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Derek Lowe has been named the Game 4 starter.


I think a lot of regulars here on ITD aren’t here, but I saw that there were zero posts on this new thread. So here I am, the first! It was a tough time for sure in Philly. Let’s go get them Phillies on Sunday! Glad to hear that D-Lowe is pitching in game 4; I know he’s up to the task!

I’m glad Lowe is pitching Game 4 also. I think he will have a great game as willl the rest of the team. GO DODGERS!!

I’m excited about our game tomorrow and couldn’t be happier that Lowe is going to be our game 4 starter! We can come back from this I know it! We have the best rotation by far! Josh, thank you for the continued updates to the fans and please let our team know we are all behind them 100%. Go Dodgers!

CP – I am so very proud of you for sticking up for our boys on Andre’s blog – thanks!!!!! Are you going to any games in this series?

seesky – great post on the previous thread 🙂

Josh – along with biddyboo, thanks for keeping us informed. You are great!!!!


Yes, CP! I just headed over to Andre’s blog as well and saw some of those comments! I’m glad that you let them know who they need to come to with those comments! I suppose we should take that as a compliment at how much people are amazed at how far our boys have come! Everyone is asking the age old question, “How ’bout them Dodgers?” I’ll let them know until the day I die, Why they’re 2008 NL West Champs, my friend!

Yes, CP! I just headed over to Andre’s blog as well and saw some of those comments! I’m glad that you let them know who they need to come to with those comments! I suppose we should take that as a compliment at how much people are amazed at how far our boys have come! Everyone is asking the age old question, “How ’bout them Dodgers?” I’ll let them know until the day I die, Why they’re 2008 NL West Champs, my friend!

Lowe for Game 4 is the right call. As a sinkerball pitcher, short rest will only make him more effective.
Thanks for your excellent letter to the L.A. Times, Eric (see link in the very short thread below). I agree with you that Torre has been good in the post-season. But it just makes me sick listening and reading about how JoJo has done a great job all year when anybody who was paying attention and who has half a brain knows he almost succeeded in keeping us out of the playoffs.
I just want the credit to go where it belongs; a good portion to Manny, but also a ton to Ethier, Loney, Martin, Kemp, Bills, etc. The reality is that this team has been very balanced with many making important contributions along the way. And a small handful — we all know who — almost spoiling the party.

Biddyboo – up here in the Central Valley (nor-cal) it is amazing how Giants fans will talk trash about the Dodgers while the Giants are sitting home on their behinds watching the four teams left (one being the Dodgers) play. I guess we should take it as a HUGE compliment.


lny4loney ~ great post! I agree with everything you said.
dodger eric ~ yea, you are a published phenom!
biddyboo & cpo ~ glad you did that on Dre’s blog. I’m sure he is pleased, as well.

Tru- All the congrats goes to Cpo for coming out with the fists ready to fight! 🙂

Nelly- If you can believe it, here in Socal I have a coworker who is a steadfast Giant supporter. When I found out I couldn’t believe it… I said: They still make guys like you out here? haha He joked with my all season but had to give me a pat on the back when we clinched the west! Although the last that I was in the break room he yelled out Go Phillies! When will these Giant fans learn?

biddyboo ~ I had to go back to Dre’s blog and do some back-up support for Cpo. I wanted everyone, and especially Andre, to know that ITD is behind our team.

Okay – I guess it’s my turn. Someone posted after trublue, and it’s not good ethier.

I’m glad to see Lowe’s pitching game 4 too. CP and Trublue, saw your posts on Andre’s blog. Way to represent ladies, lol. We’ll have the last laugh.

If I read another comment about how we get there late and leave early I think I am going to blow! People do NOT understand the unpredictability of L.A. traffic! The fact that people still show up for their team accounts for nothing? I am one of the few that has the luxury of staying all the way through. No kids and no hubby to worry about! I think it’s interesting that that is the worst criticism that they can dig up for us as fans!

Way to go Tru and Nelly! We need to set the Philly fans straight!

biddyboo ~ You are so right! You should hear it when the Giants play us……….the announcers have to show the parking lot of the fans leaving in the 7th inning, every game! People just don’t understand the logistics……..and, the fact that the Dodgers actually do draw a lot of fan support.

I agree biddyboo, I posted about it recently. Though it has improved in recent years, LA still doesn’t have the public transportation of a lot of of other big cities and so people get stuck in traffic on the way to games and some people have to leave a bit early during the regular season if they have a long daily commute and a game is running long. It doesn’t have anything to do with how big of a fan a person is. I’m sure most of them listen to the rest of the game on the radio on the way home.

Third, you need to leave the ladies on this board alone. Stop asking them to go out and asking them where they live. THIS makes me really uncomfortable, as I am sure it does to most (if not everyone) on this board, including the ones you are talking to. I have a teenage daughter and I know many on this board have young daughters and even older daughters who want to know their daughters can come onto a board like this and be safe in knowing all they are going to be talking about is baseball (or whatever the topic they are choosing to talk about) if they choose to do so.

See someone need to stay out the conversation if they isn’t talking to them no one ask them to go out. I just wanted to go to a game with them so is there a problem? He should called kobe those name because is a ******* idiot. So his niece had an incident with him as disneyland doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

I’ve already have a girlfriend I haven’t see in 5 years but called him 2 to 3 times a month wtf I can’t ask anyone to go to a game with me. Actually read the whole conversation than you know what I’m talking about acona(sp)and sara.

oops her

I was wonder where Amy live and see how far from Compton she from? I wanted to meet people too that who I’m talking too instead of them writing on this blog.

Those Philly fans are just trying to stir up trouble. I’ve seen plenty of posts from fans around the country thanking Andre for hanging around after games to mingle with fans and sign autographs. I remember a recent one from a Met fan that was posted on his blog during the Cubs series and at the games I’ve been too, he is always one of the players that are out signing.

I assume your comment about late arrivals/early leavers stems from something on Dre’s blog.
And although I have visited many other parks, I haven’t noticed how much better or worse people in other cities are about full-game attendance. But I do think that L.A. fans can do much better as a group.
Yes, L.A. traffic can make one late occasionally. And there are work, family, and other obligations that may cause tardiness.
But as a rule, leaving early — especially if the Boys in Blue are behind — is UNACCEPTABLE. It shows a lack of faith. Late in a game the Dodgers are losing is when the team most needs its fans. But I still see people fleeing in the late innings. Don’t they know that just a couple of years ago the Dodgers hit four consecutive homeruns to tie up a game we won in the 10th inning? Don’t they know that the bigger the defecit the greater the comeback?
I’ll be at Game 4 on Monday, and if the Dodgers find themselves down 3 games-to-none and down 10-1 with two outs in the ninth and nobody on base, I will still be rooting for the most miraculous comeback ever. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE!!
I consider those who leave early “Bobbleheaders”. These are the kinds of people who fill the stadium for a Tuesday night contest in May against the Nationals so they can get a free bobblehead, leave in the sixth inning, and don’t even know who Joe Beimel is.
I’m not completely unsympathetic. I have no issue with early leavers who have very small children in tow (say 7 years old or younger), or who have very old people in tow (depening on individual health and fitness, maybe 75+). And I suppose that there is the occasional emergency doctor pulled away or other legitimate emergency.
I doubt I need to tell the people who blog here, but for those who might need it: “If you go to a Dodgers game, STAY ‘TIL THE END (bitter or not)!!!

