The tarp is off…

Upon exiting the hotel here in Philly, you got the feeling that today might get rained out or at least delayed. But the tarp is being taken off the field here at Citizens Bank Park and the grounds crew is hard at work down below getting this place ready for a game. If there is anyone at a ballpark who is under appreciated, I’ve got to think it’s the members of the grounds crew. I’ve written before about how good Eric Hansen and his staff is in LA but it can never be pointed out enough. These guys have degrees in turf management and probably spend more time at stadiums than almost anyone else. And by the time the stadium opens to the fans, they’re rarely seen – with the exception of the between-inning dragging of the field or changing of the bases. So here’s to them!

Last night was a great win. Randy Wolf pitched very well in returning to Philly and James Loney went deep for the key hit of the game. But aggressive baserunning, timely hitting and great defense contributed to another victory to get us back atop the big leagues with the best record.

Today, we try to make it two out of three from the defending World Champs. I’m guessing you’ll all be keeping tabs on the game at work. Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Billingsley, P (tied with Ted Lilly for the second-most wins in baseball – 21 – going back to the end of last April…only Roy Halladay has more)

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Thanks Josh!!!!!!

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Dodger4life – fabulous write-ups!!!!! ……….and boy, you ethier woke up super early or you made it waaaay past me in staying up late.

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Wishing all of you a great game today……GO DODGERS!!!!

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Just a couple of quick notes during my break…….

Junie, please give my bestest congrats and a dodgereric hug to Elaina for her blue ribbon! Forgive me, but I can’t remember – have I posted her song on DodgerLyrics?

An interesting article on Randy Johnson has him crediting Nolan Ryan with his mental approach to pitching:

Finally, I’ve read a few comments here that trouble me a little. Whether it’s caustic comments (from me or enchanted or messagebear or jungar or whoever) or positive-laced posts (of Dodger4life or digthedodgers or whoever) – and I can’t stress this enough – IT’S WHAT MAKES THIS BLOG SO DAMNED GREAT!!!!!!!

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. 🙂

But to anyone who gets upset at the other point of view, please remember that it comes from being a fan of the Dodgers and we all have our own ways.

I have much more to say, but no time to say it now. Just don’t stop posting. Your opinion is very much valued by this Dodger fan and our blog will be much poorer for your absence.


Go Dodgers! Beat Philly! C’mon Billz! You da man!

Thank you, dodgereric, for pointing out that our differences make reading this blog great. This would be a great game to win – going with Bills and against Hamels. Yesterday’s style of play will hopefully keep its momentum for our guys. Please remember that I’m always rooting for every one of them, even when I don’t think that two or three really belong with this ballclub. As I said before the road trip started, I think that going 3-3 would be a job well done, and even 2-4 would not be a disaster, as long as we’re playing like winners. On Tuesday we didn’t; yesterday we did; consequently, the results were exactly as we deserved. Good luck to everybody in today’s game, and a Great Day to all of you ITD’ers!

Yeah, Dodgereric! ITD bloggers are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodgereric ~ She thanks you and gives you a hug as well 🙂 You know there is a little bit of controversy over the acrostic poem we did for you back in the beginning of the school year. Apparently, your/our poem was supposed to get first place as well. Our teacher here on site who is in charge is not sure what happened. I told her no worries……………the intent of that poem was not to win a prize, so she dropped it. So, it didn’t get an “official” first place ribbon, but it’s a first place poem.

Oh and Dodgereric – fabulous post by the way 🙂

Oh, and dodgereric – one more thing – the song is on DodgerLyrics.

ERIC – Yup the difference in opinion is what makes this place interesting and FUN! Please Please next time don’t scream at us…LOL
We had great post going on at weeee hours at night…
I am glad that LONEY finally got his Homerun! Great Job…now it is MARTIN’S turn…c’mon Martin!

Just found out that the Little League division my kids are in will be attending a Dodger’s Game on June 7TH – Yup againsT the Phillies AGAIN! And they will be getting a Horsey! I guess they will be going down to the field before the game. But I am soooo excited! GO DODGERS!

