Pierre to the Sox

“Juan always put the Dodgers first, even when it wasn’t in his personal best interest. In this day, that is a rare attribute. When he and I spoke at the end of the season, we agreed that if an opportunity presented itself in which his change to play would be enhanced, we would pursue it and that’s what we’ve done. He deserved the chance to play more.”

Those are the words of Ned Colletti in a release that will go out momentarily. From a personal and professional standpoint, all of us at the Dodgers truly wish Juan well. He really handled himself in an unbelievable manner over the last year and a half when circumstances changed beyond his control and you have to respect that, regardless of what you feel about his play on the field.

Last year, when we needed him most, he stepped up to help the team and the fans really seemed to appreciate it. I’m sure their standing ovation for Juan upon Manny’s return ranks up their with his best moments in a Dodger uniform…plus, he got to play in two postseasons (and NLCS) with us during his three years.

Here’s wishing him the best…


While I am Happy for Juan and the fact that his new home will bring him an everyday spot at the top of a lineup, I am really scared of what is to come. Even if one of the prospects the Dodgers get end up playing in an all-star game, today this is just a salary move. Here is the major problem I have with that; THIS IS THE DODGERS!!! Frank McCourt you own a team that near the top of the list in attendance year in and year out, not to mention that the team resides in the 2nd largest market in the country! Why do we continue to cut salary and behave like a small market team shopping in the bargain bin? By no means do i want my beloved Dodgers to spend liek the Yankees in hopes of buying the world series. But when a key peice of the puzzle is available, and your team is in LA you spend the money. Spend it wisely, but dammit spend it!

I wish Juan the best, too. I think this move will be a benefit to both teams.

Great Day in the morning!
It’s almost unbelievable.
I’m happy for Pierre, that he’s promised more playing time, which he dearly deserves.
It’s like a Christmas present to know that we don’t have to read everyday those ranks against him, those cruel remarks by many Dodger bloggers, that I’m sure were hurtful.
I wish (my namesake) well, for the rest of his career.
Let’s hope some good will come from the two players that we’ll get from the Chisox.

Good Bye PP!!! What a contract disaster you’ve been for the Dodgers. Only Frank would extend the contract for five years for the GM who gave you that contract. I wish you luck with the Sox, but I’m not inclined to follow you.

I agree with your assessment, wellsy, except where you describe Frank as an owner. I guess that will be in contention, and we’ll be lucky if that ownership is even resolved this coming year. In the meantime, the only meanigful ownership of the team might rest with the lenders to our franchise. At what point will they start to call the real shots, if they aren’t doing so already. BREAK FRANK AND JAMIE, BOTH, although it’s difficult to root for the Bank of America. Can we please get a real owner to step up.


Juan down, four to go if you know what I mean.

And, you thought you wouldn’t have any material for songs, Enchanted. I think there is plenty to get your juices flowing.

I wish JP all the success on another team. I was probably one of the hardest on him seeing how he was taking playing time away from Andre and even Matt for some of the time. He has played like Juan Pierre the entire time. However, like many of us have said, it wasn’t his fault he was signed to the contract he had. Frank, Ned, and whoever, didn’t trust the kids they had coming up (now known as the Dynamic Duo), and if it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have been here in the first place.

If I may hazard a guess, E, would those four be: Frank, Jamie, Ned and Joe?

Bear, you know me too well !!!

As we celebrate this moment, here’s just one more song:

The Way We Were (Joe singing sadly to ?So Happy Together?)
Imagine me and Phew, I do
I thought about Phew day and night
It was only right
To think about the Phew I loved
and when I?d bat
Phew leadoff whenever
If I did lead Phew off
And sit Andre
And Phew said Phew belonged to me
And made my day
Imagine how my world had been
And care what might have been
So Slappy together
I can’t see me loving nobody but Phew
For all my life
When Phew was with me
Baby the skies were so blue
He was my wife
Me and Phew
And Phew and me
No matter how Dre hit the ball
It has to be
The only one for me was Phew
And Phew for me
So Slappy together
Me and Phew
And Phew and me
No matter how Dre hit the ball
It had to be
The only one for me was Phew
And Phew for me
So Slappy together
So Slappy together
How is your mother?
She called here forever
We were Slappy together
So Slappy together…

I wish you the best with the Whitesox! We still get to see you at Camelback Ranch! I am proud that I was part of the crowd that gave you a standing ovation for stepping up when you had to cover for Manny!
Good luck!

