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Game 3 of the NLDS is about to start soon, as lineups and introductions are going on down on the field.

Vicente Padilla has been pretty impressive since joining the team and he gets the ball tonight in the “biggest game of the year.” I guess every game from here on out can be called that, right?

No one thought we’d beat the Cubs last year, let alone sweep them, and the team went out and did just that. Most experts gave this club no chance going into this series and tonight it looks for a sweep. How cool would that be?

The Dodgers have won six of their last 10 postseason games, so if we can win six out of our next 10, I like our chances.

Same lineup as Game 1 & 2.


GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good day to all! I hope everybody is doing great!
Go Blue!!
Bring the ring to LA in 2009!!!

Do your job Padilla and I like our chances for the sweep.

MANNY may come out of it today.

WAY TO GO MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEMP SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice quick lead.

I hope Joe reminded the team that they took a week to get that 1 win for the NL West & they don’t have the time to do that this time around. & that they have to remain focused & play smart ball. Also that they are in a position right now that they wanted to be in when they were sitting in Arizona in February. & not to let all their hard work go to waste by not keeping their focus. They are getting close to their goal…
Not to wait for another day. Finish it tonight!

Every Day Dre!!!!!

Yes he is OBF!

Make them pay Beard…


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Lookin’ good!
Is it just me, or does anybody else think Manny should have scored on the Piniero error?

Man, Andre crushed that one and Manny with 2 doubles already. Off to a great start.

I don’t think he would of made it home on that play. He did hustle in his last ab to get to 2nd.

This is looking good ATTA WAY RAFFY.

Big 2 out RBI Ferk!

I can’t understand how LaRussa is getting away with arguing balls and strikes. Is it because he hasn’t left the dugout?

Wow, I am thrilled at the way this game is going so far! Keep it up VP, Manny, Dre and the rest! Let’s do this thing! One worry is if we finish tonight we may gather some rust due to the postponed game in the other series. But it’s ok, I’ll take that chance. As Mortal Kombat would say: FINISH THEM!!

WoW Shmoltz looked like in his closer days.

I have watched the entire game with the exception of the 15 minutes to take my son to practice and back, and in that 15 minutes, I missed Andre’s homerun once again. This is just so awesome right now. It’s only the 6th inning and there’s alot of ballgame still left, but it’s looking good so far.


Well, it’s good to see you lny4loney!!! How have you been? ……………..and yes, we are looking pretty good right now.

Woohoooo!!!! LET’S GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting closer to the possibility of a Freeway Series!

7th inning

PADILLA getting Ludwick, Pujols and Holliday is simply magnificent.

WOW!!!!! ANDRE WITH A TRIPLE!!!! That I saw!!! :))))

ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE JOB MANNY!!!!!!!!!

ANDRE’ is some fxx hitter and MANNY looks good.

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

Ok I’m here sorry I missed the first 5 innings but looking at the scored I did expected for the Cards to scored 3 runs by now.

Manny finally producing on a pitcher that he totally owned in the AL.

Yeah Manny another rbi

Dang 1 out double to Molina come on Padilla 2 more outs

Wow Molina what did you do? I’ll take it

Molina getting himself thrown out at 3rd is HUGH.

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!! Don’t let up. There is still some baseball to play. It’s never over until the final ball is caught.

Yeah Padillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Padilla passed the interview, I take it πŸ™‚
Close this out and get rest……Bills is already resting…:-)
COME ON BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful GEM by PADILLA and now it’s time for our bullpen.

I really hope Kemp and Martin don’t struggling the rest of the playoff. Come on Sherrill gets the last 2 out.

Damn a waqlk to Lugo crap

Damn a walk to Lugo crap

Time for Broxton vs Pujols part 3

Ok Broxton let’s get him again

Up 5 nothing, I still hate the runners indifference…

Damn not a d/i but Lugo stealign with a 5 runs lead wow.

& that is why…


Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!


Phew. Some insurance runs in the top of the inning would be nice.


3 more outs Dodgers. Some more insurance runs wouldn’t hurt in the least bit right now.

That’s ok let Pujols have his only rbi’s in this series we shut up down for good.

I meant we shut him down for good.

What does Johnny say?
Fu Q y’all – we are flying home early and leaving our brooms in St. Louis.

After he game 2 I can’t believe Tony have Franklin out there again.

My Johnny post got time warped – crap!!!!

oops I mean after the game 2 lost for them I can’t believe Tony have Franklin out there again.

Boblee is now one of the happiest people living in St. Louis. This will definitely bring some bragging rights for his family.


