Tough loss, but something's right…

That was as tough of a loss as we’ve had all year, but I have to tell you, as we get ready to board the plane for Los Angeles, I’m feeling pretty good about this team.

I’ve been either covering baseball or working in PR for the last eight years and I’ve never seen what I just saw after the game. Derek was extremely down, as you can imagine, having given up the home run following an incredible outing. Russell Martin went over to tell him how great he pitched, as did a couple other teammates. But it was clear that he didn’t really want to talk about the loss and you can imagine how hard it is for him to discuss it or reporters to make him discuss it.

Nomar, realizing how tough Derek was taking it, came over to me and told me that he was going to go talk for Derek today and then proceeded to put all the blame on himself and the offense for not getting it done today. In the end, Derek eventually talked to the media because he, too, is a stand-up guy. But I have to say, it’s things like this that make you see how a team can come together over the course of a season.

Despite the loss, the homestand starts tomorrow and the Dodgers are in first place regardless of the rest of the day’s games. In the end, a game like this – plus a gesture like Nomar’s – really can go a long way.



    Lowe shouldn’t be down. He was the only reason we were in that game. It’s not his fault Betemit messed up a double play and its not his fault Grady decided not to walk Willingham. It’s also not his fault that the offense, yet again, was awful.


    Has Grady or Lowe mentioned yet why the heck they were so stupid in pitching to Willingham? I’d like to hear their reasoning.

    Guys lay off Wilson. Walking the leadoff man in the ninth is a bigger error. Not loading the bases and bringing in Saito is a bigger error.

    That said I can care less if he is on the team tommorrow. I’d like to sink or swim with LaRoache until the trade deadline and then re evaluate.

    I’d also like to see them get rid of the other Wilson and bring up Kemp.


    Unbelieveable, Josh gives us tremendous insight to the locker room we all wish to be a freaking fly on the wall in and all you can do is b*tch. I for one absolutely thank you so much for this blog and that great story. The offense did not get the job done today and Nomar did a selfless thing to make Lowe feel better. Grow up and start appreciating this blog instead of taking it for granted to spew your pathetic negative BS! Have a good flight home to L.A. Go beat on the Reds and I’ll see you there for Fireworks night!

    Go Dodgers!


    couldn’t agree with you more Josh, there’s always tomorrow that’s the great thing about it.


    Ok its time to back up our manager! “Betemit messed up a double play and its not his fault Grady decided not to walk Willingham” why would he walk Willingham? Ummmm if you guys were watching the same game i was you would have seen Willingham go 0-3 with a strike out and a harmless pop out, to me its a no brainer… Derek was pitching his heart out and decided to make a mistake at the worst possible moment (And Willingham just capatilized on a bad mistake and drove it over the fence) Im not putting the blame all on Derek either, so dont go yelling at me just yet, Betemit looked horrible fielding that groundball i think he just got way ahead of himself, also our offensive could not get anything started and when they did they would harmlessly pop out or ground out. It was a great game and a bad outcome and there is not much we can do about it now, but i can sit here and honestly say that I Love My Dodgers!! Grady in my opinion is the best coach we have had since Lasorda! GO DODGERS!!!


    A very tough game to lose, but I choose to give all credit to the winners in this one. I can remember many a game between Koufax and Bob Gibson that ran 0 – 0 until the very end. Sandy usually came out on top, but you had a lot of respect for the opposition. Not comparing this set of pitchers, but recognizing that both did an outstanding pitching job. In this type of a game it is also unfair to blame any one play or decision, although I am usually prone to hand out a lot of blame, particularly to our management. Probably tougher to take this kind of a loss than a 9 – 0 blowout, but we’ll rise above it. Actually I’m impressed with how the young Marlins team can play. Often I wish that we would let our youngsters develop together and build to where we can be in the World Series – like maybe next year.


    here is why he should have walked Willingham.

    There were runners on second and third with one out. If you don’t walk Willingham Lowe would have to strike him out or have him ground out to third or short to get an out without a run scoring. If you walked him and to get to Aaron Boone the odds of getting out of the inning without the run scoring increased. If Lowe, who is a ground ball pitcher, gets Boone to hit a ground ball the inning is over.

