If it ain't broke…

Don’t fix it, right? Joe is going with the same lineup today as we did yesterday.

A huge win last night, no doubt. It was the longest nine-inning game in NLDS history but it was worth every minute for those of you here. An electric atmosphere from the crowd, so great job. Let’s do it again today.

Limited tickets are still available so grab your boss and come on down to the park!

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Go DODGERS!!! Go K-K-K-KERSHAW!!! Looking forward to another W today.

Way to go Joe! You finally got it!! This lineup is awEsome…..just stick with it and we will be unbeatable!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Hey there, ITD! Great game by the Dodgers last night!! I got to watch almost the entire deal on TNT/TBS.
Great performance by the dynamic duo. Kemp with his monster shot and Every Day Dre with a double off “LOOGY” Dennys Reyes.
Wolf did not have a good night. Walked too many and was quite hittable. Hopefully, Kershaw comes through this afternoon with an “ace-like” performance. He said he channels his nervousness by throwing a little harder and making his curve break a little more. If so, I’m looking forward to 97 mph fastballs and an Uncle Charlie that will make the Cards’ heads spin.
The defense was a little sloppy for both teams. I agree with Scott – Hudson should be playing instead of Belliard, especially against right-handers. The pop fly that Belliard missed in the first inning would have been almost a routine play for ODawg. When I say routine, that’s in great respect to ODawg’s abilities – I personally don’t know anyone else who has the range of ODawg. (Or maybe I’m just biased after watching Kent stand in place for too long).
Emma – Great pics on your blog – you do an awesome job!!
Gametime in just over three hours – GO DODGERS!!

Rox up 3-0. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Phils and Cards go out in the first round!! 🙂 For that matter, the Yanks too!

Nah, Mike! I’d rather that WE take them all out OURSELVES!

Agreed eric, as long as the Yanks lose, I don’t care who does it.

looking for kid kershaw to step up big today.. the lineup is solid from top to bottom.. GO BLUE!!

Lets GO Dodgers! GO, GO GO as they use to do at Chavez Ravine when Maury got on base. Emma thanks for that Picture on your site. I was really amazed that we beat carpenter, even a “not sharp” carp is something, so Great Job D-Boys, now do the same to wainwright, this could easily be done by improving on the hits with RISP from last night.
I hope Kid-K has the nerves under control, this is a big start for him. JT putting up the same line-up, just when I thought I had him figured out, he fools me again. Its all good if it works. He earned more of my respect for him, after last night’s pitching replacements and that PH switch with pierre and thome. GO Dodgers!

Koufax – Speaking of Pierre, what was up with his standing at home plate for 3-5 seconds, watching his bunt? I don’t care if it’s fair or foul, I’m taking off to 1st base. Let the ump call it, don’t stand around waiting for the call.
All that said, he did a good job of moving the runners over.

Let’s just flush the Cards, Phils, Bosox and Yanks right down the toilet and get some fresh blood in the championship games!

No problem with the same lineup. I would like to see Belliard do some hitting to make up for O-Dog’s glove being on the bench though.
Pierre got a HUGE ovation during intro’s and there was barely any “MAN-NY” chants at the game. Manny needs to get the crowd going again with some big hits or they are going to boo his butt off the field in favor of good ol’ JP.

fills pull within 1, Rocks 4-3 through 6 innings.

Crash: I can only assume Pierre thought it was foul or didn’t see it because molina snatched it up so quick. That was not as big of a mental mistake as Cards not covering the 3rd to throw out Belli. We caught a break there. I think pierre would have been thrown out anyhow if just took off, but then again you never know, molina might have had to rush his throw to 1st and thrown it away. Yes you run first and then see what the ump calls. Lets hope the dodgers do not have those types of mental mistakes today or saturday. This will be an odd time of day for a start, I wonder if sun/ shade might play in to this game.

The shadows will definitely be playing tricks, as these games typically go three hours. The sun will likely set before the game ends.
I agree about the mental mistakes – it’s playoff time, so mental mistakes and defensive mistakes should not be happening.

Hey sara! LOOOOONG TIME!!!

Thirty minutes until game time. GO KKKKKKKERSHAW!!
time stamp: 2:37pm

Bastardo is pitching for the Phils! Got them out of a jam. What an unfortunate last name!

