Not since 1911…

Has a team gone into a game with the chance to do what we can do tonight. Ty Cobb’s Tigers were the last to open the year with 12 straight wins at home and the Hall of Fame has already come calling for artifacts to commemorate this run.

There wasn’t much from Torre’s pregame chat today. Mostly chatter about the Yankees, as fans have been on Girardi’s case out there pretty badly.

We’ve got our second annual “blogger” night tonight so be on the lookout for reviews from your favorite Dodger blogs. In the meantime, here’s the lineup that will go for the modern Major League record:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Kershaw, P


  1. trublu4ever

    That’s what I was hoping for Enchanted!


    That was an impressive compilation of stats posted last night but for me the most important stat is wins! Last season the Dodgers won a game without a hit and this season they won a game during which they hit into a triple play. I don’t know what is next but I assure you as Vinny said the other night, you never know what you might see when you think you have seen it all. That is what I like about baseball.

    And while we all understand there will be some tough times ahead and it is still early, I would rather have teams chasing the Dodgers than the other way around. One more thing: I do not feel sorry for other teams for their crappy luck or bad play. I don’t understand commentators (including Vinny and the post game show hosts) saying they feel sorry for Dodger opponents. Pshaw! Did any opponent or its fans feel sorry for the Dodgers the past 20 years for failing to get out of the first round of the playoffs? I think not.

  3. kpookiemon

    Sitting in a waiting room today I saw the ESPN Magazine Baseball ’09 issue from April. GREAT cover story on Manny as a hitter. Compared his swing to Pujols, Vladmir and A-Rod. Even as those three are committing to a pitch, Manny has yet to move. Tremendous ability to wait before pulling the trigger. Even if he takes a called third strike, he comes back to dugout smiling, saying something like, “if he throws me that pitch again he’ll be asking the umpire for a new ball.”


    i’d be pretty surprised if kershaw doesn’t completely shut down the nationals tonight.. after what they went through yesterday.. extra innings.. rain delay.. 10-10 game suspended.. then a cross country flight.. i’d expect the nats to be pretty lethargic.. let’s hope kershaw and all the dodgers are on their game.. GO BLUE!!

  5. vl4ecc

    Good evening all!
    I feel bad for Loney. I hope he breaks out of this funk, and soon. I can’t remember him striking out this much since he arrived.

  6. bluecrewgirl

    I feel bad for him too and he hasn’t hit for any power so far this year either. He’ll get it figured out.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    We’re starting to fall back into last year’s pathetic hitting with RISP. It should be 4-5 to nothing right now.

  8. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

    Good to see it is 1-0. I noticed Kersh had a rough 1st inning, but got out of it. I hope James gets into the swing of things again. He started the season with very few strike outs, and now it’s almost the reverse, but I am confident he will swing himself out of it just like Russell seems to be doing. BTW – tomorrow is Big Games James’ birthday tomorrow. I was reminded by a student this morning 🙂

    gnats are getting spanked by the Rox 11-1 🙂

  9. enchantedbeaver

    Loney went through a stretch last year where he stuckout a lot. Give him a couple days off and a long session with Mattingly and see what comes out the other side.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    Kersh is going to be lucky to make it through 5. What I want to know is, why isn’t Honeycutt of any help at all to this kid. You would think with his experience he ought to be able to teach him something.

  11. vl4ecc

    enchanted ~ He’s got to feel like he’s on the outside looking in with everyone else on the club with a better BA at home, and his being better on the road so far.

  12. enchantedbeaver

    Our boys are playing like all they had to do was show up to get a win. Somebody(s) better kick it up a couple notches.

  13. bluecrewgirl

    They look pretty flat so far tonight. They should be kicking butt against the Nationals.

  14. enchantedbeaver

    Leadoff walk. 68 pitches with no outs in the 4th…

    Doesn’t appear that Kersh is learning anything.

    Meanwhile they’re not even making Cabrera work. JoJo might as well have sat 4 starters again.

  15. colliethec

    Good evening ITD’ers!
    Nelly — When I got Loney’s autograph when they were in SF I told him that some of us fans are calling him LA’s new Big Game James. He started laughing. He seemed to like that!
    Come on Kersh. Work through this. Get the DP ball here.
    You’re correct E. They do seem a little nonchalant.
    Let’s go Blue!!
    Bring the Ring to LA!!!!

  16. shad78

    Honeycutt have our team in the top in 6 in the league in pitching. Do you think you can do better?

  17. colliethec

    Hopefully the lead off walk won’t hurt us.
    Eric mentioned it earlier about them & they are my #1 annoyance as well. Especially after your team has scored a run to then give up a lead off walk the next inning.

  18. nellyjune

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  19. enchantedbeaver

    This team can’t afford its 3, 4 and 5 starters to consistantly be lucky to go a full 5 innings.

    And quite frankly, yes.


  20. enchantedbeaver

    Hey a 1-2-3 inning!

    Must have gotten some sage advice from Honey in between innings.

  21. nellyjune

    Go Rockets!!!!!! Sorry, I am a Kings fan……pathetic I know. However, I don’t hate the Lakers, just prefer other teams to win.

  22. colliethec

    So far (Before tonight) they did the little things you need to do to win.
    Tonight they haven’t. Such as if Kersh got that bunt down a run would be in.

  23. colliethec

    Every Day DREEEEEEE!!!!!!
    Every day he does something to help this team win!!!

  24. enchantedbeaver

    The Nats are doing every thing they can to lose this game, and we keep fighting them every step of the way.

  25. jhallwally

    I’m with you Beav, we’re trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. bluecrewgirl

    I know it’s way early in his career to make a judgement, but McDonald has been much more impressive out of the pen so far.

  27. jhallwally

    Yep, we’ve certainly squandered our share of opportunities tonight. I’ll say one thing though, this team keeps battling, all the way to the last out.

  28. nellyjune

    jhall is in the ITD house!!!!!!!!

