Even Bill Clinton is voting for Matt Kemp!

Ran into the former president at yesterday’s Safe at Home Golf Tournament, hosted by Joe Torre, and he told me that he’s going to vote for Matt Kemp for the Final Vote at www.mlb.com

OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t talk to Bill Clinton. But he was there (five feet from me) at the tournament and I’m sure that had I talked to him, he would’ve had Matt’s back. Do you??? He was in third place as of yesterday (Matt, not Bill) and it’s all of you who are going to get him there, if he goes!

Meanwhile, Joe tournament was really, really cool. Gorgeous day, great golf course, and President Clinton made it a point to talk about what an incredible job that Joe has done at raising awareness for domestic abuse with his Safe at Home Foundation. While we had a great day of golf, it is important to remember why we were all there.

Almost all of our coaches were there, too, as were Tommy John, Fred McGriff, Darryl Strawberry and countless other former players. Donald Trump was there and won the long drive contest. Of course, it’s his golf course so who knows if it was legit but Joe was playing with him and said he’s a heck of a golfer. I’m gonna believe him so I don’t get fired.

Our Dodger foursome was paired with former big league player and manager Lee Mazzilli and the guy couldn’t have been more fun to play with. We had a blast and at one point, he had about a nine-foot putt that all four of us had missed it before it was his turn. He said that if he made it, the Dodgers were going to win the World Series and if he missed it, the Yankees would. Sure enough, nothing but the bottom of the cup.

Now, it’s off to Citi Field for the media madness that will ensue for Manny and Joe Torre.

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LOL, Josh! I think we’re affecting you a little. Perhaps a little songwriting is in your future?

That is a good one, Josh! I’m with Dodgereric and think we are rubbing off on you!

JOSH …thanks for sharing. Yeah, sure Bill will vote for KEMP. And if KEMP would of been old enough (back when Bill was running for President) he would of voted for Bill. OMG Time flies! Well we need TRUMP and his peeps to vote for KEMP. Well I’m glad everyone is having a blast playing golf. Now it is BASEBALL TIME…..DODGERTIME!

LOL!!!! That was good Josh!! You had me going, but that’s not too hard to do most of the time.

Thanks Josh!
I really do hope that we can get Mat through. We all agree that he deserves to be there. Our superstar!

When is the deadline for KEMP-VOTING?

Morning everyone! The voting ends at 1pm PT on Thursday, so let’s get to work and get Amy’s man Matty to the All Star Game!

Thanks Mike
Don’t worry AMY we will get KEMP to the ALL-STARS…

Good Morning ITD, Dodger Faithful and our Boy’s in Blue……
A song from Josh is a wonderful idea….
Kershaw is on the hill tonight and the Boy’s are battling New York. Keep pressing foward Dodgers…..Although Mazzilli managed to sink a putt, we need to continue what has brought us to this point. Pitching…..just throw strikes. Hitting just make solid contact. Fielding…..keep the ball in front of you and make the play. LETS BEAT THE METS!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!
Have a great day everyone and enjoy the game tonight 🙂

Yes we will. I’ve definitely been doing some extra credit voting for Mr. Kemp. I know ITD can influence the vote 🙂

I just voted 100 times for Matt. Will try to vote several hundred times during tonights game. I can vote at least 100 times an inning. We’ll get Matt to the allstar game.


Awesome!!!! Let’s Get Matty In!!!!!

Hi everybody,
I plan to be at the game tonight, I hope they play since it’s raining right now.
You know those drops that come out of the sky from the clouds? We have them here.
If it’s anything like we’ve been having lately we’ll get the game in regardless. Especially when it’s against a west coast team, since it’s hard to make up games.
Maybe a double header tomorrow.
I can’t remember the last time the Dodgers played two games in one day.
I only have a ticket for today and Thursday, have to be somewhere else tomorrow night early but if tonight’s game is played tomorrow, I’ll be at the game.
They usually play these day and night things because they don’t want to lose the admission.
I’ll let you know what I did.

Man, it takes forever to vote for Matt Kemp, I’m still voting.

In case anyone is interested, if there is a game tonight or tomorrow afternoon , I’ll be in Section 129 Row 26 Seat 16.
Down the left field line, that’s the best I could do, too late to go to stub hub.

Hey OldBrooklynFan – hope you have a GREAT time at the game cheering our team on to victory!

Thanks Sparkle Plenty, I hope there aren’t too many, Manny haters.
By the way it’s field level, if there is a game and he plays I’m going to be pretty close to him, I hope he’s sees my T-shirt.
I may have to call him for help.


