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It seems that a lot of people on this blog are interested in hearing more about our minor league guys, so I’m going to try and give a brief update each morning on one of our prospects and how he did the night before.

For today, it’s Justin Orenduff, who came to camp with us this spring. Last night he pitched 7.0 innings for Double-A Jacksonville and allowed just two hits and one earned run with six strikeouts to earn the win. He’s now 3-2 with a 3.25 ERA. Also, Brad Cresse, the son of former Dodger bullpen coach Mark Cresse, went deep twice in the game and drove in seven runs.

Meanwhile, you’ve also said you guys enjoy the behind the scenes look at things. Here’s an interesting article by Bob Nightengale in the USA Today about how locker assignments are decided upon throughout MLB.



    The stat that’s most impressive with Orenduff is that he’s got 50 strikeouts in 44.1 innings pitched, and in fact, he has by far the most strikeouts per nine innings, and also the second-best WHIP number for starters on the Suns at 1.17.

    The only question I have is how he only has 44.1 innings in 9 starts. He’s given up 4 homers, did he surrender them all at once and get yanked in the second? Or is it just that his approach as a strkeout pitcher causes him to throw a whole lot of pitches?


    Thanks for the info on Orenduff and Cresse. I don’t want to trivialize this blog but have a trivial question. My Dad, a wonderful baseball fan, died two years ago. My Mom, 85, still watches baseball every night. Usually Blue Jays but at times the Braves because of her cable package. I watch with her a couple of times a week. She has wondered aloud many times about how they get the dirt and grass stains out of those white uniforms. When I told her about the travel post you had that was in response to a question, she quietly said, “Ask him how they get those stains out.” If you get a moment, perhaps on the plane, maybe you could solve a mystery for my Mom. She is the one that made me a Dodger fan in the fifties by allowing me to listen to every game on radio out of Brooklyn, even a double header at night. She bought me every sport magazine with a Duke Snider story in it and I often found it on my pillow in the morning.


    thanks again for this way to express ourselves. every day I go to the roster section, then minor league affilates. our minor teams come up, then I go to schedule for each team
    and look at the box score. great way to see how we are doing.

    also have noticed mark alexander at AA he is 25 years old 3 wins 1 loss with 7 16 innings he has 32 ks and only 7 walks

    at columbus we have brent leach a lefty, age 23 3 wins 2 losses 3.23 era. in 47 innings he has 61 k’s and 27 b.b

    also 21 year old lefty named marlon arias is 4 wins, 3 losses a higher era of 4.14 but he has 59 k’s in 45 innings with only 18

    they seem to be up and comers not yet listed on the top 30 prospect report.


    Good tip Frank. I always go to Google and put in Dodger minor league teams. Your way is much more convenient and faster. Thanks

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