    Im not saying that Boone would have hit into a double play but it gave a better chance of getting out of the inning without losing the game.


    thats definitely a stand up gesture by nomar right there, i have no problems with lowe giving up 3 runs every game, because essentially thats what he does, what is troubling though is the rubbish that is our offense. the wilson’s are overstaying what is the collective welcome that is grady little, and its time for them to go polish up skills in vegas. lets get our best players on our team ned, please. i know matt kemp doesnt play ss or 3rd but it would be nice to have him somewhere.


    Very good point Josh. Nomar is the epitome of team-mate: a selfless person who recognizes that it takes more than individual accomplishments to make a team what it should be… and equally as important, he realizes his responsibility in sharing the failures of those around him, and in doing so makes the rest of the team better. To place the blame of this loss on one player is pointless.


    Ok good point Max… although who’s to say that Lowe doesnt strike him out? Maybe it took him 8 pitches to strike him out or pop out in the infield if that was the case then we had other pitchers to go to in the bullpen. I guess what i was trying to say was that we could have said that on a lot of plays or pitches like why not through the pitch that has been working for you?! or why didnt Betemit make that double play? We were so focused on one person it was like hey it wasnt just there fault but i do see yoru point it would have given us a better chance to get out of the inning i just think hes still a great coach and i wanted to defend him because i thought Lowe could have gotten out of the situation without walking him! But thats just my opinion and i respect all of yours so we will just leave it at that and move on to tomorrow!


    Man this is going to be a LOOOOONG season with some of you !!! If you have ever played this game, even as a kid, you would know that it’s a game of inches and conditions. Mistakes are an important part of the game and you can only hope that we make less mistakes then the competition. Until the 9th inning this was a great, great game. The pitching was lights out perfect by both teams. Now in the 9th inning and tough loss, some of you look at this game as poorly played and you couldn’t be more wrong. This was one of the best games we’ve played all year !! It just didn’t work out in the win column. This isn’t the kind of Dodger fans I want to hear from all year. Go ahead be critical, make you statements but stop with the pure mean childish behaivor, it doesn’t do anyone any good. Most of you just want to see yourselves on the blog. Learn to be a loyal fan and support your team in the good times and the bad times. You’ll be respected a lot more then you are now. Take an example from Nomar, support our team !!!

    BTW, this crapy team of ours is in first place and coming home !!! In the toughest division in baseball !!! Get a true sense of appreciation for that stat !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    yes but not walking Willingham made Lowe have to possibly face an extra batter. The only way Willingham would have gotten a double play is if it was a hard line drive right to third or second. The only runner that matter was the guy on third so walking him to an empty base would have done no more harm then could have been done.

    Willingham should have been walked. It’s a matter of odds. We had a better chance of getting out of the inning with Boone batting and Willinham being part of a double play.


    Two words. Andy La Roche.

    He’s in the line-up today, and we win.

    Thanks Grady. Thanks for killing a great game by DLowe.


    Not walking Willingham gave the Marlins more of a chance to win.

    gary…the NL West is far from the best division in baseball.


    and Gary questioning people’s loyalty to the team just because they say some negative things about negative things on the team is rather disrespectful to them because they too spend money on this team and invest a part of their time and life to this team just like you do.

    I’ve never said this team is awful. I’ve always said it was good but it’t not as good as last year and could be better with a couple of player moves. There is nothing wrong with that.


    This was a ridiculous loss. There was absolutely no reason why Willingham bats. ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. The winning run was already at 3rd. 1st base was open. It’s an automatic walk! Sets up the force play at any base, sets up a possible double play. And takes the bat out of the hands of the Marlins CLEAN UP HITTER.

    This one’s all on GRADY. Doof.


    Nomar is a stand up guy, and he knows that the offense, not Lowe was responsible for this loss. Sometimes you play good and lose anyway, it just happens. That said Nomar was right , this offense has not been very good. The reason for the negativity is because we love this team and I for one cannot understand why management does not see what we the fans see. I feel this team could be dominate with a few moves by Ned. I’m not talking about trades. I’m saying what everybody else is saying about Kemp and Loney. If I thought the best team was on the field and they still lost , it would be easier to accept and just go with it.