Dre is a single short of the cycle! Nice! Sorry Dre, but I don’t want to wait another inning or two for you to get it! Either you get it in the 9th, or not at all! πŸ™‚

Come on Manny we need some insurance runs.

You just had to grounded out Manny

In case any body wants to know it’s Rasmus, Molina and De Rosa.

Time to hold our breath now but should I?

The one think I am very happy about is they stop the Cardinals, a team that has been very very tough to beat for the Dodgers.
I hope they hurry up and clear that snow in Colorado because we have some unfinished business to take care of in the NL Championship series.

Ok Broxton seriously I think you been overworked but let’s get a 1 2 3 innings.

Pierre in LF and Odog at 2nd come on Broxton.


Geez these Giants fan are too much but we got the last word.

Stop with the d/i and too Molina even worst.


Should’ve been a potential dp

Damn Tony you know sending Ankiel up their is a no no.

Take that your freaking expect but one did say 5 games for LA to bad he didn’t say 3 like the other one calling for a Cards sweep.

Yeah who would had guess a sweep.

Way to go boys! I thought it would be much tougher to win in St. Louis. A sweep against the Cards is huge.
Bring on the next victims.

Wow – what a great series! Manny’s bat woke up, and Andre was just fantastic!.
Time to pass the victory flask around – ahhhh, that’s good stuff!

Outstanding!!!™. Totally sweet! Still alot of work to do!!! We’re on the way. I liked the focus we showed today, especially Padilla!!

By the way, Johnny says; Fu-Q!!!!

Johnny did say jhall, and it got time warped way up to the top before it even happened 😦

Had a hunch Padilla would come up big today.

Time to change the paper, there’s bird schmidt all over the place.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enchanted enters the room in his usually hilarious self πŸ™‚

Yeah consider the Cards had a 5 games losing streak and been playing bad and Holliday missed that ball was the momentum break we need like we really need it.

Hey ev’rybody, we’re gonna get laid!!!

It’s also nice to win when nobody else played, now my N.Y. papers have plenty of room to write a nice big column and maybe display some pitches, with the boys facing the camera.


YES!!! We did it! Congrats boys in blue!!

That should be pictures.
Hey enchanted I’m been dying to get some for a decade now.

I still can’t believe this idiot picked the Cards in 3.

In 3

What a sweet victory. MAndre and pitching getting the job done tonight. Padilla was awesome. Manny’s bat speed looked much better than it has lately. Fantastic overall series for Andre. They can’t celebrate too much. Still a lot of hard work ahead.


Wow, so-called experts on ESPN 0-8, with only 1 actually getting the team right. Way to go!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was classic Oldbrooklynfan!!!!!

But bluecrewgirl, they got plenty of time to sober up.
I just hope nobody pulls a Joe Beimel.

I wish I was kidding Nellyjune.

Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!!!! Someone tell the Rocks or Phils to get hot so we can hurry up and kick their a**!!!!!!

Knowing you Brooklyn, I’ll bet they’re at least DODGER BLUE.

Oldbrooklyn fan, depending upon the weather in Colorado, they may have too much time. That kind of worries me, but I have a really good feeling about this team. Yes, though I liked Beimel, definitely don’t want anything like that to happen.

Just the first step my friends!!! It is great and cause for some celebration… We did this last year, and it was very empty when we lost to the Phillies!!! Stay focused guys!!!

Oh man old you just had to bring that Beimel incident up.

Good point, jhall. They don’t want to just duplicate what they did last year. To quote one of your signature phrases, that would be unacceptable!

For that reason I want the Rockies lol

BonJour BleuFille’!!! I don’t mean to put a damper on the party. Definately cause for some celebration. We just whipped the Cards that no one gave us a shot of beaing. Much like 88 against the Mets. However, we haven’t won anything yet. Just a shot at hanging the NL flag and representing our league in the world series.

I am psyched that we don’t have to face Carpenter and Wainright again to get there. Way to go Dodgers!!!!

NLDS MVP for the Dodgers – Matt Holliday.

Hello Everyone ~ I’m baaaaaaaaaack! I flew in last night. Today I watched the whole game in a restaurant that’s why no posts from me until now. That was a great overall game tonight. Very important to see Manny break out. Fantastic pitching by Padilla, Ned’s moves are starting to look good now.
As far as my trip to LA I had a real BLAAAAAST! I could post about it for hours. Of course the highlight was Thursdays game. That 9th inning was out of this world. When Loretta got the game winning hit Dodger Stadium exploded into a frenzy the place went nuts. Total strangers were hugging me and as we walked through the stadium concourse people were high fiving each other. I never experienced anything like that before in my life. It was worth every penny I spent and every mile I traveled. It was truly a dream come true for me. I’ve been to playoff games at Yankee Stadium and watched the Yankees win, but it really never meant anything to me. But, to be at Dodger Stadium and see the Dodgers get a walk off win in a big playoff game and then celebrate with fellow Dodgers fans is just off the charts.
Also it was great to meet fellow ITDers Emma & Carol.
I really think there is a Dodgers nation out there. I say this because while waiting at the gate to depart in NY I met another Dodger’s fan also from NY doing the same thing I was. I also took pictures with him at the game.
Boy, it’s great to be a Dodger fan.