Bastardo strikes out the bastardly Giambi with bases jammed. Rocks still lead 5-3. What a *itch for the fillies.

Perhaps Hamels was a little distracted today?
Hamels leaves ballpark for pregnant wife


Not that I am against Belliard, but I miss O-Dawg in the lineup 😦 I thought that would be the only change. I thought maybe they would switch off.

Hi Everybody,
Ready or not here comes Wainwright.
We’ll throw Clayton at them and like last night, hope for the best.

Nelly – I agree with you. On the other hand, Belly is 4-10 with a HR against Wainwright.

The time might work out well for Kershaw. Weird shadows across the field can only help out the heater.

I thought Pierre was thinking that bunt hit his bat again and was foul. You’re right, he should have run. But as far as moving his man over, that was a lousy bunt attempt. He got credit for a sac, but that was like a broken-bat single – lucky.

And speaking of mistakes, let’s hope Kemp doesn’t let any more balls get by him. No more, Matty! Save the do-or-die stuff for the right situation.

Kershaw’s stats since coming back from his shoulder surgery: 12 IP, 7 H, 5BB, 18K’s, ERA=1.50, WHIP=1.00. GO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKERSHAW!
Eric – Agree on the Kemp play – he’s got to keep that in front of him.

Oh, the bunt…………….. even the young kids are taught to run anyway. The umpire will call you back if it turned out to be foul. Not that it mattered, but that is hindsight now. It could have mattered if our outcome was different.

Crash – I know. It’s one of those cases where you want the mixture of the two.

Nelly – I thought ODawg should have come in last night in the top of the seventh with the Blue up 5-2. Belly wasn’t due up for another seven batters at the time.

GO, DODGERS!!!!!!! GO, DODGERS!!!!!!!

Great first inning, Kersh!!!!!! Let’s get him some runs!!!!

One K for Kershaw.

Poor Phillies lost to the Roxkies!


That same pitch Dre struck out on was a ball earlier in the at bat.

Hello everyone. Looking forward to watching another good game. Dodger Stadium is looking good in the sunshine.

Rats on Holliday!

Nice DP. Two K’s for KKershaw. Let’s get the run back right now.

I don’t know if this would jinx it or anything, but . . . Wainwright has a perfect game going through 2 innings.

Submission error! Submission error! Fix the darn blog!

WAY TO GO ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s go boys, put up a crooked number!

LOL, Crash, I get stuck in the damn tie warp at least once a day…..and, it’s always at the worst times!

*time warp

This game is going according to script.

It would be nice to see Wainwright leave one over the plate.

My man Dre!!! I have a serious man crush!


EVERY DAY DRE!!!!! Nice!
So much for Wainwright’s perfect game, no-hitter, and shutout!

Now if the dynamic duo could just teach Manny how to hit . . .

Uh oh, Trublu4ever is stuck in the time warp now.

Four K’s for KKKKershaw.

Kersh is doing about as good as we could want.

Kould the Kid Kershaw Kome bacK for Tuesday’s game 5 if necessary?

Hope that wild pitch don’t hurt us.

Let’s get some baserunners and some runs, boys in blue!!

Wainwright is pitching a fantastic game against a champion.

Okay, I’ll start the second guessing. Why leave Kershaw in? He’s got 97 pitches, we need baserunners, and we’ve got the bullpen to back him up.

The Dodgers have to play hard, with confidence, from now on.
I think they will start to make things happen and win or lose they should not lose courage.

Okay, I’ll end the second guessing. Torre should’ve pinch-hit for Kershaw and handed the ball to the bullpen for the seventh inning. At worst, we’d still be tied 1-1.

KERSHAW did a great job.

Good Job Kershaw…………..It’s up to the bullpen and the bats now…..
RALLY TIME BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Wolf failed last night we need to get much innign from our starter but too bad Kershaw gave up that double to Rasmus


Let’s get that run back and more

Time to get some runs. Kershaw did a nice job. Hitters need to kick it up a notch.

Just one run behind, have to keep plugging away.
The Dodgers will give it all they got.


Tough AB by Manny.
Made Wainwright work.

LET’s GO, AN-DRE!!! Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap


Joe….. Pleeze get Manny out of this line-up!!!!!! He is


Come on Raffy!!!!!

Joe….. Pleeze get Manny out of this line-up!!!!!! He is


Joe….. Pleeze get Manny out of this line-up!!!!!! He is


Joe Pleeze get Manny out of this line up
if you want a chance at this.