    Shad – hey!!! – like gnats fans, I have family members who are Lakers fans (I used to be one myself), but I went to college in Sacramento when the Kings had just moves there so living in the city, I became an instant fan. I stick with my teams thru the good and the really, really bad 🙂 No, picking on me 🙂

  29. oldbrooklynfan

    My MLB.TV is playing “FREEZE STATUE” a lot tonight, but Vinnie’s coming in nicely.
    The bases are loaded again maybe we’ll get another run.
    There’s a chance, new pitcher.

  30. trublu4ever

    Jhall ~ Joe doesn’t have the confidence in Juan like he used to! Maybe he has finally figured him out!

  31. nellyjune

    1-3 – yeah!!!!! Andre is 0-2 and is responsible for 2 of the runs scored.

    I believe so vl – I had a colleague go to a few games in the last few weeks of their season. I will ask. I didn’t watch too much on television like I used to. My husband went to UNLV so I was hoping Reggie would have a good year…….not 😦

  32. jhallwally

    Wow, now that was truely a wild pitch. C’mon Manny, I want to say; “Game, Set, Match” for some reason!!! LOL!!!

  33. vl4ecc

    Steiner made a remark on the wild pitch saying it looked like something between something Rick Ankiel did a couple of years ago, and something ‘Nuke Laloosh’ did in Bull Durham.

    WTG MANNY!!!!

  34. nellyjune

    IBB for Andre!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay Andre………………………’s a good thing they are afraid of you 🙂

  35. nellyjune

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  36. shad78

    Damn I better trade Victorino or Granderson for Ethier since bb is a stats in my league and obp but never going to trade Sizemore even thought he’s hitting is below .250.

  37. nellyjune

    Well, they must have heard you jhall!!!!! I think we can breath a little now 🙂

    shad – never get rid of Grady 🙂

  38. oldbrooklynfan

    Manny had momentarily passed loney with 20 RBI
    then LONEY got two.
    RUSSELL sends one in.

  39. shad78

    I would never had drafted both of them but when I was going for my live draft it took to long to downloaded. I wish they would’ve had change it and I always get in there in 1 min.

  40. jhallwally

    Probably good that we are going on the road and play some better teams soon. We’re going to need another challenge to keep from getting complacent.

  41. colliethec

    Nelly — I’ll give you a pass on the Kings. You gotta support your team! 🙂
    I actually have pulled for the Kings except for when they played the Lakers. I sort of look at them as my little sister.
    Well at least he didn’t give a lead off walk!!!

  42. colliethec

    I was thinking about Leach the other day. Why haven’t we seen him?
    My laptop lost power so I was offline for a few but great inning!
    They woke up.
    This team does seem to really work on their AB’s.

  43. shad78

    I know Nelly but hate the slow starts but he’s hitting up but his obp .325 after he had a .360+ last year. This league also count triple so it better put up double digit in that category for me soon. I’m hoping for the 23 triples 2 yrs ago and not the 13 last year.

  44. enchantedbeaver

    Mota brings absolutely NOTHING to the table.

    Except maybe a syringe.

    Did I say that???

  45. 32and53fan

    Can we save God Bless America for special occasions? This every night thing is getting old. That was a horrible rendition.

  46. colliethec

    I think they should have a song that is sung that becomes tradition for the Dodgers.
    Like in Boston, they sing Sweet Caroline. It’s pretty fun.

  47. enchantedbeaver

    Mac he bats for after a perfect inning. Mota he leaves in there after giving up 2. That Joe is a wizard I tell you.

  48. sparkleplenty_1

    Joe is more than a wizard – he’s got JP batting for Manny. Now that not only takes a big brain, it’s a fantastic PR move as well.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    More wizardry.

    I’m very close to having another Juan song done. Perhaps I’ll unveil it tomorrow when he starts for Kemp.

  50. jhallwally

    Careful there Beav, POP’s mama is in your kitchen looking for the spatula as we speak. LOL!!!!

  51. 32and53fan

    Not a bad move to put in JP. Manny gets a little rest. We have plenty of runs. Now the focus is to get six outs.

  52. enchantedbeaver

    Mota’s friggin pathetic. Why not call up another bench player and DFA his sorry ***??

  53. colliethec

    He dropped Scola. It was a message foul as Scola had just had a hard foul on Odom the play before. Odom, & Walton had words with Scola. Fisher was the peacemaker and then flattened Scola the next time down the floor.

  54. sparkleplenty_1

    I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing to let JP spell Manny. It was having JP BAT for Manny that I was commenting on. There are at least 30,000 people at the stadium who’d rather see Manny hit than JP.

  55. jhallwally

    There are at least 10,000 people at the stadium that could get the same result as POP at the plate. LOL Sparkle!!!!

  56. enchantedbeaver

    Odd timing on that I agree sparkle. If Joe knew he was going to bat JP for Manny, why not let him come in and play defense in the top of the inning?

  57. shad78

    Bring back Dreifort to take Pierre sport if they not going to called up Paul. Can we turned Dreifort into a Ankiel but he can’t played the OF and a way better hitting then Pierre.

  58. enchantedbeaver


  59. shad78

    It’s weird Leach suck in ST and he pitch great. They probably would called up Mazone but he’s hurt.

  60. 32and53fan

    We welcome you to Dodgertown
    Tra la la la la la la la la la la la

    (Munchkin 1)
    From now on you’ll be history

    (Munchkin 2)
    You’ll be his…

    (Munchkin 3)
    You’ll be his…

    (Munchkin 4)
    You’ll be history

    (Munchkin 1)
    And we will glorify your name
    You will be a bust…

    (Munchkin 2)
    Be a bust…

    (Munchkin 3)
    Be a bust…

    In the hall of fame
    Tra la la la la la la la la la la
    Tra la la la la la la
    Tra la la la la la la la la la la
    Tra la la la la la la

  61. jhallwally

    It is too much fun Trumom!!! Enjoy it!! There will be potholes in the road ahead but we are certainly on the way.

  62. jhallwally

    How come all I can picture right now is Frank, Ned, and JoJo as the Lollipop Guild!!!! Coincidence, I think not!!!!!