    Yeah, Max and that cup is half empty isn’t it !!! If anyone has shown disrespect Max your pretty high on the list, but I guess that doesn’t matter much to you!!!

    Have a great day !!!

    GO Dodgers !!!

    BTW Only the AL Central and the NL West have more then two 500+ teams and the AL Central is really only a two horse race.


    I don’t care about Aaron Boone or what makes Grady Fraidy. This is fundamental baseball here. Everything in the book says to walk the clean up hitter with the winning run on 3rd, a base open and less than two outs! You have to give yourself the best chance to get out of the inning, and pitching to Willingham in that spot wasn’t it. Even if they got him out, that wasn’t the right move. Rolling the dice didn’t pay.


    gary, I’ve never questioned anyones loyalty regardless of what direction they think the team should go.


    great post deanofnyc in the end, no matter how you slice and dice it that was just a bad judgement call. ill take bases loaded, lowe vs boone anyday over willingham. just as max said you wanna give your self the best opportunity to get those 2 outs. especially with furcal not playing our infield defense is not to be counted on to gun anyone out at the plate had that happened, our best chance was the double play ball. but hey grady didnt see it that way which stinks, but what a great game pitched by lowe. outdeuled hudson last outing, then this. that does stink i dont blame him one bit.


    Some of you can be my guest to blindly support 20 years of not winning a playoff series while maintaining huge fan support and huge payrolls. Some of us are sick of it. Some of us feel that the dodgers would be better off building from within like the successful dodger teams of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and are stating our opinions/frustrations. If we weren’t so supportive of our team we probbably wouldn’t.

    I agree though that the day to day ripping of in game descions is annoying. But I think it’s fair to wonder why they didnt load the bases when 9 out of 10 managers (at least) would. Even Grady has before so it’s fair to wonder why they chose not to.


    Oh and even if they walked the guy they probably would still have its not really blaming that. You can’t win when you score no runs. Nomar was right and admirable. I guess gary and others some of you are right, we typically only talk about bad things, not good things.


    Perhaps Grady will explain his reasoning to the press concerning the “intentional walk” strategy that so many would have employed with Willingham. It could be that Willingham had been an easy out up to that point for Lowe. I can also name a few instances where an intentional walk to load the basis was followed by an unintentional walk to lose the game. But I would like to hear Grady’s explanation without necessarily fixing it as a blame situation. What I do consistently blame our management for is that I, like “jungar” has expressed above, would like to see us develop a club that is going to be more successful in the playoffs that what we have seen in the past twenty years. You do that with young players, maybe with the addition of an established but not over the hill star in his prime. I don’t see how our several tired “retread veterans” are going to accomplish that anymore than the mediocre teams over the last two decades managed to do.


    The last 20 years is mostly due to ownership and the DL. This team is built great !! All the experts put us at the top coming out of Spring Training and we’re still the odds on favorite in Vegas. THANK YOU MR. McCOURT. My complaint is simple, you guys don’t accept the fact that it’s a game and that’s all. You armchair managers want peoples jobs for taking a risk. A risk where the winnning run was 90 feet away and any fly ball to CF wins the game. Yes a DP is a smart decision but this guy wasn’t hitting Lowe before. It was a **** shoot and it didn’t work, so what !!! I’ll bet anyone that Lowe was trying to pitch around this guy and left one up over the plate by mistake. With bases loaded he could have just as easily walked in the winning run. This way our over worked bullpen was spared !!! It was a gamble, plain and simple. Grady and Ned have been the best thing to come to the Dodgers in the LAST 20 years, but many of you see them as the enemy / devil. Give it a rest !! How would you guys feel if everyone was asking for your job every time you dropped the ball !! A team gets stronger when everyone supports one another.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    it got brian sabean to one world series. albeit they ( the accomplished veterans ) blew it. yeah they were a little younger in 02, but same philosophy. other than that it hasnt really gotten them anywhere. thats why with the talent we have down on the farm, its so hard to take a Juan Pierre signing, or a Luis Gonzalez signing.


    and i believe they lost that world series in 02 to a young upstart team with great young pitching. sound like a plan? sure does to me, i still enjoy bringing up that 2002 world series to all giants fans i know. they dont like it too much and then they say yeah but you got our assistant GM with the same philosophy, and then I instantly get these crazy conspiracy theories in my head and tell them to be quiet. then they say brett tomko, then they say schmidt, i say jeff kent, then we all just put one back and sigh and realize we can do nothing but give them our money in support. wonder why the mccourt’s came to town? no matter who we field dodger stadium will sell out. he better not touch that land though, then we have war on our hands.