All those pitches and you still struckout Manny.

That’s interesting Broxton is in early lol

Nice Broxton


FEAR THE BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Wainwright can really pitch, he’s awesome, but we have fight to the end.
We’ll keep fighting.
It’s not over yet.

The Cardinals got him in a Drew trade with the Braves.

Wainwright was just too much, today, to say the least.
But this is it.
Win or lose this was another exciting game.
The Dodgers are putting up a great fight.

What no Reyes this time?

I knew it smart LaRussa.

lmao now the Carda fan want holliday off this team now. Is amazing how they can turned on someone so fast but I could understand making that big error to lose the game

lol someone said Loretta was 0 for 15 against Franklin. lmao now the Carda fan want holliday off this team now. Is amazing how they can turned on someone so fast but I could understand making that big error to lose the game

Wow, a last gasp of life from the boys in blue. Make them pay for that error.

lol at the Giants fan talking about a choke job they must forgot the 2002 WS.



It’s a NEW game!



It’s a NEW game!

Be the hero Loretta.



My face is all wet and I’m not drinking.
It must be something else.
On to St. Louis,..

Okay – I left school, having watched the first inning or so, missed Andre’s homerun, but I was cheering inside Staples. The associate asked if I was okay. I said ” I just missed another highlight”. Then I got home to see the rest of the game. I was thoroughly happy just seeing the Dodgers fight through this whole game (win or lose), and then to see the 9th inning go through just like it has so many times this season was absolutely incredible.


When Halliday messed up the catch, I a negative thinker felt the game was ours.

simply amazing Dodgers! We come through yet again, some of us might wanna take back some things said about Loretta during the year, he just came through huge for us. Let’s close it out on saturday boys, I got a feelin…GO DODGERS!!!

All I can say is “Thank God Ronnie was up and not Manny!”

It’s about time we got a lucky break. I feel sorry for Holliday – he must not feel too good right now.

To think Holliday known are stadium very well.

Okay – I left school, having watched the first inning or so, missed Andre’s homerun, but I was cheering inside Staples. The associate asked if I was okay. I said ” I just missed another highlight. Then I got home to see the rest of the game. I was thoroughly happy with how they were playing (win or lose), but to see them go into the 9th inning the way they have so many times this year was truly incredible.

WAY TO GO DODGERS!!!! WAY………..TO……………..GO!!!!!!!

Okay – my double post posted once at real time and once at time warped time. Actually, it told me the first one didn’t go through so I re-typed it.

(Please forgive the long post. After nights of being Errored into Submission, I figure I’ll get my “money’s” worth before it rears its ugly head once again)

Talk about a heart attack and a half, the Dodgers NEVER do it easy, but they get it done!

Even the even-keeled Vin Scully couldn’t help but flow with emotion as Belliard punched it through to center.

I white-knuckled this one through the bottom of the 9th, I’m certain I wasn’t the only one. Couldn’t even bear to look at the 2-strike pitches to Blake, closing my eyes as Vin’s call came through half a second quicker than light of the muted TBS broadcast on my television.

Throughout the game, I realized my usual “I’m not gonna panic, it’s only [enter month here]” attitude no longer applied, the only solace being the one run deficit, and the knowledge that the Dodgers are lethal in one run games.

With a full respect for the Cardinals organization, who they have and what they’ve done, this Dodgers victory feels sweeter than almost any game during the McCourt Era. Can only hope this is the beginning of bigger and better things.

And with the same respect, I cannot bring myself to say the line that Bugs Bunny would find extremely appropriate if he pulled for the Bums.

Thanks again, Dodgers, for another wonderful game that helps darken that horrible gap between the O’Malleys and the McCourts.

“YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, I’ve Got a Feeling!!!” – The Beatles, “I’ve Got a Feeling”


Awesome post North! Don’t you feel we are a team of destiny this year?

Northstateblues – just fabulous!!!!

What do you know another 3-2 scored went in our favor this time.

Joe ~ Remember……It ain’t broke so don’t fix it for Saturday’s game……Thank-you.

I was thinking in the 8th inning how well the Dodgers played the past two games and how, in order to win a championship, you need a little lightning in a bottle to steal a game. And then…BAM!!!! They steal a game!!!!! As Jackie Gleason used to say, “HOW SWEET IT IS!!!”