bluecrewgirl ~ you are right about the Philadelphia fans. The fans who go to the Eagles games, throw things at the visitors’ bus……..they say the fans in Philly are the worst of all cities.

touché, lny4loney! My philosophy for every game, whether we are up or not, is always, “We do not celebrate or accept defeat until the last out!” I remember keeping my brother and his little boy for an extra inning game that was tied and won by a Tomato homerun! Had my sister in law been there, that would have been another story! 🙂 Have fun at Game 4, lny4loney! I will be at work in the morning driving myself crazy and at school at night checking for updates on the blackberry instead of taking notes!

Thanks, biddyboo! I’m going tomorrow too. My lucky year! I used Game 4 for the extreme example.
I’ll be wearing my Matt Kemp shirt on Sunday and my James Loney shirt on Monday. I generally wear them interchangeably, but I have a feeling Joe will start Nomar over James on Sunday with the lefty Moyer going. Although I do not buy into the idea that Loney is weak against lefties (see his lifetime stats that show otherwise), I do think that Nomar deserves some playing time in the post-season. Happily, we just have too many good, healthy infielders.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong to ask someone on this board that live probably 15 to 30 mins away to ask them if you want to enjoy a game with them and you never meet the person one time? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with asking the person to see what they look like in person instead being friend on this board? What’s wrong asking people where you live at? I just wanted to see how far you people live from me and I know some is just 15 to 30 min away and probably want them to go to a game.

That’s awesome, lny4loney! I was very happy for Nomar and Kent to get a chance to get in there. So many people I know always tell me what an overrated player Kent is but I still love him. Yea yea I know ITD bloggers, I am a sucker! I still can’t get over how far we have come with “the Kids” and how the team as a whole has stuck together with all the injuries and upsets. We used to be able to wear jerseys to work to support our teams but the new boss has nixed that so Monday I will just post a sign or something on my office door that says, Doooodddgggeerrrrss!

Well, just having surfed over on Dre’s blog, I see that the Philly riff raff is out in full force. They ought to show some class and show up over here. But what do you expect from fans who would boo a funeral procession? Good choice of Lowe for Game 4. I’m old enough to remember when a staff’s #1 starter would always go 3 times in a 7-game series. This series will turn around because we’re at home and playing in a real ballpark instead of that phone booth they call a stadium in Philadelphia. GO DODGERS!!!!

sl7180, I think even in this tech advanced age it is thought by some to be a bit risky to meet people online. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion just like you are but you can’t give someone grief about expressing concern. This is a board to talk about the Dodgers not a dating website. Why can’t people live in a world of total anonymity?

Is it Sunday yet?

I agree and is not like I wanted to ask them out for a date lol. I just wanted to go to a couple of games with them and be friend and I really don’t see a problem with that.

UFO’s have been spotted on the horizon in Florida. Actually, it’s all the bombs leaving the yard in the Sox-Rays game. 6-5, Sox, top of 5.

I guess since I keep on bring up Thursday game and need to stop I think Nelly hate me now. I hate to see her upset about me on that issue.

Dang you would think they was playing in Philly or Texas.

How is Beckett still pitching?

lol 6 of the combined 7 homerun travel to left field. What’s the distance there?

Tonight,neither Kasmir or Beckett had squat. All the injuries have taken their toll on Beckett. The Rays were getting around on his fastball. It’s gonna be another 3 1/2 or 4 hour AL playoff game.LOL!!!

I’m not sure about the distance, 7180, but I’m sure that the game being indoors is a huge factor. Beckett’s still in the game, too. That’s amazing!!!

Why did that game have to be on TBS instead of Fox? I wanted to see that game.

Now after they took the lead again I guess this would be the last inning for him to qualify to get a win. I would had throught when TB was up 5-3 he would’ve been gone by now.

lol tied game 6-6 unbelievable

Rays up, 7-6. Longoria is 3 for 3 and Beckett’s night is over.

I’ve been to most of the parks around the league, and Citizen’s Bank Park is one of the least memorable. While most other cities have had the good sense to place their new stadiums downtown and/or on the water, Philadelphia chose to stick all of its major sports venues in a desolate area surrounded by what appear to be industrial buildings and parking lots. The stadium itself is just okay by modern standards.
I’ve been to 17 of the currently operating major league stadiums. Here’s how I would rank them (many I’ll list by city since the names keep changing):

1) Dodger Stadium
2) Fenway Park
3) Wrigley
4) Oriole Park at Camden Yards
5) Pittsburgh
6) Telephone Park
7) The Ballpark (Texas)(Although why they didn’t build a retractable roof stadium is a mystery to me)
8) Jacob’s Field (Cleveland)
9) Coors Field
10) Comerica Park (Detroit)
11) DogFood Park
12) Arizona
13) Anaheim Stadium (in Anaheim)
14) Citizen’s Bank Ballpark
15) Milwaukee
16) Toronto
17) Kansas City

Of the ones I haven’t seen in person, I imagine I would rank them like this:

1) Citibank (new Mets stadium)
2) New Yankee Stadium
3) Seattle
4) Turner Field (Atlanta)
5) Nationals Park
6) Busch II
7) Houston
8) Cincinatti
9) New Comiskey (White Sox)
10) Minnesota
11) Florida
12) Tampa Bay
13) Oakland Coliseum
For perspective I would rank Citizen’s Bank somewhere below Nationals Park and above Minnesota, making it about the twentieth best ballpark in the game and due to be surpassed in the next few years by new ballparks in Minnesota, Miami, Tampa Bay, and for the A’s somewhere in the East Bay. Also, Kansas City will be recieving a $250 million renovation.
Thus the lousy fans in Philly will soon have one of the worst major league ballparks in the country.

In defense of Philadelphia, they do have dang good cheesesteaks.

As bad as Citizen’s Bank is , it’s still a vast improvement over the Vet, the last of the multi-purpose stadiums built in the 70’s to meet the wrecking ball. A definite mercy killing. The Metrodome won’t be missed when it goes either.

Good to see the Downey/Long Beach State boy goes 3 for 3 tonight so far. I’m so close to where he was born too bad I didn’t see him played at Long Beach State.

