Kicking off the homestand

The team is back in town, despite a late arrival last night (3 a.m. PT/5 a.m. body time). But they should be ready to go tonight against the D’backs.

Be sure to tune into KABC 790 for the start of the Joe Torre segment on the pregame show, as they’ll be kicking off this new addition to the show.

Here’s the lineup:

Pierre 7

Loretta 5

Hudson 4

Loney 3

Martin 2

Ethier 9

Kemp 8

Castro 6

Kuroda 1

And here’s Joe Torre’s pregame chat:

I did not talk to Manny today. I got here a little after 1 and didn’t talk to many people other than my wife and daughter.

Furcal is fine. After the long plane ride and the short night’s sleep, we thought it would be good to rest him.

Blake we will wait and see on tomorrow. He can play and wants to play. He’s serviceable, but we’re being careful.

I’m not concerned about Kuroda physically, but he might not be sharp so we have Kershaw behind him. His pitch count will be about 80-85.
Throughout the season, we are going to keep an eye on Kershaw’s innings. Tonight is one of those situations, so he’ll get pushed back. If he gets into the game tonight, he’ll pitch Friday and if he doesn’t get in the game he’ll pitch Thursday.

Pierre has always understood his role. The difference between last year and this year is Manny. He understood. Last year, with Andruw Jones, I don’t think he felt that his role should have changed. It was difficult for Juan and I last year. But we talked a lot and figured it out.


  1. Dodger4life

    Welcome Home Boy’s!!!
    Welcome back Kuroda!!!
    Get Well Blake!!!
    Get some Rest Raffy!!!!
    LETS GO DODGERS, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nellyjune



  3. colliethec

    Good evening to all the ITD’ers, Ethieraholics, & Chicks that are out there!
    Hopefully the Blue will make some snakeskin boots tonight!
    As they continue on their quest to bring the Ring to LA in 2009!
    Go Blue!!!

  4. colliethec

    Oh & I for one am an Ethieraholic & Wifey can confirm that I’m not a chick. So I guess that makes me a chuck. Or a ruck. Or something like that.

  5. colliethec

    I’ve been working a lot as well as playing softball so I’ve not been around too much lately. But I’m now caught up on the threads.
    As far as the national love for Juan I’m okay with it. I do think it’s funny that they say he never complained and what a great teammate he’s been. I for one didn’t think requesting a trade and complaining about PT in the press is being a great teammate. But if it helps up his trade value than I’m not complaining.
    Joe T. is going to say nice things about Juan as he has the whole time. He’s one of his players. But Juan went to the media about his PT and complained. That is one of the reasons I do like Joe. He has the players back and will take the abuse. That is what a leader does.
    As far as Dre sitting, NSB mentioned it that it’s not the worst thing that he take a few extra days to heal up his toe now. I looked for the article from a week or so ago when Joe was talking about how great Juan has been and Joe said that Juan knows his position on the team and knows when Manny is back he will be back to the role he had when Manny was with the team. So to all my fellow Ethieraholics please hang in there & relax.
    Rams, Eric, & others were talking about what we need SP or bully. IMO, I for one think we need a SP as there are some pretty good arms in the minors that can come up and be relief pitchers. A SP needs to be a little more seasoned as they (Hopefully) go through the lineup 3+ times in a game and need more seasoning as well as the ability to make adjustments during the game. Where a relief pitcher can just have a couple of pitches to get out of or through an inning.
    My example of that is Gagne. He was really good the 1st 3 innings as a SP. Then the 2nd time through the lineup he’d get hit.
    So my hope is that we could get Halliday, Oswalt, or Peavy in that order. I know we probably couldn’t get Halliday but why not ask and try? The worst they can say is no.
    Oswalt I like because he still has more than this season in his contract so it wouldn’t be a 1 year rental.
    Peavy would be good just so we don’t have to face him and ne can be dominant. He just reminds me so much of Schmidt he scares me.
    Now I think that is a long enough post so I go know!
    Oh and PS I thought we should of gone after Garland so my words don’t mean all that much. πŸ™‚

  6. shad80

    Why not used Hudson in the 2nd holes again and moves Kemp in the 3rd holes? I do like speed at the top and I like Loretta alot but I think he better in the 7th hole.

  7. colliethec

    Oh and the “chicks” comments are directed to a certain person. I’m okay with your differing views. Just try and stay classy and respectful. Remember you came from a “chick” as well. I would imagine that you wouldn’t refer to her as a chick nor would you want anyone else to do that.
    We all want to see a Manny apology but maybe there should be another one here as well.