  63. enchantedbeaver

    Bad bunts and pop-ups and grounders – Oh my!!
    Bad bunts and pop-ups and grounders – Oh my!!

  64. jhallwally

    Pop ups here, groundouts there, and a couple of “It’s not fairs”, thats how we pass the day away in the Merry Old Land Of Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. enchantedbeaver

    You know what drives me as nuts as JP starting?

    The last two time he’s come in to PH, he’s seen a total of 3 pitches.

  66. enchantedbeaver

    Oh my slug percent is nuthin’.
    My OBP’s just fluffin’.
    My running game’s a shame…

    When I play peoples wary
    Cus my arm is awful scary
    And Juan Pierre’s my name.

  67. nellyjune

    As the wicked witch would say…………….”I will get you my little juanpy and your little gnome too gnome ahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa 🙂

  68. jhallwally

    Ignore that man with the higher batting average and better arm, the great and powerful JoJo has spoken.

  69. enchantedbeaver

    Who sits in the dugout and pouts a lot?
    What’s Dre got that I ain’t got?

  70. nellyjune

    ..or maybe a flying monkey will take him away……………..because he must be thinking there’s no place like home, there’s know place like home.

  71. bluecrewgirl

    Congratulations on breaking the record, Dodgers! They took awhile to get off of the ground in this game, but got the job done in the end.

  72. enchantedbeaver

    Well, I’m gonna take my leave, so g’nite y’all. Nice talking to everyone again tonight!!

  73. jhallwally

    Why, back where I come from, we have ballplayers that pop up, ground out, can’t throw a lick. We call them sucky ballplayers. What have they got that Phew’s got, a fat contract!!!

  74. perumike

    Hey all, glad to see the party continues as our Dodgers continue their dominance!!! Wonderful day for all of us!! 🙂

  75. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! fabulous 32and53fan!!!!

    Good night enchantred – you were outstanding as always 🙂

  76. jhallwally

    Should read; what has Phew got that they don’t have. A fat contract. Goodnight Beav!!! It’s been a blast as always!!!!

  77. nellyjune

    Hey Piano Man!!! It is a nice ride they are on right now….no doubt about it!!! ………….and what made it even nicer tonight is gnats got squashed by the Rox tonight as well. However, that means they are going to come into town this weekend looking to break this streak, provided we get through tomorrow.

  78. jhallwally

    Gonna hit the old rack myself. Let’s get 14 tomorrow!!! Goodnight all!!! Thanks for the laughs and chat!!!!

  79. nellyjune

    Good Night jhall!!!!! …right back atcha with the laughs and chat…. Always a pleasure when you are around. Take care and God Bless 🙂

  80. nellyjune

    So, just thinking…………I know it’s way too early, but if we are that good and just so happen to stay in first all season long, do we get ice cream everyday?

  81. 32and53fan

    In case anyone is still up, MLB Network is playing the back to back to back to back game from 9/18/2006

    Lofton is at bat. How different things would be if Ned would have given him another contract. But then we wouldn’t have had so much fun with new WOO lyrics tonight!

  82. shad78

    LOL Shad!!!! Throw in Proctor for good measure!!! With Danys Baez!!!! Geez!!!

    By jhallwally on May 6, 2009 9:55 PM
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    Dang did you really had to mention those 2? Speaking of those 2 look like Proctor on the DL and did you see Baez numbers this year?

  83. shad78

    He suck when we got him in 2006, 07 he was terrible for the O’s in his 1st year with them and missed all of last season and putting up some good number why did he have to suck with us?

    In 10 games has pitch in 15 2/3 innings only allowing 4 ER’s and has a good ERA of 2.30, Whip 0.77 and opp baa .130. I wish he had put up these numbers since we traded him to the Braves.

  84. bluesplash09

    Awesome job tonite Dodgers, 13 in a row…wow. Lets keep this train rollin through the weekend by winning our 17th in a row by beating little lincecum until he cries in randy johnsons arms, this team is incredible right now. GO DODGERS!!

  85. kpookiemon

    Not that anyone wants it, but allow me to be the slap of cold water to the everyone’s face. In spite of all the glorious Dodger accomplishments so far………….they are still only 5 games up on the Gnats in the loss column. That’s why this weekend becomes so important. Believe it or not, the Dodgers won’t see the No Cals again until August 10!

  86. nellyjune



  87. trublu4ever

    OMG ~ they just said on ESPN that Manny tested positive for performance enhancing substance and will be suspended 50 games!

  88. trublu4ever

    How stupid of Manny! This had to have been found out several weeks ago for the suspension to begin today.

  89. vl4ecc

    That’s terrible news!
    I’m with you scott. With JP in the lineup, it changes the whole team dynamic. I got ESPN on now, and they’re not yet revealing exactly what he tested positive for.
    So much for ‘Mannywood.’ I expect attendance to drop drastically.
    More to come.

  90. thinkingblue

    Manny is stupid, I can not believe. So those he still get paid what Dodger’s have in contract with him, or is it a breach in the contract??? I’m sure the whole club will be getting tested and now Pierre is getting his break. We can still win without Manny.

  91. thinkingblue

    Manny is stupid, I can not believe. So those he still get paid what Dodger’s have in contract with him, or is it a breach in the contract??? I’m sure the whole club will be getting tested and now Pierre is getting his break. We can still win without Manny.

  92. trublu4ever

    The Dodgers are calling up another outfielder to fill in for him. Press conference this afternoon.

  93. dodgereric

    “Ramirez is expected to attribute the test results to medication received from a doctor for a personal medical issue, according to a source familiar with matter but not authorized to speak publicly.”

    Oh, suuuuuure.

    Oh, Big Dodger In The Sky, please make Torre start Paul in Ramirez’ spot. Pierre has brilliantly filled the 4th outfielder role and might be adversely affected by returning to starting. Amen.

  94. vl4ecc

    Now they’re saying it was precribed by a Dr. Maybe Manny had a respiratory problem. Steroid based drugs are commonly prescribed to alleviate problems with the lungs. I’m waiting on more details of this. I wonder when this test was?