OMG!!! I can’t believe what I just read!!! I logged onto ITD this afternoon and saw that there was the D-Lowe announcement and no comments! So I made my comment @ 3:31 PM. I didn’t see any of my ITD buddies commenting, so that’s when I went to Andre’s blog. That’s when I read that Philly nonsense and said what I said. TruBlue, I remembered that time when some Cub fans were on Andre’s blog and you set them straight! Well, I hope you don’t mind (I’m sure you don’t) but I copied a little bit of what you said and re-worded a few things here and there. I stuck around a little bit after that, but again, no one was around (LA or Philly fans). So I logged off; I had to make dinner not only for us, but also for our pastor’s family. Our pastor’s wife has breast cancer and I was making dinner for their family. Anyway, I digress. I kinda figured that someone would see what I said on Andre’s blog. But little did I know what kind of reaction it would have!!!

To all that thanked me, thanks, but no thanks are necessary for my comments. I don’t begrudge someone being a loyal fan of his or her favorite ball club; as a matter of fact, I say if you’re a fan, stay a fan. I don’t have to like the team that someone is a fan of, but loyalty to his or her team is an admirable thing. But the negativity I was reading and the atrocious remarks they were saying on Andre’s blog just got me all riled up. I wish they had the guts to come onto ITD and say those same things here. That’s why I even made it easy for them by providing the link to ITD. But did they have the guts to come and post here, nooooooooooooooooo.

Sorry for the long post…

Dang you could remember all those ballpark? That’s amazing!

Nelly – No, I’m not going to any games in this series, but my son is! He and my mom are going to tomorrow’s game. So how is my nellygirl!!!

No doubt that all of the modern parks are very nice places to watch a ballgame. I haven’t seen the Great (Mediocre?) American Ballpark in Cincinatti, although I’ve read that it’s the worst of the lot. I was on my way west across Ohio for a night game in Cincinatti when I heard this: “In day action at Cincinatti today …” Oops! Anyway I’m sure that park is also a vast improvement over Riverfront, another cookiecutter.
That’s what makes Dodger Stadium so special. It is the only park of its era to become a classic.

I know this a baseball board but I’m glad to see the LA Kings up 1-0 on the Sharks aka Giants/A’s fan team. I’m glad that locked up Kopitar to that 7 years deal.

Damn I spoke to soon 1-1.

It’s a definite tribute to the Ravine when you think about all the ballparks that are now history since it was built. Dodger Stadium is, now that Yankee Stadium is gone, the third oldest ballpark in the game after Fenway and Wrigley. It’s a damn shame that there hasn’t been an All-Star game in the Ravine since 1980. With all the new ballparks opening, it will probably be awhile longer, too. Maybe we’ll get one after the remodel.

CP – are you still there?

lny4loney – You were talking earlier about leaving games early. I’m with you; leaving early, especially if the Dodgers are behind does show a lack of faith. I’ve seen plenty of games (in person, or on TV) where the 9th inning was the decisive inning. I would NEVER leave early. The only time recently that I even entertained thoughts of leaving early was the Tuesday game when SD was here. We came with friends and they drove. The husband wasn’t feeling good and he left the game and relaxed in his car. We asked if they wanted to leave early, but they said no. So we stayed until the end of the game. In circumstances that were kinda out of our control, then, yeah, maybe we’ll leave early. But otherwise, no, I never will.

Yes nelly, I’m here!!!

At least when the Mets and Yankess goes to there new ballpark we would have the #1 capacity at 56,000. I wonder why the Mets and Yankees are losing seats. Is the price of ticket going to be high?

OMG, I’m the latest victim of the Great Blog Name Changer! And what’s even more strange is that I’ve never used this name anywhere! Go figger . . .
I was sparkleplenty_us . . .

Hey CP!!! It’s great to see you on here. I am doing great my friend. I just got back from church, and I decided to check in on my ITD buddies. Andre has a new post already, but I haven’t posted yet. I have to think about what I am going to say. So, how are things with you?

The pitcher that’s in for the Rays now has the strangest looking delivery. Hope the Dodger’s bats are as lively as the bats have been in this game.

sparkleplenty_us to diggie1??? What is going on here??? Just when I thought I got all of the name changes!!! Sparkleplenty, I’m glad you identified yourself!!! I’ll make sure if my name ever changes that I identify myself!!!

OMG!!!! Sparkleplenty – I thought all that was over, but I guess not. I like your name – sparkleplenty.

We are going to have to keep a notebook next to the computer with all the before and after names, and in some cases, before, after and in between names as well. LOL!!!

Yeah, I liked it too. Oh well, onward and upward my friends.

Who is that bluecrew?

Now, the trend is ballparks with smaller seating capacities. One of the reasons is to create demand. Also, your facility looks fuller and makes for a better atmosphere. Case in point: Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami. What a depressing environment it must be for the Marlins players to play in a ballpark where the place is about 75% empty the majority of the time.

Not sure what his name is, Shad. I couldn’t get a good enough look at his name on his uniform. He threw kind of a side armed delivery.

sparkleplenty – the funny thing is that I want my name changed, and it won’t change. The name I want it changed to is right in front of me, but it posts nellyae16 – very strange indeed.

My nellygirl!!! I just read Andre’s new post. No, I haven’t commented there yet. Like you I have to think about what I am going to say. Didn’t we say that we are a lot alike!!! 🙂 I’m fine. As much as I can be, even though I’m still unemployed. I think I mentioned last week that I had an interview with a small store in our local mall (ya know, one of those Christmas jobs). Well, it sure was different from any other interview I’ve ever been on. I still haven’t heard from the lady; not sure how it went. Again, it’s a kind of interview that was hard to judge. We’ll see.

And about keeping a notebook next to the computer with all the name changes, I think it’s one of the only things that’ll keep me straight!!!

This blog keeps trying to assign me ladodger63 so I have to logoff until I get the MLB logon screen and I can sign in as seesky. It’s a pain in the A@#!!!!

Bingo I know who that was Corey Bradford. The Mets should had resigned him with that pathetic bullpen he had.


I just read his new post. Sounds like they had a scary flight. CP, keeping my fingers crossed on your job hunt.

Nelly – I’m just hoping that the stupid Philly fans don’t start spewing their garbage on Andre’s site. I’d like to see them have the guts to come onto ITD…

Thx bluecrewgirl…

The guy with the submarine delivery is Chad Bradford. He’s also pitched for the White Sox, A’s, and Mets. He pitched against us in the playoff series in 2007.

I meant Chad Bradford.

Seesky, I guess my memory’s not what it used to be. I thought I had seen him before, but couldn’t remember his name.

CP – I dare them to try. We do a pretty good job of defending our team without using that language ethier. All we have to do is pull out the stats and enough said. LOL!!!

CP – keep the faith in getting a job, but I know you do so you will be fine.

I remember Bradford in connection with one of my best memories about that 2006 playoff series. Russell went down on one knee to serve one of his pitches into left field for a base hit. It was one of those moments in Russell’s rookie season that really impressed me as to what kind of player he was.

Seesky mean 2006.