See ya at Camelback Juan


JP, it’s not your fault you were over paid, but it is your fault you whined in 2008 when Kemp and Ethier rightfully replaced your slappy butt. The stupid Dodgers are still going to pay 10.5 million of the 18.5 million left on your contract. Try to remember your “team player” attitude of 2009 when the Whitesox replace you with someone better before your 2 years is up.

Messagebear – I was wondering what happened to you. I thought maybe you went into hybernation until spring training hoping to see Frank and Jamie gone by that time πŸ™‚

For old time sake:

Here’s the TOP 10 things JP is doing 8 hours before each game:

10. Practicing wobble walking.

9. Watching old tapes of Joe Morgan batting to get that arm slap just right.

8. Hitting grounders to first base.

7. Hitting grounders to second base.

6. Hitting pop ups to third.

5. Practice looking at perfect strikes go by.

4. Detail Mr. Colletti’s car.

3. Call momma and complain about playing time.

2. Practice bunting the ball right back to the pitcher’s mound.

1. Trying different crooked hat positions in front of mirror.

By scott@whittiermailing.com on June 25, 2008 12:58 PM

So how much had we freed up for 2009 – $42mil? Add another $4.5 for half of JPs 2009 salary and now we’re at $46.5. Boy I bet we get all kinds of good players for that. And draft picks, think of all the top draft picks we can sign. Oh boy, cheaper seats and concessions too!!!

Oh, I forgot – Frank owns the team. So that’ll earmark $7 mil for dumpster diving. And that’s right, we don’t have any draft picks. And oops, Frank raised ticket prices too.


Hey, we got one good month out of Juan in three years. He’s the crown jewel of Ned’s signings.

But he gave us a lifetime of memories πŸ™‚

……….and most of those memories are forever enshrined into Dodger Lyrics.

Scott – I still think your top 10 list is one of the best πŸ™‚

Scott – now that its a done deal, why don’t you post that on the White Sox blog? Maybe we should send them a few songs too just to get them started.

lol, enchanted!

I bet that Frank now regrets having to pay Manny for another couple of years. Sounds like he can really use that money in his checking account. I don’t really care for Manny much, as most of you probably know, but better the money in Manny’s pocket than in Frank’s. I personally hope that Frank goes broke soon.


Thanks for the memories, Juan. Hope to see you playing everyday for Chicago.

This just in on the wire…

… — …
… — …

.—- ..— -….- .—- ….. -….- ..— —– —– —-.

.— ..- .- -. / .–. .. . .-. .-. . / – .-. .- -.. . -.. / .- .– .- -.–
-. — .– / …. . .—-. .-.. .-.. / .–. .-.. .- -.– / . …- . .-. -.– -.. .- -.–
— -. . / — — .-. . / – …. .. -. –. / – — / .- … -.- / — ..-. / -.– — ..-
.–. .-.. . .- … . / – .- -.- . / – …. . / — -.-. -.-. — ..- .-. – … –..– / – — — .-.-.-

-….- .– . … – . .-. -. / … -.-. .-. . .– -. .. — -.




By northstateblues on December 15, 2009 11:54 AM

That would be good enchanted πŸ™‚

I think I can speak for a vast majority of us on here when I second that last sentiment North πŸ™‚

Northstateblues talking in code again πŸ™‚ Crash – thanks for the translation!!! LOL!!!!

Oh, that’s great Scott!!!!!

This just in – the White Sox have just ordered Juan’s size 5 hat.

Sorry, had to post this on Inside the White Sox:
“We on Inside The Dodgers wish to express our heartfelt condolences on the White Sox acquiring Juan Pierre.”

Any that wish to sign or add to that can do so at:

LMAO Crash!!

Can we get rid of Manny now lol.***** what Manny I cut my lose right now.

lol Crash

Most like Joe over Manny lol

I mean Manny over Joe lol

Done. Thanks enchanted!

Great reading today….keep up the good work!