Maybe we should send Holliday some nuts for Christmas.

Actually there was one expect on espn picking the dodgers in 5. The same with yahoo expect for 5. I guess there were 2 expectsout of 12 to 13 expects that was picking us to win.

LOL, Enchanted and Bluecrewgirl! Andre Champagne would be a nice touch too!


Celebrating down in Albuquerque!! Home again to the AAA afilliate of the Dodgers, the Albuquerque Isotopes. Looking ahead to Gm. 1 of the NLCS, does Wolf get the start?

Might need a new Yule log too TruMom!!

Hello Everyone ~ I’m baaaaaaaaaack! I flew in last night. Today I watched the whole game in a restaurant that’s why no posts from me until now. That was a great overall game tonight. Very important to see Manny break out. Fantastic pitching by Padilla, Ned’s moves are starting to look good now.
As far as my trip to LA I had a real BLAAAAAST! I could post about it for hours. Of course the highlight was Thursdays game. That 9th inning was out of this world. When Loretta got the game winning hit Dodger Stadium exploded into a frenzy the place went nuts. Total strangers were hugging me and as we walked through the stadium concourse people were high fiving each other. I never experienced anything like that before in my life. It was worth every penny I spent and every mile I traveled. It was truly a dream come true for me. I’ve been to playoff games at Yankee Stadium and watched the Yankees win, but it really never meant anything to me. But, to be at Dodger Stadium and see the Dodgers get a walk off win in a big playoff game and then celebrate with fellow Dodgers fans is just off the charts.
Also it was great to meet fellow ITDers Emma & Carol.
I really think there is a Dodgers nation out there. I say this because while waiting at the gate to depart in NY I met another Dodger’s fan also from NY doing the same thing I was. I also took pictures with him at the game.
Boy, it’s great to be a Dodger fan.

Glad you made it back safely truebluewill!!! We were thinking about you the whole time you were there, and excited you were seeing such a fabulous performance, both in pitching and in offense.

And maybe throw in a case of Dodger Blue Spring Water. I actually have a bottle of it, lol.

My, my but it’s been such a long, long time since I’ve been here. And what a sweet occasion to be back on these pages!!! What a great team effort by our guys. The bullpen did it’s usual great job. How great does that Padilla deal look? And Dre just being Dre!!!! If Manny continues to produce like today, we’ll be all the tougher to beat. But, as has been stated above, the job isn’t done. Some major Philly payback next round would be really sweet.

Nelly ~ In game 1 when the Cardinals had the bases loaded no out I was thinking oh no this could be a disaster. I was glad they only scored one run. Then in the bottom of the first after Kemp homered to give us the lead after just three pitches were thrown I felt that could be a turning in the series like Loney’s grand slam against the Cubs in last years NLDS game 1.

Celebrating in Albuquerque!!! Looking ahead, does Wolf get the start in Gm. 1 of NLCS?

Glad to see you back Sky!!!

Hi, Eighty7 ~ YaY, Albuquerque! With lots of time off, don’t you think Joe will decide who starts according to who we play? All of the pitchers should be ready to go.

awesome sweep Dodgers! let’s keep it goin in the NLCS, we have more work to do, all the way GO DODGERS!!!!!

Glad you had a good time, truebluewill. I was at Wednesday’s game. It was a blast.

Andre and Raffy both batted .500 for this series. It’s nice to see Raffy coming alive during this series, and I don’t need to explain to you how proud I am of #16. What a series he had.

Seesky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just asking about you on Thursday night. I am so glad to see that you are back. How are you?

bluecrewgirl ~ Too bad we couldn’t meet each other.
I especially liked seeing the “don’t stop believing” guy on the scoreboard. I heard him talked about by the Dodgers’ announcers during other games.

truebluewill – how were your seats? You had pretty good ones, yes?

The Don’t Stop Believing guy is hilarious. Nelly, we couldn’t have asked for a better performance from Andre. I am so excited for him. Everyone contributed in important ways, which was very cool. Matt’s homerun in game 1 was huge and he scored the first run tonight to get things going.