You’re right, sl. I had a mathematically challenged moment on that earlier post….Rays clinging to an 8-7 lead in the 8th. Wouldn’t want to be the Rays and have to go to Fenway down 0-2.

Game tied 8-8 on a wild pitch.

Okay Nelly, I just posted a little comment on Andre’s site. It was so small that I’ll probably put something else up later. But as soon as I did that, I went back to his previous thread where the Philly fans were commenting and then leaving and I made my comments earlier this afternoon??? I just wanted to see that M.I.A. Paper Planes video again. And what do I see. I see a new comment from another Philly fan:

Mr. Ethier and Fans,
First of all, I would like to apologize for the autograph seeking idiot that embarrassed us all as Phillies fans. Now that’s out of the way, I would like to say I am tired of the excuses. All I am hearing from Manny, Lowe, and now the only player I legit liked on this team is how our park is helping us win. Ya’ll are playing in it too. Manny hit a cheap homerun in this series too. Your player just admitted to not being able to play under pressure. I wouldn’t say necessarily that the Phillies are a more difficult team to play than the Cubs, but the magnitude of the series might be a little bit of a factor. Wow, how does it feel to know your team can’t handle the pressure of the series? Good luck being louder and more passionate than what we showed in Philly. Good luck hitting a lefty Andre.
Phils in 5…
By phatazz on October 11, 2008 8:34 PM
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I want to say something, but do I say it on Andre’s latest thread, “Turn the Page” or on the earlier “Home Cookin’” thread that that phatazz posted his comment or should I just let it alone…

At least you correct you’re mistake by 3 mins after my internet shut me down before I try to correct you.

What to do…

Who care if Manny hit a cheap homerun a homerun is a homerun and Burrell and Utley would just be flyball

Philly fans should know a cheap homer when they see one.

Cpo ~ go tell him what you think………others will follow you!!

Andre’s probably already read that blog and moved on to his new one. However, what Andre said is true, and everyone in the baseball world knows that about playing games in Philly.

CP – I didn’t follow my own rule of not engaging with certain individuals, so I am not sure if a Philly fan qualifies as such a person. I am in enough trouble already with my Leave It To Beaver family that I probably shouldn’t be giving advice on the subject 🙂

Okay, take a look at my last entry on Andre’s “Turn the Page” thread and comment as you like. Again, if you want to see phatazz’s post that got me riled up, go to Andre’s “Home Cookin’” thread…

Well nelly, maybe I’ll get in trouble for it, but I have to stand up for my Everyday ‘Dre and his teammates…

cpo ~ just read what you wrote on Dre’s blog and, I’m glad you did it……..but, those fans don’t have the courage to come here and talk to us. You invited them to “chat” on Andre’s Home Cookin and, nobody came over here. They just want to get Andre angry……….and, who knows, maybe it will make the whole team fighting mad! Those jerks could very well be the turning point for our Dodgers.

CP – the funny thing is I totally hear you saying in my head too as if you were actually talking to the jerk. LOL!!!

Josh – is there any way to keep Andre’s blog clean of all the Dodger hate by Phillies Fans? I at least hope he is okay with reading it, and he knows we think the Dodgers are an awesome group of individuals that make up this beloved Dodger team.


hello there! loved that last post on Andre’s blog!!
Dnelly- arn’t you just lovin Andre’s postseason blog!?!

oops that “hello there” was for cpo

so i saw what you guys posted here.. so i went back and read andre’s blog posts to see what you guys were talking about.. and i’m so ANGRY!! what a-holes the phillies fans are.. so classless and moronic.. they’re only saying good things and supporting their precious phillies right now because they’re up 2-0.. trust me if their team wasn’t playing well they’d be all over them booing them and throwing their own players under the bus!! philly fans (for all sports) are the most fickle and mean fans in the country.. i have ZERO respect for them.. and by posting on andre’s blog, they have proven that they are uneducated as well 😛

acardona – loved your post!! I am loving his blog right now – he is just awesome, along with all of the Dodgers right now. Win or lose, they have done this Dodger Organization proud. They have already accomplished things that many, including myself, didn’t think they would.

CP – I posted again – couldn’t resist – different from what you said, but got the point across I hope.

I hope so Trublue and that would be fantastic.

You go Sara!!!!!!!

nelly–I don’t think you can ban someone for being a partisan jerk. They aren’t being offensive partisan jerks.

TruBlue/Nelly – I think that these Philly fans have no guts. I mean, come on. You post a “hate” comment and then leave. No one “hears” from that person again. I think you’re right, they don’t have the courage to come here and talk to us here on ITD. I sure hope that Andre is reading this and gets him angry; angry enough to go 5 for 5 with 3 HRs!!! That’s how he and his loyal fans can answer these guys. And who knows, this could very well be the turning point for our Dodgers. I really shouldn’t be spending my time on these jokers, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Y’all probably touched on this in the other posts but how does everyone feel about McDonald? I thought he looked great and his unofficial nickname should be Mosquito…the boy is all limbs!

seesky – I know 🙂

cp – sometimes the joker ends up right here on ITD – LOL!!!

Oh and Nelly, you’re right. When I write, I do tend to write like I would talk if that “person” was standing right in front of me…

And I did read your last post on Andre’s blog; very good and to the point!

Dnelly- absolutely!!! i just read all those RIDICULOUS posts that those phillie fans left!! how awfull!!!!

dnelly, i think we all know to take anything a philly person says with a grain of salt.. if ever any group of fans could have the biggest love-hate relationship with their teams it’s philly fans.. even when i like their athletes or teams, i feel like i want them to lose because their fans don’t deserve any real victories.. donovan mcnabb is one of my favorite NFL players, and the way the city has treated him has made me hate their “fans” forever.. there’s passionate, and there’s crazy.. philly fans are crazy

Aw, c’mon you guys. If YOU’RE team had ONE championship in 125 years and was the first team to lose 10,000 games, YOU’D be a sourpuss too!

cpo ~ I get angry too and, sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to protect our Dodgers. They players have too much class to say anything, so that leaves the ITD family to do it for them.

biddyboo–McDonald did a great job. He and Kershaw were a couple of the brighter spots of yesterday’s game.

Acardona – are you still here? If so, how are you???

dodgereric- LMAO!!!!

Good Evening Ward Dear!!!!!! It is so good to see you. It has been a rough day for us Dodger fans trying to protect our boys from those nasty Philly fans.

cpo- yes i’m here!! 🙂 i’m doing great!!! a little sad about the situation our boys are in right now but i know thats all gunna change tomorrow!!! 🙂 how about you? hows everything going?

hi eric! funny stuff 🙂

Okay eric, so does that mean that we need to take it easy on these guys from Philly??? NOTTTTTTTTTTT!!! So eric, how are you???

dodgereric ~ can I post what you just said on Dre’s blog? lol

i’ll be right back!!!