    I do not believe Manny should participate in the All Star Game no matter how many votes he gets.

  9. nellyjune

    colliethec – from one Ethieraholic to another – you rock!!!! ……….and I will try and relax, when it comes to Everyday Dre.

  10. jhallwally

    Nice post Colly!!! I’m pretty much with you. Right now Hudson deserves to be the starting 2B for the National League. Blake deserves some consideration. If Billz settles down and wins 3-4 more games, I think he will be named to the All-Star pitching staff. Deservedly so!!! It’s kind of funny to think, but if Phew keeps up his current pace, he will get some serious consideration. LOL!!!! Could be a great trading chip in late July Ned!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am hoping for a good game offensively from Ethier tonight. The Dodgers need his bat. Enjoy the game, everyone and catch up with you later.

  12. shad80

    At least Ibanez is #2 and must been alot of ballot stuffing but they did get it right and he deserved to be in the starting lineup thanks to him playing in a bandbox stadium.

  13. shad80

    I surely hope Sizemore is back soon and he skipped that surgery surely I don’t want to missed him long.

  14. nellyjune

    jhall is in the ITD house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you and your weekend? You went to a wedding, yes?

    lbirken – I couldn’t agree with you more πŸ™‚

  15. nellyjune

    Shad – I am with you on that. I was very sad to see Grady hurt. This ITD “chick” likes Grady too.

  16. jhallwally

    BonJoir Nelle’!!! Doing well and had a great weekend in Philadelphia/New Jersey. Merci!!! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!!

  17. nellyjune

    I am glad to hear you had a great weekend. We are all doing great. This is my last week of school, as well as my own kids, so we are all pretty happy about the school year ending. Michael is starting summer ball tonight already, but I am in my classroom getting things packed up and ready to go. I am moving classrooms, and I was very sad to see my baseball wall taken down today. However, it will be the first wall to go up when I return in August.

  18. shad80

    I just wishes one of my 3 players that’s eligible at 1st/3rd could played the OF so I won’t have to bench neither one of those. It’s so hard to keep playing Blake and Longoria and I still have to bench Reynolds and Youkilis. For some reason these league don’t want to trade with me or not interested. When Youkilis went on the DL Blake had helped me out a lot and since Youkilis came back it been hard to put him back in the lineup. I wish one of these guys can played shortstop than I won’t have a problem. I got struck with Drew younger brother and he still struggling and his obp is under .300.

  19. nellyjune

    It’s definitely going to be a good summer if the Dodgers keep winning like this. Even some of the ones they lost, we still good games…………………..just caught the short end a time or two. And the ones that we had no chance have been few and far between so far.

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Howdy Chicks and Chunks! Its time for Dodger baseball!!!

    Anxious to see what Kuroda’s got tonight…

  21. nellyjune

    It’s very good to hear Vinny again. You know the SP for the dbacks, Billy Buckner, confused the heck out of my class. Dodgereric wore our Billy Buckner’s jersey to my class, and a few of them came in after I think Arizona played either the Padres or the Gnats and asked if it was the same guy. It was hard enough explaining to them that #22 is now Clayton Kerhaw.

  22. shad80

    Damn Young batting .298 and LaRoche .304 and has been hot lately and I’m so glad to see both of these guys doing so well for the Pirates and is just to bad we could still have them here.

  23. enchantedbeaver

    Golly mom, you say that like Wally and I might get into trouble or something. What can possibly go wrong???

  24. nellyjune

    Well, as long as you are okay with being called chunks, then I don’t mind being called a chick πŸ™‚

  25. nellyjune

    Yea……………tru’s right. It was the chicks causing the problems last night, so who am I to say a word – LOL!!!! It’s part of being an Ethieraholic……………….defending Andre no matter what the risk.

  26. jhallwally

    I wasn’t Nelly, but I am not surprised. It’s about time for the shine and new Phew smell to wear off and the transmission to start acting funny!!! LOL!!!!

  27. colliethec

    Good evening again. The whole Cleaver Clan is in the house minus your Pop!
    I’ll give you part credit Enchanted as I came up with Chucks… you just switched out the c with an n.
    Hunks rhymes with Chunks so I have to say that Chunk is the way to go seeing as Wifey calls me a Hunk. So I guess I’m a Chunk & proud of it!
    Oh and happy June to June!

