Tonight's game

Nomar has been activated and is in the lineup. Joe Torre has yet to announce the corresponding move, but expects to announce it after batting practice.

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Nomar, 3B

Pierre, LF

Penny, P


No Ethier tonight? Why rest him when the Dodgers are off tomorrow?

And Josh, why didn’t you answer my questions from yesterday about the Beimel bobblehead?

I hope I’m wrong, but with Nomore and Pierre in the line up that’s 2 easy outs. I’d rather they keep playing Dewitt. At least until Andy comes back. Anyway lets see if they can take 2 out of 3 from the Pirates.

What a joke. Nomar…

I see a series going down the drain with two automatic outs in the line up….

Pierre and Nomar!!?! C’mon! That’s like 3 pitcher spots in a row! Old Players Just get older. Play the Kids, they’ll only get better and better

I bet you 1,000,000.00$$ bucks Nomar swings at the first pitch he sees this year…

You know what man, I really like Troncoso for some reason (sucker for sinker ballers) but DeWitt has done such a respectable job I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Vegas better than “The Solution™”


Why does Torre have to mess with a lineup that won bigtime last night? This constant lineup shuffling is getting to be more than RIDICULOUS. The only thing worse is Joe’s “reasons” for doing it! The fact is he’ll do anything to get Pierre in the lineup, and this will continue until Colletti does what other GMs would have done months ago – trade Pierre. I thought Little was bad, but Torre is far worse. Players can’t relax and play their best with this kind of mindless management. Joe is a nightmare and is probably Colletti’s revenge on the fans clamoring to fire Little.

I couldn’t take that bet bluebleeder, we all know he is going to “HACK” at the first pitch he sees.

I had a sneaking suspicion Nomar would find his name in the lineup tonight. Especially when they didn’t send him off for another rehab game. Nomar has my support, but it’s going to take a lot to match how solid overall DeWitt has been. We’re facing Paul Maholm and Torre is batting Pierre eighth. Things could be worse. I once again expect good things tonight from everybody including Nomar.

Well, like someone said earlier, the sooner Nomore is back, the sooner he will be back on the DL. Thank god he is gone after this year. We’ll still have Herpierres though. You can’t get rid of it. LOL

If Nomar is the Nomar from 06 I can deal with it. But I can’t imagine him getting better 2 years later. The best is behind him I am afraid and we are going to have to sit and watch him kill rallys with his first pitch hack. And block the development of Dewitt and/or Laroach. Either way it sucks.

They should put Joe on once daily Valtrex so we don’t get Herpierres outbreaks as often.

This line-up, compared to yesterday, is very depressing. It’s bad enough Ethier is out of the game, but DeWitt too. Both of them are doing so well. I understand they may need the day off(which we know they don’t), but not when there is a travel day off tomorrow. Here I go again, hoping a Dodger does poorly so the right players will get in the game. This is so frustrating, but I will do my best not to have negative thoughts. All in all, I want the Dodgers to win, and that should be the most important thing – let’s get 2 out of 3. Go Dodger Blue!!!!

I have to second alex here– sure I’d rather see DeWitt in there but I don’t really believe he will do a demonstrably better job, unlike the Pierre vs. anyone comparison. At least the lineup is in the right order with Nomar and JP at the bottom. I too wonder if Nomar will hack at that first pitch, my guess is yes. Redfox, not meaning any personal offense, but your posts are always soo bitter. Joe is by no means worse than Grady, and even if he was, you couldnt tell after 2 weeks of play. Also, i am not going to look this up myself but it would be great if someone did, i am very interested to see what the correlation is between having a consistent lineup and actually winning. People make a really big deal about the “constant lineup shuffling” and it must “mess with the players head– all the scary unknown variables”, but I’d like to see the data on that, because i have a feeling one would find that there is in fact very little correlation between winning pct% and lineup consistency— please prove me wrong and I will shutup.

Go Dodgers.. I feel a great game from Penny and a jack from Nomar, Jones, and Kemp.

jhall, how can you be sure that Nomar will be gone after this year? Judging was his past blunders, Ned may just resign him again.

Is it so important to play Pierre ,and Nomore? Eithier and Kemp and Dewitt should play everyday. Tommorrow is an off day, if Ethier is tired he can rest then.

Who was sent down? DeWitt or a pitcher?

I wish I could be as optomistic as you dnelson. I want to be, I just think back to last year and Nomore blocked Loney for 2 or 3 months, and now he is going to do it again. This isn’t spring training any more and we can’t have a “competition” for 3rd base.

They should send Hu down and just let Dewitt, Nomar if they must, fill in at second…

Hell, Dyoung can play second well enough as we all saw this spring

I am praying RedFox, but given Ned’s penchant for stupid deals, you may be right. I will be sick if Nomore is resigned.

scurtis, Torre is going to make his decision before BP.

sorry after bp

Well considering we have after tomorrow’s off day a ten game stretch without a day off, giving Ethier tonight off is actually a very smart move. Look at the big picture, not just tonight when decisions are made. I like most of you would love to play the same lineup every game. That’s just not possible.


I am tired of Nomore and him getting the nod over more talented players because of his good years way back when in Boston. It is absurd. He is washed up!!!! LaRoche and DeWitt at least have an upside, all Nomore has is a downside.