If anybody really wants to mix it up, they could go to the Philly blog.

trublue- I would LOVE if you or eric posted that on Dre’s blog!!!

seesky- it’s always great to see our bullpen dominate. I’m a fan in McDonald now and Wade of course!
nelly- i just thought of something… maybe it’s giants fans posing as philly fans? Surely they don’t talk that ghetto in Philly?
dodgereric- you rock!

Ward Dear – June Darlin’ couldn’t keep from engaging from first thing this morning. It’s been a rough day in the Beaver household. And how was your day dear?

Acardona –Yeah, it would’ve been nice to come back to LA with the series tied 1 to 1, but oh well. It’s certainly not a lost cause. I see our boys coming back tomorrow with a raging fire under them!!! About me, again, things are okay with me. I just can’t wait to see Dodger baseball again tomorrow!!!

Hell, I’ll go do it myself.

Hang on…………

Thank-you dodgereric!!!

seesky – isn’t it the point that we are classier than they are? They should be on their own blog talking smack about the Dodgers, not on Andre’s.

biddyboo – I wouldn’t doubt it for a second – LOL!!!

I could see them bashing Drew but why Ethier? What did Ethier do to them?

i posted again on dre’s blog too.. he knows we all have his back.. haha 🙂

Ward Dear…. You are so very swell

I agree biddyboo and I would had guess the Giants fan posted trying to be a Philly fan.

btw dnelly, i wrote something for you on facebook.. AND i saw your classroom pictures! so cute 🙂

ok i’m back!

cpo- I can’t wait ethier!!!
eric- you are awesome!!!!

sl7- THEY don’t even know why they’re bashing Andre!! they just think its “cool”

Geez, extra innings in Sox and Rays. I wonder who’s coming out victorious!

eric, nicely done. i just read it. haha.

WB acardona you was gone to long lol

There. I dood it.

27 years ago this month, the Dodgers found themselves down two games to none in a best-of-seven series. They went on to win the World Series.

20 years ago this month, the Dodgers lost 2 of the first 3 games of the NLCS, including a 3-2 loss in Game 1 with their No. 1 starter throwing a shutout for most of the game until the opposition scored three. Sound familar? That team went on to win the World Series.

Two games to none doesn’t mean anything. Three members of the Dodgers have witnessed firsthand that a three games to nothing deficit doesn’t necessarily mean anything either. This could be a short exit from the LCS…or the beginning of something big.

Eric – I just read your post on Andre’s blog!!! Most excellent!!! 🙂

I just checked a few Phillies blogs and there’s nothing going on over there. So they could be jumping over here just to create a little mischef.

they think its “cool cause their team is FINALLY “good enough” to “bash” on someone that is better than their whole team combined!!!

Right on, park!

Park – I maybe dating myself a bit, but boy, do I remember those days!!!

Well just maybe he’s the only Dodgers that had a blog up and no one else. I bet they would take Ethier over Burrell in a heartbeat

Great post, eric!!!!

Seesky – Yeah, I was looking around on the Phillies’ blogs, and there wasn’t much commenting there. How pathetic that if you call yourself a “fan” that you wouldn’t even take the time to tell your own players that. No, instead, you need to go to a rival blog and spew your garbage elsewhere. Pathetic…

exactly park.. well said


dodgereric… lordy, I think I woke up the neighborhood with my laughing!
seesky- that might tie in with my theory that it’s actually Giants fans posting! heehee

Ward Dear ~ All I have to say is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

Sara – thank you very much 🙂

Eric ~ Thanks for the post on Dre;s blog…..just what was needed.
Park ~ Fantastic!!!

Gosh I was only 3 yrs old hard to remember at that age.

Thank you so much for that post Park!!! just fabulous!!!

They have used 12 cases of baseballs in the Red Sox/Rays game.

Eric- that post was absolutely fabulous!! bravo!!

man theres a lot of people on right now! can’t get enough of our boys in blue huh? 🙂

Ward Dear… now that you are here. Nice job in getting your letter posted.. how many is that now?

you’re welcome dnelly 🙂

Trublue, that would be great if they had to use that many for the Dodgers alone tomorrow, lol. They’re due for a big offensive game.

Thanks, park, for the history lesson. It’s an inspirational message for all Dodger fans.

Acardona – I can NEVER get enough about our Boys in Blue!!! 🙂

bluecrewgirl, you’re right.. they’re due.. but also, dodgers is supposed to be the pitcher’s park right? haha

cpo- I’m right there with you!!!!

maybe just a pitchers park for us

Let’s hope it’s only a pitcher’s park for the Dodger pitchers tomorrow, Sara.

haha yup, that’s what i will be hoping! i hope that kuroda duplicates his success from his first round outting against the cubbies..

who’s going to the game tomorrow?

i am! 🙂

aww.. all the kids at the rays game are sleeping! their parents want to stay at this intense game so they have to sleep at the ballpark! haha 🙂

Damn Wheeler is dealing tonight to bad he had to throw that wild pitch. This is the longest he ever pitch since he’s day with the Mets 4 yrs ago when he started 1 game.

Rays & Sox still battling it out, 8-8, top of the 11th.

Well, as much fun as I’m having right now, duty calls. My pastor just uploaded his message for tomorrow morning, and I’ve gotta format the message for our video display tomorrow morning. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

wow.. tampa put david price in.. go from being the #1 pick to pitching to jd drew in an 8-8 tie in the 11th inning of the ALCS.. talk about pressure

bluecrewgirl ~ That’s what I’m hoping for too! Let’s just add one more and make it a lucky 13 cases. lol

To bad it wasn’t a school day tomorrow and omg 1:15 am there.

sara- you have to scream extra loud for me ok! i’ll be ALL the way in Hawaii so i don’t think they’ll hear me from here… hehe!!

bye cpompe!

Those kids should be sleeping, It’s after 1am on the East Coast.

OMG I forgot David Price was on the playoff roster for them.

have a great night CPO!! nice chatting with you! 🙂

will do acardona.. and remember, you have to try to go on monday or wednesday 🙂

Good night CP and thanks for protecting our boys from those nasty Phillies fans.

Goodnight CP. That young Ray’s pitcher looks a little nervous, like he can’t wait for it to be over.

He’s just k’s Kotsay.

DNelly, the Samuel L Jackson movie was pretty good. I would recommend it.

Price looked a lot more nervous than McDonald did yesterday. He looked like he’d actually pitched in a playoff game before.

Good job Price even though you would once drafted late from us but decide to go to college.

He has one batter last night.