Thanks Tru and Nelly. To answer the question, I think we have the best chance to be a team of destiny that we’ve had since I learned to write in cursive.

To me, last year was awesome to go into the Friendly Confines of the NL’s best and sweep them. But when James Loney hit that Grand Slam in Game 1, it felt like the Cubs fans felt like they knew what they were in for, a lot more than the two teams playing on the field, or the Dodger fans listening at home.

What we have done so far is a little different. We’re taking on a team that has haunted us for so long. I’m not ready to tempt fate with un-fettered swagger just yet, but the Dodgers (with a little help from ex-Rockie Matt Holliday) have put themselves in position to do what was unthinkable back in 2004, even as Lima Time gave us that one bright October day before falling under the curtain once again that we wouldn’t come out of for another 4 years.

We’re doing it in spite of the darkened luster of a man who Bristol, FOX and the National media anointed as our superstar, all too gleeful as they record and gloat over every inch of his fall from the pedestal they placed him on.

The once-upon-a-time Kids, untouched despite I’m sure many a sweated-out July 31st by Ned Colletti, are coming into their own. They have a cast of veterans around them who cannot as easily be classified as Pathetic Veteran Losers, but have so far displayed the true meaning of the acronym PVL.

And for all we’ve said about the Dodgers’ pitching, they’re still among the best in the League, and the Bigs altogether, even without someone who would be considered a Chris Carpent… no… I mean an Adam Wainwrigh…. um…. I mean a Tim Lince… uh… Well, you know what I’m saying. As a total package, our staff, from starter to closer, is capable of holding the Dodgers up, as long as the Offense does its share.

And this year, though it’s been slim at times, the Offense DOES know what it’s capable of… the problem has been finding the answer to the formula of Intent +(plus) Execution. But through two NL Cy Young Candidates, I’d say they’ve done what it takes to get the job done. Even though I won’t forget yesterday we could’ve lost 14-5, or won 16 to anything-up-to-14, and today was 4 inches away from being a hard-earned W by a stellar St. Louis team.

This is a great feeling. I’m not gonna relax too much, but I’ll enjoy this, in remembrance of those dark FOX days as I came of age. Anything can happen if you have the tools to get it done, and the Dodgers have shown their capability without running on all cylinders.

Nine more to go…

One of these days LaRussa, one of these days, bang, zoom, to the moon!!!! LOL Kahli!!! Just got in a saw the score. Wow!!! Way to go Dodgers!!! Very sweet!! Can’t wait to hear the ESPN guys talk about this one. None of them picked the Dodgers to get past the Cards. Big advantage now, but still alot of work to do. I think getting the home field has really been huge for us. Our guys seem to be getting their swagger back. I wasn’t sure we could just click it back on for the playoffs after playing so lackluster he last couple of weeks of the regular season.


I am so proud of all our guys. It is the greatest feeling to watch them supporting each other and playing real team baseball. It warms my heart to know they are on the plane feeling on top of the world. I love the fact that everyone contributes, no one is the “star” right now, because that is truly how the game should be played. It is so exciting to see the guys have their “moment in the sun”, and that those moments are shared by everyone on the team. I have been a Dodger fan all my life, (since I can remember) and I must say this team is special. Highs or lows they play together, and support each other. They really deserve to go all the way this year. So all I can say is……
Go guys. Keep doing what you do. Play the game to the best of your ability. Care about each other. Most of all keep it light and have fun. You are playing the best game in the world and we get to watch!

I can’t believe they were one expec t that think the Cards was going to sweep.

This is such a great feeling. I know it’s not going to be easy in St. Louis, but these two wins make it much more doable for sure. I am just so very proud of this entire team. What a way to go after the doubtful, east-coast-bias, media people with just well played baseball from pitching to hitting and everything in between. It feels a lot better than last year, and this year, we are going all the way.

Great post North!!! I’m with you. I’d sure like to wrap this up Saturday. Gotta figure Carpenter will go on 4 days Sunday and then Wainright for a game 5 if needed.

We sure do have our swagger back…just at the right time. I think Kersh handled himself like a seasoned veteran today….after giving up the himer to Holliday, he went about his business and didn’t panic. I think he is going to prove he is our ACE!!!