  95. scott_in_arcadia

    vl4ecc, I’m guessing you’re right about Manny knowing for a while and I’m sure there were already efforts to avoid the suspension before today.
    If it’s true, then we the fans are the naive buffoons once again. So much for my son’s Manny t-shirt jersey.

  96. nellyjune

    This just sucks in so many ways right now……………….and with the gnats coming into town tomorrow – yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. vl4ecc

    This is devastating! It’s a no brainer run production will have a drastic drop.
    How could ANYONE knowingly take any kind of performance enhancer in this day & age?

  98. trublu4ever

    nellyjune ~ Andre, Matt, Russell and James will have to perform………..and, along with Raffy and ODog, I think they will!!!

  99. vl4ecc

    F’ing cheater! I can’t believe I’m about to say this….I want Andruw back 😦

    By randyisrad on May 7, 2009 9:19 AM
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    Be carefull what you wish for.

  100. nellyjune

    Oh…………….I am sure they will, but then, they had Barry Bonds, so enough said 🙂

  101. scott_in_arcadia

    Andruw Jones was a roids user as well. Juan Pierre is the only guy who could test positive for PED’s and MLB would just start laughing and not suspend him.
    On the bright side, at least Pierre won’t be subbing for Matt and Andre the next 50 games…
    Maybe the Dodgers can throw in a bottle of pills or something with those new Mannywood seats.

  102. jhallwally

    I said last night to enjoy it while it lasted, that there would be potholes in the road ahead. Darn, I didn’t think we would hit a freaking huge sinkhole. Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. vl4ecc

    Manny issued an apology. He’s not putting any blame on the Dr. He should have done his homework before accepting the precription. Ultimately, it’s HIS responsibility to do so.

  104. MLBallhawk

    Will the Dodgers refund all those peoples money that bought MannyWood tickets for the next 50 games? What about those that bought tickets simply to see Manny??

  105. trublu4ever

    I was complaining the other night that the Dodgers weren’t getting enough coverage on ESPN. Well, this isn’t the kind of coverage I was hoping for………….and, you are right Jhall, this is a GIANT SINKHOLE!!!!!!!!!!

  106. scott_in_arcadia

    Why do these players see other doctors other than the team doctor? Especially some guy in the Dominican most likely?
    Stupid players

  107. jhallwally

    Hi’Ya Trumom!!! Yep, we’ll get all the coverage we can stand now!! Rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. jhallwally

    Wow, poor Nelly!! I’ll bet she’s really getting the business from her G’Nat family.

  109. jhallwally

    No kidding Trumom!!! He’s probably turning cartwheels. Hope he strains something doing them!!!

  110. jhallwally

    I can’t believe we have to endure 2 freaking months of POP!!! Geez!!! Hope they bring up Paul!!!!


    I normally don’t have time during the day to comment on things but this situation with Manny just takes the cake! I thought it would be an injury that take him out of the lineup and make signing him look bad but this is so much worse. I think the Dodgers can win without him but having him out of the lineup changes the dynamics.

    How could a doctor prescribe something to a professional athelete and not know there could be a problem with that drug? Did Manny consult with the Dodgers about the health issue? I am sure we will learn more as this story unfolds but the damage has been done.

    Should Pujols and other major stars now demand results of drug tests be made public and put this issue to rest?

    And finally, have fun with this, Giants fans. You should know better.

  112. vl4ecc

    BOY! Times writer Bill Platsche is really ripping Manny, and pretty much calling for his dismissal.

  113. dodgereric

    So, what do you think?

    Furcal SS
    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Blake 3B
    Loney 1B
    Kemp CF
    Martin C
    Pitcher’s spot
    Pierre LF


    Furcal SS
    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Martin C
    Loney 1B
    Kemp CF
    Blake 3B
    Pitcher’s spot
    Pierre LF


    Furcal SS
    Pierre LF
    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Martin C
    Loney 1B
    Kemp CF
    Blake 3B
    Pitcher’s spot

    Or ?

    I’m hoping for

    Furcal SS
    Hudson 2B
    Ethier RF
    Martin C
    Loney 1B
    Kemp CF
    Paul LF
    Blake 3B
    Pitcher’s spot

    ……..but I also hope for world peace……..

  114. dodgereric

    You might be right shad, but personally, I would just as soon leave Andre alone. He’s at home in right now, and doing just fine.

    Xavier Paul’s been playing CF in Albuquerque

    25 Games, 96 At Bats, 10 Runs, 33 Hits, 9 Doubles, 2 Triples, 2 HRs, 14 RBIs, 52 Total Bases, 7 Walks, 17 Strikeouts, 8 Stolen Bases, 2 Caught Stealing, .385 Ave, .542 OBP, .344 SLG, .926 OPS, 1 error

    It’s a shame he’ll be sitting, isn’t it?


    Eric, your lineups are interesting but really, with Joe’s tendencies already pretty well established, you have to expect Pierre will get the nod over an unproven player until or unless that player forces his way into the lineup the way Ethier and Kemp did. At least JP in left field is not that much of a difference defensively than Manny.

  116. dodgereric

    “On the bright side, at least Pierre won’t be subbing for Matt and Andre the next 50 games…
    By scott_in_arcadia on May 7, 2009 9:31 AM”

    LOL scott!

  117. crzblue2

    Morning ITD boys and Girls.
    Yes, we hit a giant pothole. This jint fan at work just came over with this big injection needle. Wonder why he had it. then he sends me an email with HA HA HA HA and the title of the suspection. Stupid Jint fan.
    Happy 25th Birthday Loney! See you at the game!

  118. trublu4ever

    Pierre would add nothing to our team……he’s just fine on the bench where he belongs. XPaul deserves the chance to play. However, I have to agree with you, dodgereric, Juan will be in the line-up and we will suffer for it.