    Again, nasty loss, but I feel much better about this team that about last year’s or about the rather AWFUL 2005 team.

    Good to see the guys stick together as a team and standing up for each other like that. Now, time to take that teamwork on the field and consistently do the stuff they’re in the team for! Talk and gestures are neat, getting the job done is the best of all.

    The team leads the NL West by a whisker and a half, and there’s good performances almost every day – just some gaps in the machine right now and that’s where the W’s are slipping through.


    From the Daily News:

    In case you’re wondering, Aaron Boone, the on-deck hitter, was 1 for 3 lifetime against Lowe — too small a sample size to impact the decision-making process

    Trying to cover for pitcher Derek Lowe, Little claimed responsibility for the decision not to intentionally walk Josh Willingham to load the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth — a fairly common tactic in such situations because it creates a potential force at all three bases and home plate.

    But after giving up a walkoff, three-run homer on his first pitch to Willingham, Lowe let it be known that he had told Little he wanted to pitch to the Marlins left fielder.

    “I don’t like (loading the bases),” Lowe said. “It brings wild pitches into play, and it forces you to throw a strike, pretty much.”


    Also from the A.P:

    The first-place Dodgers came into the game eighth in the NL in hitting, and Little hinted at a lineup shakeup when the team begins a homestand Friday.

    “We’ll do something different,” he said. “It may start as early as tomorrow. I’m not really sure exactly what it needs to be, but we need to change the scenery a little bit.”


    Yeah thank god were not Giant fan. Wasting the best hitter on the planet in his prime.

    Ok thanks Alex for posting that. Grady trusted his player and the player got burned. End of story. We move on.


    Thanks Alex for those quotes. It’s really easy for us fans sitting at home to question the manager and game decisions. If they had walked Willingham and Derek had thrown a wild pitch, everyone on here would be “Grady is so dumb for walking him!” He can’t win.


    Just for the record, it’s not even about whether or not Boone would or would not have done anything, and it was not to do with the error earlier or how Lowe pitched to Willingham. The move was to walk him in that situation. Doing anything other than an IBB in that case is just not sound baseball thinking. Case closed.


    lowe’s reasoning makes no sense, thats not his game. he doesnt look to get hitters out by chasing bad pitches. he relys on pinpoint control and contact….im confused. that was nothing more than lowe taking the blame for grady. what a vicious cycle.


    so therefore what is he worrying about a wild pitch for? anyone catching this? that is a really bad excuse. thats scary.


    Fact of the matter is we should have done better on this road trip. A couple of games just plain got away. Every team no matter how good, bad, or indifferent goes through these spells and it does no good, that I can see, to play the blame game. It was a team loss.
    The last time Little made some post game comments like today, we got LaRoche. Looks like more is going to happen next day or so. Taking Josh’s post into consideration, our good team is going to get better soon.


    Tony Jackson also hinted in a comment that he believes Matt Kemp is on his way…take that for what you will.


    I don’t get Lowe’s comments. A wild pitch would have scored a run regardless if Willingham was walked. Also, his comment about him walking Willingham would force him to throw strikes uhhhhh since when is that a bad thing?

    But whatever. He should have been walked regardless. It’s just smart baseball.


    yeah max no one seems to want to look into those comments, everyone just wants to accept it and move on, which is fine and what you do in the fine game of baseball, but the only problem is his explanaation makes zero sense. who does he think he is now daniel cabrera??? hes a sinker ball pitcher who induces groundballs, if anything hes throwing is in the dirt its not a good day for him. totally mysterious…….


    He even said I was trying to get Willingham to ground out..making it more maddenning. And if your afraid of wild pitches (again that same wild pitch scores the runner anyways) then ask to come out.

    “The bottom line is, it was right down the middle when I was trying to get a ground ball.”


    you too max you pessimist you. were very similar we like to see W’s, we like accountability, and we dont like bs excuses. sounds like a fan who cares to me. ah well lets not wear out our welcome its still a long season, and we dont wanna ask too many questions. these games count just as much as the ones in august and september if not more.