Wainwright was complaining about the fans waving the white towels during the game. Apparently on an interview on mlb.tv he said they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Give me a break……the entire Phillies stadium was waving white towels!

jhall, I think you’re right about the Cards pitching for games 4 and 5…if necessary. Scary. That said, would you start Wolf in a game 5 (on one extra day’s rest) or Kershaw on normal rest?

Jhall is in the ITD House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, how did you go 2 hours without knowing the score? (jk) I am glad you came home to a remarkable win.

Good Evening Trumom and Nelly!!! I’m liking our chances alot right now!!! Still alot of work to do however!!!

Northstateblues – keep posting them as long as you can. You are doing an awesome job!!!

That’s a good question Kahli!! I’m not sure!!! I hope it doesn’t come down to making that decision!!!

Kahli – Not sure what I would do, but I am hoping the decision doesn’t have to be made. We will be leaving St. Louis on Saturday.

WOW! I saw the end of the game as I was getting ready to head out, and I could not believe it. I got out of the shower and saw man on 2nd, two out, 2-2 count. Then saw the rest and literally jumped up and down. Amazing! We took down St. Louis’ two aces, which was only been done one other time this season. Keep it up boys!!

The party does not stop. passing the flask! I am so pumped and so proud of our Dodgers never say die attitude. Kershaw pitched so well, kept us in the game, just for these type of heroics. I was so bummed when they HBP thome, because I wanted the blast, then bases loaded in the 8th, and matty broke his bat. So we all celebrated the 9th! and I am so glad it did not go extra innings! Cheers and GO DODGERS!
PS glad I didnt have to suffer till saturday with a loss to think about. Get um padilla!

Hi’Ya PMike!! Good point, and it is not likely to happen again.

Hi’Ya K63!!! Nice post, I’m with you!!! If we win the World Series, Santa doesn’t have to bring me a darn thing. I’ll have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

HaHa, Angels up 3-0 on the Red Sux!!! I hope they beat them. I can’t stand the Red Sux, Papelbon, Drew, or their nation(fans)!!!!!

To tie up the loose ends… I’ve spent most of my life as a Dodgers fan, and the era of Dodgers greatness was something that I read about in a book during the long winters when the “Triple Threat Outfield” let me down, followed by the Rookies-of-the-Year streak, the Piazza era, the FOX era and the DePodesta era, this new McCourt era stirring the first Postseason Excitement I could remember since being a 7 year old huddled around a campfire listening to the game on October 15th, 1988, not knowing then the full significance of the Dodgers being where they were.

From those books, to answer the question of whether the Dodgers are a team of destiny, I feel now that they are the writers of their own destiny, hoping to feel as strange seeing the pictures in the Dodgers books yet to be printed as I will seeing pictures of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in a History book.

Of course, with the high regard Sacramento currently holds for education, those history books would be lucky to reach California classrooms by the Rio de Janiero games, but all the better to have the Toy Department, as Eric would say, to play in.

I’ll say one thing, though. I could sure type a lot for being speechless.

My hubby and son do not want the Dodgers to win because they know if they do………….it will be an entire year of listening to me tell them so. BTW – we have moved nothing since the last game where we clinched the division and HFA. The bottle of Andre, the Dodger Gnome and the Gnats hat are in the exact same place on the piano. We haven’t lost since my son added the gnats hat. I think the gnome is telling the gnat hat, “Watch and learn how a real team does it”

Wouldn’t a west coast World Series just blow the ESPN crowd, and their east coast bias, away.

What a great victory today. I was at the game last night and the energy was unbelievable from beginning to end. Everyone was standing, cheering and waving towels on every big at bat, and there were a lot of them. There is something different about this team compared to last season and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact the young guys had that experience last year and they’re not wide-eyed and in awe anymore. They’re confident and ready to take care of business and take it to the next level. Just making it to where they did last year isn’t going to be good enough for them. It feels eerily like it did in 1988. My friend that I went to the game with last night was at the game today and he called me at work (I also work with him) after Andre hit the homer. He knows what a big Ethier fan I am. I could hear everyone going crazy in the background. Keep it going guys! We’re all behind you.

Good stuff North!! LOL Nelly!!! I was wondering how your family was taking our success!!!

BonJour Bleu Fille, mon amie!!! Good to see you. I hope you had a Dodger Dog for me. LOL!! Nelly, a west coast freeway series would be great. Especially considering what it will do to the ESPN East coast blowhards!!! LOL!!!!