  119. scott_in_arcadia

    Is there a rule in place against performance deflating drugs? I think Pierre deserves a 1,000 game suspension.
    Man, just test everyone and let the results be known. The evil players union and Bud Selig are to blame for this mess.
    Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey – Where have you gone?


    Scott, well said about the union and the commish.

    Emma, we will just have to take our licks from fans of other teams. Giants fans put up with it and so will we. All that matters is what happens on the field.

  121. nellyjune

    Oh yes I am …………….text messages as I write 🙂 Oh Geez!!!!!!! This couldn’t have happened any other weekend either, could it?

    As for my class – haven’t said anything yet, but with the amount of students who come in with daily scores, they will certainly know tomorrow.

  122. scott_in_arcadia

    Hopefully, the team will feed off of Hudson’s energy now, but Pierre is going to kill the pitching staff in LF.

  123. shad78

    This might sound crazy put Blake in RF, Ethier LF Martin at 3rd and Amusmus no way this is crazy but it would prevent Pierre to even see the field in case of a defensive for Blake Torre instead better put Paul in RF.

  124. kpookiemon

    “I want to apologize to Mr. McCourt, Mrs. McCourt, Mr. Torre, my teammates, the Dodger organization, and to the Dodger fans. LA is a special place to me and I know everybody is disappointed. So am I. I’m sorry about this whole situation.” – Manny Ramirez

  125. 32and53fan

    If this had to happen, it is much better for the suspension to begin now instead of the middle of August. It will also give Manny’s body time to fully heal from his hammy problem and any other lingering aches that we might not know about.
    There is little doubt that we should be able to lead the division even without Manny if the kids keep up their hitting. We will need Manny in the stretch and in the post season.

    In view of the importance of this development, Manny should be compelled to list exactly what ailment he asked the doctor to treat and the name of the prescribed med. Patient privacy should be waived in this case.

  126. dodgereric

    I wonder if that doctor is prepared for that $8 million lawsuit that Boras is preparing……….no, make that $80 million……


    Well this probably makes it more likely that he won’t use his opt out clause for next season.

  128. shad78

    I would never have been lucky to get Arod but he stock was like dropped aorund the 3rd and 4th round. I purpose prerank Manny 1st and Arod 2nd. Another league I got Pujols 1st Manny 2nd Konerko and Santana.


    I don’t even find the cause of the “personal health issue” all that surprising. Amusing perhaps but not surprising but it does explain why the club may not have known.

  130. kpookiemon

    I know we make light of the sexual enhancement thing, but for Manny, not only is it embarrassing personally, but professionally as well. Because Manny haters will still scream steroids or HGH. I find nothing funny about any of this. It’s a disaster for the franchise. The season will take care of itself; Kemp Ethier Martin, Loney, et al, are either ready or they’re not. Time to let go of the side of the pool. But if the real story is true, then I feel very sorry for Manny. He won’t have deserved the absolute vilification that’s coming.

  131. trublu4ever

    Knouff ~ I think the team will rally around him and come out motivated to prove they can win even without him in the lineup.
    From what I have heard today, I think XPaul is going to make his debut tonight.
    Juanpy will not be amused!

  132. selltheteam

    This may be an amusing situation to some, those who live in SF or Boston. But here in Dodgertown, it is a sad day. Especially since Pierre will be an every day occurence in left field and in the lineup. Will Frank change “Mannywood” from $99 to “Pierrewood” at $9?

  133. selltheteam

    This news brings new light to Manny’s famous quote from Oct 16, 2008:
    “Gas is up and so am I.”


    I would hope that the Dodgers will offer refunds to the Mannywood seat ticket buyers. Pierrewood? Now that is funny and thanks for the laugh.

  135. perumike

    Well all, it is a downer today, but as a friend told me, these are the Los Angeles Dodgers, not the Manny Dodgers, and we still have tons of talent, so we need to keep up the winning spirit! Go Dodgers! Come back soon Manny!!!

  136. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! This is what is great about ITD…………. any other club’s fans would be screaming through their blog, and what are we doing…………………. using the humor to get through it. Speaking of humor………………. we haven’t heard from our one and only enchanted yet. I can’t wait to see what he has to say. I am sure it will be worth the wait 🙂

  137. scott_in_arcadia

    Man, I’d almost rather it be 50 games for really cheating, not 50 games for a better boner. What a waste.

  138. shad78

    Bochy slams Manny Ramirez

    To:All 11:57 AM 105734.1

    Minutes ago on the San Francisco Giants pre-game show Bruce Bochy SLAMMED Manny. He told Jon Miller on their pre-game show that “we don’t like the Dodgers and he has done nothing but cheat the game. I am glad he got caught there is no room in the game for cheaters.”

    That #$%@#%!$

    If you Dodger fans don’t unload on those no-championship having, halloween wearing fruitcakes from Frisco….I will be sorely disappointed. I HATE THE GIANTS


    Nelly, you are right. There usually is humor in just about everything and in view of the country’s overall problems, I think we can deal with it. I am not happy but winning is a team effort and we all have to overcome obstacles. And Mike, I like your attitude; if Manny had a legitimate injury that kept him out of the line up for an extended period of time, the Dodgers would be in the same position with regard to fielding a winning team. We will miss him but he is not the whole team.

  140. trublu4ever

    All of the Manny bashers out there, including Bochy, should keep there mouths shut. If the entire list ever came out, there would be some of their teams’ players on it.


    As to the team prospects, if the Dodgers can’t win without Manny, then they really don’t deserve to win. I think we will continue to do well, at least within our division confines. As for Manny as an individual, everybody makes mistakes in this life, and it’s an unfortunate thing for him personally, I’m sure, and I’m not looking to pile on in that respect.