No one can have a “set” line up every night. But you can have a starting line up. We don’t know who is the starting RF, LF or 3rd base. And Torre is not going to come out and say it either. That is what is frustrating and I am sure the players would like to know what is going on. Which I am sure would make a difference in their minds and pschye (not sure that is spelled right).

Let’s just hope Torre continues to phase out the Veterans. He has to give them a shot to fail and thats because of our GM not having the stones (and the brains in the first place to sign these guys) to do something about it.

I guess it could be worse, I could have herpes. LOL

Hey guys, anyone know that website “Promote Logan White. A brighter future is within reach” is? I tried searching it on google but can’t find it anywhere. Anyways, that Petition needs to be recirculated. Ned needs to go!

Thunderbolt, Ned will be gone. Unless Frank doesn’t care about wasted millions of dollars because of Nedsters Moronic moves.

I disagree JNV– he has said it. Kemp is the starting RF and Ethier is the starting LF. Third base is complicated but that is thefault of those freak injuries and not Joe’s… No one can predict right now, but i would be willing to bet that by the end of the season Andre and Kemp have at least 200 more PA than JP… Only time will tell on that one though….

It would be a tough job for Joe to look DeWitt in the eyes and send him down, but he needs to play everyday and so does Hu (IMO) for that matter.

Hey Joe, April Fool’s Day was over two weeks ago. This is not funny.

Nomore in the lineup tonight isn’t so bad. He’ll probably get off to a good start … for a month or so.

It’s three months from now when Joe Tory still has him in the lineup even though he’s hit .240 with 4 homers over the last two months.

4 homers MLKemp, you are an eternal optimist. LOL

If Joe has said outright that Kemp and Either are the starters than I missed it. And as far as 3rd base is considered, I would say we have a damn good and promising 3rd baseman in Dewitt.

I guess Joe does have to see what Nomore Garciapierre has left in the tank.

jnv, Ned needs to go sooner than that. Even though the Dodgers were on that bad skid earlier this season, I actually took some delight in it. It made me think, “See Ned, Look at your work! Look at how your over-priced, over-the-hill veterans are producing! Do you see what’s happening Frank!” Meanwhile, Logan White, smirks, and thinks, “I told you so”

And I hope you are right about the PA’s I dont’ think most of us could stand seeing Pierre get more AB’s than Kemp or EIther.

What is/ar the difference(s) between Nomore and a Nomore bobblehead?

Thunderbolt, you are right he does need to go, and I hope it is as soon as Logan White can yes to the job!! If Logan White is not the replacement than I am not sure I would like to see another warm body from another club that Frank looks up to come over here and decimate our farm system that Logan has developled.

Bobblehead will take a first pitch….

bobblehead is definately more durable

Nomore bobblehead doesn’t break as easily.

Nomore bobblehead does not suffer obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Mia has more fun with the bobblehead!!!!!!!!!!

Ramon bobblehead insists on having his name spelled forwards.

If it’s not Logan White, then it should be Kim Ng.

If White gets passed over on the job there will be a revolt– I really might consider boycotting… I think Ned gets fired this year regardless. I mean, he signed CF in back to back offseasons. That is such a joke. The guy couldnt have the foresight to sign a one year guy, b/c everyone knew Jones, Hunter, Rowand would be FA’s the next year…

Now let’s not be so quick to jump on Joe – Mia probably wants him out of the house.

thats a great one mlkemp…

I am leaving you all with this one, Bobblehead can fall down and not go on the DL!!
good night all, go Dodgers!!!!

Does Nomar’s mom know Pierre’s mom?

Anyone catch this article from John Heyman on the worst free agent signings?

The lesson here is, “Never pay big bucks to a singles hitter with a nice personality”

ewk216, I’m sorry if I come across “soo bitter” to you. I guess I’ve been a Dodger fan too long, and the current situation has taken me over the edge. I just watched the highlights of the Dodgers ’55 World Series today while having my lunch. Those were the good old days when baseball was fun. No huge salaries, long term contracts, and sky high ticket prices. And lineups weren’t decided by the size or length of your contract. For the Dodgers, you knew who was going to play everyday unless there was an obvious reason for a change. Players were accessible to the fans and even had to get a job during the off-season to make ends meet. How times have changed! But baseball could still be fun, but the current Dodger situation is just so frustrating because it seems to defy common sense. I’m not going to take the time to try to prove that constant lineup shuffling affects winning percentage, but it sure seems logical to me. I know how I would be affected if I were a ballplayer and never knew if I’d be in the lineup from day-to-day. And when I was in, I’d probably be tense, trying to do more to prove I belonged or to show the manager he was wrong to bench me. From my observation, winning teams are the teams who can relax and play loose, developing that team chemistry and bonding that is an essential, but hard to measure, part of success. And different batting orders require different things from the players. You can’t settle in when it’s always changing. And though I can’t prove it, I am confident that if Torre had stuck with his opening day lineup straight through to today, the team record would be much better. And even a win or two now can make a big difference at the end of the season.

Just about a month ago
We set from Vero
Looking for a guy for third base
Thought we’d have LaRoche
Things got bad and things got worse
But then we found DeWitt

Oh lord, stuck with Nomar again.

Alright E! Good article T-Bolt.

Hi Josh….Please have someone fix the volume ratio between the game broadcast and the commercials. And it’s a problem on both KCAL and PRIME. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I’m really tired of the volume-up/volume-down cycle during the games….Thanks!