  28. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Ya Everybody,
    I was away from home all day yesterday into the night so I couldn’t comment on the game you lucky people.
    I saw some of the later innings on ESPN over a relative’s place and watched the high lights on PC before I went to bed.
    I spent the afternoon at Citi Field with my daughter for Met/Marlin game and took a look at maybe what the Dodgers might see in the post season.

  29. colliethec

    Joe it’s nice to see you here. Awesome that you got to take in a Met game with your daughter. Must be really nice to share that with her!

  30. enchantedbeaver

    Am I the only one wondering why Kuroda was rushed back so soon? Seems to me he needed a couple of starts at Alb. to get his rythem and stretch himself out some.

  31. nellyjune

    Started the koolaid early tonight Beav? …………and we still have 7 and 1/2 innings to go.

  32. nellyjune

    Good evening colliethec and oldbrooklynfan!!!!

    No………… are not alone in wondering Beav πŸ™‚

  33. colliethec

    I’m with you Enchanted. I was thinking they should have him go a couple more starts to at least build up his strength and not be a 5 inning drain on the Bully.
    But we’ll see.

  34. edwcarter

    I hope you enjoy the game tonight everyone! I’ve got the MLB extra innings package but am blacked out because we are playing AZ…it sucks. Because I’m in Utah, every time we play AZ or Col I get blacked out…boo!

  35. nellyjune

    edwcarter – I didn’t know you were in Utah too. So, that means seesky, knouffbrock or digthedodgers aren’t getting the game either. That is messed up!!!!

  36. enchantedbeaver

    Maybe we can start something new – tag team starters. You know guys like Kersh, Milton and Kuroda (for awhile) are only going to 5. Why not schedule it that way so that long guys like Weaver can prepare like they’re starting? The “starting” reliever begins his game in the 6th. Would take 8 starters that way (assuming Wolf and Bills don’t need a starting reliever), and you still have 3 regular relievers and Brox.

    (Hey its no worse than a 13 man staff.)

  37. enchantedbeaver

    Could be a long night – they didn’t get in until 3:00 AM this morning. Hitting like it so far.

  38. colliethec

    I was thinking the same thing Enchanted. Until Martin ripped that ball.
    Sometimes being tired can be good because then they don’t try to do to much.
    Unless they are really really wiped out.

  39. nellyjune

    Boy have I seen that!!!!……………. Little boys getting chewed out by their fathers for errors or bad at-bats.

  40. jhallwally

    Oh well, I really wasn’t expecting a great outing by Kuroda. It’s only 2-0 and in the 3rd inning. Time for the offense to make its presence known!!!!

  41. oldbrooklynfan

    Yes Collie
    We see a couple of games a year, including Dodger games.
    This year I’ll see 2 Dodger games myself because they’re played during the week.


    Kuroda should have been left to do this at Albuquerque a couple more times. What was the rush?

  43. nellyjune

    It’s only the 3rd inning, and we shouldn’t be panicking yet. I like your idea enchanted. It may just work for a while.

  44. nellyjune

    I told you I will try and relax and that is what I am doing. However, I may need some of enchanted’s koolaid before this game is over.

  45. colliethec

    Koolaid is good but seeds are also a good call Tru!
    I’m jumping on that wagon with you right now.
    If in a couple innings then I’ll graduate to the aid!

  46. nellyjune

    Well, actually I am drinking iced coffee. It’s one of those weeks were sleep will be a minimum, and I don’t think enchanted’s koolaid will help that πŸ™‚

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  47. colliethec

    I like iced coffee.
    Especially this time of the year. The seeds got a double but so far that’s that. I’ll keep eating them & see what happens.

  48. colliethec

    Martin has at least ripped both of those balls. Just not enough. Dre was frozen by that nasty pitch. Hang in there folks. Only the 4th.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    How do you not score any runs off Billy #%$^^@$! Buckner?
    Guess the same way you keep batting a guy with NO ^$%&($ power 5th.

  50. oldbrooklynfan

    I missed all the action in yesterday’s game, maybe I should waited ’till this one was over.


    If Martin would try to go the other way the way he used to do in that kind of situation two years ago, the run would be in. He’s just a patsy for the pulled ground ball, no matter how hard he hits it.

  52. shad80

    Last game vs. LAD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.2 4 5 5 0 2 1 67.50 9.00 .800
    Career vs. LAD 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5.1 10 7 7 1 5 6 11.81 2.81 .417

  53. enchantedbeaver

    Kuroda pitched a decent 5 innings. He must think he timewarped back into last season with tonight’s offense though.