Now that wasn’t very nice Tru πŸ™‚

OK, so this trade falls under the catagory of more front office BS. Weren’t we supposed to get some sort of starting pitcher for JP according to Ned last week? Instead we get two horses with no names (not that I really expected to get a starting pitcher for JP.) Sure hope Ned charged the Sox a premium on the two PTBNL for picking up half of JPs contract. Or is it only Ned that has to pay premiums for the other team eating salary?

Whitesox have a new thread for JP trade.

Quote from Guillen:

“We had to make the top of our lineup strong, and we did that.”


We got new-threaded on Inside the White Sox, but you may want to read what JP had to say – LOL!!!!


Sorry Scott – I didn’t see you up there. That was a good quote too – LOL!!!!

Scott ~ I told them LOL on the quote by Ozzie.

Your 2010 Chicago Whitesox of Los Angeles brought to you in part by Ned Colletti. *

*Dodgers still paying bulk of salaries for Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre.

LOL, tru!

That’s right!!! I forgot they have Andruw too. OMG!!!!!!

I forgot too, Nellyjune! Poor Sox fans!!!!

Well, they will have lots to talk about. How the Dodgers screwed them to play Andre and Matt when it was really the Dodger fans who got screwed in the first place when they signed JP and Andruw. It’s funny though, last year and the year before these two were our biggest complaints (with Ned being the key behind it). Now, seeing our team appear to go down the financial drain, JP sitting on the bench seems quite trivial. However, there is still plenty of material to choose from now, and I am sure with our dumpster diving acquisitions, we will have a plethera of material to add to the list.

I am very pleased for JP. What happened to him in LA shouldn’t happen to anyone. He signed a contract to play fulltime, everyday. He was overpaid but I don’t recall him holding a gun to anyone’s head. Then he sat because Andruw and Manny were signed. He was signed, I believe, because management didn’t have confidence in Andre and Matt at the time of his signing.

JP handled the debacle very well and stayed in game shape ready to go whenever called upon. He didn’t whine. Good luck JP and thanks. I will follow you.

One problem now is that we have over $17M going out in 2010 to players not on our team.
2010: $17,590,000 – JP next year, Manny until 2013, Andruw until 2014.


Juan Pierre: $7,000,000
Andruw Jones: $3,200,000 (deferred salary)
Nomar Garciaparra: $1,125,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Jason Schmidt: $2,625,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Will Ohman: $200,000 (option buyout)
Orlando Hudson: $$1,440,000 (deferred signing bonus)
Randy Wolf: $2,000,000

Our other problem is we have around $40M going to four aging players – Raffy, Kuroda, Manny, Casey. There really isn’t much left over to sign our nine tendered players and sign a 2B, SP and bench players. It would seem it will take a couple of years to just get out of this financial straight jacket. So the positive for us is that this forces us to continue to build from within until we have the financial flexibility to add missing pieces to our own core.


So true, nelly.

I wish we still had Hoffmann but at least Paul, Jones and Repko to fight it out for the backup role. I should’ve counted Repko out from this pointin time since he hasn’t proved he could hit major league pitching in the past and been with all organization since 1999.

nelly, here’s my favorite part from the White Sox blog, with Ozzie Guillen talking about his GM:
“I don’t know how Kenny did it, it’s a miracle.”
My response? He was dealing with Ned. Getting the best of Ned is no miracle. It’s business as usual. Just see Tony Abreu for a one-month Jon Garland.

As for our fearless ownership, McCourt’s comments in the L.A. Times this morning, basically blaming Jamie for the team’s stagnation, put me in a foul mood I’ve yet to shake. Jamie and Frank are both self-centered losers dragging this franchise down. It used to be funny, like Tiger’s affairs. Now both stories are pathetic examples of greed and ethical bankruptcy.

Pierre thinks he’s got 162 games made in the shade, but since the Sox are “only” paying him about 4 million per, as soon as the fans get tired of grounders to second and runners scoring from 1st on singles to LF, benching someone only making 3-4 million will be a no-brainer instead of trying to prove he’s worth 9 million like Colletti.

I think they would be happy if he can hit .300, scored around 90+ runs 200+ hits and 50+ SB’s.

Just some random comments: Did anyone who visited the White Sox blog notice how little interest there is in their blog compared to ITD? I think ITD folks made most of the comments. And did you notice the one White Sox fan who clearly was in distress at the prospects of getting JP? Hilarious.