Josh, let’s schedule the ITD tour prior to July 3 so Manny can hang with us! I’m sure he won’t be busy and it would be nice of him to give something back to us suffering die-hard fans. Oh, my way…….eric, enchanted, messagebear, you guys are a bunch of SOBs! Just kidding!!!!!!!!! And just to stir the negative waters, Wolf pitched a semi-brilliant SIX INNINGS yesterday. Randy, do you think you could maybe make it through seven one of these days? Do have any idea how stressful it is to watch the likes of Ohman, Mota, Leach, Belisario, Troncoso, McDonald and Wade try to hold a lead for Broxton? Oh wait, I’m sorry. That’s our entire bullpen…

How’s it goin’ Everybody
Another big game against this big opponent.
In case anybody who might not know and is interested.
Player RBI

Kahli ~ I agree with you! Everytime someone comes in from the BP I’m thinking Uh-oh! Do we have enough runs to survuve? lol

Who needs Manny…all we need to do is add Martin to that list….C’MON MARTIN….LET’S GET THIS STARTED!

Good morning ITD, Dodger Faithful
Day game I see
GO GET EM BOY’S!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone! It’s a wonderful morning for Dodger baseball. It’s days like these that make me LOVE working from home. 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well, and wish you all a wonderful day, and a Dodger victory!!!

Dodgers at least 7 innings gems.
Billingley 4, Wolf & Kershaw 2 each and Stults 1

Orale Furcal…si se puede!

Way to make Hamels work. Let’s get him out of here early today!

Not a good start!

Kahli – A bullpen review from the what-have-you-done-for-me lately perspective: I’m using this years’ stats only. Some would say that’s too small a sample size. Some would say it’s too large and ignores what the bully has done over the past week.
Troncoso – has performed well this year. With a WHIP of 0.92, how can we complain about that? Last year’s WHIP was 1.29, not too bad. I actually trust him when he comes to the mound.
Belisario – Not bad. WHIP of 1.21 and ERA of 3.05. Nothing there to complain about until we see his three blown saves. All-in-all, he’s our third best after Brox and Troncoso.
Wade – The jury is still out on whether he can come back from his injury and be successful. The guy was a stud last year. The best thing about him this year is he’s only walked one batter over nine innings.
Leach – The sample size is too small, so I will delay passing judgment on him. However, the early signs are bad.
Oh Man – Forgetaboutit. Four dingers in 11 innings? Use him in mop up only. Ned chose this guy over Beimel? Why?
McDonald – Give me a break. Sixteen walks in 18 innings? Send him to AAA immediately for at least two months and get his head screwed back on straight.
Mota – Please. DFA ASAP.

Stult’s was a complete game victory.
His 2nd in two years.

Thanks for the blue ribbon Rose – that’s great!!!!!

dodgereric yelling?……………..nah!!! LOL!!!!!!!

BOOOO 0-1 phillies

NELLY – yeah it was LOUD my eyes were hurting!

Phillies are playing small-ball against Billz. What we need in inning 2 is for EthierMartinLoney to open a can of whoop-*** on Hamels.

=wow it is windy in Philly



Broxton, Troncoso and Belisario all have ERAs under 4:00

I’d like to see how many inherited runners have scored on Belisario’s watch. Not really sure if he’s good or bad. But it’s a stat ALL relief pitchers need to be accountable for.

Bullpenners over 5.00
McDonald, Mota, Wade, Ohman and Leach.

Bills’ inability to bunt cost him a run right there. Got nobody to blame but himself.

Kahlifornia – Good point about the inherited runners. According to Baseball Reference, Belisario has allowed 5 of 10 inherited runners to score. By comparison, Brox is 1/6, Troncoso 2/11, Oh Man 3/12, Mota 2/4, Mac 0/1, Wade 1/6, and Leach 2/3.

Yes!!!! Tied it up, and we have Hamels over 50 pitches!


We’ll take that run.

Good of the Phillies to give us the run anyway.

All our starters have ERAs under 4.00, except Kershaw, not counting McDonald.


That’s what I call smashing a shot right into bad luck.

Hate to say this, but Andre doesn’t belong anywhere near the cleanup slot right now, especially against left-handers. Both Martin and Blake are getting hot. Blake would not be a bad choice for cleanup, and even Kemp would rate that position against lefties. Put Andre someplace he can relax more until he gets his stroke back. He’s not even making good contact right now.


Ethier’s OBP this season: pre-Manny .438, post-Manny .129 – just sayin’ the facts.

crash beat me to the Inherited Runners Scoring stat, so let’s see if I can be the first to provide a little frame of reference.