Nelly ~ Wednesday’s game I was in section 1 field level, row U. Which was right behind home plate. I was able to get seven autographs, and with Emma’s help, one of them was my childhood hero Maury Wills. Thursday I was in loge 117 row M, also behind home, but a little towards third base. The sight lines from those sections were awesome.

Seesky, I just saw Nelly’s response to your post. I was asking about you the other day. Great to see you! Get that flask shined up and ready ):

Agreed Bluecrewgirl – This series was a total team effort, either from the offense side or the defensive side.

truebluewill – I have been in both sections myself, and I personally love the Loge Deck anywhere in the park. What a great view that is. However, there is nothing wrong with being in section 1 either. Were you close enough to see any celebrities.

I’m glad you had a great time TBW. I knew you would.
Great to see you again, Seesky! It has been way too long.

Nelly ~ Tommy Davis was sitting in the row in front of me about 6 seats away.

Well, that is pretty cool Truebluewill.

Also before game 2 I wandered onto the suite level. Even though I wasn’t supposed to be there and the usher let me walk through the hallway to see the pictures on the walls. I had an usher take a picture of myself in front of the Vin Scully Press Box and also in the old bullpen golf cart which has the Dodger cap on top. that was a big thrill.

Good evening ITD boys and girls!!!
YEAH!!! What a GREAT series!!! And such a TEAM victory!!! Manny decided to show up offensively, Dre was being Dre, and Padilla was just filthy. We did SOOO well in SOOO many areas, but I did not thing the Cards would melt down the way they did. Fielding gaffs, base running gaffs, arguing balls and strikes like there was no tomorrow (well, there wasn?t for them). What a sweet victory! But yes, they can’t celebrate too much; they still have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Stay focused guys!!!

Great to have you back on ITD Will! I don?t know if you read back a couple of threads, but in case you didn?t, it was such a pleasure to meet you Thursday!!! And what a game we saw on Thursday!!!

Stadium Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
Attendance 47,296 (107.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:02

lmao @ that and people on the main board are complaining because are stadium wasn’t a sellout in game 2. My gosh we had 51k’s and have over 3.7 millions people for the season for Thursday afternoon game what all do you want? I which people would stop complaining about are fan bases and worry about their team not making the playoff. I would think life, work and school come before a 3:15 pm afternoon game on a Thursday

Wow Truebluewill!!!! I can only imagine how fun that was – sweet indeed!!!

Well it look like the Kings for those hockey fan out there beat that other St Louis team again.

Look like it was a busy day for the St Louis team 19,150 (91.2% full)

cpompe1 ~ Yes I did read the back threads. It was nice to see people were thinking about me. It was great to meet you, too bad we couldn’t have talked more.
We did see a one of a kind game. Did you read my post of October 10, 2009 7:48 PM? I explained what happened in my section the moment the Dodgers won. That was the best part of the whole trip for me.

Well, I’m signing off for the night. It was a great week for myself, for the Dodgers, and for all of the Dodger faithful. Good night all.

Hey Shad!
My husband and I are LA Kings fans. He told me yesterday, but I just forgot that the Kings played the Blues today. Both LA teams beat both St. Louis teams on the same day! Great day for LA fans! Not-so-good day for St. Louis fans!

And Will, yes, I did read your earlier post. It was too bad that we didn?t have more time to talk. I was WAY out in LF (if we looked straight ahead, we were just inside the LF foul pole). It was EXACTLY the same way there! I wasn?t hugging everyone, but I did A LOT of high-fiving!!! My mom was sitting with me, so we hugged a lot, naturally! And the high-fiving continued onto the concourse, and into the parking lot!!!

Wowza Yowza, So Long Screwy, Sweep you in St. Louie!

Some songs that I’m grooving to in celebration. Two Motown legends, and an act from De-Lite and Mercury Records.

The Temptations “Get Ready”:

Kool and the Gang “Hollywood Swinging”:

Jackson 5, “Can You Feel It”:

That’s the only Mercury that’s getting played tonight, Freddy and the rest of Queen will have to wait ’til November, should the occasion arrive. I won’t get my hopes up too high, but I WILL be waiting with interest, and just a touch of swagger.

Some interesting matchups forming on the other side of the fence for the rest of the year. This could be definitely be magical.

Hey CP!!!!! How are you doing? Other than syked about our Dodger Blue!!!!! What a phenomenal series this was.

Oh, and I didn?t mean to leave you out, but it?s great to see you again too Seesky!!! Do ya have that victory flask???

