I've got a feeling…

You all know the Black Eyed Peas song, right? Well, I think it’s a good sign that they’ve jumped on board with the Dodgers and are having their billboard put up right now at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Sweetzer Ave. on the Sunset Strip!

Tonight’s gonna be a good night and hopefully you’ll all be here to experience it. There’s nothing quite like the playoffs to rally a city and that’s what our fans tend to do when it comes to the Dodgers. If you are coming, PLEASE COME EARLY!! We’re opening the ballpark at 4 p.m. to try and alleviate traffic issues, as the game is pretty much right in the middle of rush hour traffic. You can watch BP, relax in your seats and take in the postseason atmosphere.

Of course, we’d be remiss in not mentioning the passing of John Foster yesterday. Mr. Foster was working for Farmer Brothers Coffee when he apparently died of natural causes yesterday in the press box during our workout. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends right now and hopefully you’ll all keep him in mind today.

On a much lighter note, for those who haven’t noticed, we’ve been updating our our Twitter page as quickly as possible with breaking news, which included the first announcement of the Dodgers’ Game 3 and 4 starters (Padilla and Billingsley), as well as tonight’s lineup. Be sure to follow us to get news as fast as we can put it out. Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Belliard, 2B

Martin, C

Wolf, P


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Hey Josh, I’m going to tonight’s game – are you saying the parking lot opens at 4pm or the stadium?

“I’ve Got a Feeling” we will win game one, and continue on, and finally win it all, with this eleven game season! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, my deepest sympathy goes out to the Foster family.

OOOOH….OOOOOOH! I’ve got a feeling…Oooooh oooooh!

OMG…I can not belive it…but my prayers go out to Mr. Foster’s friends & family.

haha Josh!! My post in my blog on Friday was titled “I Got a Feeling that Tonight is Gonna be a Good Night.” I kept signing that at work and even played part of it at the end of our Friday Weekly meeting.
I am taking 1/2 vaca today and the whole day tomrrow!
Let’s go Dodgers Let’s go!!!

My deepest condolences to the Foster family.

LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Emma, do you know if the 4pm opening is for the parking lot or the stadium? Thx!

I would think is for both as I don’t think they would want us to hang in the parking lot and Josh did say “so you can watch bp from your seat”. Where are you sitting?

Good Dodger morning everyone! Unfortunately I will not be home for most, if not all, of the game tonight, and I can’t change my plans, but I will be on my cell phone checking for updates. I hope you all can hold down the fort and root our boys on to victory! Go Blue!!!

Thanks Emma, that was my guess. I’ll be sitting in Reserved 31 – P7, P8.

R – E – L – A – X Emma!! See you there!
Cpompe, Just going tonight… 😦
I’m good luck by the way. My last 2 playoff games attended were 1988 NLCS win vs Mets (Game 2?) and 1988 WS Game 1 vs. A’s.

Uh…my most recent post got jacked way up there for some reason…

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
Well, the time is almost here! At least it’ll be after I get home from my volunteer “job” so I can see all of it!

Hey Scott! Are you going tomorrow night too? If you are and if you’re sitting close to where you are tonight, you’d be close to my mom and I! Tomorrow’s game, we’re not sitting in my mom’s usual season seat; the other person that has those same seats will be there on Thursday’s game. My mom and I will be sitting on the Reserved Level, Aisle 43, Row D.


ok, this is the 3rd time I try posting this. I’ve been getting “too many comments” I was posting on another blog.
See you there Scott!
My stomach is in knots right now but I’ll be fine come game time! I am going to my Pilates class from noon to 1:p.m. so hopefully that will calm me down.
Let’s go Dodgers!!
I love my boys in Blue! ♥ ♥

Mr. Pianoman!!!
Too bad you won’t be able to see the game tonight. Of course we will all hold down the fort!!! 🙂

Actually Scott, I just noticed on my original post that I said “tomorrow night’s” game. Of course I know the game is at 3:07 and is NOT a night game! LOL!