    In retrospect, I don’t think anyone will find a posting on my part where I’ve been enthusiastic about Manny, although I root for him as I do with anybody in the Dodger uniform. I’m probably one of the very few on this blog who personally didn’t want him signed and encouraged signing a couple of replacements during the off-season, but this is not an “I told you so”. I did say at the time that anybody who signed Manny would live to regret it, and in that sense Frank and Ned deserve what they’re getting with bad publicity and whatever repercussions come of this. I’m just an old timer and admittedly don’t like the mercenary approach of getting a key player for a season or two by paying the big bucks – I know that’s not how the game is played anymore. I also don’t like a character on the team that calls attention to himself with dreadlocks and other affectations as compared to his play on the field, which is not to say that Manny didn’t perform very well on field. Just shows how old fashioned I am in that respect. Needless to say, I haven’t been a big fan of Manny’s, and I for one won’t miss him for the stupidity that he engaged in by taking whatever the prescription was.

    I hope that this will be the right opportunity for X Paul and that he can take advantage of it. That would really delight me, because I’m obviously in the camp of developing and thriving on your own talent.

  142. scott_in_arcadia

    Bochy is a buttehole plain and simple. It will be that much sweeter when the Dodgers beat their sorry NoCal a$$es.

  143. nellyjune

    Shad – I, personally, won’t say a word to them (family included), because then we would just be sinking to the gnat level, wouldn’t we? Dodger fans are better than that I would hope.

  144. nellyjune

    messagebear – always a pleasure reading what you have to say, and I think many will agree, most of us were worried about pitching all along, and that Manny was just a side issue, but in the off -season, it became the big issue, and kind of left pitching as a”we will see” attitude and for now, our pitching is holding up, but for how long is the question.

  145. scott_in_arcadia

    nice post messagebear, I can’t really argue with anything you said. I miss the old days as well, when the rosters didn’t change so much from year to year.

  146. kpookiemon

    Hate or love Manny I haven’t been this bummed as a Dodger fan since Guerrero blew out his knee in ’86 or Orel blew out his shoulder in ’90. Just saying how I feel………

  147. perumike

    Plaschke is a blowhard. Just saw him on the Sports Center special and he needs to shut his mouth and wipe up all the slobber he left on the camera.

  148. kpookiemon

    “Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, and the players’ association had gathered materials for a possible appeal to an arbitrator, but Ramirez decided not to file one because he didn’t want to risk missing significant time in the second half of the season, the person familiar with details of the suspension said. The union said merely that he waived his right to contest the suspension.”

  149. 32and53fan

    McCourt’s marketing mavens will make the most of the situation and change the left field field boxes to “Bannywood”
    For 99 dollars, they will give you two tickets and two T

  150. trublu4ever

    I just saw him too, Perumike. What a lot of hot air!!! I still think we will win without him. We still have Dre; Matt; Rusell; James; Raffy; ODog and Casey. That’s not a bad lineup. We also still have Billz and Brox!


    Bear, I had reservations about signing Manny as well only because I thought it was unreasonable to put so much hope on another aging superstar, especially one with his history. He is talented and he does bring a level of excitement to the ballpark that Dodger fans have not seen for some time, and I am confident management clearly understood the risk/reward challenge Manny brings to the table. But as Scott has already suggested, it is a bit of a downer to lose Manny to “that kind” of performance enhancement substance.

  152. trublu4ever

    I just saw him too, Perumike. What a lot of hot air!!! I still think we will win without him. We still have Dre; Matt; Rusell; James; Raffy; ODog and Casey. That’s not a bad lineup. We also still have Billz and Brox!

  153. trublu4ever

    Sorry about the double post……I only hit the submit button once………I think my computer is in shock today, too!

  154. 32and53fan

    McCourt’s marketing mavens will make the most of the situation and change the left field field boxes to “Bannywood”
    For 99 dollars, they will give you two tickets and two T-shirts with pictures of dishonored Dodgers past and present with their faces overprinted with a red circle with a diagonal line through it. Choose among Darrell Strawberry, Steve Howe, Eric Gagne, Paul LoDuca and of course Manny.

  155. enchantedbeaver

    I just want to say to y’all now to remember to write in Juan Pierre on your all-star ballots.

    Together we can make a difference.

  156. selltheteam
    However, two sources said the substance Ramirez tested positive for a gonadotropin. Major League baseball’s list of banned substances includes the gonadotropins LH and HCG, which are most commonly used by women as fertility drugs. They also can be used to trigger testosterone production. Testosterone is depleted by steroid use, and low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction.


    E, do you think someone ought to check JP’s phone records to make sure he had no contact with Manny’s doctor?

  158. shad78

    White House: Ramirez’ case embarrassing for MLB
    1 hour, 16 minutes ago

    Buzz up! PrintWASHINGTON (AP)—The White House is calling the suspension of Los Angeles Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez(notes) for 50 games—the latest star caught up in a drug scandal—a great embarrassment for Major League Baseball.

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked Thursday about Ramirez’ suspension. Ramirez said he did not take steroids and was given medication by a doctor that contained a banned substance.

    Gibbs said he hadn’t spoken to President Barack Obama about Ramirez, but called it a disappointment to anyone who is a sports fan.

    Gibbs said any case where an athlete is using a drug to get ahead is a tragedy, a shame and a great embarrassment to MLB


    Crash, my son sent me that article earlier today. It sure begs some obvious questions, doesn’t it.


    Is anyone else getting just a wee bit tired of stories based on “anonymous” sources or sources “not authorized to speak” on the matter at hand?

  161. nellyjune

    That’s it? That’s all you have to say? LMAO!!!!!!!!! (jk) …….Pierre is with two r’s boys!!!!

  162. scott_in_arcadia

    I think watching Pierre play would hurt any man’s libido, even professional athletes.

  163. northstateblues

    Weiner medicine.

    That’s the phrase Colin Cowherd used to describe it when the name of the substance broke.

    That’s funny.

    As a 28 year old, I don’t remember Pedro’s knee blowing out or Orel’s shoulder that vividly. But one date did come to mind.

    July 31st, 2004.

    Oddly enough, though we didn’t know it then, that was a steroid-related problem.

    And unlike that and those San Francisco Ferries (the ships, people, the ships), this does not involve steroids. Manny’s been caught doing steroids as many times as Barry Bonds has: 0.