  54. nellyjune

    collie – I am at school packing and can’t do youtube here…………it’s restricted access for us here. So, I will assume it’s good and relax πŸ™‚

  55. oldbrooklynfan

    Very good outing for KURODA, if he doesn’t come back.
    He’s even eligible for the win if the Dodgers can go ahead in this inning since he pitched the required 5 innings.

  56. enchantedbeaver

    Absolutely pathetic. They’ve been doing this the last few games – looking an awful lot like last season.

    Really love the 13 man staff, pitchers pinch hitting too.

  57. nellyjune

    Maybe they are tired. They did have a long flight, and they didn’t get into LA until 3 am, and that’s not including the drive to where they live.

  58. colliethec

    I’m going to lose power so take care everybody & go Dodgers!!! Don’t get too upset… it’s a game and there is time left!

  59. enchantedbeaver

    I could understand it more Nells if they were up against Haren on a short night. But its Billy freakin’ Buckner.

  60. oldbrooklynfan

    The last 2 games I watched were brilliantly pitched by Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster, I missed last night’s game’s actions.
    Should I shut it down?

  61. boblee4014

    Our team suchs tonight. I have to head to bed early tonight. Have to get my fifth wheel ready tomorrow for a trip. Needs to be taken out of storage and made ready to go camping. I lnow when I quit watching we”ll come from behind to win.

  62. nellyjune

    LET’S GO JP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………is that better ? You know I can’t type that with a straight face you know πŸ™‚

  63. 32and53fan

    Too bad we did not score more runs for our Hiro. I just hope he does not strain his side again.

    BTW, I have been a fan of Ethier ever since we got him from Oakland. But I am not a Ethierholic. I am even less of a Kempaholic. I guess I am too old to get too emotionally wrapped up with these guys. If I were a cougar, it would be different. πŸ˜‰ When I was ten, I was probably a Koufaxaholic and Drysdaleholic.

  64. 32and53fan

    Too bad we did not score more runs for our Hiro. I just hope he does not strain his side again.

    BTW, I have been a fan of Ethier ever since we got him from Oakland. But I am not a Ethierholic. I am even less of a Kempaholic. I guess I am too old to get too emotionally wrapped up with these guys. If I were a cougar, it would be different. πŸ˜‰ When I was ten, I was probably a Koufaxaholic and Drysdaleholic.

  65. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t even take the friggin bat off his shoulder. He’s gotta have options left, send his butt down to Albuquerque until he learns how to hit again.

  66. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t even take the friggin bat off his shoulder. He’s gotta have options left, send his butt down to Albuquerque until he learns how to hit again.

  67. nellyjune

    Can I just stop to say I am glad Ethier did not make the last out πŸ™‚

    32and53 – I keep telling myself when (I know not to say “if”) Ethier is traded someday, I will be okay with it. It may take a little while, like many of my favorite players who have played for the Dodgers. I will still be a fan of his, but I am Dodgerblue thru and thru.


    Good evening, all. It’s, indeed, messed up that Utah residents are blacked out of Dodger-D-backs games. Fox Sports Arizona isn’t even carried here…..Although you could argue that Kuroda could’ve benefited from another rehab start, he certainly did well tonight for a first start off the DL. His teammates sure did’nt help him out. I agree, 32and53. I prefer to concentrate on the team rather than any one player. The team is the only constant. Players come and go and they do, sometimes in a New York minute.

  69. oldbrooklynfan

    I haven’t seen the Dodgers score since May 29th.
    About 18 innings.
    Remember I missed last night’s scoring.

  70. enchantedbeaver

    Sorry Nells, but I think its time now that some of our young guns start living up to expectations. Martin has clearly regressed drastically. Here it is June 1. No homeruns, no triples, and JPs got as many RBIs in 38 less ABs, and JP’s not batting anywhere near the middle of the order.

  71. bluecrewgirl

    Hey everyone. Nelly, did you see the post on Dodger Thoughts? I sure hope John is right. I’m sending a lot of positive Dodger Thoughts out that he is.

  72. nellyjune

    bluecrewgirl – I did see the article, and let’s hope so.

    Beav!!!!! Your father is home!!!!

  73. bluecrewgirl

    I was thinking the same thing, perumike. He looks like a throwback to the 70’s. Nelly, it annoys me even more today that Joe sat Andre last night because he was starting to get a rhythm back and had a little hitting streak going and he messed it up.