Post-season roster per True Blue La

Catchers (2): Russell Martin, Brad Ausmus

Infielders (7): James Loney, Ronnie Belliard, Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake, Orlando Hudson, Juan Castro, Mark Loretta

Outfielders (4): Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre

Pinch Hitters (1): Jim Thome

Starting Pitchers (4): Randy Wolf, Clayton Kershaw, Vicente Padilla, Chad Billingsley

Relievers (7): Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill, Hong-Chih Kuo, Ronald Belisario, Ramon Troncoso, Jon Garland, Jeff Weaver

My Nellygirl!!! So how are you this fine day???

To all ITDers (well, not Emma; I know she knows) but did you know that Matty Kemp has his own blog for the postseason! Take a look at: http://mattkemp.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/10/we-have-a-great-chance-of-going-far.html

I just hope that fans of “other” teams don’t trash Matty’s blog, the way a certain group of “phans” trashed Andre’s blog last year…

ALL those attending the game (Cat, CPO, EMMA, & Arcadia) ….HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE GAME….CHEER LOUD FOR OUR BOYS!
CPO don’t worry ….KEMPS KEEPERS (that’s us) will make sure Matty’s blog does not get trashed

Kemp’s keepers? I like that Rosie! Well, I’ve gotta go. And Nelly, sorry for asking how you are and then running. You can post and I’ll see it later!


Like all of you I have been waiting all year for this day. No negativity, just the blues! I understand why belliard got the call over hudson, just hope no errors over near second base, or anywhere else when the Dodgers play D.
Spanner: Thanks for posting the 25 man roster. Surprised that menkiewicz did not get the nod, in his recent ABs he has done well. But Thome is successful vs Carpenter.
Go Dodgers!

For those of you watching at home, I’ll be the one with the Dodger hat…

The known universe is picking the Cards. Time to disrupt the physics of the post season! scott, I’ll be watching at home. I’ll be the one with the sweaty armpits…(sorry for the disgusting visual). 2-0 Phils…bummer.

Phils 5-0 in the sixth. Cliff Lee has given up just 3 hits, 0 walks in 6 innings of work.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch did some really cool interactive graphics for the upcoming Dodgers-Cards series tracking all the team’s batters, where they hit the most and where they connect in the strike zone the most.

Check it out:

St. Louis:

Fyi, Pujol’s hot zone is ridiculous.

My condolences to the Foster family. To have someone taken from you so unexpected has got to be one of the roughest.
Good roster. I had hoped for Menk-witz, but in the end, how do you leave off Thome? I’d rather have seen the O-dog start and have the better defense, but we’ll probably be scratching for runs, so it’s Belliard. Six of one, half dozen…. I’d still would have gone with Hudson.
Hope O-dog has a great series so he can leave LA on a high note.
I think the game will depend on how well Wolf does. They SUPPOSEDLY have the edge for starters, but if it’s close when Wolf turns it over to the pen, the shoe goes on the other foot.


LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocks lose to Phils 5-1

The new season starts today. Notwithstanding the past two weeks, this offense is the most potent offense the Dodgers have had in years. Looking for Wolfie to keep us close (or better) through six innings.



THIS is where Wolf can show me if he’s a winner or not.

I will be out of town for the first round of the playoffs so I am counting on all of you to take care of business while I am away.

Okay, Dodgers, the two underdogs (Rockies and Twins) lost……let’s break this cycle………..GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!
The Twins haven’t lost yet, but they are going to.

Rip Fein I see the 49ers finally signed Crabtree to that 6 years deal about time.

Kahli – I’ve ALWAYS thought that no matter how poorly he played during the regular season, I have a BIG feeling that Manny will show up big-time during the playoffs. It’s his time to shine!

Well, I said before that I was going to be able to watch the entire game tonight, but it turns out that I’m not going to be able to. Aw, nuts. Well others have asked, so I will too; hold down the fort for me too tonight! And again…


lol who can name the Twins ace? The Tigers are easy with Verlander, Jackson and Porcello.