    Though we know with Barry, he didn’t turn from a twig to a muscle-bound, big-headed Ferrigno-esque INcredible Bulk overnight.

    With Manny, this could be a phanthom after-effect medication if he was using HGH. But HGH itself is undetectable, so ANYBODY could be using that. Albert Pujols, Johan Santana, Carlos Santana, anyone. Not that it makes it right, because it doesn’t, but just keeping it real.

    He DID NOT test positive for a steroid in 15 tests over 5 years. So all they have on him is the HCG “Weiner” meds. I think this won’t merit any of the A-Rod/Barry reaction, since he did not test positive for a steroid or muscle-bulking drug (an estrogen-bulking drug?!!). That doesn’t mean he won’t get that reaction. But believe me, if any Halloweeners try to give me crap, I can hold my head high, tell ’em that Manny’s been caught for Roids as many times as Barry has, and to keep dusting their empty trophy cabinets.

    But WHY HCG? Mannypause?

    The sum of the whole is greater than any of its parts (no pun intended). These kids know what they’re capable of, and if they learn anything from Manny (besides triple checking with the MLBPA before taking any meds from any non-team doctor), it’s to stay loose. They’re still on top of the world right now. They have the parts to stay there. If Pierre is really that bad, he won’t be in for long.

    After all, Pierre needs rest too.

  164. selltheteam

    Coming soon – Pierrewood, where you can get a cup a’ noodles, a pop-up blocker, an ill-fitting hat, and a slappy seat all for just $9.

  165. scott_in_arcadia

    When you are sitting in “Pierrewood”, the peanut guy throws your peanuts to you, but they land a few feet short.

  166. 32and53fan

    I wonder if the MLB allows a player who was previously using anabolic steroids who now has a valid medical issue of atrophied testicles to obtain a temporary use exemption to use HCG or similar drug to restore testosterone to a normal level. Perhaps if Manny applied for a TUE while waiting for his cashews to become coconuts, this situation would not have happened.

  167. northstateblues

    Thanks Nelly. Just wanted to rifle one off before class.

    For a last note… this comes from the Dodger Thoughts comment thread. Conspiracy theroy:


    Glendale AZ, March 20, 2009.

    Manny: “Hey Juan, no hard feelings on left field, I hope.”
    Juan: “Not at all. here, have a coke.”
    Manny: “Mmmm…tastes a little funny.”
    Juan: “Probably just the can.”

    Posted by: Ken Noe | May 07, 2009 at 12:03 PM


    In Pierrewood, when you throw the peanut shells away do you need a cut off man to reach the ground?

  169. kpookiemon

    If there’s one a-hole that ought to shut up it IS Bochy….he who has managed (and looked the other way) both Bonds and Caminiti. But this whole thing is starting to regress into a hate fest. If you hated Manny before, it’s pile on time…the great American sickness…………..

  170. crzblue2

    I just heard Plaschke! aghh, wish I would not had wasted my time. Wish I could read Tony Jackson’s perspective.
    Well, my friend Erik and I had already planned to be at the stadium early today because of Loney’s bday. I am sure Torre will have more media coverage today.

  171. kpookiemon

    Catcher Bengie Molina took no glee in the Dodgers’ misfortune.

    “It’s a very, very sad day for baseball,” Molina said. “I won’t judge Manny. I’m sure he’s pretty bummed. It’s a sad day, and not just for baseball, but for the man. Manny is a good guy.”

    Molina also doesn’t expect the Dodgers to roll over without Manny.

    “That team is good,” he said. “They have a lot of young guys who play the game right. It would be unfair to say they’ll be less competitive. … It’s one of the best hitters in the league and you’re taking him out of their lineup. That’s the only thing we have to look at. … I really didn’t think anybody was going to run away with this division.”

  172. scurtis1999

    Manny will take us to the promise land when he returns in July. It is what it is, I could care less. Everyone did them so we just have to get over it. Hell if I could make millions of dollars playing baseball I’d probably take them too.

    Hopefully Paul plays over Pierre.

  173. lny4loney

    I am so disappointed. Not just in Manny, but in baseball. This is supposed to be a place of purity, this place we call baseball. And thanks to Mark, and Sammy, and Barry, and Alex, and Manny, and agents, and unions, and owners, and trainers, and more than anyone else Bud Selig, baseball is just as filthy as the rest of our culture now.

    I wish Manny would never come back. Even if we win the World Series, it will be a hollow if Manny plays for us – if any ‘roided up player plays for us.

    I wish we would have just given Pee Wee Young a chance. That young man can put a real hurtin’ on the ball.

    I’m going to the game tonight as planned three weeks ago. But I almost don’t feel like going.

    There is at least one saving grace. Tonight is radio night, and one of the last pure things in the game will be heard loud and clear all over Dodger Stadium as it used to be – the voice of Vin Scully.

    I gotta get back to work. I don’t know yet, but this may be even more devastating than 1994.

  174. nellyjune

    Quick story – I was out at P.E., and one of my students came up and asked if the Dodgers are going to win tonight, and I said “sure! Why not?”………….and she said,”good, I would hate for them to lose on James Loney’s birthday. I am so confident in this young core, that I think they are going to prove to everyone they can do this without #99 for a while.

    Now, to go home and face what could be a very long night for me because the gnats did win today. However, I am going to hold my head up high because I am Dodger blue thru and thru and that hasn’t changed one bit. GO DODGERS!!!!!


    i wonder what all the boys are thinking right now.. of all the quotes i’ve read/heard.. the only dodgers quotes were bowa and mccourt.. i want to know what the players think.. i want to know how they feel about other players in the league saying that their 21-8 record is tainted now.. this is really sad for our other players who have worked really hard, and played so well.. i believe in this team, and i know that they can win without manny.. the division is weak.. and we are still the best overall team..

    you all know that i’ve disliked manny from the beginning.. before we ever got him.. but i can’t say i saw this coming.. i figured he’d find a way to be manny, and be disruptive.. but not ‘roids.. high profile players testing positive is just really bad for baseball.. it’s sad..

    i’m going to the game tonight.. i want to see how our team responds.. our young guns can carry the team.. let’s go blue!!