Just stopped by for a second to say hi. Have to go vote some more.

Hello ITD
Hello Joe Pierre
Matty knows we have his back and we are voting like crazy for him. When he gets back, I will be able to congratulate him. Congratulations to O Dog, Bills, and Brox for already making it to the all star game.
I still have pix to post on my blog from our fantastic tour and my fun time with the super Joe Pierre, my date for the day. Actually he had two dates, Marynell and myself. Everytime I have yogurtland, I think of you, Joe!
Welcome back Manny.

Hi ya CAT, just got back from voting for Matt Kemp, I must’ve voted about 500 times already, how many times can you vote?
I’ll have to check out your blog.
It was great having 2 dates, no room for Emma, but I was with her when you two weren’t aaarround. (lol)
I’ll be leaving for the game in a little while.
No escorts (ohhhh).
No cell phone needed and I travel alone. (ohhhhh)

you had me going too. I really thought Bill had said that. When I went to the Tommy’s book signing at Vroman in Pasadena …last year…I believe, I noticed in the Vroman’s newsletter that Bill Clinton had been there for a book signing. I wished I would have known before.
I take it you are wearing a Manny shirt. Way to represent! Did you read that Josh that Joe will be at Citi Field?
From the prior thread, I was reading your post and I usually can tell who is writting the post but I thought it was D4.
My friend Lore is a big Kemp fan. She is or was at Staple Center this morning as she was selected to get free tickets. I am sure she will continue to vote once she gets back.
I came here because I was trying to respond to a post in my blog but is kicking me out. Let’s see if this works or is the work network that is preventing me from posting.

You three timer you! but I did have you all to myself the night before. lol. Unlike 32and53fan, I did take a very nice picture of you Friday night. You look quite handsome there.

Now ladies….there is plenty of Mr. Pierre to go around. VOTE FOR KEMP!
OLDBROOKLYN: Hope you have fun at the game…and KEEP ON VOTING…..VOTE FOR KEMP!

EMMA – LOL! D4 cheerfullness is rubbing off on me. He is just soooo cheerful and always supporting our BOYS IN BLUE!. GOOOOO DODGERS….LET’S VOTE FOR KEMP!

That’s a Good thing…..Rose and Emma…..LOL!!!!!

Just got email from Dodgers.com that Kemp is trailing by the slimmest of margins. anyone else get that? so I got to vote some more.

Joepierre, HUBBA-HUBBA!!! LOL!!!!

I got the email too……….I’m still voting…………have to get Matty in the game!

We only have until Thursday at 1:00 pm PT, so vote early and often for Matt Kemp!

oldbrooklynfan, if you are able to get a message over to Manny from your seat, tell him to VOTE FOR MATT KEMP!

Very good, bakerkm!

Thanks for the lineup Crash.

Okay. All of you Joe Torre lovers out there, please tell my why Martin is batting ahead of Dre and Matty?

Lineup per the LA Daily News:
Furcal SS
Hudson 2B
Ramirez LF
Blake 3B
Loney 1B
Martin C
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Kershaw P

Hey, the darts land wherever they land, tru!

I guess so, dodgereric! lol

Dre is a streak hitter. Martin is consistent – a consistent wussy!

Why, oh why, would you give two of your best hitters fewer at bats?!

and where is Keshaw’s personal catcher! This is a travesty! fire joe, fire the guy that hired joe. I forget how else it goes.

I have been watching the Michael Jackson memorial service all day while continuously voting for Kemp. It looks like he may have a chance if we keep voting. Now I have switched to Think Blue TV and am looking forward to the game. Larry Bowa just said Belasario was sent back to LA to examine his bad elbow. I hope it is not serious. Back to voting….

If Torre could, he’d make out the lineup like this:

1. Furcal SS
2. Hudson 2B
3. Ramirez LF
4. Blake 3B
5. Loney 1B
6. Martin C
9. Kershaw P
12. Ethier RF
13. Kemp CF

From a friend in Phlly. He posted this last night in the in the Big Wrecking Crew site:
Just got back from the Phillies blowout (biggest Phillies victory in 110 years.) It’s going to be tough. The Phillies PR machine is all out for Victorino. The Phillies are at home during the voting while the Dodgers are away. All around Citizens Bank Park, they have computers so fans can walk up and vote. It was a full house in the Bank. It doesn’t look good. Vote often.

Where is the link to see the Final Vote totals?

They probably think Martin will get better pitches to hit with Ethier batting behind him?