ST. LOUIS 126.0 135 @LOS ANGELES 7
ATS St. Louis Los Angeles
Record: 84-75-0 (.528) 97-63-0 (.606)
As Favorite: 65-49-0 (.570) 76-41-0 (.650)
As Underdog: 19-26-0 (.422) 21-22-0 (.488)
At Home: 59-22-0 (.728) 67-12-0 (.848)
On Road: 25-53-0 (.321) 30-51-0 (.370)

Go figure espn picked the Cards and I’m surely not surprise.

Girl gets ball back after lawsuitComment Email Print Share Associated Press

MIAMI — A Florida girl who grabbed a historic home run ball hit by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard has her prize back after suing the team for its return.

The July home run against the Florida Marlins was Howard’s 200th. He achieved that milestone in the fewest games in major league history.

After 12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia scooped up the ball, she was escorted to the Phillies clubhouse and then exchanged it for an autographed ball.

The girl’s mother filed a lawsuit Monday seeking the home run ball’s return. Attorney Norm Kent says the Phillies agreed and now Jennifer has the ball back.

The Phillies declined comment on Wednesday.


Home teams have been holding serve….Dodgers, your turn! Yes, enchanted, let’s hope Wolf turns out to be big and bad; we need him to huff and puff and blow that house of Cards DOWN!!!! And let’s hope messagebear’s favorite Dodgers steps it up a notch tonight. It’s his October stage now.

Typical Wolf.

Typical Wolf.


Ouch at least their one expect that said we can taken them in 5 games and most of them think this would be a 5 games series. lol Ravech seriously well I don’t blame him.

My condolences go out to the family of John Foster.
It’s quite a relief to know The Dodgers defended their NL West Crown and are in the NLDS.
The Cardinals will be a big test, as usual, as our brave warriors, once again, take on Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals

I’m listen to the first inning on AUDIO, unable to pick up MLB.TV as I wait for the Yankee/Twin game to end on TBS.

OBF ~ right now the game is on TNT… will switch back to TBS when Yankees are over.

Thank you Trublu4ever.

Come on Randy, get out of it and we’ll win this game, I have a feeling.

Way to get out of the mess, Randy….one run, not too bad.

Way to go Raffy!

Come on Kemp

BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

What a start for MATT.

Yeah I love it now

Matt sends his love to Bison Country 🙂

Not scared of these Cards but something have to give soon.

Urgh how come this game can’t be on Kcal than the Warriors/Lakers preseason game?

Let’s get a 1 2 3 inning Wolf with less than a PC of 10.

Wolf cannot get them to miss

Damn Wolf lead off single let’s get the last 2 out.


Go Wolf Go

Oh god geez

I know this is Wolf first playoff game since he never had done it with the Phillies but I did expected a good few inning.

Time to put up a crocked number this inning.

Nice way to jack up Carpenter PC Blake come on Belliard make up that 1st run in the 1st.

Blah Belliard


Damn a 1-2 pitch and holliday get hit

Nevermind – LET’S GO WEAVER, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

Ok let’s get that last out Weaver

WOLF was struggling.
So is Carpenter, I think we’ll see about him next inning.

One more strike

WTG Weaver

Would you believe a ND for Weaver???

Correction I meant For WOLF?

Sorry to say, predictable Wolf.

Whew!!! Thank you Weav!! Hello gang!! That there was a very pivotal moment to say the least. Let’s go offense, I don’t think 3 runs wins this game. We need to get Carpenter out of this game and get to their bullpen. Very exciting so far!!!

lol 1 pitch swing yeah right

And that is exactly why Wolf is not a Winner. That’s not to say that we could have gotten where we are without his contribution, but you can’t count on him for the big one. I hope that as the playoffs continue we find a guy that can take the number one slot away from him.