    Ahh Josh, spare me! Gimmie a freakin break and stop trying to sugar coat or put your silly spin on this. Big deal Nomar took the blame…..Duh! After all, he left Pierre at 3rd with one out and he hasn’t had a decent game at the plate since Noah built the ark. In no way was this defeat D-Lowe’s fault. It was the fault of our pathetic offense and their lack of execution. Spare me the nonsense!


    Hey gban90277, easy on Josh! He’s just trying to make the best of this game! If you don’t like it you can make your own Dodgers blog, geez. At least everyone here is making good points, you’re just insulting the blogger.


    Yes, “gban”, have to agree with you. The management and organization is highly overrated when you consider that they spend $110 million on payroll and the best they can get for the middle of the lineup are three pretty much over the hill veterans that are touted to have attained the magic rings of World Series, but are totally unlikely to ever see them again. That’s why I want to see our prospects out there, because they are more exciting and in a year or two they could bring the World Series to us – nothing else really matters. That’s not the philosophy of our management team, and I’m not sure that the ownership really cares as long as they rake in 3 million plus through the gates each year. If there was any real dedication, you would think that waiting for it since 1988 is long enough.


    Thanks for the tip maribel. For future reference I’m always making points, It seems in your case I may have to elaborate a bit. My point here is that I’m sick and tired of the Dodger organization, not just Josh (and I know thats what he gets paid for), but all the way up the chain, trying to sugar coat things and looking at things through rose colored glasses. Bottom line we split a series with the Marlins instead of leaving with what was an attainable sweep. It’s games like these that will come back to haunt a club. Remember that this blog, and all who post here have one thing in common….we bleed blue. This is where we celebrate, and this is where we vent. Nonetheless, if I upset you, or if you don’t like my points, please feel free to not read them and scroll down the page to the next post. If not, then get over it! Theirs no crying in baseball!


    Why should he walk Willingham? Betamit error was the blow and that should been a DP right their and Miggy grounded out should be the last out. Lowe did everything prefect in that innings except the lead off walk.


    Grady should have had Lowe walk Willingham. Tommy should have had Niedenfuer walk Jack Clark. But it’s easier to see that now.
    I don’t quite get why Lowe’s explanation for not wanting to walk a guy with First Base open. I understand the concern with a man on third, but he was there anyway. Even if it is strategically the wrong move, with Derek Lowe it’s going to work out more often then not.

    The problem today was the offense, and Grady recognizes that it needs help. Yesterday we left 13 on base.

    Nothing’s wrong with complaining when the team loses. I think this blog is fairly cathartic in that sense. But we don’t have to panic or call for complete upheaval either– even while we are playing so-so ball over the last couple of weeks, we’re still in first place and still have plenty of time to work out the kinks. The goal is to win in October.

    Plus, with a stretch against the NL Central (and Nationals) coming up over the next month, we should get fat.


    Willingham was struggling to so why not pitch to him and he was like 0 for 10 and like 1 for 14 in the series? I don’t think it was a bad move on Grady part. The ibb would’ve been so bad to and it does set up for the dp.


    Most of you, should go back & re-read Garysmith’s post. He
    makes an awful lot of SENSE.

    Extremely well put, Gary…..



    just a thought, had a friend who died last year at the age of 98. he had seen all of the greats play. used to go to NY and watch the Giants Dodgers and Yankees play over the space of a three day weekend. his comment was that if nobody made a mistake games would last forever and be tied at 0-0. moral of story is that there must be a mistake made by someone so that the game can end. thought that today was a great game to watch. cheers to Nomar for putting the blame where it belonged. if we had scored a couple early Grady would have made different decisions late in the game. just enjoy knowing we’re going home still in first place. always a great place to be.


    With that lineup it is hard to score runs. There are 4 dead outs at least. It is ridiculous to play that lineup and expect anything else to occur.


    In addition, LuGo seems like he has not gotten a hit in 3 weeks… What a terrible signing.


    Kemp has homered in Vegas, I hope Coletti has a charter at McCarran International Airport ready for Kemp.


    saying Grady should have walked Willingham is not second guessing him. It’s just what you do. It gives you the best chance to get out of an inning without a run scoring.