But can the average Philly even use a computer?

Gosh Damn Torre and now Belisario got a sore elbow and went back to LA to get a MRI

I guess I didn’t see 32 posted

I just voted a bunch more, probably done 75 or so today. Need to run some errands, and will then vote more. Go Blue!

Damn how slim is that lead emma?

Good point, bakerkm!

Play ball! I see there are a few Dodgers jerseys in the crowd.

How can Loney get any decent pitches to hit with Wussybat hitting behind him?

What will make it even better is that JP will take Manny’s spot in the 6th inning, since he has soooo much more power than Matt and Andre. JP can still a base and poor Matt and Andre are only good doubles and homeruns. No wonder they are at the bottom of the lineup.

red pen – “steal” not “still”

The phillies PR machine might be out for Victorino during games, but games only go for 2-3 hours, and the number of computers they have is limited, and who’s going to pay for tickets and spend their time sitting a computer voting for the Final Vote?

I can vote a lot longer than 2-3 hours, even though I work tonight. Time is valuable, but we have less than 21 hours until polls close. And I don’t want to see a party for Philly or Phrisco… I mean Frisco, so I’ll shut up here and do my part in continuing voting, as often as I can.

Even a few votes from Dodger fans could be a few votes that Kemp would’nt have otherwise, which could be the same few votes that decide the tight Final Vote race.

Philly might have a few computers, but we are representing the Media Capital of the West Coast, in the most populated state of the union, with fans all over the globe.

We can do this.
We WILL do this.


Nelly – Manny has to go out in the sixth, because he can only trot out to LF five times – after that, his legs are tired.

NSB – Voting window is small, just put it next to a shrunken GameDay window, and vote while we watch the game! I’ve already voted countless times.

Wonder who’s got the long relief assignment for tonight. Kersh may have his stuff, but he doesn’t look like he’s going more than five.

LOL!!! Crash 🙂 All that running makes Manny a tired boy.

99 up with bases jammed…

Boy, this bases loaded at bat just might wipe out Manny tonight.


Good Job Manny, but now that he is on the bases, those legs are going to need a rest early tonight 🙂

LOL – Nelly, after getting jammed, Manny will go out with sore hands.

Good Job Dodger offense. Let’s go Kersh!!! Keep it up #22!!!!

I’m keeping track. I’ve voted 400 times today. Will vote more later.

Did you guys see Belisario is going on the DL and Wade is being brought back up?

I did not noticed this but our plant was closed lat week with exception to the office. We have an open Position for a Manufacturing Manager. Managing bearing components fabrication operation with direct oversight for all production departments on all shifts. Bachelors degree with related field and 10+ years of progressive generalr management experience in a mfg environment are required. familirarity with aerospace bearing materials….there is more in the description but if interested let me know. Oh shoot got to got take train.

Saw that Nelly – I don’t think he’s ready, so why bring him back up? He only pitched 3 innings for the Isotopes and gave up 2 HR’s – one on Weds, one on Saturday.

Martin 2 for 2 and a steal. I have a good feeling Furcal and Martin going to have a good 2nd half.

Damn the ball just didn’t get down quick enough.

Shad – I hope you’re right about Ferk and Russ.

This is what can get us in to trouble Crash… too many hurt pitchers. We can survive without Manny, but it’s our pitching that is going to get us into October baseball.

Nice throw Kemp

Alright Raffy and O-Dog!!!!!!

hahaha they had the screen say vote for kemp on tv.

Please, please, don’t get tired tonight, Manny. We need you, not Juan, in the game.

Has anyone mentioned that Belisario is heading back to LA with a sore elbow? Gee, no one could see that coming?!?!?!? That’s two down (including Wade’s funky shoulder, though he’s coming BACK to take Belisario’s spot), two to go (Troncoso and Broxton). Ned, Joe needs more arms to wreck. Joe, quit ruining pitchers.

Yes, Andre!



I’m SO happy that Joe Pierre is seeing this game in person. The guys are playing well for him.

Yeah, he is. Only Manny just got thrown out of the game. Darn!!!

Sparkleplenty ~ he’s bringing us some good luck!

Yeah, he is. Only Manny just got thrown out of the game. Darn!!!

The ump wasn’t exactly accurate in his calls on Manny.
WOW – Great DP!!!

Welcome back time warp . . . . .

That really sucks!!!!!!! That ump has it in for Manny!!!