Wecome back Nomar. Missed the nervous twiching between the bats & the gloves. One thing he’s a stark difference to DeWitt, with his ever swinging approach.
Blake is more like LaRoche with his patience at the plate.
The kid’s doing great and he looks like a natural pull hitter whose was getting closer & closer to the right field stands.
He did get a nice hit to left, last night, though.
Hope we get a better performance from Penny, than we did in his last start.

It has to be Troncoso that goes down. Who (Hu) is the only player other than Furcal who can play shortstop? That’s right.

If Furcal were to get hurt in a game, we’d be putting Nomar in there, and right now, I am not 100% sure that Nomar can play third base (I’m not certain he can play first, atually). Monday night, Pierre was on deck to hit for Hu, who had come in to play second for Kent. Strange move, but what’s even stranger is that it was unclear what player would player would play second if we had tied it up–my best guess is that DeWitt would move to second, Gary Bennett would catch, and Russell Martin would play third. This is all kinds of bad. And, since Pee Wee Young is a key pinch-hitter, we have to be more careful, since he is also the emergency catcher. Throw in the fact that Nomar’s return is suspect (he’s still playing with pain–and we know that always works out well), and losing a position player is just not a good option.

I am pulling for Nomar tonight. As between the 2008 version of Blake DeWitt and the 2006 version of Nomar, I would take Nomar any day of the week, and twice in a double-header. Besides Nomar coming back too soon because he is still playing with pain, my biggest concern is that Nomar is just old for his age, and it may be the 2007 version of Nomar (or worse). Give me the 2008 version of DeWitt (and, he may be improving to the 2009 version) over the 2007 edition of Nomar, easily. But, I hope it works out.

That being said, if you’ve been trying to find the formula for scoring all season, why tinker with it the day after scoring 11 runs? And if we’re inserting Nomar, maybe we assure that the other guys in the lineup can support him, rather than putting in our 4th best outfielder. For goodness sake, if you’re having problem scoring runs, why sit the guy with the most RBIs? Seriouisly, how much rest does a 26 year-old kid need? It’s not like Ethier’s playing catcher or middle infielder. The only thing sillier would be “resting” Loney–as if a First Baseman needs a day off–or resting a Bison like Matt Kemp.

I just saw tonights lineup. Why on God’s green earth would you F with something that worked so well the night before. Garciaparra isn’t even close to the defensive player that DeWitt is. Christ, he had 6 errors in 43 games last year. In addition to that, I’ll be willing to bet that he’s no better at the plate either. He’s only hit .300 once since 2004. I honestly can’t see how he helps this team as it stands right now.
As far as Pierre getting the start over Ethier; what can I say. Is there still room in the Dead Horse Society? All Ethier’s done is lead the team in RBI, post a .344 OBP and .519 SLG. He only trails Furcal and Loney in total bases so far this season. It makes perfect sense that Torre benches him in favor of a guy who can’t even lay down a freaking bunt to move runners over; AND THAT’S HIS STRENGTH! His mama must’ve had a long talk with the coach. After all, it’s not about winning games; it’s about making sure everybody bats and everyone is having fun. Pierre needs Williamsport, not Dodger stadium. Benching one of your most productive hitters, (especially when the other half of the team is still trying to get started) in favor of a slap hitting base stealer who can’t get on base is absolutely asinine. As a man greater than myself once said – UNACCEPTABLE!

LMAO Kace, great post. I totally agree. If you are going to start Nomore Garciapierre to see what he’s got left in the tank, my god, don’t weaken the lineup by sitting Ethier. Just pure stupidity!

Yea Joe, Ethier is worn out, dog tired, better give him some time off. Geez!!!!!

Momma Phew must have called Ned.

Catch the way Nomar rips open and closes the Velcro on his batting gloves and heel /toes incessantly between pitches. It drove me crazy until I learned to only look at the pitcher until the ball was thrown.

No $#!+
I think Torre’s the guy who needs a night off, not Ethier. I guess he figures that with Penny on the mound we won’t need to score a lot of runs tonight. The last time we scored 11 runs in on game, we were shut out the next day. Go Joe! Another stellar baseball move! Can you smell the sarcasm in the air tonight?

14 games standing in the outfield for a 26 year old athlete must have taken it’s toll. Maybe it’s all the bases he’s rounded that’s made him tired. I hear stepping on that hard plate can wreak havoc on one’s knees. Rest up and ice your knees Mr. Ethier, we’re going to need some runs in Atlanta

Yea, all that running around the bases tuckered Ethier out. LOL

The good news is that Torre is smart enough to know that Nomar and JP belong at the bottom of the order. Pirates starter Paul Maholm has Hendricksonian-level performance, so he can be lit up. I suppose there’s no time like the present to see how Nomar and his hand will hold up against major league pitching, or what passes for that tonight.
I hope Nomar did a lot of fielding and throwing at 3B during drills and in the offseason, because his style at 3B last year looked quite bizarre.
leekfink: If they did end up hitting for Hu the other night, I think D Young would have played 2nd. He played two innings there at the end of the blowout of the Padres.

Yep, D Young could be our 2nd baseman next year. Laroche/DeWitt at 3rd. Kent and Nomore gone.