And my Nellygirl!!! I?m GREAT!!! I?ve been smiling ear-to-ear for the last, what 3 hours??? As soon as Ankiel struck out, I, of course, made my first phone call to my mom!!! Didn?t even have to say hi. She just picked up the phone and I yelled, ?YEAHHHHH!!!? to her!!! Of course she knew who it was calling!!! Yes, this was a great series, no doubt. But I said this last year against the Cubs and I?ll say it again this year against the Cards. I did not expect either team to roll over and play dead. I mean, what was Molina thinking? Your team is 5 runs down in an elimination game, you?re on 2nd base with NO out (I think). The batter hits the ball in front of you and you decide to try to run from 2nd to 3rd??? They shot themselves in their collective feet more times than one would think the NL Central champs would do. But hey, that?s the breaks!!!

They sure did CP!!!! However, the Dodgers capitilized on every single one of them it seemed in this series, whether it was the pitcher or their defense in general.

Northstateblues – you snuck in – good to see you. I know what you mean. If we get through this next series (still a battle to face for sure), there can definitely be some history made depending on who we could play.

Yes they did Nelly! I mean, take Holliday?s error in game 2. Yes, that was a HUGE error, but as big as that was, that error didn?t bring in the winning run. Heck, it didn?t even bring in the tying run. To me, the bigger goat of that game was Franklin. I mean, he had (1) Casey Blake, (2) Ronnie Belliard and (3) Russ Martin before he EVER locked eyes with Mark Loretta. All he had to do is get one more out and (a) we would?ve lost or (b) at best, would?ve been tied, and who knows who would?ve won that game. Any team can make mistakes like Holliday?s, but it takes a great team to take advantage of those mistakes. People say we were lucky in game 2. We were. But I say the same thing. Holliday just opened up the door. But it was the Dodgers? tenacity that got them to shove the door wide open and knock them down?

Nelly ? You say it so well. (That?s why you?re a teacher, and I?m not!) The Dodgers WERE a lot better than the Cards were.

And Seesky ? You better keep PLENTY of pre-filled victory flasks handy because I have a feeling we will be using A LOT of those flasks in the weeks to come!!! I do wonder how those east coast reporters will put a spin on us neutralizing Cy Young candidates A and B and the presumed NL MVP of 2009? I said to myself after game 2 that we better go into St. Louis, push the pedal to the metal, and NEVER let up. That?s exactly what they did tonight!!! I certainly didn?t want to see Carpenter tomorrow and Wainwright on Tuesday. Carpenter was NOT going to have a bad outing like he did in game 1, and Wainwright very easily could dominate the Dodgers the way that he did ? while he was in the game.

Well, it?s been a lot of fun, but I?m getting tired. I?ll catch up with y?all later?

Make you feel bad for Troncoso and Garland but oh well and at least they well rested.

I’ve been inspired with the idea for this drawing since Thursday… but didn’t want to get ahead of myself. Enjoy:


Well, I did say I was going to leave, but after seeing my last post NOT get time warped ahead, the blog decided to put me at the right time! I guess I?m reading your?s and Seesky?s minds!!!

Okay, now I?m gone. G?nite all!!!

Exactly CP!!!!! Really the game of baseball is driven by capitilizing on errors, starting with the batter and the pitcher. The hitter is looking for the pitcher to make an error either in pitch, or location or velocity of that pitch, and the pitcher is hoping for an error in the batter’s judgement of that pitch. We were just a whole lot better in this series in capitilizing on those errors than the Cards were.

The victory flask has been emptied a lot over the last few days but there’s plenty more where that came from… We sure neutralized Cy Young candidates A and B and Fat Albert, too. It seemed like the Holliday play took a lot of the life out of the Cards. To our credit, we had them down and we never let them up. That’s what good teams do.

I’ll drink to that ……glug, glug, glug….Sky nice to see ya around πŸ™‚

NS, we will have to come up with a song for the Dodgers this season. I can’t wait for the next series to start. CP and Nelly, some may call what happened in Game 2 luck, but they still had to get the hits after the error. It feels more like destiny than luck. We’ve all watched how this team had overcome all the obstacles this season.

It’s good seeing you again seesky!!!! We missed you around here. We are really looking like that “good” team right now. We have been pretty good all season, but it’s now that the good needs to be stepped up a bit, and so far they have met that challenge.

NSB – great drawing!

Nelly, there’s a clip on Fox Sports that includes some comments from Andre. Here’s the link:


NSB, for sure, you were definitely inspired! It’s great the way you express yourself in so many ways. Love reading your comments and observations as well as checking out your artistic endeavors. Keep it up!!

Great drawing, northstate!

Nelly and all the other fellow Ethieraholics, we all knew this all along, but it’s nice to have Joe acknowledge it at long last:

“This kid is remarkable right here on my left,” Manager Joe Torre said of Ethier.