Well, I am guessing JP will be playing now 🙂

Oh they are impartial . . some are more impartial than others 🙂

Here come Pierre

That really sucks!!!!!!! That ump has it in for Manny!!!

I thought umpires were supposed to be impartial!

I posted that last comment 5 minutes ago….just slow today I guess.

I know what you mean, NellyJune………some of mine are taking forever to post and then I get the “Internal Server” notice………..then, it shows up twice!

Manny wuz robbed! Both time the ball was outside but that last one was WAY outside.

You’re right Brian – he was robbed.

Alright Blake DeWitt!!!!……………………and welcome back once again.

Good Job….. DeWitt!!!!

Uh-oh, Kersh is done for the night and now it’s up to the BP!

Welcome back Blake DeWitt!!!!

Of course he was robbed and Dewitt is such a Mets killer.

I keep getting kicked off – so I’ll catch up to you good people later 🙂 KEEP IT GOING DODGERS!!!!!

Let’s go Jmac

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I think the numbers will bear me out both last year and this – Juan Pierre is a much better part time player than he is full time. I think when he’s part time, he’s more focused.

Damn I thought Juan hit a homerun

He probably could had an inside the park homerun

Good Job JMac….Good Job JP…..Good Job Casey!!!!!


Good Job….. DeWitt!!!!

You’re up 8-0 in the 8th, why would you PH for Mac?

So what was the whole point of that? So you can burn another arm in the bully in an 8-0 game? So Swetta can prove he’s a lousy PHer? What?

And people wonder why I think Joe Torre’s an idiot?

I’d like to shoot Vargas myself bear!!

You’re right, Bear, Vargas is in there! lol

Damn, time warp!

Got to keep Loretta sharp, so he can pop up like usual.

I’m assuming he also may want to give Vargas a shot.

Loretta needs to work on getting his leg stregnth, He needed to run to the batters box and back.

My gosh, I was half kidding about Vargas, and here he comes. Probably a good time to try him.

Whoulda thunk a 1-2-3 inning from Huggy Bear?

Nice Job Vargas……Come on Dodgers!!!!!!
Keep On Keep’n On!!!!!!

Hi, Enchanted and Dodger4life.

Geez could had just used Vargas one more inning.

Joe truely is insane isn’t he? Since Bellisario’s on the DL and Mota’s been pitching extremely well lately, wouldn’t Mota naturally slide into Belli’s spot? If so, why burn him here?

Hey Tru! How are you this evening?

Geez we don’t want to here the Mets was 9 games below .500 since that sweep.

Enchanted ~ I thought Joe was a genius!

I’d rather have McDonald in that spot over Mota lol.

Hi true and everyone else 🙂

Nice pitching Kersh & Company. Timely hitting and good defense = DODGERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you use 4 pitchers in an 8-0 game… drives me nuts.

Other than leaving the bases loaded and less than two outs again, nice game boys.


Keep on voting. I’m up to 600. Don’t give up

I’ve spent 2 hours voting so far…..I have no idea how many votes that is………GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!…..VOTE FOR KEMP!!!!!!

Great win tonight. I really like McDonald better out of the pen than as a starter. He did well out of the pen the end of last season and he’s done well this season too in relief.

CP and sparkleplenty, I hope that your interviews have gone well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for both of you.

Good Job from Kershaw and the bullpen…..Manny drives in three…:) Blake DeWitt with the PH home run…. Pierre with the triple…..Good Job Tonight Boy’s 🙂
Life Is Good Today!!!!!

enchanted – I never wonder why you think the way you do 🙂

I just got back from game, I too live in NY like Joe Pierre. We meet for the first time. It was a great game all around. Interesting how Manny comes back and the dodgers hits and runs start to pile up. I just hope Belisario’s injury is not to serious. And yes 32and53fan there were more dodger jersys than usual.

That is great truebluewill!!!! I am glad they put on a good game for you today…………………….an all-around good game for the most part. What did you think about Manny getting ejected since you were there?

When I saw the third piece of equipment land near the plate, I new he was gone. But, I thought it was unfair because the ump never saw him do it. his back was turned

Gotcha!! Thanks for the inside the park version of what happened. So, was that the first time you have been to the new ball park?

No, I’ve been there once before. It’s an interesting stadium, but will take some getting use to. There is a lot going on there and it is quite a contrast to Shea Stadium.