Has everyone heard about Andy LaRoache’s rehab strategy? Guitar Hero 3! I guess that it has a reverse effect on him when compared to Joel Zumaya. Stan Conte says that it has helped.

Is Tony Abreu still hurt?

Is Tony Abreu still hurt?
Yes, at least according to Diamond Leung’s Press-Enterprise blog:
“Tony Abreu has been shut down in Vero Beach due to the lingering aftereffects of offseason surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle.”


Here’s something to think about.

If Torre thinks Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier is good enough to bat third for our team, and Pierre is bad enough to hit eighth…
Why does the eight hitter continue to get playing time over our 3 hitters?

As for Nomar, I don’t mind him starting over DeWitt. With the way people are talking about Blake, you would think he’s hitting .350 and would be our third basemen of the future…

Don’t get me wrong, I think DeWitt has done a solid job… But a .260 hitter with no pop is not the long term solution at third base. Nomar will be fine there until Andy comes back.

“But a .260 hitter with no pop is not the long term solution at third base”…your right, Nomar is not the answer.

Good point, but I think that Ivan DeJesus may also be a possibility. He is off to quite a start at AA and he is only 21. If Hu and Abreu outplay LaRoache in the next year or so, he could end up being stuck at third.

givemeitems: “Nomar will be fine there until Andy comes back.”
That may depend largely on just how much his injury is affecting his play. Were the Dodgers better off with Furcal playing hurt almost all last season, or would they have fared better if he had been DLed longer? In any case, DeWitt is still up, so perhaps Nomar will ride the pine against tough righties [like Kemp does 😉 ].

oh boy oh boy!
son of a biznatch!

you have pierre and nomar in the same line and for some damn reason jones stil finds his wastless way in into the lineup. i mean i know he did good yesterday but shoot Im tired of seeing him strike out everyday.
I liked Dewitt at third! He should be our 3rd baseman from now on. Hes average but that kid has some talent.

DeWitt is hitting .260 after 14 games in the Major Leagues. He may not hit .300 and he may not hit 15 home runs, but neither will Nomar. I’d rather see a slick fielding kid who hits .260 than an aging, washed up veteran who’s been booted out of every position he’s played. Nomar is done. If you don’t believe me, wait. He’ll be back on the DL sooner rather than later.

Look at these guys hit! Lets see what the bottom third of the lineup does tonight.

To answer your earlier question bigkace, there’s always room for one more in the Dead Horse Society.

New DHS motto:

“So many dead horses, so little time.”

How do you miss that tag! Ha! Go Bison!


MATT FREAKIN’ KEMP! That’s why they call him The Bison™.

That’s not Cool Hand Luke, that’s cool bat Andruw.

We got plenty of old tired nags to beat on!!!

Nomar takes the first three pitches…..

… four pitches …

Did hell just freeze over?

LONEY knocks in another

Who had “walk” in the first Nomar PA pool? Shocked, I am.

Dear Juan,
This is NOT a bunting situation.
Thank you,
Old Fogey

What do you know, HE CAN BUNT!

Finally got down a good bunt./

A patient NOMAR?
Pierre being himself

5 hits

For the record, I wrote my letter to Juan BEFORE the wild pitch.

To coin a phrase, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Evidently Juan knows his. LOL

wow those were two great ABs right in a row by Nomar and Pierre. Well done. That was a great bunt and I wish he would do that 1 out of 3 abs. He has speed, use it and if he has to be our 4th OF to keep guys fresh as long as it’s minimal then hey I have no problem with Pierre. And if Nomar stays healthy and hits thats fine by me.

Although with the pitcher behind him, JP should be hitting away to try and get both runners in. Of course the Pirates should probably have given JP the IBB and taken their chances with the pitcher, even if Penny is an ok hitter.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard IBB and Juan Pierre used in the same sentence. LOL

enchanted, it was hard to believe I was typing it!

That whole AB was so wrong in every baseball sense, ONLY JP could’ve pulled it off because he’s the only one that would’ve done it.

Let’s get that merry-go-round going again, I hate to see it end so soon.

MATT FREAKIN’ KEMP! That’s why they call him The Bison™.

The Bison ™ – batteries not included.

No. 2 for our power hitting fleet footed short stop.

Who compared Maholm to Hendy? – Damn, that was spot on.


Good call Fogey!!!!

Martin’s almost hitting Andruw’s weight now.

Andruw’s almost hitting Pierre’s.

Poor Andruw is not getting in on the fun.

Unusual two consecutive SF’s for LONEY.
Gotta get that hit though to keep that streak alive.
With all that fire power that doesn’t include the mighty Jones.

I’m thinking that maybe Nomar’s hand really hurts when he swings the bat, so he’ll be more economical with his swings. That could only be good.

He’s not in range yet, but Andruw is starting to show up as a big blip on the dead horse radar.

Andruw is about the size of a dead Clydesdale.

Suprising scoring 6 runs in the first two innings after scoring 11 only last night.
I tell you this is good for the RBI & AVGs.

Of course, JP pops to left when he SHOULD be bunting.

Maybe Joe outfoxed everyone. Start Nomore and Phew against the weakest pitchers. Save Ethier and DeWitt for the better pitchers. LOL

lol messagebear!

jhall – Soon we will learn that Joe Torre sees all, hears all, knows all. We mere mortals cannot understand the power that is Joe Torre.

eAHHHH They didn’t score.