  74. 32and53fan

    Nelly, I hope Andre is not traded. But if he is, I hope it is only to get a #1 pitcher. We are going to need dominant pitching in the post season.

  75. bluecrewgirl

    I don’t think he’ll be traded. He’s going through a rough patch right now, but I think the Dodgers know his long term value is higher than Pierre’s. It would be a huge shame if they did.


    I’ve got a Rollie Fingers rookie card sans the handlebar. It’s got to be worth something.

  77. bluecrewgirl

    Nelly, Haren pitches tomorrow for AZ, so that bodes well for Andre if past history repeats itself.

  78. nellyjune

    Okay – went from school to home, and I see I didn’t miss much, but it looks like enchanted wants to say something, but due to the PG rating of this blog is not allowed to.

    32and53 – these last two season I have been preparing myself for a trade, and so far he has been spared. We shall see what this season holds.

  79. dodgereric

    The California Angels were the last team to throw six wild pitches in a game, against Minnesota on April 13, 1991.

  80. nellyjune

    bluecrewgirl – that could be a good sign, and that line drive wasn’t too bad……………….just right at the center fielder. Nothing you can do but say it was a great play.

  81. shad80

    I knew Whiteside that was the 1st baseman with the dback tonight but never knew Nolasco because I had already graduate before was a freshman.

  82. shad80

    I knew Whiteside that was the 1st baseman with the dback tonight but never knew Nolasco because I had already graduate before he was a freshman.

  83. shad80

    Should had been the 3rd outs and go figure I guess Mota couldn’t go 5 games without given up a run.

  84. dodgereric

    I’ll take that back. May 27th of this year. RedSox threw 6 WPs against the Twins.

    It’s been done 6 times.

  85. nellyjune

    The highlight of the game is 5 wild pitches. We may not win them all, but we make even the bad ones interesting.


    Sorry, Charlie, not only is this game not a Rembrandt, it’s more like a Jackson Pollock.

  87. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I’m sorry Florida lost the softball game. Hopefully they can rebound tomorrow.

  88. enchantedbeaver

    Anybody see a trend developing these last few games? They’re starting to revert to last year pre-Manny hitting. Not shutout the first 50 games, now 2 of the last 3… very little hitting with RISP. No power to speak of. Throw out Sunday’s game and they’ve only scored 3 runs in 4 games.

  89. Dodger4life


  90. nellyjune

    Yeah!!!!! Thank God!!!!! That’s a start!!! Maybe just him thinking about messagebear’s talkin’ to made Andre hit the ball.

  91. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t see where Martin’s doing anything [period] that Ellis and Ausmus couldn’t do. No power from a catcher is inexcuseable, and his defense is marginal. Anyone batting in the position in the oder he does would have 20 RBI, probably more. If they could get a decent starter for him, I’d trade him.

  92. bluecrewgirl

    He did look hungry for a hit on that at bat, Nelly. He was very aggressive. That’s great he’ll end this game on a high note and then go iconfidently into tomorrow’s game. Great job, Matt!

  93. bluecrewgirl

    Close, but no cigar. I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s game. I think they’ll hit Haren.

  94. 32and53fan

    As much as I like “small ball”, every once in a while a 3 run walk off homer is kind of nice. Oh well, we can’t win ’em all.

  95. oldbrooklynfan

    Well at least we made a game of it.
    We weren’t shut out and the D’ Backs were due for a win against us.


    Well ,we woke up a little too late. Good night, all!!! Get your Z’s, Dodgers and get em tomorrow!!!

  97. nellyjune

    Hey!! I brought that up last night when we were up 8-2, and…………….. my daughter said you weren’t thinking that way at all. She said I was overreacting when I said a lead is never safe.

  98. koufax1963

    It was the Leach wild pitches that made the difference. Oh well! Hey ITD lets chill out out about JP and DRE. May’s MVP for Dodgers is JP, filling in for Manny. Good Job! Its torre that sits Dre and He is showing signs of getting back his swing.

  99. bluecrewgirl

    Steve Lyons sounds terrible. His voice is almost gone. He was saying a few of the players picked up the same cold he has.