Hi everybody
I see you already heard from Truebluewill, I haven’t seen so many Dodger fans in the Queens ball yard since the 80s.
You might think they were there for Manny but most people I spoke to said, they came to see the team.
I saw some Dodger fans sitting near me that are comparing this team to the ’96 Yankees.
Truebluewill knew where I was sitting and came over to me.
I met some people from LA, but they weren’t on this blog.
What a game, what a fantastic game, the Dodgers finally showed up in New York.
Most reacted to Manny’s rejection as an earlier exit then Torre would’ve given him.
How about Kershaw? How about DeWitt?
I won’t be at tomorrow’s game but I’ll attend Thursday’s.

I was glad to see DeWitt get the hr. I don’t know if you guys noticed from the stands, but he slipped on home plate and almost fell when he crossed it. Lyons and Collins were laughing about it and DeWitt was laughing too.

Have fun at the games.

Yes I did notice it. He really crushed that ball. Well i got to hit the sack. It’s 12:30 AM in these parts. Got to get up for work soon. I will sleep well tonight. I’m going to the game tomorrow and Thursday.

Oldbrooklynfan – that is great you and truebluewill got to meet. Thanks for your input. That must have been something seeing that much Dodger blue there. So

truebluewill – So, it’s like the other new ball parks with things other to do than just watch the game?

bluecrewgirl – I didn’t see it, but I can only imagine that being funny.

No I missed that slip, but I noticed the HR was his type of a pull hit on a line drive.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve voted for Matt. Guess there’s no limit anymore. Just like Chicago politics back in the day….funny thing, I kept picturing the lower numbered validation codes as Florida Marlin home attendance figures.

Hey seesky!! How have you been other than voting to your heart’s content? We haven’t seen you in a while, or has it just been me not noticing, which is very possible?

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Great game today!!! It was nice to see our Boys in Blue swinging the bats so well!!! And what can I say about Kersh? Not much, other than he was dealing. It wasn’t exactly like the almost no-no against the Fish, but he was doing well tonight.

Weird thing about my interview today. The guy interviewing me, well, it seemed like he liked me and he was the manager of the store where the job opening was at. He said that he’d get back to me in a couple of days. I thought it went well (heck, I always think it went well). I got home and was typing my thank you letter that I always send after an interview. But when I went to send it, I saw a new e-mail from that company’s staffing department, basically saying that I didn’t get the job. That was weird, because the time stamp of that e-mail was just minutes after I left the interview. I called the guy I interviewed with, and he said there were multiple interviewers, interviewing multiple interviewees (at the same time, mind you.) Another interviewer (not mine) I guess offered the job on the spot to someone else. Weird. Oh well, thx for your prayers anyways.

And I just noticed something. I just noticed that we have a truebluewill and a trublu4ever. I know trublu4ever, but now that we have truebluewill here, I’m gonna have to stop saying “Tru.” That’s a nickname that could work for either one. So, I guess I’ll spell them out.


Hey CP!! Sorry about the job 😦

That’s okay Nelly. I’m still looking. As it is, my volunteer “job” at the Ventura County Medical Center starts tomorrow…

CP, something better will come along soon. Keep the faith.

Thx BCG. Yes, I will. I’ve had to “use” my faith a lot in the last couple of years…

I can imagine it must be hard in the current job market. Even though I don’t really like what I do, I like the people I work with and my clients and I’m grateful to have a job right now. I think the economy is going to start to turn around soon.

Yeah BCG, you’re right. I think a lot of people who do have jobs are appreciating the fact that they have a job, whether they “like” it or not. Of course, many do not have jobs. It’s just not me; I know that.

Well, I’m getting tired. I’m gonna head. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

And again,

Well, that should be fun CP, and bluecrewgirl is right – keep the faith 🙂

Good Night CP!!! Take Care and have fun tomorrow 🙂

I am going to hit the hay too. Goodnight everyone.

Good Night Bluecrewgirl!!!!!

I guess I’ll stay up all night voting for Kemp lol.

I already took my early nap for 4 hrs.

Good morning ITD blogmates!
so who are you all voting for in the AL? Is just as easy to vote for Matt and someone in the AL. I am voiting for Tampa Bay Carlos Pena.

Emma – For the AL, I’m voting for Figgins. It’s for my husband…

I don’t vote for the AL. I don’t vote for much of anybody out of a Dodger uniform since they started this computerized ballot box stuffing.

Well I am still voting for KEMP and I am keeping it in L.A.. But I personally do not like the having the all-you-can-vote thing. It feels that if you voted once it is not enough. Because you know somewhere in Philly there is a Phan with more free time and can make more votes. So you have to keep voting and voting, which takes and waste a lot of your time. But I want KEMP to win so I must keep voting.

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