbers: 9.38—Strikeouts per nine innings for LHP Clayton Kershaw through 100 games started in the majors. That ranks eighth best in baseball history. The best is Randy Johnson’s 10.61 and ninth is the 9.28 by Sandy Koufax. Kershaw struck out 11 in nine innings Sunday, giving him a majors-leading 129 in 116 2/3 innings this year.

Frank McCourt just go away you bastard……this guy just don’t get it

Interestingly in his bankruptcy filing, Frank listed 13 creditors he owes more than $1 million to, all players:
(Nice to know we’re still paying Kaz Ishii and Marquis Grissom!!)
HOWEVER, how is it the guy’s $500+ million in debt and these are the 13 creditors he lists? Me thinks Frank doesn’t want anyone to know just who he owes the REALLY big money to.

I think this may be the last straw for Dodger fans. Facebook folks as well as us, here on ITD have had it with this piece of shit owner. I think, now, more than ever, the stadium will be bare to the bone until he is out of our lives for good.

A typical quote from my facebook friends: Hey McCourt, thanks for being the biggest a-hole ever. Sell your effin homes….Dodger fans hate your stupid ass!

I love your new gravatar, TruMom!

No way really Ishii and Grissom.

For sure Enchanted

This has to be the end….What a mess….Damn you McCourt

Does this mean that Manny will get paid pennies on the dollar, and later rather than sooner?

Thanks, Frank. Because of you, I have an upset stomach even before our game begins.

How come Blake isn’t on that list or maybe it different for him?

Jamie McCourt’s attorney calls bankruptcy filing ‘bad for everyone who cares about the Dodgers’

Wow RIP Sen. Robert Byrd (92th years old and still held that post fot 51 years.)

Ah, spite. It’s almost as sweet as revenge.

Lineup for Bankrupt Dodgers
Gwynn lf
Blake 3b
Ethier dh
Kemp cf
Loney 1b
Uribe 2b
Oeltjen rf
Ellis c
Gordon ss
Billingsley SP

Thanks for the lineup, STT.

Espn and yahoo should updated there box score for that.

OK, time to kick this up a notch. I CALL FOR THE PLAYERS TO QUIT.
Oh wait, they already have.

Hey boss, even I’m disgusted with you now. Will I still get paid? Where’s the new bankruptcy thread?

I can’t wait for the Bankruptcy judge to start cutting the fat. That has to include Charlie Steiner.

Can we trade Guerrier back to the Twins?

Wonder if the Boys will be wearing a #11 patch (for Chapter 11) on the other arm now?

With today’s turn of events, I’m more thoroughly disgusted than ever. I hope that all of you are as well. In addition to financially bankrupt, IMO Frank is morally and ethically bankrupt as well.
THEREFORE, I’d like to call for a BOYCOTT OF ITD. I personally want nothing to do with Frank or his happy-faced minion, and I hope you’ll join me.
Boycotting ITD for the duration of Frank’s tenure doesn’t however mean I want everyone to throw away the comaraderie and friendships we’ve made here. Ergo with Dodgereric’s permission, I’d like to suggest we move over to his Dodger Lyrics website:
and use it as our new venue. If Eric doesn’t have a new thread available (which wouldn’t surprise me), we can start off on the You & Me thread for today’s game.
Hope to see you all there!!

Frank: The last few years of litigation seemed to have caused you to age a tad.

My new profile picture is a look into your future…

Quit while your ahead!!!

When will this tragedy come to an end?
All this day to day drama has taken it’s toll on the players, and fans.This is so depressing. Days of our lives soap writers couldn’t top this story line.
This just adds to the excruciating pains of the ITD gang, along with the millions other Dodger fans world wide. I feel as if we are just barely clinging on to the rim after this latest ‘Big Flush’ from McCrook. 😦

New non-ITD thread if you’d like to follow-us over:

Enchanted ~ if you come back here, I’m on the new thread but my comments won’t post….awaiting moderation

Make sure you’re signed in there exactly as you are here and it should be fine. I didn’t sign in right and I got the same result. 🙂

It shows everything…even my gravatar…just won’t post.

Folks, I am usually not at a loss for words but today’s filing, while not surprising, leaves me with little more to say that has not already been said. But I do know this: I am not happy that the one little thing we had going was the ITD blog (remember we were called a cult sometime back?) and even that is fading away by constant movement to other threads. In addition, I now realize Jimmy Dykes (Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own, was wrong when he said there is no crying in baseball. I have a hard time believing Tommy, Vinny and maybe a few other old time Dodgers did not shed a tear or two today.

I’m still here! It’s way too much trouble getting anything to post there. I don’t think we should blame Josh for this mess. If we leave ITD, we may never get it back and, that would be very sad.

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