Seesky, I saw an interview with McDonald. He seems like a pretty chill guy.

dionner navarro with a leadoff walk in the 11th.. you know what they say about leadoff walks.. the runner comes around to score 70% of the time.. we’ll see if the rays win it here..

you hit it on the button, seesky. I was amazed at how cool and collected McDonald looked! Price kinda looks like K Rod with my glasses off come to think of it… When I should be studying I am busy watching more baseball!

bluecrewgirl – that’s good to hear. I love Samuel L. Jackson. I have all of his movies, even seen the ones that aren’t so good. He just looks like some one who has so much charisma and he seems so charming.

timlin’s falling apart~

I can hear my parents complaining about their Red Sox right now like I do when the Dodgers start to implode.

bluecrew– I’m sure you know that it’s pretty rare that a guy with McDonald’s limited big league experience makes a playoff roster. Torre must’ve seen something in his limited time up here to put him on the club and then use him at such a crucial point in the game yesterday. Not having seen him pitch much, I was quite impressed….Rays have the bases filled with one out. GO RAYS!!!!

He’s one of my favorites too. He makes even the ones that aren’t great watchable because he’s such a good actor.

haha bluecrewgirl.. that’s funny.. they shouldn’t complain too much.. they got at least the split down there and now they’re going home..

Yeah, I would have been happy with a Dodger split for sure.

nice going rays.. they are just all about speed

Rays win!!!!!! They go to Boston tied 1-1.

seesky, is just to bad it took Torre along time to put him in the game.

Man, that flyball that Perez scored on wasn’t very deep. Not many guys could’ve done that.

i know seesky, but the rays can.. because they are all about speed.. they have SO many guys who are fast.. it’s unbelievable how many runs they manufacture with their legs..

The Rays have been doing a great job on the base paths all season.

1924 World Series
1955 World Series
1956 World Series
1958 World Series
1965 World Series
1971 World Series
1978 World Series
1981 NLDS
1981 World Series
1982 ALCS
1984 NLCS
1985 ALCS
1985 NLCS
1985 World Series
1986 World Series
1995 ALDS
1996 World Series
1999 ALDS
2001 ALDS
2003 ALDS
2004 ALCS

These are all series where the winning team lost the first two games. Not unheard of. Not even rare. We can do this.

Good night, all. For those who are going to the game tomorrow, have fun, be safe, and give an extra boost for our guys for the rest of us on ITD. GO DODGERS!!!!

Thank you Ward Dear…… that’s a pretty impressive list

good night seesky!

eric, thanks for the list.. it’s a confidence builder!

Good night seesky!!! Sweet Dodger Dreams!!!!

I love that my favorite actress from my favorite show is rooting for the Dodgers again! woohoo

Good night, seesky.

Just backtracked to see what was posted whilst I was doing my researching. June Darlin’, I don’t keep track of my published letters anymore.

My first try got in. It was when Jim Murray died. I saved it. I got the bug and whenever I got in, I saved that one too. One day I was looking around a couple of days for my latest one and I just could not find it anywhere. I eventually found it on the bottom of the hamster’s cage.

I took that as a sign from the Lord to stop taking myself too seriously.

Goodnight, seesky. Eric, those are encouraging stats.

That’s right!! You have told me that before. It was still good to see it get in though.

I did? Sheesh, I thought I had a new one there. LOL!!

I see that Nomar is starting tomorrow. I guess that fabulous at-bat at the end of Game 2 really impressed GeniusJoe.

you have tomorrow’s lineup already?

I didn’t know about Nomar so that’s new – LOL!!!

Read it and weep. Whether it’s at first or third, they don’t know yet:

yup it’s true.. this is what tony jackson’s says about it:

In other news, Nomar will start tomorrow night against Jamie Moyer, whom he hits extremely well, and it SOUNDS like it probably will be at first base, because that position will be easier on Nomar’s body and because it will allow Torre to rest James Loney against the lefty.

remind me again why we MUST rest loney against a lefty?? 😦

Boy, I remember back in the day we used to hear that about Andre.

blake’s struggling more than loney with the bat. i’d much rather nomar play over blake than loney.. if in fact nomar must play.. but knowing joe, he will sit loney 😛

well.. today was a long day, and tomorrow is going to be an even longer one.. i think i should rest up.. good night you night owls!!

Good night sara ~ It’s been great talking to you 🙂 Sweet Dodger Dreams to you too.

Yeah, he hits him extremely well. This is what happens when you base something solely on statistics. Look at what they are justifying this decision on:

1997, 1 for 4
1998, 3 for 7
1999, 3 for 7
2000, 1 for 6
2001, 1 for 3
2002, 2 for 3
2003, 2 for 3
2007, 2 for 3

Three at-bats in the last 5 years. It would be funny, but I’m not laughing. Dynamite. He’s red-hot against Moyer all right!

Goodnight, Sara. Have a blast at the game tomorrow.

Goodnight sara! Yell your lungs out!

How was your day eric? Did you do anything fun?

So, bluecrewgirl – do you have a favorite Samuel L. Jackson movie?

My favorite is one that didn’t get a lot of attention called 187. He plays a teacher who almost gets beaten to death by a student and the movie is about how it changes him.

The last time we faced Moyer, we scored 10 runs on him in 5 2/3rds. We better beat him and beat him bad.

Finally, a Plaschke article that I whole-heartedly agree with.,0,3327480,full.column

I have seen that one, and it is good. I do like “Coach Carter” and I have a thing for “Pulp Fiction” which I think has to do with John Travolta being in the film too. I have liked him since, forever.

Ward Dear…. so, tomorrow’s game should definitely be ours.

Now THAT is a great article!!!!

Good article, Eric. Tomorrow night should be interesting.

I was SCREAMING for Billz to do something about that at the time! It was karma that he fell apart. It was karma that the very guy who should have been in the dirt was the guy who drove in 3 runs with his dynamic .069 BA. Every guy in the Dodger’s dugout should have been whispering in his ear, “He goes DOWN! DO YOU UN-DER-STAND?” And I don’t think that the Japanese game understands this at all, so I’m not expecting Kuroda to retaliate either. It’s up to Billz to do this in Game 5. And right away. The first one is free.

Today was just more work. Groceries, yard work. Washed all 4 cars.

I LOVED Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. I also liked his small role in Jurassic Park. I haven’t seen 187. I’ll NetFlix it.

I think I am one of the few people that hasn’t seen Pulp Fiction. I will have to one of these days.

I was hoping for a beam upside the head. Well, close enough for a bench clearing brawl.

Washed 4 cars – you have me beat for sure.

Loved “Pulp Fiction” – one of my all time favorites, and I always forget some of those small roles he plays like in Jurassic Park.

bluecrewgirl – it took me a few times watching it first: to understand what was going on, and second: to really enjoy it for the great film it is. Now, it’s one of my favorites with a lot of good actors in it.

I definitely think they need to come out with the emotional intensity they had during the home stretch in the regular season.

Pulp Fiction is not for everyone, bluecrewGIRL. But after reading a review of 187, I think you can handle it. Nelly is right, it’s something that you might have to watch more than once.

I think the crowd will give them the intensity they need. It will be a three full days of crowds of what they had in the cubs game to clinch. The Ravine is going to be rockin tomorrow night.