I’m in time warp hell and sinking fast . . . good night all. Catch up later πŸ™‚

I know what you mean Nelly. I just posted a nice quote from Joe about Andre and ended up about 8 posts up.

bluecrewgirl – Since the media still seems to think this series was about the Cardinals being off versus the Dodgers being better, it will just make them fight harder to win this whole thing. Our young guns have the experience this time around and they, like Andre said in his interview after the game, will just play fundamental baseball and get the job done. Winning the 2009 WS Ring should shut them all up πŸ™‚

I’m in time warp land… ARGHHHHH!!!!

Nelly: Yeah, I’ve snuck in, but this time warp has me feeling like Desmond Hume in LOST, never quite sure where I am or where I’ll end up.

BCG, yeah, this year’s team is definitely inspiring. I can’t help but look at the 5-3 and 3-2 scores from the first two wins and be shocked and amazed at how things have transpired.

SeeSky: My flask is empty, but I’ve got 3 Bud Lights in the freezer, one for each win, and a nice heaping teaspoon of Castor Oil for each loss… wait… what? Oh, looks like I won’t be needing this Castor Oil… phew. It’s Saturday, and I’m in College, both things that will not last forever. Better take advantage while I can… or else I’ll just look like Otis in Mayberry.

P.S. if you missed it, check the drawing that got timewarped to 10:18

Thanks Sparkle. Glad to have the occasion to do it

northstateblues- that is definitely how I feel when I am stuck up in the time warp – Desmond πŸ™‚

bluecrewgirl – I saw Joe’s interview, but I hadn’t seen Andre’s – thanks. He is looking more comfortable in front of the camera these days. Andre needs to get used to it. I think he will be in front of it alot in the years to come. You know what would be an interesting side story if we play the Red Sox in the WS. All the attention will be on Manny of course, but Dustin Pedroia and Andre are friends, who live by each other in the Phoenix area. Andre was with Dustin last year when he found out he was the AL MVP.

I am suffering in submission error hell so I never know when my comments will go through or not.

Good drawing Northstateblues!! LOL!!!!

“This kid is remarkable right here on my left,” Manager Joe Torre said of Ethier.

By bluecrewgirl on October 10, 2009 10:45 PM
Wow!!!! I have to give Joe credit for that remark………………..and yes, we knew he would be remarkable if they just let him play πŸ™‚

Good Night Sparkleplenty!!

Thinking about Rocks and Phils and who the Dodgers would rather face. So……………Rockies–the good news is the Dodgers won 14 of 18 from them during the regular season…the bad news is the Dodgers won 14 of 18 from them during the regular season (it’s hard to keep pounding the same team…law of averages and all that). Phils–the good news is the revenge factor…the bad news is they’re the defending champs and they’re loaded. Whoever it ends up being, let’s hope these two teams beat on each other mercilessly.

Well, the mlbtv guys just called Andre “your mvp” as they were showing his 2-run jack.

I think I would rather see them play the Rockies because of their success against them this season, but that really means nothing now. And Khali, you’re right about the revenge factor with the Phillies. I’m just glad they’re still in it, no matter who they play.

There is snow on the ground at Coors Field, but there is no precipitation predicted for tomorrow. Playing the Rockies in the NLCS sounds very chilly, freezing to be exact.

Ok i’m back what diid I miiss?

lol 21 min time warp

Anyone watching Deadliest Catch? Their is another guy by the name of Tony LaRussa hahaha.

We can all relax…until Thursday.

Well it look like my i key got struck.

I guess all the Cubs fans are happy now that the Cards lost lol.

I was on the Cards board and it look like a new poster posted this.

Cardinals miss chance to show class

To:All Oct-10 98245.1


I just watched my Cardinals lose in the NLDS. I’m ok with that, I’m no longer greedy, their 2006 win is recent enough to tide me over for a while. Good for the Dodgers. Hope they do well.

What frustrates me is this: My recollection is that when the Cards beat the Dodgers in the 2004 NLDS, the Cards clinched in Los Angeles. And the Dodger players lined up, then went out on the field, and congratulated the Cards players, just like in a high school game today. That’s the last time I saw that done on a major league field. It was a special moment for this great game. The Cards had a chance to return the favor tonight. They missed it. No matter how frustrated they were with baserunning and fielding probems, with a lack of hitting, with losing, it was still a chance to show some class and return that kindness the Dodgers showed 5 years ago. Maybe they’ll have that chance another day. I almost hope that next time the two meet in the playoffs that my Cards lose, just so they can make amends and show some class.