Hope so Fogey!!!!

Bear – when you say Tubbs you’ve said it all.

Good one again E!! You’re on a roll. LOL

Great defense, Less hitting.

LMAO jhall!

Hey I’ve decided that if Nomar’s OBP is 1.000, I don’t mind him playing for awhile.

Yea, I can take that!!!! HAHA

Hendrickson beat the Braves tonight. Holy Cow!!!

Yeah, but can you take those submarine throws in the dirt to first?

Penny might get through the 7th.

pierre, At this rate, Penny will do that in exactly 100 pitches.

Sounds like DeWitt is headed for the bench or Vegas, or am I reading too much into it? From,4670,BBNDodgersGarciaparra,00.html

“The best thing that’s come out of the whole bad luck part of (the rash of injuries to the third base position) was Blake DeWitt,” Torre said. “We certainly got a peek at a guy who didn’t come to spring training with it, and found himself playing on opening day. So whatever happens for him from here on out has certainly been a positive for him and us both _ to watch the way he’s handled this stuff and to know that he’s there in the event that we need some help.”

Nomar’s OBP just dropped to .667 and enchanted just hopped off the Lowrider bandwagon.

Glad to see Maholm gave up 6 runs before he settled down.

back to normal:

– N. Garciaparra popped out to shallow right
– J. Pierre grounded into fielder’s choice

Juan Pierre: The Fielder’s Cherce.

LOL Fogey!!

jhall – thanks. that’s a pretty old reference.

Wait – was that for the Nomar post, or the JP one?

Ferk had his head up his **** on that one!!!

Yup fogey, that’s it. Back to the glue factory!!!

unearned run 😦

Tough break for Penny on Furcal’s error.
Penny was pitching one of his best games.
I guess Torre didn’t think so.

The Phew post Fogey, that’s Brooklyn stuff.

That’s our KEMP.

MATT FREAKIN’ KEMP! That’s why they call him The Bison™.
All tools except power have been shown tonight.

Hey Fogey, they bleeped out Arrrse on me without the extra R’s. I guess they are in touch with there Brooklyn roots. LOL

en fuego!

(although questionable scoring – it’s a line drive in the box score for Furcal!)

This game could be a real laugher without the two GIDPs.

C’mon Procto, you’ve got a 5 run lead, throw strikes you moron.

Another error knocks out pitcher.


They’ve still got a lot to learn.

Biemel, Yea!!!!!!!!

Fielding error by Nomar – Shocking!!


Beimel shuts ’em down.
Good to get out of that inning.

Agreed E.

It’s too bad we’re running through the bullpen again, but double-switch with Beimel against two lefties they can’t/won’t PH for is a good move by Torre.

15 in a row is good.

The streak continues! What a great all-around hitter.

15 straight for Loney too!

Yep Fogey, good move. At least we have the off day tomorrow so Joe can pull out all the stops. Errors just bite.

VIN calls JONES “The homerun hitter”

Andruw hearing the boos!!

Nomar’s walked TWICE!?


We have an incomming bogey on the dead horse radar – over.

Course he’s almost as big… We have an incomming BOOGy on DHR.

Hey, was that who I thought it was that doubled!? The apocalypse must be upon us now!

Hope Joe brings in Ethier next inning for defense.

Ferk does it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our power hitting SS shows his speed.

“Hope Joe brings in Ethier next inning for defense.”
Actually, jhall, I hope not. This is a big enough lead for that not to matter.

on the other hand, Young for JP is OK with me. 🙂

Either way would be good.

Or Young to 2B and Hu to SS, give Furcal a little rest.

That’ll work.

Beimel could have stayed in – only threw six pitches – but I do love the Blue Ox.

Need to run Sammy out there to get some work with the off day tomorrow. He didn’t get much of a spring. Plus, after the meatball the other night, it would be good for him to get back out there as soon as possible.

If Sammy didn’t shake that off by morning, he shouldn’t be a closer. I doubt it matters to him at this point.

Except for the two errors, we have played a great game. Holding Penny to 85 pitches with a huge lead is probably a good plan. He would have gone futher without the error, but getting him out of there and not overtaxing him could pay dividends later.

He could still use the work Fogey.

Just my opinion. I would run him out there.

The last two posts are all good points.

Still got some rough edges that need smoothing. Only way is to get in there.

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL – yup, let’s get that double out of the system now! And you’re right, this is only his sixth appearance. The work is not a bad idea. Off day tomorrow, off yesterday.

Hope the road is good to us.

Shoulda swept them.

Raffy’s hitting .407 now.

Fantastic 8 to 1 victory for our Los Angeles Dodgers over the Pittsburgh Pirates! Superman Jeff Kent always leading the way along with Rafael Furcal, Matt Kemp,Russel Martin and the rest of our Los Angeles Dodgers! Joe Torre, once again making all the right moves! Takashi Saito, way to close it out along with the rest of the pitchers! Our Los Angeles Dodgers are The Team of Destiny in 2008 as we march on towards getting Superman Jeff Kent his well deserved World Series Championship Ring!

As Alex pointed out, LA is catching some breaks with the pitching this trip. Hudson, TBA and Jurrjens in Atlanta.

Well, not our best line-up, but certainly adequate enough against the Bucs.