Come Loney get those runners in

Here come the Wolf is not a winner crew is back to normal


Come on Blake

Dang Blake

Can we at least get a 1 2 3 inning this time?

Typical Wolf.
By you_know_nothing on October 7, 2009 6:49 PM

Come on shad, you were smacking Wolf two minutes into the game.

Evening all.
Way to battle Raffy!

COME ON DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf will be okay, he will do better next time. We are leading this game, and that is good in my book…..
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!

Weaver has guts…at least he’ll go right at the hitters.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say Wolf is not a winner. Certainly not an ace starter, but, I don’t think anyone has ever implied that he is a true ace, 1 or 2 guy!! However, on this team he has been thrust into that roll. We don’t have a true ace!!!

jhall, you saw your ace Saturday…too bad he’s still only 21 and still learning.


I know but what did you expected a walk, double and ibb on Pujols and the Cards only scoring 1 run probably shouldn’t be 1 if Hudson was there. We know Wolf always seem to have one of those crappy inning and settle down but he didn’t have it tonight. Maybe he was nervous consider this was his 1st playoff start.

I think this is the inning we get to Carpenter.

Hell, we haven’t had a true ace since Kevin Brown in his first year with us!!!

Please work that PC on Carpenter and get him out of this game.

Beautiful AB by FURCAL

Yep Kahli!! A future ace possibility. Not there yet unfortunately!!!



Junk ballers like Wolf always struggle in the post season because they HAVE to throw to contact. It’s not like a July game when nobody’s watching. Even Mr. Crafty, Greg Maddux, was a losing pitcher in post-season play: 11-14.

True aces are very rare. If you are fortunate enough to develope one in your system once in a generation, you are way ahead of the game. The Yankees actually made a heck of a deal getting Sabathia. A true ace at 27 coming into his prime years. Most teams don’t sign them until they are 32/33 and pay out the wazoo for what they already did. Then they are lucky to get 1 or 2 years resembling what they bought!!!

Good point Kahli!!


Let’s shut them down Belasario

Finally a 1-2-3 inning!

Do my eyes deceived me? Did we get a 1 2 3 innings?

TIME WARP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

TIME WARP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha Ethier got a double off of a lefty.

I guess he figure them out already like he would have.

Let’s get Ethier in.

come on Blake stay out of the dp.

Seems the Dodgers have had tons of base runners all night.

Pivotal moment gang!!

Glad to have that run.

I’ll take’em any way I can get’em!! Still pivotable my friends!!! Pile it on Blue!!!!!

Runs have not come easy for the lads tonight….



Hello ITD Fans,
I had to go from Ventura County to Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) to take care of business. I thought I could get a friend to meet me in Woodland Hills so he could pick up a computer I fixed for him. Instead, I had to drive all the way across the Valley at rush hour to North Hollywood to deliver it myself. So instead of being back at home watching the game on TV, I had to listen on the radio to Vin (great as usual) and Charlie (meh!) while I made my way back home.
I am now enjoying the Dodgers lead safe at home on TBS while reading ITD and other stuff on the web.
It is a great feeling being in the post season. I hope we can go all the way this year.
Go Dodgers!

Hi’Ya 32!!!

…the mighty Thome has struck out. 😦

Zounds!! Thome misses a good ol’ country fastball.

There’s been some very exciting games this year with the Cardinals and this is one of them.

Truebluewill is seeing a fabulous game live and in person tonight, along with our other ITD faithfuls.

Vinny’s back on the radio but he’s been about 20-30 seconds ahead of TV all night…..

Yeah Kahli, if there were no delay like in the old days, I would rather turn down the sound and listen to Vin while watching TV. Besides the delay however, my radio reception is very bad and having the TV on causes static. I have to turn off the TV when I listen to the post game show.

I’m kind of playing hop-scotch with TV and radio. Vinny sets me up for happiness or despair on the tube…

Damn it come on Kuo

Way to get through that inning………………status Kuo

Wow!! Way to go Kuo!!!