I Think there had to be some leadership on the Dodgers that evening (was it late afternoon?) to start that. I’d like to see a replay of that to see which Dodgers were at the front of that line. Maybe it was Jim Tracy, the manager, who got ’em up the steps and out there… The top 4 Dodgers on the payroll in ’94 were Shawn Green ($16.67 mil), Darren Dreifort ($11.4 mil), Hideo Nomo ($9 mil), and Steve Finley ($7 ml). Maybe it was Finley and Green… Alex Cora made the last out, maybe he did it… Someone did. Whoever he is, baseball should honor him.

And I’m more disappointed in this lost chance to show some class, to repay that from 5 years ago, than I am the missed balls in the field, the missed fast balls tonight, and all the rest. Maybe the frustration of the moment prevented it… I wish I’d seen that tonight.

Actually the Cards did show class by the comments made by Lugo (They have a great team. They’re just good. Whoever they play, they are going to be tough), Miller (They have no weaknesses that I see. They have a quality lineup. there’s not one guy in there that you can pitch around because they can all do damage.) No negative comments that I saw.
Cpompe1, I sit in section 49 rowAA seat 7 by the left field foul pole. How did I miss you? Are you coming to any more games? I wish I could have seen you. Post on my blog so I can contact you.

I guess they was still upset from game 2 dropped ball from Holliday.

We was the last NL team to clinch the division and now we the 1st team to advanced.

that just terrible that just terrible http://www.baseball-reference.com/postseason/2009_ALDS2.shtml

That’s sick Manny have more rbi’s last night than the whole entire Red Sox team. We have more hits in the 1st game with 11 than the Red Sox have in the 1st 2 games with 8. I wonder if they missing that cheating Manny now since Ortiz is like 0/8 lol

CP it was 1 out.

Ethier and Furcal has 6 hits in this series the whole entire Red Sox teams have 8 hits.

Only one person had more than 1 hit and that was Ellsbury with 2 hits.

Cardinals 3B DeRosa played for the Cubs last year and has been on the wrong end of Dodgers first-round sweeps the last two years.

Poor DeRosa


Good Morning, Enchanted πŸ™‚

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Morning enchantedsunset!!!!!

Good Morning Trublu4ever!!!

Shad!!!!!!!!! You changed your name again!!!!!!

LOL, Nellyjune!

Tru ~ I think enchanted had too much victory champagne last night. He is looked a little fuzzy and confused – LMAO!!!!!!!!!

I know what you mean! LMTO!!!

Enchanted shoukd be in charge of the “Fun and Games” until we play again!


Oh red pen, red pen – “looking” not “looked” – geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL…you’d think we had champagne!

Tru – That might be a good idea. Mix Enchanted’s craziness in with Dodger4life’s “Sometimes/ Sometimes Not Useless Trivia” and “Stump Dodgereric and Others With Baseball Trivia” may just pass the time away.

I know….it’s going to seem like an eternity until we play again.

I prefer to think of it as “normalcy challenged.”

I’m beginning to think we all are, Enchanted…lol

Normalcy is highly over-rated.

“normalcy challenged” – that is perfect for this group!!!!! I think we out to trademark that one enchanted πŸ™‚

Okay – obviously today is a “I don’t understand grammar day” for me. I messed up again. My comment should say…………..I think we “ought” to trademark ………. geez!!!!!!!!!!

I’s thinkin’ maybe we ort two to.

LMAO!!!!!! thanks πŸ™‚


I think we should form some sort of cult!!! LOL!!! Good morning gang!!!!

I think we should form some sort of cult!!! LOL!!! Good morning gang!!!!

I thought we were a cult, Jhall!

They could live in the 50’s and write protest songs!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Afternoon Jhall!!!!!

ITD: Normalcy Challenged!!™. Good one Beav!!!

I’m loving this Blue Kool-Aid!!!! Bring on the Rockies or Phillies!!!!

The Blue Kool-Aid has gotten these boys fired up and ready to prove everybody (media) wrong. It’s a great feeling to know they are going to give it all they got, and it seems like Joe is liking the way things are, and so far, he has not changed it.

Oh would it ever Jhall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a bit early to seriously contemplate, but wouldn’t an LA freeway series bunch up some East coast panties!!!! LOL!!!

A freeway series would really tick them off!

Jhall – my son is fit to be tied. He said we would get swept by the Cardinals, now he thinks we will get swept by whoever wins between the Rox and the Phillies. He is in denial πŸ™‚

I am waaaaaaaaaaay up here jhall!!!!! I am hoping too.

Hi’Ya Trumom and time warped Nelly!! Hey Nell’, what is your family saying about our Blue Boys now? LOL!!!

Of course, a Yankee-Red Sox ALCS and/or a Yankee-Dodger series would be really good for baseball as a whole.