  100. dodgereric

    Someone asked when was the last time we got to May 30th before we got shutout for the first time in that season. Ask and ye shall receive (a little late, but you still receive)

    May 30, 2009 we were shut out in game # 51

    June 7, 1975 we were shut out by Steve Carlton in game # 56

    The year before we made it 4 days (and 4 games) later – June 11, 1974 we were shut out by Lynn McGlothen and Al Hrabosky in game # 60

    The Brooklyn Dodgers lasted until June 19, 1956 but it was only game # 53

  101. enchantedbeaver

    Good morning chicks and chicksters!

    This year’s team may have the best record, but they’re playing nowhere near their potential, and that’s what I find frustrating and disappointing. I’ve always defended the young guns, but its time we quit coddling them and start holding them accountable for living up to some expectations. If it wasn’t for JP, Hudson and Blake, this team would be foundering. There are no more excuses – all of these guys have had 2 to 3 years in the bigs now. They’re not rookies, they’re young veterans.

    #1 on the list of disappointments is Martin. I’ve joined messagebear on his bandwagon. Its time Marty fish or cut bait. His disappointment is beyond words. No home runs, “slugging” .318, fewer RBI than JP… If they could find a team willing to trade a SP for him, I’d do it in a heartbeat. If not, then I’d option his butt back to Albuquerque until he proved he was worthy of coming back. I don’t see Ellis doing any worse at this point in time.

    #2 is Andre. I’ll give him a little leeway because I think his toe is giving him more problems than he lets on, but where’s the hitter we’ve seen from even his pre-Manny days?

    #3 – Loney. Loney still manages to get his RBI, but where’s the sweet swing .300 hitter that was supposed to challenge for a batting title? And little power from a 1B doesn’t cut it in the NL unless you are hitting well above .300.

    #4 is Kemp, who IMO is the only one that’s at least staying status quo if not slightly progressing.

    Whatever JoJo, Bowa and Mattingly are telling them isn’t working. Right now the only one I consider near untouchable is Kemp, and even that would be subject to how much you could get in return.

    The wait should be over for these guys to start producing.

  102. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!

    enchanted – As much as most of us hate to admit it, it’s the truth. They aren’t doing what we thought they would be doing. Maybe it’s their position in the lineup and maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s not feeling 100% and maybe it’s not. I am not thinking it’s really Manny because with the exception of Andre and Matt (somewhat), this has been an ongoing issue. However, it’s something because when JP is outplaying any of them, it’s definitely something.

  103. trublu4ever

    To me, I don’t think JoJo, Bowa and especially Mattingly aren’t telling them anything! And, that’s the problem!! It is way too strange for all of them to be struggling. Something is definitely amiss. I know most of you do want to hear this but I DO think it is because Manny isn’t with them. My reasoning is that he helps them during batting practice (which is supposed to be Mattingly’s job) keeps them loose and playing like it’s a fun game instead of a job.

  104. enchantedbeaver

    I think that’s true to a degree Tru, but they were doing much much better in the 2-2 1/2 years of their careers before Manny ever came along. They aren’t even playing to those old levels, much less progressing.

    Its gotten to the point I’m much more interested in watching a JP at bat than a Martin at bat. There isn’t one of them outplaying JP right now, and that’s pathetic given their superior skills.

  105. shad80

    I don’t want to sound stupid but I’m surprise Torre didn’t let Pierre bat 5 and Martin leading off at the rate Pierre picking up RBI’s over Martin/Ethier.

  106. Dodger4life

    Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful……..or (Cock – a – doodle- doo to you!!! )
    I have no idea about the players thoughts but the other day I was less than cheery, when I ran across this.

    The Batting Stance Guy had Manny and Raffy laughing which cheered me up instantly. I do miss Manny’s laugh.
    I hope this gets back to being a positive sooner rather than later.
    I am not ready to abandon anybody on this team, I do feel your concerns and yes the need to stay on their toes, continue to elevate the way they play, and well just win.
    The 6 passed balls, all had a lot of rotation on them. This is one of the things that has helped our pitching staff be successful this year, ground ball outs and limiting the other teams long ball, allowing our defense to make plays.
    You know it is coming block it.
    Long Flight ~ Late Night or Just Flat and Little Bat’s???
    I think we will have a different outcome tonight, Raffy looks a little fired up as of late, Pierre just continues to impress. And I sense laughter in the club house……..
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy the game πŸ™‚

  107. enchantedbeaver

    Joe’s line-ups don’t help either Shad. You’re hottest hitters should be 3-4-5. His insistance on Marty batting 5 is rediculous given he has no power and can’t produce. Right now IF I’d even play Martin he’d bat 8th to Andre’s 7th. Kemp’s been swinging a pretty good bat lately, try him 5th for a few games.