Game 1: W 5-3
Game 2: W 3-2

5-3, 3-2… where have I seen these numbers before…

Hey, jhall. Yes, even though I am trying to phase meat out again, I was bad and did have a Dodger Dog. I’ve been to a lot of Dodger games over the years and I’ve been to football playoff games, but I’ve always been sitting in front of the tv for baseball playoff games prior to last night. It was a great experience.

Good for you Bleu!!!

“submission error” hell once again.

jhall – they really, really hate it. They want the Angels to win mostly because of Fuentes, but I am guessing they will be for whichever team we end up playing in the World Series 🙂

Bluecrewgirl – I am so glad you got to see the game yesterday. What a great game it was. As far as today’s game, I shouted so loud at my phone when I saw Andre got that homerun today the workers at Staples thought I was a lunatic. I am in there once a week, so they know me, but I don’t think they have seen this side of me before.

Sitting here watching the Angels-Red Sux game and they just brought Sammy Saito in with bases loaded and no outs. I despise the Red Sux, but I can’t but help hoping Sammy does well. He was/is a class act and did alot for our team. Wish we could have kept him..

Jhall – I can’t blame them though. I would be thinking the same thing of the gnats if it were them playing instead of us, but we, as Dodger fans, haven’t had to think that way in a very long time, have we? LOL!!!!!!!

Jhall – I love Brox, but I do miss Sammy too 🙂

LOL Nelly, too funny!!! Some sour grapes for sure.

submission error hell is where I have gone – LOL!!! I really hate this.

I ……………………..don’t know if I could do that Jhall. It would depend on which AL team was on the other side. I had no problems cheering on the Rays last year because of how badly some Phillies Phans treated us. There are some AL teams I enjoy watching, and if they ever made it to the post season, I would cheer them on even if it meant giving up my NL alliance for a time. Then again, it would depend on the NL team being represented in the World Series as well. Well, I am just glad I don’t have to think about it this year because there is only one team I care about right now………………………….the Dodgers.

Me also Nell’!! It was Sammy that we started the Fu-Q closer slogan!! LOL!!!

Stadium Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA
Attendance 46,528 (106.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:41
Weather 65 degrees, sunny
Wind 12 mph
Geez overselling ticket again lol.

Game Information
Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 51,819 (92.5% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:07

Look like someone skipped work today with these early game lol.

JJJJJJJhallllllll!!!!! I am way up here time warped now!!!! I am reading your mind again Jhall 🙂

Bluecrewgirl ~ That is too funny about Torre’s daughter and the Andre shirt. She knows a good thing when she sees it. He had a great game yesterday too, but Matt’s blast was phenomenal. It will be great to see what our Dynamic Duo can do throughout this post season.

I would probably root for the G’nats if they were playing in the World Series and carrying the NL flag now that Barroid is gone. I don’t like the G’nats, but I absolutely despise Punkin’Head Bonds. Not only for what he did to the game, but mostly his personality while doing it. Hell, your obviously cheating, at least you could be nice and contrite about it!!! Geez!!! What a despicable pile of s**t!!!

Bluecrewgirl – I have been thinking about Seesky for a while now. I hope all is well with him. He is such a big part of this group, and like you said, it’s been a very long time.

Loretta, batting for reliever George Sherrill(notes), was 0 for 15 in his career against Franklin before fisting a soft single to center that drove in Blake. That triggered a huge celebration, with teammates jumping on Loretta in a pile between first and second base.

I know he wasn’t the only one, so I don’t want to hear any flak about pinning it all on him. I also think the same of Clemens. I guess it just leaves more of a bad taste when you cheat and do it with a nasty, holier than thou attitude. Also, cheating and breaking the most hallowed records in the game puts you right up front. Aaron is still the HR leader and Maris still has the single season HR record in my book.

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio!!!!

Good Bye Norma Jean!!!!

Nelly, I am so happy to see Andre off to a great start in the playoffs. Matt’s homerun last night was awesome too. Speaking of passing the flask, I haven’t seen seesky in a long time. Hope he’s ok. Did you read where Torre said that last season his daughter was wearing Yankee t-shirts to the games and this year she’s been wearing Ethier t-shirts. I thought that was pretty funny.

