No turning back…

The Dodgers’ truck for Camelback headed out today from Dodger Stadium…


Should be pulling in any minutes. For those who made the trip last year, it’s under five hours door to door from Dodger Stadium.

truck 2.jpg


Ahhh, the smell of Spring is in the air 🙂

What a beautiful sight, GO DODGERS!

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!! Can’t wait to say it for real :))

Ahh Josh! And we were not invited. I was thinking of going to the gift shop today. Oh well. The Padres had their send off on Saturday while they were having their Fanfest.
Happy 18th Birthday to Mariya!
I got excited today looking at the picture of Sandy Koufax in Simer’s article. Less than two weeks for the Koufax/Torre event at the Nokia center! Proceeds benefit Torre’s Safe At Home foundation to stop the cycle of domestic abuse. Simers says tickets are stil available and they start at $25.

WOW….I can feel it! DODGERS! DODGERS!
Yesterday’s weather was baseball weather….. and today… Baseball weather again! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL DRE! Let’s GO Dodgers!

Phan – the weather here is beautiful (SoCal). High 70’s to low 80’s, but we have been having some earthquakes…so be prepare!

Heading for LA in a couple of days, visiting our daughter for parents’ weekend. Can’t wait to get away from this east coast deep freeze for a while.

Hmmmm….Its a big white truck….did someone take the Red Cross of the side????

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