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Holiday spirits…

I know that many of us who are fortunate enough to work for the Dodgers spend a lot of time thinking about how lucky we are to work for an organization of this stature, but there are certain days that are just better than others.

Most days, as I pull into the parking lot, I try to remember what an amazing job I have. But much like all of you, there’s also an office culture and office life and with that, comes an office holiday party. Ours starts in about 30 minutes when the offices will close for the afternoon and the games begin. There’s lunch in the Dugout Club, a softball tournament down on the field, some sort of Olympic games (not sure what it will entail) and then dinner before we head home. Office camaraderie is important anywhere you work, even more so when you log the kind of hours that are required of these sorts of jobs.

I certainly don’t write this to brag…just to give a little insight into a great day like this for the organization. We get hammered plenty publicly but it’s days like this that it’s hard to deny how fortunate we are to be associated with the Los Angeles Dodgers…there are very few teams in baseball that can say they’ve been in the playoffs four out of the last six years and three out of the last four, not to mention back-to-back NLCS for the first time in three decades. I’ve worked with a lot of people through the 90s and early 2000s who spent a lot of years here and never got to witness the sort of success we’ve had on the field in recent years. We still have the ultimate goal in mind – a World Series – but we also have to know that only one team can win it each year and hopefully our time is coming soon. And off the field, I think we all know that there are several million people who would trade jobs with us in a heartbeat. I’m just hoping I don’t pull any muscles in advance of tomorrow night’s front office basketball tournament…yet another cool thing organized by the accounting department.

Anyway, changing subjects, one more cool thing happened today…Camelback Ranch won an award from Ballpark Digest and I’d imagine that any of you who got to visit understand why. Those who didn’t should start making their plans now because it really is a very cool experience.