WOO-HOO, KUO!!!!!!!!!!



Nice job Kuo. Electric stuff.

That’s was flirty. Glad that wasn’t the 2002 Glaus

YAY ~ I’m finally out of my time warp!!!!!!

Hi’Ya Nelly!! I’m liking our chances right now.

Hi’Ya Trumom!! Makes my day when you are in the house!!!

Raffy is doing great tonight. Keep setting the table for the rest of the PS and we might go all the way.

Go to see Furcal is still hot wish he could swipe a couple of bases.


Good to see you too, Jhall.

Evening all! I got to listen to the top of the 1st and was a little worried. Checked my phone later and it was 3-1, then 3-2. I get home to bases loaded with Russ up, and we picked up another run. This is looking good so far, especially against Carpenter!

Hi’Ya PMike!! Glad you made it.

Good eye, Andre!!!!!

Some game.

Pujols was a BIG OUT.

Hey Jhall!!!!

Great at-bats Andre and Raffy!!! Manny needs to get with the program just a bit more.

Let’s go George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nellyjune ~ Manny is on a program……….just not ours! lol

Damn Schumaker got hit.

O.K. here we go.

I am sure Messagebear will have some words for his favorite player. Stinking Manny won’t be strong enough this time around.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey jhall, good to see ya.

tru blu – isn’t Manny’s problem that he got OFF a certain program? 🙂

Please have the Odog as a defensive replacement next inning

Damn 4 outs save.

Perumike ~ It appears to be the case, with Manny. lol However, before this series is over, I think he will get with our program!

Not pretty, but Broxton got the job done.

I don’t know if steroids helps hand-eye coordination or reflex speed. Maybe Manny is just getting old. I remember when I was young, I could catch anything hit to me in the outfield. When I was Manny’s age, I was just a fraction of a second off and balls that would have been in the pocket of the glove would hit the heel of the glove and bounce off. A few milliseconds makes the difference of blasting a ball in the gap versus popping it up to the center fielder.

Wow nice job Broxton

Whew!!!!!! It’s good to get that guy out. Way to go Jonathon…………….scary, but good 🙂

LOL!!!! That too Perumike!!!!

Great game. I would hate to go to St. Louis down two. Now, we are guaranteed to be at least tied when we get to that sea of red.

Nice that Truebluewill got a win after all the trouble and expense it took to get to LA from NY.
Great way to start the post season.

Somebody needs to tell Martin that sliding into first is not faster than running thru the base.


Lol Nelly!! Johnny says…………….

It’s fingernail biting time . . . .

Tough one Matty, maybe a dive and he gets that one. Either way, let’s just get it done against Ankiel!

Fu-Qu’all Cardinals!!

Johnny says……………………
Fu Q y’all and ESPN too!!!!!!!



Wow, just saw Wolf only went 3 2/3. Was he that bad?


WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! Trubluewill got a great show tonight. Let’s hope he gets the same type of show tomorrow night.


Perumike – Randy had a tough first inning with 30+ pitches, and then he settled down partially, but not like he usually does.

TBW may be our lucky charm.

Boblee will sleep better tonight in St. Louis knowing the Dodgers beat the hometown team.

It PIS*** me off when they say the Cardinals pitches aren’t on tonight. how about that the Dodgers are hitting them and just maybe they are on but the Dodgers are hitting their best. A good 2 or 3 hitter by Kersh tomorrow would be great. We should have scored 10 to 12 runs tonight. Lets con tinue to kick their A**** guys.

lol there is a fan that wearing a Cards jersey and a Dodgers baseball shirt. She like both teams.

Oldbrooklynfan – TBW just may have to travel with them back to St. Louis then.

Two records set.
30 Men LOB both teams.
3 HR 52 MIN Longest game.
For a postseason game.

Don’t forget Emma was there to.