So JP is no longer a Dodger, to be traded away for the notarious player(s) to be named later. How fitting for a player who has caused so much consternation with contributors to this and other blogs. Poor Pierre is not even worth a straight up deal. Who becomes the whipping boy now?

in 700 ab’s…and 500 outs.

I wonder how many games it will take before they start calling him Slappy?!

Sounds like it might make a good over under game to me πŸ™‚

Looks like Jamey’s coming to the clubhouse.

Not the one you think, though.

That’s just the whispers around the comment sections, though.

:: in Monty Python shril man-lady voice ::
You can never believe what’s written in the comment section. They’re certified wackos, cult members the lot of them.

Birk – that would be Ned, Joe and Frank until such time as Ned gets us a couple bonafide PVLs, which should arrive anyday now, in which case it will be Ned, Joe, Frank and 2 players to be named later. πŸ™‚

Nelly & E, I am afraid you are so correct. Silly me.

LOL!!!!! lbirken- I think enchanted is right……………plenty of material in the vault still, with some to be named later for sure.

We fit the bill as certified wackos at times- LOL!!!!!!

I’m certainly glad to see the JP trade. It’s good for him and good for us. At least now Joe will not be able to come up with excuses to bench Ethier or Kemp to give JP playing time. That’s got to be a huge relief for the true fans!

The trade does once again highlight the utter incompetence of Ned in the many bad decisions he has made as Dodger GM. Here one of his prized transactions can only be traded for 2 players to be named later and he still had to ship $10 million dollars to get the White Sox to take JP. What a commentary on Ned’s GM abilities to have the Dodgers continually shelling out millions of dollars for players who play for other teams and nearly everybody is happy about it! Then there still is the vast overpayment for an aging Manny this year. One mistake after another, but apparently the stuff that warrants a long term contract extension as a reward in Frank’s mind. Oh, to return to the glory days when people with baseball savvy were running the Dodgers!

Yay, we are certified!

Seeing as how the Dodgers’ off-season is dead in the water and boring as table salt, I took a journey to the land of Phillie Phan after White Sox land. The Phillie nuts pretty much shake their collective little pointed heads at the Lee/Halladay thing. They feel it’s a salary dump. Granted, they love Halladay, but most of those bloggers wanted BOTH pitchers. Greedy little buggers. We in Dodgerland can only dream of such excess……….

I think you need to go to the mlb.com board and click the White Sox message board.

They probably calling him slappy right now brb going to check out there board.

They are not calling him anything. The only comment on the White Sox blog about the trade is from one of us. The majority of comments on the previous thread on their site are also from ITD regulars.

Outstanding post, redfox!!!

Fabulous post RedFox!!!!!!!

tru – you are still the only post on Inside the WhiteSox. Maybe they are all drinking their own version of ITD Koolaid πŸ™‚

Some interesting things came out of this article.


Pierre isn’t a great player, but he’s much better suited to the leadoff role than anyone the Sox had. According the sources, the initial plan is to play him in left field, with Carlos Quentin moving to his natural position in right field, and Alex Rios taking over in center field.

So what do the Dodgers get out of the deal? First, they get two players to be named later. Sources said both players are minor-league pitchers, neither of whom is expected to help the Dodgers much in 2010. But more than that, the Dodgers rid themselves of a little bit of the $18.5 million they owed Pierre over the next two seasons.

The plan has been to use that money to acquire a pitcher. In fact, the Dodgers had trade discussions at the winter meetings that would have brought them a starting pitcher in exchange for Pierre, but they were never able to complete any of those deals.


Hey Jhall!!!! How are you doing this fine evening? Who would have thought this would have happened two years ago.

A plan, my a**!!! Any perceived plan we may have had went out the window when Jamie bedded down with the bodyguard!!!!


Dang Hallady 3 yrs for 60 millions contract extension I’d expected deal like that to be the Yankess not Philly.

Don’t you really want to know what the plan is? I mean we haven’t known the plan for years now. I think a good plan right now is for our owners to sell the team and take Ned with them.

