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Sweeping feeling

Now that was a pretty solid series all around…I’m sure there are naysayers who will point out that the Reds’ record is four games under .500, but it’s important to remember that they were the hottest team in baseball when they arrived, winners of six in a row.

In any event, I also wanted to make sure that all of you knew about this weekend’s luncheon where you can meet and get autographs from the Dodgers’ stars of the 1960s. You can purchase online, if you’re interested, but for more information, visit this page.

And finally, as we head out tomorrow for the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf tournament, I’ll leave you all to ponder this thought, which I’ve been wondering the last 24 hours or so.

Given how well Blake DeWitt is playing (.325, 4 HR, 23 RBI), he’s on pace for 14 homers and 81 RBI, not to mention the fact that he’s yet to make an out with the bases loaded (6-for-6). The question is, what is your reasonable expectation of him for the season, given all that you know. Is it fair to think he’s going to hit .325 all year? If not, what is fair for a guy who has never played over Double-A and wasn’t even on the 40-man entering Spring Training. And do you think he’s going to hit more than 14 homers and drive in more than 80 runs, or is it more likely in your mind that he’ll experience some growing pains this season?

Just some food for thought on an off day…no right answers and I certainly hope he can keep up the incredible offense and defensive contributions. Curious to see what you all think.