Yeah, Nelly, I’ll sleep great tonight. Tomorrow, my Son and his wife are taking my Wife and I on a trip and staying in a cabin in southern Illinois. He’s a big Card fan. We need to win tomorrow before we come back to St. Louis. Ther would at least assure us of the final game in LA.

Who’ll pay for that Nellie? lol

I think playing at home was huge tonight gang. Just my opinion. That is why I was adament about playing good down the stretch and getting the home field advantage. They don’t call it that for nothing!! Way to go Dodgers!!!!

Emma is always there. Truebluewill flew out there from New York and has never been to Dodger Stadium…………. A much different story I would think.

Awesome start Dodgers! keep it up tommorrow…I got a feelin… GO DODGERS!!!

Definitely Boblee!!!! Let’s get that win tomorrow for you then.

Oldbrooklynfan – Maybe they can take the money out of their Manny fund 🙂

Jhall – Just knowing all the teams in the post season, home field advantage is crucial IMO.

Yep Nelly, I guess if it didn’t mean anything, they wouldn’t talk about it so much.

Exactly Jhall!!!

Totally sweet my friends!! Great way to call it a night. I will catch you all later. Goodnight and I hope you all have a pleasant tomorrow. Excelsior True Believers!!!

56,000 (100% full) – % is based on regular season capacity

Dang last year I remember we had 56,800 guess they not overselling ticket

NOTES: The Cardinals fell to 6-2 in division series openers while returning to the playoffs for the first time since winning the 2006 World Series. … They won five of seven games against the Dodgers this season and outscored them 31-19. … Dodgers manager Joe Torre began his 14th consecutive playoff run, tying a record for managers set by Atlanta’s Bobby Cox (1991-2005). … Tommy Davis and Maury Wills, who starred on the Dodgers’ 1959 World Series championship team, tossed out ceremonial first pitches to “catchers” Juan Pierre(notes) and Orlando Hudson(notes). … Former Dodger closer Eric Gagne(notes) blew a kiss to the cheering fans when he was shown in the crowd.

Good Night jhall!!!!! Sweet Dodger dreams and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

lmao did Gagne really get cheered?

Nite all! Sweet Dodger dreams!

Good Night Perumike!!!!! Sweet Dodger Dreams to you too!!!!! Only 10 more wins to go!!!!!!

Hello ITDers!
That was a great win! Woohoo! Wolf did not go too many outs but the best bullpen showed up!
Congrats Weaver on the Win!
I got to the stadium early and hung in the field level by the Dodger bullpen with friends Rosa and Alyson then I went looking for TBW, but he was not at his seat so I watched a little more BP.
I then went to say hi to co-worker Steve who was sitting with his son. He had two of company seats in the field level. After talking and taking a couple of pictures with his camera of he and his son, I went back looking for TBW but still no sign. I found instead my friend Sam who was coming down the escalator. I stood there talking to him and then he went to his sit in field level aisle 5 row D. Sam comes to the stadium with a dog in training. I again looked for TBW but since he was not there, I went to sit with Sam and his dog Sophie. We were talking when I noticed this guy signing autographs and I told him that he looked like Gagne. He said no and another guy sitting infront said it was not him. I want to verify who he was so I got closer and came back and told him and the other guy that in fact it was Gagne.