Hi’Ya Nells!!! I’m doing well my friend. How about you? I’m happy for us and for Juan Pierre. I wish him well. It’s the best thing that could happen for him since Ned gave him the ill-advised and ludicrous contract in the first place. He gets a chance to go where his skill set may be appreciated and leave a dysfunctional ownership and ill equipped GM!!! Hard to get too excited as we are still stuck with the aforementioned trio!!!

Yep Nells, sell the team Frank. Get some legitimate owners that have a clue about baseball and will can Ned!!!

Only plan I see is Frank and the skank battling to one up each other and continue their jet-setter lifestyle. Ole Ned is just sitting back thanking his lucky stars that he got his extension before s**t hit the fan!!!

I am doing good Jhall!!! Three more days of school and then vacation. My students and I are looking forward to the break. We both need it!!!! As for JP, I wish him the best as well. It’s not his fault he came up against Andre and Matt and their studness – LOL!!! They should’ve listened to us and trusted Andre and Matt in the first place, and we wouldn’t have had the JP and Andruw (and Manny as well) issues at all. However, seeing what our owners have been doing lately, maybe this current series of events would have happened anyway.

Shad – The Phillies can have Halladay at that price. Ned may be dumpster diving, but we have had our share of big contracts gone bad so in that respect, Ned could be doing alot worse. Not that he would have the money to spend even he could buy a big contract again. It doesn’t appear we can even afford draft picks at this point.

I agree Nells!! I hope your vacation and Holidays are Merry and Bright.


This had a very interesting question. Roll the dice or rebuild?

Yours too Jhall!!!! I am guessing you will have a White Christmas. I have many favorite Christmas movies, but “White Christmas” seems to be my favorite. I look for it every year. That and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Can’t pass up Snoopy πŸ™‚

The good part is, we are still the class of the NL West if we don’t do anything. Nice position to be in. I give that credit to Logan and Ng!! I’m ready to get at it with just what we’ve got. Alot of possibilities become available in June/July!!!

Thanks Nells for the White Christmas sentiments and the link. I hope we get a snowy Christmas here myself. I think we should just stand pat and stay the course as far as our team. White Christmas is also one of my Holiday favorites. I watched it on AMC on Sunday!!!

I want them to stick with who we have. If Billz and Kersh can bring it then maybe it won’t be so bad. We have the same lineup for the most part. We are just worried about pitching, which has been a constant issue for a few years now.

I watched White Christmas on Sunday too πŸ™‚

Keep our young core together and put the money into player selection and developement with Logan and Ng!!! We can’t outspend the Yanks and RedSox(or Angels, Mariners, Phillies, Mets, or Cardinals)!!! Especially now!!!

:))) Nells!!

$20 mil a year for a guy that tosses 34-36 games a year is insane. Trading one ace for another isn’t much better.

Having Ned at the controls is perhaps though the most insane of all.

I stated that I was happy to be patient with the kids and player developement back in 2007/2008 when the Pierre/PVL issue was prominent. I stand by that now more than ever!!! We may not win it all, but, dammit, I like watching the kids!! Jeffy Kent can go to h*ll!!!

LOL Nells!!! Ned at the controls is a Farce!! Monte Python must have had something to do with it!!!

You are right. If we can’t outspend them, then our only other option is to keep the farm system alive and well.

Hey enchanted!!!! How are you this evening?

Young Frank-n-sh*t!!!!

I am well thank you. And how are both of youz tooz doing tonight?

Frank’s so broke he can’t even pay attention, hence he’s hiding in Beverly Hills.

Selig’s forming a committee to make baseball better… if Bud wants to make baseball better, he should just resign.


We’s doing good enchanted. Happy that JP is with the Sox, the White ones, and still a tad miffed that Ned and Frank are with the Dodgers, the Blue ones πŸ™‚

Young Frank-n-sh*t!! Take away the bolts in the neck and add a cheesy mustache and cowboy boots!! Too many bad trades/deals to count and you get a contract extension. Wow!!! Who’s the bafoon? Sell the team Frank!!!

I sense more relief on here now that JPs been traded, but not glee or gloating like many people may have thought would happen given his popularity rating on ITD.

People in ChiTown should already know what JPs bringing since he played for the Cubs once. The AL may suit him better though. At least with the DH they can carry a light hitter and let Juan be Juan.

But wait, there’s more!!! Also, courtesey of BeavCo®, It’s the Jamie Whorrer Picture Show!!!!