What really concerns me more than anything else is how we’ve ridden that damned roller-coaster all year. If we’re going to win, we have to stop this one step forward and one step back crap. Winning teams take two or three steps forward, one step back, then two or three more steps forward.

I don’t get why some of those Dodgers posters always post on Ethier blog and not on this one and I always wonder why?

Ward Dear… It certainly has been a rollercoaster ride that keeps going up and down and up and down, and doesn’t seem to have an end. sigh 🙂 I know… I have said enough already…. sigh 🙂

Another interested stats about Moyers is that this is his first time face us this year. Look like batting practice for him.

Career vs. LAD 10 10 3 4 0 0 0 60.0 66 34 32 7 19 39 4.80 1.42 .277
Away (this year) 17 17 10 3 0 0 0 104.2 90 34 34 9 36 67 2.92 1.20 .232
Grass (this year) 33 33 16 7 0 0 0 196.1 199 85 81 20 62 123 3.71 1.33 .262

I would love to see Kuroda return the favor and go 3 for 3 with 3 rbi and 2 runs scored but it’s not possible.

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Trailing 2-0 in the National League championship series, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the Philadelphia Phillies right where they want them—at home.

That’s where the Dodgers were 4-0 against the Phillies during the regular season.

“We just got to get hot at the right time and now is the right time in front of our fans,” catcher Russell Martin said Saturday. “We know we can beat them.”

The Dodgers went 23-9 at home after the All-Star break, the best record in the major leagues during that span.

They’ll need any home-field advantage because for the first time in eight NLCS appearances, the Dodgers have dropped the first two games. Sunday will mark the 20th anniversary of the last time they won the NLCS, shutting out the New York Mets 6-0 in Game 7 at home.

In 10 meetings so far this season, the Dodgers and Phillies have won all their home games.

That’s the spirit Martin let’s take 3 at home.

Long day tomorrow, Junie! God Bless!

Good Night Ward Dear…. the moonlight is just to bright right now anyway. Get some sleep….. see you tomorrow sometime and God Bless to you and yours.

Manny vs Moyer 53 18 3 0 10 20 6 12 0 0 .340 .417 .962 1.379

Holy crap 10 homerun and I wanted to see Manny get 3. I see Nomar is hitting .417 and he must be in there over Blake. Blake is only 2 for 17 with 2 homeruns.

Intersesting article about Coletti from the SF Chronicle.

hmmmm Colletti is being touted as a potential Executive of the Year. That just doesn’t seem right.

I hope Kemp turns things around soon. He’s 3 for 20 with 1 rbi in the play-offs. Batting .150. Andruw could have done just as well. He’s not making good at bats. Watching good pitches go by and swinging at bad ones. Where’s his head?
We need to take 3 in a row.
My Missouri Tigers lost last night. I hope the Cowboys and Dodgers fare better today.

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!
Today is going to be a great day for Dodger baseball!!! The boys are going to have a great game today, and Dodger Stadium will be packed with fans ready to cheer them to a win today. If you are one of the lucky ones who get to go to the game, have a wonderful time.

Boblee – I think today it is going to be Matt’s day. Like you said, he needs it. Sorry about the Tigers losing yesterday, and since we are not playing each other today, I hope your Cowboys win today as well as my Redskins. We are in a mighty tough division, and I am glad to see it is getting the recognition it deserves. Have a great day!!!!

Do the Dodgers provide a service where the people who want to beat the traffic can leave their tickets for real fans who might want to watch the last couple of innings?

Just askin’…

Good morning, phan52. We were wondering when some of you were going to show up.

Your humor goes about as far as the balls Howard’s been hitting…

….In other news, Nomar will start tomorrow night against Jamie Moyer, whom he hits extremely well…..


Yeah, three at bats against Moyer in the last 5 years. Hot!!

Your humor goes about as far as the balls Howard’s been hitting…

Brett Myers has picked up the slack. 2-0. Just win.

LMAO!!!!!!!!! That’s funny!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

biddyboo – just remember what Eric wrote, and all is good again – LOL!!!!!! …. or should we remind them…. the first team to reach 10,000 losses in mlb history…. have only won one championship in 125 years. So, like Eric says, they have things to be sore about, and not to mention the Phillies players don’t even like their fans, which is certainly not case with our Dodgers.

You can’t insert Myers in your lineup card now can you? Maybe in a police lineup… hmmm…

the Phillies players don’t even like their fans



… and Biddyboo, have you checked out a Phillies blog lately. No wonder they spend time over here. Their fans don’t even talk about them. At least the Cubs fans have passion for their team. They may ranting and raving, but at least they care about their team. These Phillies fans should be over there supporting their players, but then again, that’s a Phillies fan for you, like the playground bully – Doesn’t have anything nice to say, so I might as well be an *sshole.

no no phan, it’s reversed. The FANS don’t like the PHILLIES. That’s what the commentators have been reporting to us. A particular news clip I heard was “Jimmy Rollins! Let the fans have it and LIVED to tell about it!” And people say that L.A. is ghetto! Sheesh!

nelly to give them the benefit of the doubt I did go check out their websites yesterday to see what was going on and yes, not much!

These Phillies fans should be over there supporting their players


LOL!! Yeah, the Phillies players are logged on to their laptops as we speak, waiting for praise from the loyal phans. That’s their priority today, for sure.
No, I’d rather be over here with casual baseball fans. Easy pickins’…..

biddyboo…. not even on the chart last night for mlblogs. However, there are teams not even in the playoffs who have more hits then they do…. how sad is that?

Yeah – the Phillies players I am sure are reading it to see what dumb**** thing their fans will say next.

10,000 losses and one championship in 125 years…..

phan, you’re right. I have been going about the love all wrong. I need to go to the stadium and rip into my players. Luckily I have about 50,000+ fans on there way to do it for me while I along with the rest of the fans who can’t get tickets are going to cheer em on here at home because that’s what casual fans do! phan, you’re a genius!

i read that plaschke article eric posted last night.. good article and i certainly agree.. i was sad for chad when i read his quote.. it sounds like he’s disappointed with himself.. not just about blowing up.. but because he knew he needed to throw message pitches and he couldn’t execute 😦

biddyboo and dnelly.. what did we say about engaging in conversations with moronic people? 🙂

aww sara. I was cordial!

clearly talking crap to us makes him feel better about his pathetic little life.. so let him be.. we all know the truth.. philly fans are fickle and angry.. and their players are all afraid to play in front of them because it’s love one day, and hate the next..

not even on the chart last night for mlblogs. However, there are teams not even in the playoffs who have more hits then they do…. how sad is that?


Because mlblogs is the only place Phillies phans post. Got it.

I would also like to thank the Phillies fans for helping “INSIDE THE DODGERS” become the #1 blog – THANKS!!!!! The more you post, the better for us……

yes biddyboo, you were 🙂

haha dnelly, good point!