  176. thinkingblue

    NELLY that is a cute story…we sure don’t want the Dodgers to loose, specially on Loney’s birthday.
    I still have faith my Dodgers …I believe that this year they have been working as a TEAM. Baseball is not about a one-man show, but a whole team. This past 13 wins at home and 8 wins on the road are not because of Manny. Yes he contributed, but manny others did aswell. Manny will be back in July to join his team. He will NOT come back the same. He will not be the big power hitter, but I just hope that he comes back clean, with the same energy and with the same enthusiasm he brings to the team and fans. God bless Manny, and God bless the Dodgers
    And to my ITD friends all I want to say is that I am ready to kick some Giants butt after we kick the Nationals butt.

  177. dodgereric

    The following chart lists the Major League Baseball players who have earned over $100 million total salary over their career (through the end of 2008 and not including bonuses).

    Alex Rodriguez – $198,413,252
    Barry Bonds – $188,245,322
    Randy Johnson – $167,550,019
    Manny Ramírez – $162,258,269
    Derek Jeter – $161,230,000
    Gary Sheffield – $154,008,550
    Greg Maddux – $153,845,000
    Ken Griffey, Jr. – $147,353,682
    Pedro Martínez – $146,259,585
    Mike Mussina – $144,533,619
    Carlos Delgado – $134,299,000
    Kevin Brown – $130,890,502 –
    John Smoltz – $130,095,446
    Tom Glavine – $128,639,293
    Jeff Bagwell – $128,134,019
    Jason Giambi – $125,058,996
    Sammy Sosa – $124,068,000
    Jim Thome – $123,961,667
    Mike Hampton – $122,550,270
    Roger Clemens – $121,001,000
    Mike Piazza – $120,176,002
    Chipper Jones – $117,552,133
    Ivan Rodriguez – $115,073,932
    Curt Schilling – $114,158,000
    Larry Walker – $110,363,431
    Andy Pettitte – $108,082,416
    Frank Thomas – $104,634,000
    Bernie Williams – $103,100,001
    Andruw Jones – $102,433,410
    Shawn Green – $100,616,066

    There are 30 names there. How many have been tainted with the spectre of PED?

    Stop. Let’s make it easier.

    How many can you or anyone say is ABSOLUTELY NOT a user of PEDs? Not just steroids or HGH. Any of them.

    I count one. Maybe two. I think Shawn Green is the least likely one on that list. Greg Maddux another. A few weeks ago I probably would have counted 5 or 6. Perhaps you’re arguing with me right now because you see 8, or a dozen. Or none at all. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? There’s no way you could possibly think that even HALF of the players on that list have not been users of PEDs.

    Good Lord.

    Bud Selig and/or the MLBPA (choose your villians) continue to put us, the dyed-in-the-wool baseball fans, through the agony of doubt. Yes, the testing is marvelous. Yet who else is on that 2003 list?

    A movie quote keeps going through my head: “It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

    Because I love the game so much, I can’t stop watching it.

  178. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ I’d say Green and Maddux are probably the only two out of your list. I believe everyone else on that list is a possible user. several years ago, I would have though 90% of them were clean but I’m a skeptic now.
    So, Mannywood, for the time being is being called Pierrewood, according to ESPN………….in fact, you can see right now he is out there, warming up to take his rightful place. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

  179. trublu4ever

    I think they should get it over with, and publish the entire list of the 104 players. It’s better to do it in all one shot then one by one as they see fit.

  180. lny4loney


    I’ll be in Reserve 14 DD, until we move down to better seats.
    I’m pretty confident that Ken Griffey, Jr. has always been clean. … but then again it’s hard to know about anyone anymore.

  181. thinkingblue

    Now is the time for KEMP & ETHIER to proof themselves, HUDSON (O-DOG) will shine now. So I don’t think that it will be PIERREWOOD (ESPN is full of it), but it will be the O-DOG PEN. But I do hope that Pierre does well now that he will starting
    ERIC – I would love to believe that Maddux was clean, but who knows. Now don’t you think that almost all MLB teams have atleast one team member playing now doing some kind of PED

  182. enchantedbeaver

    I really don’t think you have to look but just past the dollar signs above to know the why of it. Anytime really big money is at stake, be it sports, politics, or Wall Street, if its there for the taking people are going to do whatever it takes to secure their piece of it. A sad but true commentary of today’s (and history’s) society(s).

    On the otherhand, shidt happens. You just wipe and go on.

  183. enchantedbeaver

    I also think tonights the most important game of the season. Its a chance for these guys to prove they can win on their own. Its like taking Dumbo’s feather away.


    Trading out Manny for Juan is not much of a bargain, but we still have plenty of fire power. I doubt it, but maybe Juan will make believers out of us. I just do not want to dismiss the guy as a fill in. There is chance here for X and Pierre to show something. We’ve got a lead and Manny is back around the all-star break. You’ve got to give Colletti some credit for keeping the kids together and now is their time.

  185. bluecrewgirl

    I dont’ really know enough about the situation yet to have an opinion about whether he took it knowingly as part of a performance enhancing regime or it was prescribed, but that’s really beside the point now. The situation is what it is and all the young guys are going to have to step up even more than they already have. I have total faith they are all up to the challenge. It may end up having a positive effect on them all in the long run. I do still think Manny would be a great hitter with our without taking any substances, so that is the shame in it all. There will forever be a shadow of doubt around his accomplishments.

  186. 32and53fan

    Let’s get fourteen!
    The number 14 is an even number with attributes similar to those of 7. A period of 14 days is half of the Moon’s 28-day cycle, so it takes 14 days (one fortnight, short for fourteen-night) for the Moon to wax from new to full or to wane from full to new. In ancient Egypt Osiris was cut into 14 parts. The number is important in Islam; the Arabic alphabet contains 14 Sun letters and 14 Moon letters. In medieval Germany 14 innocent beings gave legal protection to whomever they accompanied.

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