Nice of the Ds to schedule an off day on my anniversary. These home night games are making the wife a baseball widow.

Nite all.

Yeah Pierre, that one still stings.

G’Nite E!!

dodgereric – with .500 OBP and .695 Slg%. Furcal es en fuego!

Happy Anniversary enchanted. How many?

Have a wonderful anniversary E.

fogey, not too bad for a leadoff hitter.

That’d be 9 with this one 🙂

Later Dudes!!

First date with my wife was a double-header at Dodger Stadium in ’74.

Cool DodgerEric. Way to go Enchanted!!!!!!!!

Time to rest up and get ready to kick some Brave Arrrse!!!

Now that’s acceptable! 🙂


Kevin Baxter of the LA Times is a bleedin’ moron!
“He had to wait a little longer than expected, but Dodgers Manager Joe Torre finally got a look Wednesday at the lineup he thought he’d start the season with.”
Uh, yeah, maybe before he laid eyes on Ethier and LaRoche. Puh-leez.

ALL the sportswriters are morons! Who is planting this idea?
Tony Jackson, Daily News, near the end of his atricle:
“With the return of Nomar Garciaparra from the disabled list, the Dodgers finally were utilizing a lineup that somewhat resembled what they thought they would have on Opening Day.”
Mike Scarr of (where is Gurnick?) leads with this:
“It wasn’t until Day 15 of the regular season but manager Joe Torre was finally treated to the lineup he envisioned this spring.”
What a load!

I think Joe is consciously taking out pitchers early in the season to build up the stamina and ensure there is enough for the stretch run… I am basing that solely off of the way he handled Bills the other day and Penny today, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty smart ploy.

Everybody is pulling for Logan White if Ned is history, but I think that if Ned is fired at seasons end the next GM will be Brian Cashman of the Yanks. He’s under contract for this year ,and if it’s not renewed with his buddy Torre here, I think that Frank brings him in. I’m not sure how that would work out though?

It is a smart ploy as long as he doesn’t over work the bullpen.

Cashman is not a GM for the Dodgers. he is a yes man to Steinbrenner! I don’t think he has had an original thought of his own since he was a kid!!
I would rather have Colitis instead of Cashman.

Hm… very interesting theory fliegel—- He would probably be the one person I would accept other than Logan. It’s kind of hard to argue with what the Yankees have done over the past 10-15 years; sure the payroll was always huge, but they still had to go and play the game, of which they won a lot of.

Steinbrenner hasnt had a big hand in baseball ops in a while in NY. Also, a yes man he may be, the team average 95 wins for as long i can remember…

One of the Steinbrenners have had a say in personel, wether it was George or one of his sons. Probably Hal. But I don’t believe Cashman has authority in player personel. And it’s not hard to build a winning team when you go out and buy every All-star for every postion you can. It takes someone like Logan White to build a winner from the ground up. Logan knows our system and is instrumental in bringing along all the talent in the minors. I just think if White is not the man next year than to leave Nedster in place.

Actually, replace him with Kim Ng.

I know we’ve already talked a bit about this, but there’s an article on Buckner’s visit to Fenway from Todd Jones on the Sporting News site that any fan of #22 ought to read:

Yea, the media are all creaming in their pants about Torre finally having a lineup with Nomar in it. Let’s see how that plays another month down the road, especially now that one half of the infield is suspect defensively. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Torre started Nomar and will continue to do so, and for the sake of our winning I want to see him do well. I just don’t trust Nomar to have the team as his top priority and always suspected that he really wasn’t physically top notch when he underperformed last year. I wouldn’t expect him to own up to any injuries unless they were just obvious. I hope his performance does not lead to Ned signing him for another year no matter what his role would then be.

So now the great Nomore adventure begins…

Sure Nomar’s going to get you a hit now and then – his bat isn’t the real problem – but if last season didn’t make it plain enough, last night it was painfully obvious that there’s no way he can handle 3rd on a full-time, part-time or emergency basis. My concern is how long it takes Joe to figure that out. When he goes FA after this season, I doubt there’s any NL team (save the Jints) who would sign him, and at best he’s a fading DH in the AL.

This year’s still a transition year from the old to the young. Unless Ned does something stupid [again] like resign Kent & Nomore, we’ll see some real defense in the infield in 2009.

Regarding the posts above, if the Nedster does get the sack, McCourt needs to go with Logan as GM. Otherwise you’ll be getting another outside the organization boob that doesn’t know the players, doesn’t know the farm system, and will likely want to make a big splash by trading some of the young guys. McCourt would be wise to go back and study the Dodger way of hiring from within.

Dead Horse Status:

Glue: Pierre

On the scope: Nomar, Andruw, Sweeney

Temporarily reprieved: Loaiza (his status is on a day-to-day basis)

So many dead horses, so little time.

What’s difference between NoMore and a NoMore Bobblehead? (can we please continue from yesterday?)

Maybe I should read all the posts B4 I ask a dumb question…Sorry.

About last night…Was Nady really out at the plate? I saw it live and played it on my DVR and it was C-L-O-S-E!!

jax, yeah it was close. But in baseball, most of the time they’ll call you out if the ball beats the runner. There are a lot of tag plays that aren’t called right. I’m shocked that they didn’t call Kemp out last night. In fact, the third base ump never called him safe once he got to the bag. I think he was waiting for someone to bail him out.