National League Inherited Runners Score Percentage by team

PHI – 16%
STL – 17%
MIL – 23%
CHI – 29%
PIT – 29%
FLA – 30%
AZ – 31%
CIN – 31%
LA – 31%
NY – 33%
SF – 33%
WAS – 36%
ATL – 39%
COL – 40%
HOU – 40%
SD – 47%

So, while it seems that nobody could be worse, we could.

We’re also nowhere near the best.

Andre may just be in a slump or he misses Manny batting in front of him, …as they say.

Came pretty close to scoring that time, It was the Billingsley bunt that hurt the most.



Phew, we dodged a bullet there!!!!!!!!


Damn we should be leading and dang Bills needs to learn how to bunt hopefully he took notes on Harmels and Pierre.

I can’t remember a game like this, with the defense outsmarting the offense, on both sides.

Sigh I see Martin made an error shoot there goes his gold glove chances lol.

I hate that top of the 6.

I hate to say this but get Ethier out of that 4th hole now.



Good innings there Bills after last innings crap.

Big Game Loney come through again.

WOW, Loney responds well to our ITD’er virtual 2X4’s. I’ve been getting on him about his power stroke the last couple of days, and I guess he found it. I’d get on Martin too, if it works, but he already seems to be getting his stroke back. Let’s finish out and win this game – that would be great.

Loney and Martin getting hot and Ethier and Hudson going cold sigh very bad timing. I think Loney should swap spot with Ethier for now until Ethier get out of this funk..

Actually I take that back from Hudson is Furcal that’s still in that slump.

LONEY is picking up ETHIER

FURCAL needs a whole team to pick him up.

messagebear – I give you permission to give Andre a good talkin’ to. Only you though – LOL!!!

FURCAL’S fielding is back, maybe….

Sigh Ruiz has been killing us and he was batting .161 after yesterday games.


Nice job Billz!!! Let’s add another run here, and then hand it to Big Bad Jon in the 9th!

Yeah no more Stairs and I waiting for the Stairs vs Broxton matchup and I know Broxton want payback on him.

Ibanez looked like me out there, on JP’s fly.

Thanks, nelly. With Andre I think he can do it by himself – just needs a little time and maybe a different spot than cleanup for a few games. I don’t know if it’s anything mechanical with his approach, and I wouldn’t recognize it if it was. Unfortunately I don’t have much confidence in Mattingly recognizing problems and helping either. With Andre I really don’t have any worries long run. In my mind he’s one of the best two or three players on this team, including Manny, and he’s probably the #1 in character, so he will figure it out.

YEAH ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

messagebear – maybe just the thought of you talking to him helped – LOL!!!!!

thanks messagebear 🙂

TORRE’s next move will be a big one.
And it’s CORY WADE

Let’s go Cory, 1-2-3 inning!

Let’s go, Cory. Get your job done.

Hopefully that hit would give him some more confident now.

Let’s see the light out Wade from last year.

Holy crap Bourn stole home on a double steal boy I wanted to see alot more of those.

Yeah Dre! Great job Cory!!!

WTG WADE! Fantastic!

Welcome back, Cory Wade!!!

Kemper! Now bring him in!

The Beard comes through!


Let’s go X Paul!!

There goes the insurance run but we needs more.

Relax everybody.
At least until JON gets ready.

Damn tough game for Pierre but I guess it’s ok for his standard lol.

I’m getting more respect for Casey Blake all the time – a solid player. And I like what I see of X Paul – hopefully he’ll get some chance to spell JP after his bloom wears off a bit.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre’s Johnny!!!!!!!!

C’mon Brox!!!


one down

Woottttttttttt always a good feeling when you can k’s Howard.

Brox is on FIRE!

two down…………….one more Johnny!!!!

Nail biting time . . . .

Damn that Ibanez.

Isn’t “defensive indifference” what burned us when Werth stole home????

Sigh i really hate fielders indifference.

uh oh!!!! Come on Jonathan – you can do this!!!!!!

Never a good thing to walk the potential tying run.

Sigh this Dobbs suck PH this year blah Broxton lol


Man Ruiz is one tough cookie.

We never seem to do anything easy – but thankfully we got that insurance run or else, it’d be over now.

What does Johnny say? Crap! F&&K! He!!