So now I went another time looking for TBW and found him this time. He said he was no in his seat earlier because he was collecting autographs earlier. I pointed that Vic the Brick was there and if he wanted to I would take a pic. He said Ok and then I noticed that Maury Wills was also there, So excitedly TBW pulled his baseball and was able to get the autograph. I wished Maury a happy belated birthday. I tried to take a pic of the two of them but did not come too well and Maury Wills was running late for the pre ceremony. The usher in that section took pictures with my camera and with TBW. I told her and two other ushers around there that TBW was there for two games and he had made the trip from N.Y.
Ok, so now I went upstairs to the Reserved and started looking for Scott (Scott from Arcadia). I located him and when I was walking in the row infront of him, he turned around and he said “Emma” Scott was there with his son. I took pictures and then people sitting there were arriving so I left.
I got upstairs just before the National Anthem. By this time I was tired. I started greeting everyone around me and FINALLY sat after the National Anthem and started catching up with my scorecard.
Beautiful win! The whole Top Deck gang was there including people that used to sit in the Top Deck stopped by to say hello.
It was great to beat the Cardinals and sing “I LOVE L.A.”
I was able to enter thru the Field Level but at first they did not want to let me in thru there. Anyway, I don’t think I can do it tomorrow so I told TBW, to come upstairs. I can go to the Reserved so Ill go see Carol but maybe she will come up again.
no pics at the time since I am charging the batteries
Oh while was running around, my friend LTD23 told me that she saw Josh Rawitch in the Top Deck.
Scott, Scott’s son and TBW: It was great meeting you!

I am going to go on my soapbox for a moment. Shad – I read your post about the 12 year old girl filing a lawsuit for Ryan Howard’s ball. Now, I am not a Phillies Phan, but please, this is the problem with the world today. The fact that the Phillies Organization took the young girl into the locker room, gave her a signed ball by Howard himself should have been enough. But noooooo, some idiot person gave her (really her parents) the idea that she could make money off of this. Some lesson they taught this young person. Cry hard enough and you get what you want and then some. The people involved knew that the Phillies Organization wasn’t going to fight it so it makes it even more deceitful. Ryan Howard deserves to keep his “milestone ball”, and do with it what he chooses, even if it means to auction it off at some point in time for charity or whatever. The people involved in taking that away from him should be ashamed. I really hope Dodger fans don’t do things like this…………it’s just pitiful.

Ugh, I wish I could edit my comment. Oh well, sorry for the long post.
TBW & Scott: You brought us luck!
No way I would go to St Louis. I am 0-4 there.

I’m glad I came back to see that post.

Emma this year or in the past?

Actually I was talking about the 0-4.

espnstatsinfo: From our man J-Mac in research: Matt Kemp: 1st Dodgers CF with a postseason HR since Jimmy Wynn in Game 1 of 1974 World Series.

Wow I didn’t even know that.

LOL. In the past I am 0-4


Stadium Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Attendance 56,000 (100% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:54

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA
Attendance 46,452 (106.4% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 2:48

Stadium Yankee Stadium, New York, NY
Attendance 49,464 (94.7% full) – % is based on regular season capacity
Game Time 3:38

CBP capacity holds 43,647 such crap that they can get an attendance at 106.4%. Last year are home playoff attendance at DS were 56,800 that would put us at 101.4%. I can’t believe Yankees Stadium wasn’t at 100% at least. Their capacity was 52,325 and they had 49,654.

GOOD MORNING ITD. Don’t have much to say but WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! DODGERSSSSSS! And I still GOT the same feeling as yesterday.

I am a bit sad that HUDSON did not make it into the Roster…I wish him well and hope he continues to play great with the Dodgers. And I will not forget that he was one of the many reasons why Dodgers are where they are at NOW….NL WEST CHAMPS and on the ROAD TO WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! GREAT JOB HUDSON…KEEP IT UP!

1 down, 10 to go. Hudson IS on the roster…he just didn’t start.

Carpenter who?
Great win last night.
Emma ~ it was a pleasure meeting you! Nice of you to trek all around finding folks.


Odog was a PR for Belliard and a defensive replacement

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
I saw Matty’s HR in the first, but not much else. I had to go to church for worship practice, but I had the Dodgers’ homepage up on the computer, so I could keep track of the scoring. Well, I heard the top of the 8th on the radio and then saw the bottom of 8th and top of 9th at home. I heard about BOTH teams leaving so many runners on base. I’m thrilled that they won last night, but c’mon guys, get those guys home; don’t leave them lounging on the bases.

Well, I can’t stay long. I’ve got a few more things to do here at the house, and then go pick-up my mom and eventually to DS!!!


Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and Our Beloved Boy’s in Blue…………….
Matt Kemp and Raffy as well as the bullpen came through big time last night……………
Way To Go Boy’s!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!
Enjoy the game today everyone………

Good morning everyone! Great night last night, hoping for a great afternoon today!! Let’s go Kersh! Just a note – I was watching ESPN First Take and Skip Bayless actually admitted that he underestimated our Dodgers, while this Rob Parker guy still thinks we’re not so great, especially without Manny hitting. Get ready for a wakeup call Rob!

Wow. 131 comments! You are hot today, and the Dodgers were hot last night! It was a long fought battle last night, and it will be interesting to see how game 2 goes.


Who the heck is Rob Parker anyway??
Dodgers proved last night that the past is the past and the regular season records against each other don’t mean squat. The Mets had whooped the Dodgers during the regular season in ’88 and what happened? WS Champs, baby!
Torre: We need the O-Dog’s defense and hustle!!!

Perumike ~ I saw that ESPN First Take also. We all know what our team is capable of doing and, it’s that East Coast bias again…..not giving us much credit. Instead of saying we really hit Carpenter….they had to say he didn’t have his best stuff. Maybe we are better than he is. Randy didn’t have his best stuff either, but we managed to shut them down.

Welcome to ITD rosehof14!!!! 131 comments is small compared to what this group normally does. We have been known to crack out hundreds in a day.

I am not wearing my jersey to work, but I am wearing a blue skirt and a white sweater, and my classroom is well equipped with Dodger memorabilla. The game starts 3 minutes before school is out, but since it is technically during a school day, I had to wear Dodger blue somehow. Our students here can’t where professional sports jerseys at school. Another thing that has been taken away because of a few bad apples that choose to engage in illegal activities. Yes, even at our age level………..so sad.


This is the year the Dodgers send the Cardinals home crying for a change.
Funny how Gagne was cheered last night. He looked a little embarrassed/surprised?
Hey, nothing wrong with T. Davis and Maury Wills throwing out the first pitch, but maybe someone a little more recent like Orel? or Tommy? or Fernando?
And what’s with the Robert Redford PSA’s during the game?

TBW and Scott!
It was such a pleasure meeting you. I was having a hard time posting in my blog and lost my original post. boo but just finished doing a quick one so take a look at TBW and Scott and his son. Now I am late and still need to get ready and pick up a friend on my way to the stadium.

Nice pics Emma! Great to put face and name together with Scott and TBW!

Hey there, ITD! Great game by the Dodgers last night!! I got to watch almost the entire deal on TNT/TBS.
Wolf did not have a good night. Walked too many and was quite hittable. Hopefully, Kershaw comes through this afternoon with an “ace-like” performance. He said he channels his nervousness by throwing a little harder and making his curve break a little more. If so, I’m looking forward to 97 mph fastballs and an Uncle Charlie that will make the Cards’ heads spin.
The defense was a little sloppy for both teams. I agree with Scott – Hudson should be playing instead of Belliard, especially against right-handers. The pop fly that Belliard missed in the first inning would have been almost a routine play for ODawg. When I say routine, that’s in great respect to ODawg’s abilities – I personally don’t know anyone else who has the range of ODawg. (Or maybe I’m just biased after watching Kent stand in place for too long).
Emma – Great pics on your blob – you do an awesome job!!
Gametime in just over three hours – GO DODGERS!!

red pen – “blob” is “blog”

from Dodgertown tweet:
Game 2 lineup:
Furcal SS
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Ramirez LF
Loney 1B
Blake 3B
Belliard 2B
Martin C
Kershaw LHP
I’d like to see more offense from Belliard to make up for the lack of ODawg on the field.

Let’s hope Belliard gets some meaningful hits today – and that goes for Manny too! Manny’s only hit last night was on an off speed pitch again. Still handcuffed by fastballs that he was hammering to all parts of the field last year.

New thread everyone!

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