Now that I think about it, you’re right. The ump was making a non-call and let play continue.

Regarding the bobbleheads, I’d like to say that, while there were a lot of good ones for both Pierre and Nomar, jhall cleared the fence with the ‘trade value’ one for Pierre and the ‘Mia’ crack for Nomar. They both had me rocking back in my chair. 🙂 Thanks jhall.

How about the difference between Ned and a Ned Bobblehead?

The bobblehead is better at evaluating talent.

The bobblehead isn’t wearing a Giant uniform underneath his suit.

For any old LA football fans, here is the latest dream:

thanks dodgereric for the stadium link!

Thanks DodgerEric for the kudo’s on the bobblehead cracks. They were all good and kept me laughing.

You’re welcome scott. We can dream. I hear the Rams’ attendance isn’t what it used to be……….

Ned bobblehead doesn’t have bad hair days!!

I’m telling you, jhall, that Mia crack was darned near pornographic. I guess that shows you that my head’s in the gutter.

I hadn’t thought of it that way until awhile after I posted it. Oh, well, it is all subjective.

Hope DeWitt gets to start at least a couple of times a week to rest Nomar. Also, come in for defense late in close games. He and/or LaRoche are the future for us at 3rd.

Let’s hope we get first half 06 Nomar for awhile.

And of course, I would rather start an outfield of Ethier, Jones, and Kemp on most days. Let Pierre give Jones a breather once in a while.

Just got to keep winning and it is not as big an issue.

Someone mentioned that the next two series have very favorable pitching matchups for the Dodgers. We need to make a charge.

The Madres and the Snakes play each other this weekend. If we can step on the Braves we can make some hay on one of those teams.

Looks to me like Torre will alternate with all four OF’s. If he includes Jones by giving him an equal number of off-days, that might be all right, although I’d go with my best three consistently. What seems missing is any kind of a plan for DY. He was obviously kept on the team because he was out of options, but does this system give him any chance to develop and maintain his skills. He’s not a natural pinch-hitter, although he could be useful in that capacity if he is given enough AB’s. I guess I’m frustrated because I see no effort or event intent by Ned to unload Pierre.

What frightens me bear is if we don’t resign Ferk, Ned’s keeping JP around to be the lead-off man in ’09. What that means for Kemp and Ethier next season I don’t even want to speculate on.

JP needs to be traded now as his avg. is about normal for him right now.

Pull the Trigger!!!

Bear, I asked Ned the question of whether or not he was trying to trade Pierre and if there was any interest from anyone a couple of times. It was not acknowledged. I can only assume that if Ned gets an inquiry into Pierre’s availability that he would listen. I would hope that the Dodgers would be willing to make concessions to get the deal done. That is the big question. With DY and Repko, they don’t need Pierre as a backup outfielder so letting him go would not detract from the team. Actually, it would enhance the team by taking away the distraction of not knowing day in and day out what to expect. I believe it would help all involved to have a set outfield and once in a while give a player a day off. Of course everyone with an ounce of baseball sense knows what that outfield should be. At the present time, I don’t believe their is anyone interested in Pierre at any cost. If you want a centerfielder you would inquire about Coco Crisp before Pierre. Red Sox may want too much in return and that can only help our cause. Otherwise, myself, I would sign Lofton for a year if I was looking for a centerfielder. Bottomline is, Pierre has very little to no trade value and the Dodgers know it.

Yhency Brazoban is looking good in the minors. something like 6 innings, 7 Ks, 1 hit, 1 BB, no runs. hopefully we’ll see him soon.

Yep E, that scares the heck out of me too. It will truly bite.

Bring back Braz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Procto scares me.

Proctor’s just like a proctologist – whenever he slips on his glove and comes sauntering in, you know something bads going to happen…

Logan White would be my choice for the next GM also, if he wanted it, but with 2 GMs in McCourts reign with no GM experience, and nothing to show for it, I would think Frank would go after Cashman. We already know he prefers big name managers.

Yep E, bend over!!!!!

Yep E, bend over!!!!!

So Proctor’s bobblehead comes with a latex glove on the right hand?

LOL Scott!!!

Yeah, but then the only difference between Proctor and the bobblehead would be that we give HIM the finger!!



The Red Sox would be better off keeping Coco Crisp. (The Canadian Press, J.P. Moczulski / Associated Press)

One general manager interested in Coco Crisp is convinced that the Red Sox do not want to move the center fielder, saying, “Anytime somebody asks, they ask for the moon.”

Frankly, the Sox are better off keeping both Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury; Crisp gives the team protection against an injury to left fielder Manny Ramirez or, more likely, right fielder J.D. Drew.

Another factor: Ellsbury, 24, hasn’t shown he can handle the inside fastball. Opponents will continue to pound him inside until he makes the adjustment.

From Rosenthal at FoxSports

That model (crisp) is no longer available, BUT how about this shiny new Pierre right over here!

Dodgers center fielder Andruw Jones is playing in the wrong division as he tries to overcome his 5-for-44 start; the starting pitching in the NL West is outstanding, and the Dodgers play nearly half their games against division opponents. Jones hit 10 of his 26 home runs last season against the Pirates, Reds and Marlins, the teams that posted the three highest ERAs in the National League.

From same article.

Looks like Andruw gets fat on the pitching staff pigs. LOL

Yeah scott – runs great, especially when taking you to the cleaners!