That was pretty lame to not get Ruiz after getting 0-2 on him. What happened to the down and away slider?

Good afternoon ITD!
I hate that my mlb audio is not working, is not letting me signon and the yahoo is not refreshing What is going on!?

Tough, real tough

Emma, the game is tied 3-3 going to the 10th inning.

Emma – We just gave up a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the ninth. Two-run double by Ruiz off Broxton. Now 3-3 in top of the tenth.

Stupid fielders indifference actually cost us and Broxton walk the tying run and not getting Ruiz on an 0-2 pitches.

To think this all started when Howard and Werth struck out.

Thanks Sparkle & Crash. No bueno.

Dre and Russ!!! Way to go!!!!

All right Andre and Russell!! Way to come back!!!!!


Nice one, Russell!

Fielder’s indifference was not the problem. That first run meant nothing. All the Dodgers needed to focus on was getting the last out.


Russ finally gets a clutch hit. Let’s not blow this lead.

Ethierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice walk Martin nice clutch hit


The team is showing some spunk, once again. They’ll be okay for the next 43 games.

We have always kill Durbin in his career.

That’s what they get for the IBB in front of The Bison!

Yeah, Matty!!!


Yeah emma did you see the important Howard and Werth striking out to started the inning and it’s never a good thing to walk the potential tying run.

We’re Happy Kempers today – WTG Matty!

Way to Matty! Thanks Durbin for walking Mr. HR to get to Mr. Extra Base Hit!

clicking on KABC was not working but it worked when I clicked on the Spanish one. Good thing I speak Spanish. I am listening to Pepe. Woohoo! 5-3. Muy Bueno! Buen ataque muchachos!

Way to Matty = Way to be Matty

Casey, bring on the dagger!!!

We want Johnny!! Don’t toss in somebody else!

Of course fielders indifference was the problem then we win 3-2.

Don’t forget ETHIER’S walk with 2 out and nobody on.

Go Troncoso!!!

I actually trust him when he comes to the mound.
There it is, I said it about Troncoso, now I have to live it.

What’s a payback? I guess it turned out fair played.

Way to go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go Ramon!!!!!

No more 2 outs drama

The runner who took second on fielder’s indifference would have advanced to second anyway because of the walk. Therefore, it was immaterial.

Sigh at Utley getting hit what a shocked.

Uno mas por favor from “el lechero”(guess it means rookie) Troncoso.

Yeah n/m he would’ve had but still should never walk someone with 2 outs.

YESSSS!!! Troncoso says ORALE!!!!

Way to be, Ramon!

YEAH DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is good to take a series from the Phillies. ALRIGHT!!!!!


Damn stop giving them the base lol.

Awesome win!!! Too bad Bills didn’t get the win, but it was still a great game. Raffy’s coming out of his slump, Loney’s showing power, and Russell is continuing his hot hand.

It will be a happy flight to Miami!

Se poncha (he strikes out) Woohoo! Ahua!

WTG Troncoso another win for Broxton.

This was a non-title bout.
But we’ll be back.

…………and Andre finally got on base – LOL!!!!!

This win and the way we won is definitely a good sign.

Jonathan owes Billz a steak dinner.

Great to come right back in the tenth with both the offense and the pitching after seemingly giving the game away in the ninth. That means that the guys’ heads are back in the game.

Way to go Dodger Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seesky, when you get here, please start passing the victory flask – LOL

Proctor has Tommy John surgery (needed it after Torre worked the hell out of him).

Let’s go to Miami and fry us some fish!!

Well, I’m outta here, have to do a few things and go to school, then get home for the Laker game tonight!!!! Have a great day all!

Billz pitched great and deserved this win. That is why the wins statistic is so misleading.

Great Game Boy’s!!!!!!!!

Way to show some fight!
Too bad for Billz, but another strong game against a good team on the road.

Great victory against a good team. Some good signs showing with our key players. Great pitching overall. Brox is showing some uncanny knack for blowing the save, but then winning the game. Who’s to argue.

And my final comment today, Manny Who?

Nothing like doing it the hard way. Proud they showed some fight today. Tough luck for Bills, but this should land him on the all-star team for sure. On to New york.

Taking two of three on the road from ANYONE is a good thing, let alone the team that knocked us out of the playoffs last year. That we did it by coming from behind is even better, as it grows confidence. Well done, boys! Now, for the constructive critizism.