    I’m tired of hearing that the check is in the mail – I want to see something tangible from these guys. They should be showing their mettle with Manny gone, not foundering and groping to get back to a level they’ve already surpassed pre-Manny.

    Morning D4!

  108. trublu4ever

    I’m reminded of what you said last night, Enchanted. About the fact that excluding the romp of the Cubs in the last game, we haven’t been scoring runs. Way too many left on with runners in scoring position. Something is wrong when, as you say, you’re looking forward to JP’s at bats! I still think Dre and yes, even Russ will snap out of it. I just think we are lucky to be in first place right now. Very glad but, I think we could be doing a hundred times better.

  109. trublu4ever

    You guys are right about the lineups too. He did move Dre down, which in the long run will be good for him. But, he should move Matt and Casey up.

  110. Dodger4life

    Good morning Enchanted, Shad, True, Nelly and anyone else out there it is good to see ya all…:-)
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. shad80

    Oh you don’t have to tell me enchanted I’ve already know lol. He did have Pierre batting 8th why not Martin?

  112. shad80

    I would to see what’s Kemp, Blake and Loney could do in the 3,4,5 spots and put Hudson batting 2nd but than again someone from the time must go.

  113. shad80

    This is the day that Ethier going to have a good game and Furcal and Blake better be in the lineup.

  114. dodgereric

    Player 1:
    Hit .345 at 23
    Hit .319 at 24
    Hit .296 at 25

    Player 2:
    Hit .340 at 20
    Hit .314 at 21
    Hit .295 at 22

    Player 3
    Hit .293 at 21
    Hit .293 at 22
    Hit .238 at 23

    The seasons for these 3 were full seasons with no obvious sign of injuries to cause the regression (or at least a lack of PROgression). All of these guys came back to do fairly well.

    One of the toughest things to do is to have patience. In my opinion, it’s much too early in all of our young player’s careers to be giving up on them. Let them fight through these adjustments and see if they sink or swim. The odds are that a couple of them won’t make it. Look back at a couple of our Rookies of the Year in the past. Mike Piazza made it. Raul Mondesi did not. I wouldn’t like watching them succeed with other teams because we gave up on them too fast.

    Now I’ve said many times that good teams have power in the corners (1B, 3B, LF & RF) and defense up the middle. Anything else is a plus. I agree that Loney needs to develop power or compensate with a superior batting average. Meaning north of .330. If Martin can’t improve his batting average, he better start throwing the ball better and more consistently. In particular, keep those throws on the first base side of second. It’s better to be 5 feet to the right than 1 foot to the left. Otherwise I think his catching is just fine. I think Ethier is hurting more than he’s letting on. He didn’t look like the same player last night when he was running to first after that dropped third strike. He’s never been a burner, but he looked like he was dragging a trailer on the way to first. And, IMO, there is no reason whatsoever to keep Kemp in the lower half of the order. He and Martin need to be exchanged, immediately if not sooner.

    I need to get back to work. Get after it Dodgers! Win the series!

    The above players are 1) Willie Mays, 2) Al Kaline and 3) Johnny Bench.


    One might say that these are strange discussions, considering that we have the best record in the majors. We’ll, of course, have our ups and downs as a team, and so will the individual players. There are certain things that are disturbing, however.

    MARTIN – his best year was his first, and it seems like it’s been downhill ever since. No doubt he’s a respected major league catcher still, and most teams would like to have him. But, he’s not living up to the promise, especially with the total lack of power and what I think is his new tendency to try and pull everything, which most of the time results in ground balls to the left side. If he’s destined to be just another “good catch – no hit” player like most catchers in the majors, so be it. Most similar catchers bat no higher than seventh in the lineup, and that’s exactly where Russ belongs, so he can’t do much damage in critical situations in the lineup. Torre obviously thinks that Martin is worth more than that – I no longer do until Martin shows me more than he has this year. Would I trade him – Yes, because pretty much anybody can now duplicate what he’s bringing to the table, and we need pitching help and maybe more.

    ETHIER – he’s proven over the last two years that he can be an accomplished outfielder and hitter, but the current status seems more than a slump. It’s an approach gone wrong. The aggresiveness seems gone, and best he can do is flail at the ball, often hitting weak fly balls to left or grounding out. I don’t know how much of this is attributable to the toe nail split, but if that is the contributing factor, then he belongs on the DL as long as it takes to FULLY heal. If the discomfort and pain is contributing to it, don’t just sit him down for a game – sit him out for a week and use him only in pinch hit situations to heal the problem.