Luckily I have about 50,000+ fans on there way to do it for me while I along with the rest of the fans who can’t get tickets are going to cheer em on here at home


Like I said, the Dodgers should have a service for fans like you who can get the tickets of the great fans who leave early to beat the traffic.
And BTW, REAL fans find a way to get tickets. Been to three post season games already, including the one where Lowe melted under the pressure of the phans.

oooh but Sara, this is sooooo much fun. And to think, these Phillies fans are helping our own cause. INSIDE THE DODGERS ROCK YOU KNOW!!!!!

however, Sara, you are right. Engaging in such activities, with such morons, is probably not the best approach. We will just let our boys show them how it’s done 🙂

keep on posting – THANKS!!!!!!

All we need is one in LA and the phans will carry the team to the next level at CBP. Watch and learn.

phan, maybe all the real phans in philly can fit inside your ballpark because you don’t have very many.. but all the real fans in LA can’t all get in because frankly, there are much more than 56,000 real dodger fans

sorry guys, i couldn’t resist 😉

yeah, all you need is one in LA.. well good luck with that.. there’s a reason you got swept here.. our park is designed for our team.. oh and when you get swept here in LA, feel free to come back and talk about how much you hate jimmy rollins and how ryan howard has choked his series, and how much you hate your team.. that would be entertaining for sure..

phan, if you can find some tickets for game 3 I will buy you a 10 beer and pay for parking!

10,000 losses and one championship in 125 years says it all too…….

haha alright biddyboo and dnelly, carry on! i have a softball game to get to.. and then work, and then i’m off to the stadium for game 3!! we know our boys will be victorious.. so they can do all the talking for us.. see ya’ll later~ have a great dodger day 🙂

Chad Billingsley, Derek Lowe, and Russell Martin, in chorus:

“I’M MELTING!!!!!!

phan, I will feed you Dodger dogs, one by one, and crack open the peanuts for you! Get me some tickets!

If you keep looking at these numbers, the Giants fans don’t have much to complain about, do they? I live with Giants fans and they can even laugh at those stats.

BTW – there are Dodger fans EVERYWHERE, and some of us would have to take a flight to get there. As a matter of fact, some of us are……

phan, I will feed you Dodger dogs, one by one, and crack open the peanuts for you! Get me some tickets


Get ’em yourself, if you are such a big fan.

Good Luck with your softball game today…. and have a blast at the game!!!!!!

phan I thought we were friends!


phan I thought we were friends!


Begging won’t help. Cash is king. If you are such a fan, show me the money!

…the only team in history to have 10,000 losses and one championship in 125 years….

Ah well. I tried! I thought for sure I had you with the peanuts.

I’m offering to pay all the extras, phan! I’m even offering to drive! All of that probably equals the price of the tickets if not more! That’s not begging it’s bargaining!

Touchy, touchy! Can’t desicrate the holier-than-thou Dodger Blue!
BTW, did Lasorda return the money to Slim Fast when he put all that bloated weight back on?

Gotta go. Try and make some noise tonight, will ya? I know the bar is kind of high at this point.
Now I know who this is! It’s the Philly Phanatic! You’re still mad about that whole roughing up by the Skipper, huh. Touchy, touchy!

See ya, phan. I’ll be waiting with the car running. Beer, dogs, and nuts. Your choice!

Thanks for posting…. 🙂

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Have a Spectacular day Phan – it was great chatting with you….. thanks again for posting with us….


So nelly, this is what we know:
1. Phillies fan hate us bc Lasorda is rotund.
2. Phillies fan hate us bc we leave early to beat traffic.
Not too bad. I thought for sure I could win ’em over eventually. It’s like crips vs bloods or something, baseball style!

I’ll be back later, ITD bloggers. Have studying to get out of the way before gametime. Here’s to an amazing series!

Biddyboo ~ I think that says it all!!! …. and don’t forget 10,000 losses and one championship (1980) in 125 years.
Get your studying done….

Phillies win first World Series in 98 years, beating the Kansas City Royals. Plans are being laid for next one in 2038.

The above is an actual caption from a link about things that happened in sports in 1980.

Read Plaschke’s article and couldn’t help but agree. Remember that guy Drysdale, the one that got left off the all-time LA team? To bad he isn’t pitching today.

Gut feeling we are going to blow Philly out 2nite!

Nomar at 1st or 3rd 2nite? Im guessing 1st.
I can’t wait to come to LA Wednesday 🙂

scurtis ~ good to see you again. I’m sure we are going to win tonight also. I think Nomar would be weaker at 3rd so, like you I’m guessing 1st. I’m wearing Loney’s shirt just for moral support. I hope you have a great time at Dodger Stadium.

hey Trueblue. Thanks. Long weekend for me partying yesterday. My Sooners got beat 😦 by the damn Horns. I’m sure Kemp is not happy either about that!

Yeah Nomar would be better defensively at first.

scurtis ~ a lot of the top ranked teams lost and, by the end of the season, I’ll bet your Sooners or my Trojans will be back at #1……….then we can play for the National Championship!

Yup it could easily be OU vs USC in the title game. USC should not lose again and the Big 12 will beat up on each other, same with the SEC. Penn State might slither in there. Ton of football left though.

We gotta get the lead early today and just knock Moyer out early. I hope the stadium will be rocking!

Philly fans are on here now! Sweet. That should make this even more fun!
I actually feel sorry for them. Look at where their team is from. Not the most scenic. Then look at the sports success or lack of for their city.
These are reasons why they boo their own players all the time. Whenever they get close they get their hearts ripped out of them.
I feel for you Philly fan. Hey I have to admit your mascot is the best!
& ripping Lasorda because of his weight. I think he just has had to celebrate so many World Series victories that he has put on some pounds. I guess you could say he has ben living large.
Go Blue!!!!

dcollins ~ Charlie Manuel isn’t exactly a Slim Jim, is he?! I read in our paper this morning that Tommy Lasorda was supposed to be the Grand Marshall of an Italian parade in Frisco but, he declined because he wasn’t sure if he’d be back in time for the game tonight………also, SF big shots really didn’t want him because of the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. That’s how deep the hatred for Dodger Blue goes!

So a Philly fan ACTUALLY had the nerve to spew his **** on ITD! Well, I’ll give phan credit for showing up, where his “supposed” fellow Philly fans didn’t. But Nelly, Biddyboo and Sara were very good in responding… Great job!!!

Well, back to the important matter at hand, today’s an important day, for sure! We may be down, but certainly a long way from being out. I just hope that the boys know about all of this trash, Philly talk and hammer the point home where it counts – on the baseball field!!!

Come on dodgers. And when there are 2 outs in the bottom of the first, Utley better be eating dirt.

New thread!!!

Just win today and were back in this thing!
Tru-I heard that about Lasorda. I hadn’t heard he backed out. That’s a bummer as it was really ticking off the bay area sports talk show people. It was funny.

The WAVE???? What’s next, beachballs?

I’m almost embarrassed for you all. Almost.

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