Walking a .138 hitter ANYTIME is a really, really bad thing. Walking a .138 hitter with 2 out in the ninth and the .138 hitter being the tying run is un-freakin-acceptable© ™ ®. This must STOP.

Giving up those ‘defensive indifference’ bases is bad baseball IMO. To anyone who has been watching the game for a while, how many times have you seen the infield use the short and easy throw for a force to get out of an inning? Since the out HAS to be made at first on a grounder, it puts more pressure on the infield. I don’t see how it helps to let the first baseman play deep. He gets to retreat on the pitch anyway, and just how far back can the first baseman get anyway? He has to stay close enough to get to the bag to take a throw, right? The few feet difference can’t make up for the risks. I wouldn’t do it.

“Let’s go to Miami and fry us some fish!!

By on May 14, 2009 1:49 PM”

LMAO!!! Perfect!

Yum! I love fry fish! or some fish tacos from Rubios!
There is a new section at Dodgertown called BBQ Beach section! I like the first giveaway at that section, a beach bag that says “This is my town” “Dodgertwon” like here

Damn I sure hope Pierre take notes from Drew getting 2 assists in the Red Sox/Angels game.

RED PEN Link instead of like.

Dodgers option McDonald to AAA and call up Milton, who will start in place of Weaver. This could work out great if they make Weaver the 8th-inning bridge to Broxton. Like I’ve said before, Weaver is a vet who throws strike, who throws hard, and isn’t afraid to go after hitters.

Four lefty starters?

That’s exactly what I ordained for McDonald. I think he has good talent, but not being able to maintain focus at the major league level is not good – certainly not something that you’d even want to admit. I think he simply needs to pitch regularly for a while, and he’ll get that chance in ABQ. I wish him well. It’s just that he wasn’t in a position to contribute here and now, and no sense in letting him just sit around.

Sad to see the “demotion”, but I’m glad J-Mac will be getting some regular time in.

Hell of a win. Checking the score during break, thinking they’d lost it, then to see Martin and Kemp come up big (and Dre with the 2 out walk), that’s gotten rid of most of the bad juju surrounding the issues.

Pretty good barometer at that, and WELCOME BACK JAMES LONEY!!! Big Game James v2.0 coming up strong for us, and hope to see more of that, especially on this East Coast swing.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

With pleasure, sparkle!!!!!! Double shots for all the D’s and ITD for a great win today!!!!! Getting up off the deck in extra innings to win a series on the road is huge. A great confidence builder. Now, on to Miami to catch some Marlin, scale, skin, and fry them. MMMMMM, GOOD MARLIN!!!!! Keeping with a theme, a huge shoutout (well, he was yelling) to dodgereric for reminding us all once again of the wonderful diversity of opinions that abide on here. Our ITD patchwork quilt has never been stronger or beautiful than it has been the past week. And, as always, GO DODGERS!!!!!

Seesky ~ Thanks for the double-shot! And you are right about our group’s diversity. We have so many talented writers, great statistians, avid fans and that’s what makes this blog so special.

I forgot to add: comedians and visionaries.

Amen, tru. I think this Manny thing has the potential to make this team stronger. Last year and earlier this year, Manny mentored our young core players and taught them a lot of lessons in how to play the game. Now that he’s gone for awhile, they need to take the lessons he taught them and put them to use. If they do that, we will be a much better team when he returns.

You are right about the Manny situation. I think he is going to address the team in person while they are in Florida. He did teach them a lot about reading the pitchers and important things to make their game better.

This Marlin series could be a real turning point in the season for us. If everything goes well with the player’s meeting with Manny and, additionally , we play well, it should take this story off the national news media’s radar and we can get back to solely playing baseball. That can only help us.

Seesky ~ Just think, I was the one who was complaining about no coverage for te Dodgers when were were on the 13 game home winning streak! And, now I dread turning on ESPN! I think they played as a team today and it was wonderful to see!

With Manny gone, we now are a team of stars and each, in his own way, has to let the game come to him and contribute. Don’t try to do do much, just relax and go to it!! They did exactly that today and we all saw the results.

Red pen—- that’s “do too”.

You are right! They were very relaxed and I think they believe they can win!