LOL E, good one.

Runs great, underpowered, and little headroom.

Only on ITD can we go from proctology to used cars inside of 5 posts.

It goes really fast, but the sunroof is a little crooked.

What a dynamic bunch we are!!

Has had a ring job in the the last 6-7 years.

Also starting to leak some kind of fluid when it sits.

Makes a high pitch whining sound when it sits idle for too long.

Needs a new idler arm.

I have been reading (well laughing) most of the day. I thought since it was a Dodger off day, I would lay off the posting and just sit back and laugh, but I can’t resist telling you that this group is hilarious. I didn’t get to watch the game last night (I listened), and I read the comments from last night’s game, and this group had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I will check in again tomorrow. My friend,who works with me next door,is an A’s/Braves fan. I can handle the A’s part (no threat), but I told her that her Braves are going down this weekend.

Good wheels, but no toe package because it does not have enough power to carry much. Will consider interesting financing options.

sorry – “tow package”.

Great game last night. I know it’s a big thing that Loney got to 15-straight, but I just never doubted it.

Also, great to see Nomar hitting, but even more importantly, walking. Nice.

Also, old_fogey–about Monday night, I think that Young had already pinch-hit–that’s why I was wondering about it.

Will give away to a good home. Any home.

How do you think Boog will fare against his old team?

Trigger and Nomore and Boog, Oh My!

Oh my battin’s average’s nuthin
My belly’s full of stuffin’
I strike out ev’ry game…

I’m smellin’ like a dead horse
and Ned’s got buyer’s remorse
But I’m grinin’ just the same…

Trigger and Nomore and Boog,
We’re screwed!!!!

…Oh I could tell you why
The Braves showed me the door
I swing at things that I could hit before
But now I swing, and sit somemore…


They say I’m looking too big
That I should find a new gig
That Jenny Craig’s for me…

But they know I still can pick-it
So I tell them where to stick-it
As I’m bulgin’ out my T.

Pay no attention to that man behind the scenes, I am the great and powerful wizard of… ned.


An arm.

The youth.

A hit.

How ’bout a little down and away slider Scarecrow?

I AM SO HAPPY I GET TO WATCH THE GAME TONIGHT!! it starts, for me, as the reasonable hour of 1:30


I am so glad to see Furcal start off the season on a real tear. Many of us were insisting last season that he be put on the DL right after the All Star break and given the chance to have his ankle fully recover in time for the stretch run. It’s hard to say what would have happened had the management done that, but they let him play on even though he was unable to perform up to his normal standard. I’m wondering whether we’re doing the same with rushing Nomar back, but only time will tell. I don’t know many here who would put any trust in Conte regarding these evaluations.

Assuming that Furcal goes on to have a breakout season just before his eligibility for FA, I think we should go as far as offering him four years at around $72 million. That would be the equivalent of Andruw’s annual salary, but a longer term. I think Furcal could command that on the open market, given what salary increases we’ve seen for less talented players.

Talking about Andruw, I wonder whether his real age has been optimized similarly to what we’ve recently learned about Tejada.

I agree messagebear,
Nomar even said he wasn’t 100%, I don’t think anybody is excited about Nomar at 100% and now that he has admitted he isn’t I am really worried about what he will bring to the party. I think Dewitt should stay in there and play until Nomar is fully recovered and not coming back to soon just so he can try and get another rediclulous payday next year!!! He is a utility player at best now and Torre needs to see that!

… still waiting for the bobblehead announcement. Not sure why they are delaying it.

4/18 lineup vs Jeff Bennett:

Hey, it worked the first time.

SS Furcal
RF Kemp
LF Ethier
2B Kent
1B Loney
C Martin
CF Jones
3B Nomar
RH Lowe

I’m starting to think that Joe knows that Kemp is the better player.

yeah!! I like the line-up!!

That’s what I’m talking about!!

Now somebody tie up Pierre and hide him in Atlanta somewhere so he doesn’t play tomorrow.


Scott, all they have to do is hide his hat, they wouldn’t be able to find one in time for him to play!! 🙂

*find one small enough that is…..

You people are hilarious!!!!! Thanks for the comic relief – lmao

Nedster gives us lemons and we make lemonade!

BTW, Torre gets to be the lion because he lacks the courage to play the best players…

They compare me to ol’ Grittle
A retired indivittle
Who didn’t have my charm

So to keep the Nedster happy
I’m playin’ little Slappy
and his stinky noodle arm.

Holy Cow E, you just keep on amazing me. LMAO!!

Pierre is standing in the dugout clicking heels together and reciting; “There’s no place like starting, there’s no place like starting, there’s no place like starting……..”, hoping he can go back to 2003 in Florida.

Maybe the little flying monkeys will come down and carry him away if we’re lucky….

Auntie Ned, Auntie Ned………!!!!

We represent the outfield glut, the outfield glut, the outfield glut, and in the name of, the outfield glut,
We wish to welcome you to Neeeeeeeed’s land.

Yes its true jhall, my dimentia knows no conventional bounds – I answer to a higher calling.

JP’s a charter member of the lollipop guild!!!

My daughter used to make me play the “Dorothy movie” all the time when she was little. That and Mary Poppins.


even in his outfield play he’s simply halitosis
if you play him long enough he’ll give you a neurosis

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