Angels are beating the Red Sox 5-0. I am kind of rooting for the Red Sox in that series since I was born in Massachusetts and my parents are Red Sox fans. They like the Dodgers, but the Red Sox are their team and I kind of feel the same way in reverse. I still can’t get used to the Angels being the LA Angels. There’s only one LA team in my opinion. They don’t even play in LA County. They should have kept it Anaheim or changed it back to California Angels.

Sorry Bleu!! I guess I’m just full up to my ears with the Red Sox media hype. It’s a full blown blitz around here!!! I actually would root for them against the Yankees!!! And I did/was when they came from behind and whipped them to erase the curse of the Babe!!!

jhall – I am here. I just got time warped ahead of you so all my responses are before you commented.

Bluecrewgirl – I know it’s a stretch, but I want the Twins there. After that, it’s a toss up for me on the AL side.

Amazing! Inspiring! Team-of-destiny stuff! Congratulations to the Dodgers on a great start to the postseason! There’s a long way to go, but this game was special. I’m just a little sad for Holliday. It’s a shame this had to happen to someone I think is a class act.

LOL Nelly!!! This blog does funny things!!

Jhall, you’re free to like who you like. I feel the same way about the Yankees that you do about the Red Sox. Hey, dodgereric! I do feel a tad sorry for Holliday, but not enough to give back the win. Must be horrible to be the goat of the game.

Thank God!!!!! I am so glad you said that Ward Dear. I was just saying that to Dodger4life. I have been feeling the same way!!! I would have taken Holliday over Manny in a heartbeat. We think the Dyanmic Duo is good, an outfield of Holliday, Kemp and Ethier would have been the best triple threat in the league based on batting and fielding. That being said, I am only glad for the reason it happened to him and not one of our guys.

Hi’Ya Dad/Chevelle!!! Yep, its ashame. He is a class act. But, better them than us!! LOL!!! I want that ring. No Quarter!!!

Stadium Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
Attendance 45,070 (99.6% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:09

Surprise Angels Stadium wasn’t sold out.

I am not sure I would say it’s funny at times, but yes, this blog does have it’s moments……………………..frustrating moments is more like it – LOL!!!!!!

They missing 211 more fans rhere

Greetings ya’ll! No prisoners, I agree. I’m already having daydreams substituting Bonds for Holliday in that scenario! LOL!!!

You’re right Nelly. When it happens, it is very annoying. I hope they figure it out for next season.

LOL Dad!!!

Anyway gang, were’re in the drivers seat. Let’s steer this ride to the NL Division series. Great seeing you all and I hope you have a great evening and better tomorrow. Goodnight!!! Dodger dreams will be sweet tonight. Excelsior True Believers!!!!!!!

I am guessing Boblee is one of the few people living in St. Louis who was happy to see that happen.

Good Night Wally/Jhall!!!!! The Dodger Dreams will certainly be sweeter tonight. Have a Fabulous Friday yourself. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Goodnight, jhall. Meet you in St. Louis ):

Y! Sports Expert Picks
Y! Sports Expert Picks in 4 Tim Brown Dodgers can’t beat Carpenter or Wainwright.
in 4 Jeff Passan Cardinals’ pitching simply too strong.
in 4 Gordon Edes Manny less than mahvelous.
Steve Henson in 5 Dodgers win without help from Manny.

hahahaha Henson at least give us a chance. I guess the other 3 talking about past history against them in the playoff.

Gorden Edes can’t even spell right.

Good evening ITDers!
I got to the stadium so early and started walking to the entrance when I noticed I did not have my wallet, id and ticket. I started walking back when I ran into TBW. I told him my predicament. I thought maybe I left it in the car but no, so I drove back home. After I came in, the lady where I go in said “I would have let you in.” She knows I have season tix and that I bought the whole postseason series. Everyone else was telling the same thing, that they would have loan me money, etc, but I got to the stadium before the game started.
By the time I got back I had Carol and TBW waiting for me in the Top Deck. Sorry TBW, and CArol!
I emailed you the picture.
Crash, Mike, Koufax,
Thank you so much and you are welcome.
I love to read many of you here.
NSB: Great observation on the final scores 5-3, 3-2!!!!
What an AWESOME win!! It was pandemonia at the stadium. Since we knew there would be too much traffic going home, we (my brother Vic, Erik, LTD23 & I) went to the 3rd base line where Dodger Talk was being conducted.
Anyone hear me on Dodger Talk? I was the one that was saying at the end that like Tommy says in his 1988 speech in the clubhouse after winning the W.S. “NO ONE THOUGHT WE COULD WIN, NO ONE THOUGH WE COULD BEAT THE MIGHTY CARDINALS! BUT WE DID! LET’S GO DODGERS! LET’S GO!”
Felt bad for Holliday ’cause I do like him but better the Cardinals than us. Wainwright seems to be another class act. He said he would have gone another 4 innings, that he got the offseason to recoup. I liked his interview. Did not take offense to the rally towel reference, to me he was just making excuses for his teamate.