    LONEY AND KEMP – probably still closest to our expectations, although the power is sorely lacking. Kemp should definitely be batting #6 or higher, because so much of his hitting is lost at #7. Being in Martin’s place would be just about right.

    I know that everybody has his own favorites, and we live with them constantly. The reality from a management standpoint probably is that we may expect at best only half of them to remain Dodgers once they’re in the free agency years. By then there should be some cheaper prospects ready to rise and take over. If we need some help immediately, as I think we need some pitching, any of these guys should be available for a trade for a legitimately good purpose. The problem is whether you trust Ned to make the right judgment. I have a great deal of difficulty with that, which is probably why most of us would like to see the core stay together.

    The question becomes in the meantime, what’s Mattingly doing about these player shortcomings. I don’t know, but the results so far would seem to say NOTHING. I certainly hope that his stay with the Dodgers lasts no longer than Torre’s.

  116. kpookiemon

    The only thing wrong with the Dodgers hitting is that the waters are leveling off to where they should be. Pierre is NOT a .400 hitter, and Hudson is NOT a prototypical #3 hitter, and if Casey Blake is your premium power hitter, you’re in trouble. They’re doing the best they can, but the Manny ripple effect is finally showing itself. Kemp and Loney have played fine. Ethier and Martin should be horse-whipped for their foundering production.

  117. enchantedbeaver

    I agree on Dre. If it is indeed his toe, then put him on the DL. HOWEVER, thanks to Ned’s tremendous foresight letting Young go, Manny’s use of pharmaceuticals, and Paul’s staph infection, we’re down to a AA player in Hoffmann and that’s it.

    IMO, Marty’s fall is almost Andruwian in proportion.


    Apropos Andre’s toe nail situation, I’m continually disturbed by the Dodgers’ seemingly casual attitude for playing people with and through their injuries. There’s a time to let a player gut it out, and there’s a time when doing so will only damage the player and potentially undermine his entire career. I’m not an expert to tell that difference, but I’m equally sure that neither is Conte.

    We screwed around for almost an entire season with Furcal’s ankle injury rather than sitting him out to heal the condition properly. We sent Abreu down and did not believe his problem severity until it took two operations to clear it up. I think that Kuo is now gone for good, and I don’t know if there was anything to prevent that. Andre’s toe nail is probably a lot more affecting his performance than anybody including Andre will let on. Nails grow back very slowly and can be extremely painful and debilitating while they do. In the meantime, who knows how Andre’s stroke is changed in adjusting to it, and is it going to screw him up in the long run.

  119. kpookiemon

    enchanted, “Andruwian in proportion” is frightening visual and emotional imagery……No man, woman, or child should be subjected to such a disabling malaise…….

  120. nellyjune

    messagebear – I am sort of thinking the same thing, but he wasn’t hitting so good before he got hit by that pitch. When the story was told about his toe, they said he had been dealing with this toe for a while now, well before his slump started, and before his slump, he was hitting like a maniac.
    Fabulous earlier post as well πŸ™‚

    Great post dodgereric!!!! Patience is a virtue πŸ™‚

  121. trublu4ever

    I have a feeling come July 3rd we will be hearing Man-roid, Mammy being Mammy and Mammywood!

  122. kpookiemon

    trublu, I hope I’m hearing, “there’s a long drive to right center and there’s nobody there…”


    If Mammy is so astute at giving batting advice, why not have him do some batting instruction after he works out at Dodger Stadium. Does he still work out at Dodger Stadium?

  124. dodgereric

    From rotoworld……..
    “Many people were quick to write off Andy LaRoche when he got off to a bad start in the majors, batting just .184/.288/.272 in 111 games between the Dodgers and Pirates. However, as awful as those early numbers were LaRoche’s track record in the minors predicted long-term success and sure enough he finally appears to have gotten on track at the age of 25.

    Pittsburgh showed patience when LaRoche started the season 2-for-22 and he’s responded by going 47-for-139 (.338) with 16 extra-base hits in 40 games since, giving him a nice .304/.374/.435 mark overall. LaRoche may never develop more than 20-homer pop, but he’s hitting for a nice batting average, getting on base at a good clip, and playing solid defense just like his minor-league stats predicted.”

    I know many of the posters here were (and are) Andy LaRoche fans and hated to see him go.

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