Toucha, toucha, toucha me, I want to be dirrrrity!!!

So who’s 4th OFer now – Repko or Paul? Or do you carry them both? Joe’s gonna go apeshit with no vet to put in there.

LMAO Wally!!!

I say its 50/50 Ned gets a sore Wang. What do you guys think?

Hey everyone. I thought my friend was joking today when he told me about the trade. I think it’s a good move for both teams. JP will get to play everyday and Andre and Matt won’t have to give up playing time for him. I wish him luck. It’s not his fault Ned made the bad decision to sign him. I really don’t get the Phils trade for Halliday. Lee is just as good, so how are they improving? Not that I care since I don’t like the Phillies. I can’t wait for spring training to start. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

LMTO Beav!!!! Bend over Dodger faithful!!! Where do you think the sore Wang will end up?!!!

BonJour Bleu Fille’ mon amie!! Great to see you and nice post!!

On the DL or bench where the rest of Ned’s acquisitions go.

Hey BCG!!

Hey bluecrewgirl!!!! Yes, like enchanted said, I think it’s more about relief for both sides. Have a wonderful holiday yourself!!!!

Jhall – all we need now is the transvestite. ITD is already stuck in a time warp :))

I would like to see them give Xavier Paul a shot, but I would be okay with Jason Repko too πŸ™‚

I am watching mlbtv. They are talking about JP (all positive, which he deserved for what they said), but they are saying it looks like we are doing a salary dump and that it looks like we are in financial trouble. It looks fishy is what they said specifically. See, it’s not just the fans who think this Frank!!!!!

This time-warping/submission error crap is getting on my last nerve 😦

Also to note what was said on the Hot Stove program on mlbtv.

Selig is forming a committee to review and examine all on-field related issues. Joe Torre is on this committee. Not sure what the issues will be. It will be up to the committee.

I think there needs to be a committee for all the off-field, baseball related issues as well:)

Thanks Jhall – It’s sad (and good) it’s not just the idiot fans thinking this way. If the entire baseball world is thinking it, it seems there would be some truth to it.

……………..the very least πŸ™‚

LOL Nells!!! We could have told them and probably did, a year or two ago!!! Duhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Nice post my friend!!!

That’s what I don’t get about Frank ‘n’ Furter. They dump salary, yet want a bunch of $1-$2 mil a year PVLs when they can have a whole team of $400Kers just by playing all the kids. Good a time as any to let them get their feet wet and get an idea of who can cut it and who can’t. Then maybe when this divorce thing is final and Frank has TV rights in a couple years, things get better.

Oh crap, who am I kidding?

Well Beav, the McCourts are dumping salary to line their own pantries. Not the teams!!!! It’s a Frank and Jamie chess game where the fans get mated/screwed!!!!!

Least they could do is buy us dinner first.

Hah Beav, not a chance, they’re dining fine at the Dodger Fan Nickel Cafe!!!!

Goodnight gang!! Gonna rack it. Nice seeing you all. Hope you all have a nice evening and better tomorrow!! Excelsior True Believers!!!!

You as well my friend!!!

Good Night Jhall!!!! Same to you my friend. Take Care and God Bless πŸ™‚

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. ? The book returned to the New Bedford Public Library in Massachusetts this week wasn’t overdue by a week, a month or even a year. It was nearly a century overdue, and the fine came to $361.35.

“Facts I Ought to Know about the Government of My Country” was supposed to have been returned by May 10, 1910.

Stanley Dudek told the Standard Times newspaper he came across the book while going through things that had belonged to his mother, who died about 10 years ago. He decided that returning the book to the city was the right thing to do.

The overdue book fine was a penny a day in 1910. But Dudek wasn’t asked to pay it.

The library plans to display the book in its special collection.

Wow 99 years and is not even in the 100 millions range lol


You pass.

Collie – Are you there?

WOW just heard the news about Juan Pierre. First thing that came to my mind….who is Enchanted going to write songs about NEXT????. Well wish JP lots of luck in his new team. He will be missed.

Good luck to Pierre on his new team. I see he is still not getting a fair shake from some blog members, but I’ll remember him as a good Dodger.

Good Morning ITDland ~ great reading from the late night bloggers…..always puts a smile on my face in the morning hours.

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