Why do people have to do this?

OK Wainwright you want to complaint watch this video and stop making excuses for Holliday especially when he has played here for years with the Rockies.

From Kemp’s blog:
//Ninth inning, we thought we had a chance. We got to their bullpen and got it done. I gotta say, the ball off Loney’s bat, I thought it was over. But you never know, with all the towels waving. It was tough to see off the bat out there. And when it was over, on the field it was awesome, man. //
So let’s just waive the towels when our boys are batting.

My congratulations to Loretta who came through big time yesterday. Much like Eli Manning in the Super Bowl a couple years ago, I didn’t think he had it in him. Even more frightening, Joe seems to be managing like well, a manager.

Tough to get too excited with the prospects of facing Carpenter and Wainwright in games 4 and 5, but for some reason I’ve got a hunch that Padilla’s going to come up big and we’re going to get to Pineiro.

enchanted, it doesn’t take a baseball genius to realize the Dodgers best bet is to pound Pineiro and say ta-ta to Carpenter and Wainwright. The longer this thing goes on, the more it favors the Cards, pitching-wise and emotion-wise. St. Louis will be a tough city for the boys in blue.

Cardinals Schmardinals.
Carpenter was human, Wainwright was being tested in the 8th and Manny hasn’t done squat (yet?). After facing Wainwright and Carpenter, Pineiro is going to look like Jason Schmidt to these guys. Loney is going to homer tomorrow, mark my words.

St. Louis columnists are saying the Dodgers caught a break–they’re not playing the Cardinals, they’re playing the Cubs!

Scott – I’ve got the feeling we won’t be seeing Manny ever again. Without the ‘roids, the air seems to have gone out of his balloon.

Speaking of which, anyone take note of Ms. Jones’ final numbers with Texas? He hit .184 after June and 0 HR after July. I’ve got to admit I’ve no idea how long it takes steroids to kick in, but I’ve always felt that he re-juiced sometime after winter ball and before ST to get a contract/trade, then laid off again. LOSER.

E, yeah I noticed Jones went downhill in a hurry after that quick start. Good riddance. I’m afraid Manny will opt in (his option?) for next year and take the 20 mill.
Sounds funny, but how about Holliday for LF next year?

Hey Scott,
I’d love to have Holliday for us in LF! And I believe you about Loney! He just loves to produce on the road! I only posted one of the three pictures I took of you and your son. If you like me to send them to you, let me know. Also I am sorry I did not ask you before if it was Ok to post, so please let me know if you like me to remove it.

I’d like to have Holliday in left, but I just don’t think he has the balls anymore to do the job.

Scott – Manny will definitely take the $20 mil. No one else I’d think would offer him much more than $5 mil and one year. I’m getting to the point I’d almost rather see JP in left. Only thing is, I still think pitchers are intimidated by Manny’s rep enough that he helps the line-up. I only wish Joe would bat him 6th or 7th.

Holliday nuts – good one Crash. Hope he didn’t hurt the Yule Log too!!!

I take back everything I said about Ronnie Belliard; leave him in the lineup the rest of the year.

Scott, Nelly, & E – I had been thinking the past couple of days how much I would rather have Holliday in LF rather than Manny. Then when the ball hit him in the groin, my only emotion was “HAHA!”. I know that’s not right, but hey, it allowed the Dodgers to get the win. And what an incredible win. So that win goes down as the “Holiday Nuts” victory?

Hi Emma,
Thanks for the pictures, you can send them to scott at whittiermailing dot com if you like. No problem with posting them on your blog either. It was nice of you to visit with us!
Crash – I used to want to trade Pierre for a bag of balls and that’s pretty much what happened!

new thread!

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