They would love for Joe to go back to New York or Manny back to Boston…..just think of all the stories…..all the drama…..all the ratings!

SUBMISSION ERRORS!!!!!!!!!! It has taken 15 minutes to get one post on here!!!!!!
I think this is going to be our year, Jhall. We have overcome adversity……overcome run-deficits and even overcome Justplaindisgusted!! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!!!

LOL Tru!! I’m sure they are!!!


Anyway, we need to do our part and take the NL flag to make any of those scenarios happen. I believe we can do it!!!! Go Dodgers!!!

I sure hope Nelly gets to cast a blue world championship glow over her family all winter. LOL!!! Some good stories there as well, I’m sure!!!!

LOL Nell’!!! Serious denial!!!

LOL!! I see you Nelly!! I tend to scroll up a half hour or so in these time warped days we now encounter with annoying regularity!!!

Yep Tru, we overcame JustPlainDisgusted and are Enchanted once again!!! Let’s hope so Nelly!!! I love rubbing it in on the G’nats!!!

Well, Jhall, he has since taken his Gnat hat off the piano because ever since he did that the Dodgers haven’t lost. He thought by placing the hat next to the Dodger Gnome it would curse the Dodgers. Well, the Dodgers are just fine, but he may have just cursed his gnat team for another 50 years πŸ™‚

Let’s hope we stay enchanted too πŸ™‚

Agreed Mom!!! :))

We certainly don’t want a disgruntled Beaver running loose around the house!!! Hmm, or do we? Really makes the comments interesting about Ned, Frank, and JoJo!!!

I really can’t comment about beavers and trojans…

…….or do we? It is a tricky question, isn’t it? LOL!!!!!

I see your Buckeyes did well yesterday. I didn’t see much college football until after the Dodger game. I went to work at school in the morning, ran some errands, and then came home to watch the Dodgers. Are you guys moving up you think. I guess alot will depend on how Boise St. does on Wednesday. That must mess up the voting when you have games in the middle of the week like that.

LOL Nelly!! It is tricky!! Yep, Buckeyes baked the cake for me yesterday, and the Dodgers iced it nicely!! Thanks for commenting on my Bucks Nell’!! Trojans not doing bad either.

Just an aside, but our Dodgers are playing some darn good fundamental baseball. They seem to really be focused. I was afraid we were getting a bit too complacent the last couple of weeks of the season. It really makes a huge difference when Manny and Ferk contribute. Hope they stay hot!!!

Jhall – The Buckeyes are the only Big 10 team I like. I saw that special on them and Michigan, and it makes you appreciate Universities that have such rich traditions where the cities/towns become part of that tradition. They have a storied past just like the Dodgers other than moving from one coast to the other.

LMTO Beav!!! Time to break out the chaps for the NLCS my brother!!!!

Hey Beav, would you resign Ned?


Thanks Nelly!! It really is alot of fun to be a part of!!!

I don’t think I could afford to – I just bought a house.

I don’t know if you saw the interview they did with Andre after the game. It was part of Joe’s press conference as well, but they asked him how the last two weeks affected them for the series. I am paraphrasing but, he kind of laughed and said, we didn’t play so well if you didn’t notice, but yes, we knew we had to fight those last two games, and that did help us get into a groove for this series.

Congratulations Beav!! Hope you enjoy your new abode!!!

The one in California?

Does it have a bidet, so you can stay fresh!!! LOL!!!! I didn’t see it Nell’, but I’m glad something woke them up!!!

C’mon Beav, what do you think about Ned and his resigning. I need some excitement until Phan and Shad face off if the Phillies win that series!! LOL!!!

New Thread…

Jhall – if we win the whole thing, Ned’s signing will be thought of as a good thing, don’t you think? His first signing, Andre, is doing very well, and they even mentioned that on MLBTV last night.

Well hello ITDers!
Congratulations to the Dodgers and to all Dodger fans!!!
I have not been around because of catching up with my life and I watched the game with friends at a restaurant. Just finished reading here.
Glad you got back home ok and what great games you saw! I posted pictures on two different posts in my blog of you, Scott and the one of the you, Carol and I from Top Deck. Too bad I had that incident where I had to drive back home to retrieve my wallet. I would have given you a quick tour of the stadium but looks like you did just fine by yourself.
Too bad I did not know you were there. We all could have met.
Oh boy! Angels swept the Red Sox. Red Sox sure took a dive at the end. They batted .156!
Fabulous drawing!
Check the new Ethier shirt being sold at the stadium. I took a picture last time I was at the stadium. It comes in Blue or white.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Gosh damn that freaking 2-3-2 format urgh bring back the 2-2-1-1-1 format.

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