    Say instead of Willingham hitting a home run he hits a Ground ball to short and gets throw out. Well the run didn’t score but we are still in the inning. If we would have walked Willingham and Boone would have made that ground out the inning would have been over.

    There is no way around it. It was a bad decision by whoever made it and it may have well cost us the game. That’s the bottom line really.

    That’t not being negative it’s being realistic.


    qban90277, my point was, you’re taking it out on the wrong person. of course we’re all annoyed that we split the series with the marlins (the freakin’ marlins!) but you were criticizing someone just doing their job.



    Your right Nomar is a very humble and stand up guy and speaking of that did you see the interview Nomar had with one of the WWE’s Superstars CM Punk. on Check it out its on the front page, hes just talking about how much he loves the team and respects the other guys.


    If there was a time to lift Lowe, it wasn’t the bottom of the 9th after giving up the walk, but rather at the top of the 8th when he was leading off. Sure he’s got 7 good innings and a low pitch count, but the Dodgers need some runs, and they have a better shot if they start off with Furcal or LaRoche than an almost certain out in a pitcher. But would you have done that, and used the bullpen for two more innings? Nasty as the loss was, Lowe did pitch a complete game for LA.

    Nonetheless, Nomar was right, the offense should have stepped it up. That was big of him to be the one to say that, though, since he had one of the three Dodgers’ hits today. Pierre kept getting on, but Martin couldn’t get a hit behind him. I’ll be honest, though – I can’t get mad at Russell.

    So whatever. Nice effort. Now I just hope they beat the Reds.


    I somewhat liked JP’s performance tonight. I think it’s time for Grady’s plan B. JP at leadoff, Martin batting 2nd and Furcal at the 3 spot. After that I don’t know. Maybe, Nomar, Kent,Eithier, Gonzo,and LaRouche.
    I’d like to see Andre, moved up in the line up sooner than later. He seems to be more of a contact hitter than the others. Perhaps right after Nomar, is he still a threat on the bases? Nomar, that is, and that was maybe, not Mabry,(although he does play third, doesn’t he?).


    I’m not sure changing the line up will make a big difference. There still are too many easy outs in it, no matter where they bat. We have to get younger ,these older players have had their best days 10 years ago. By the end of the season they’ll look even worse than they do now.


    Amen, fliegel! Exactly. The sooner we bring up some of that new blood, the sooner we can expect some better results.


    1.patriotacts425 still wont talk about the real issues. yeah our offense was anemic all day, but had we might the right choices we could have still won. I dont like how you guys can just concede losses. We had a good chance of winning that game! Sure if that was Brett Tomko or anyone but Lowe our sinkerball specialist/groundball guru, our chances were slim, But not Lowe who can get anyone anywhere to hit one on the ground, he was doing it all day. the funny thing is you guys take it as complaining, true dodger fans take it as a wake up call. this whole post is a bunch of phoney baloney bs that was written to cover Grady’s mistake, then Alex throws in some Lowe comment that he was worried about a wild pitch. its just not adding up guys, spin it how you may, slice it how youd like, but decisions such as those yesterday are really scary, and I would have hoped he learned his lesson, admittedly or not. do you not realize that we should have at least won that series if not swept it? thats a big differance, in a game of inches.


    i wish they whould have given martin the day off. i’m going to tonights game and chances i see martin are pretty much gone. i guess little was thiking he would let lieberthal catch wolf. too bad. i think martin should start every home opener. he’s a spark plug and i’m kinda mad that i’m not going to get to see our best player. oh well. GO DODGERS!!!


    im going on sunday hoping the reds call up bailey, that would be nice to see him start his pro career against the dodgers. im thinking they are going to look elsewhere though….


    Thinking of a day off for Martin, I wish we had kept Hall instead of signing Lieberthal. He’s too much of a come-down from Martin when substituting on a day off – not much of a pinch hitter either at his stage.


    well put gary, I haven’t said alot lately, just too much negativeity going on, haven’t wanted to get drawn into it. I still believe that we need to protect the propects, great to see LaRoche in L.A. and the future is near with Kemp,Loney and more prospects on the way. go L.A.

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