Great victory today. I didn’t get to see the game because I was at work, so I didn’t know the result until I got home. The picture of Andre running home on Russell’s double is pretty funny. By the look on his face, he was giving it all he had, lol. At least he got a hit today and scored the winning run, Nelly. I look for him to have a great series in FL. During a season different people are going to be hot at different times, so it’s a positive that they are picking each other up so that everyone isn’t slumping at once.

I was at work today and missed it, too. It sure is a drag to have to miss these day games. LOL!!!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

seesky – thanks for sending the flask around, and we are definitely a patchwork quilt – love that analogy.

bluecrewgirl – ………….thank goodness he got on base today and scored that run. I had given messagebear permission to rip him a new one if he hadn’t – (jk) LOL!!!

Would be nice to be independently wealthy, wouldn’t it? I definitely want to be able to retire early if at all possible.

I always thought that the best part of winning the lottery would be to retire and do nothing but go on a tour of all MLB stadiums every summer. Heaviest attendance at the Ravine, of course!!! What the hell, if you’re going to dream, dream big!!!!!

I could imagine many of us have that dream. The only mlb ballpark I have been to outside of California is Texas Stadium.

Some ballparks I’ve been in are no longer in existence or use: Tiger Stadium, County Stadium, (Milwaukee), Mile High Stadium. Have also been in CoAmerica Park and Wrigley Field. (too good a park for Cub fans). Have only been to Dodger Stadium twice.

I’ve been to Dodger Stadium (many times), Anaheim Stadium and Petco.

You Californians have all the luck!!!! LOL!!!!!

Well, it’s late in the Mountain Time Zone. Good night, all. Looking forward to victory toasts this weekend!!!

Wow Seesky!!! You have been to some with some great history,though.

Good Night seesky!!!! Let’s hope the Dodgers get to fry some fish tomorrow. It’s already a good road trip, and it can only get better.

Goodnight seesky. Hopefully we will be drinking/toasting all weekend long, lol.

What a terrible game and I’m hoping for a blowout win at Staples on Sunday.

They were terrible tonight. The Lakers have so much talent, but I am questioning their heart right now. Kobe always gives his all, but the rest of them look asleep at the wheel lately.

Goodnight everyone. I feel a sweep coming on!

I wish Phil would’ve started Kobe in the 4th quarters no need to rest him since he had one foul and we’re down by 9 points in the 4th quarter. I like Fisher but Farmer or Brown should be starting because Fisher can’t not guard.

oops can’t not guard Brooks with his speed.

Good morning ~ ESPN has reported via the LA Times that there was no trace of HCG in Manny’s system. And of course, they are all speculaing that is must mean he was using steroids. If that is the case, why wouldn’t the steroids show up on the test? Now they are calling Manny a liar by him saying that he got a prescription for HCG. Just when you think this Manny business is over, it rears its ugly head again. It will be interesting to hear what he tells his temamates today.


Whatever Manny comes up with in the way of an explanation, I’m not going to believe. The reason is that first of all, his handling team was going to argue an explicit lie when they were originally going to appeal the decision. Secondly, let’s remember that this argument is a Boras creation, so you figure out how much credibility that offers. For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think that any explanation will be reasonable and believable. Manny will just have to live with being considered a probable steroid user. Hopefully that won’t affect his performance too much when he returns, because we’re probably stuck with him for this season and next.

You can consider my comments with skepticism, because I don’t like Manny, I’ve never liked Manny and didn’t want him signed with the team, and I expect I’ll never like Manny whatever he does.

Manny meets with the Dodgers. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Sorry, but Manny is going about this a** backwards. If it was me–and I’m no Manny Ramirez–I meet with my team THE DAY THE SUSPENSION HAPPENS. In L.A. “Embarrassment” is very much a “me” word. This is about your teammates and thye city. Man up. I still love Manny, but each day I become more and more disappointed.

Sounds like a real downer of a meeting. I hope this doesn’t destroy the momentum that we built in Philly.
Keep it up, Stultsy baby!!

I have a feeling we will not learn anything definitive about the meeting. The team was probably told to not comment on it given the sensitive nature and atmosphere. But I’m sure there will be lots of conjecture.

Stults has a varied history of performance. Occasionally he’s been brilliant, often followed by mediocre and awful. I hope he can build some consistency while his opportunity is there and simply do a woeman job as a starter. I’d settle for six innings with minimum walks and no more than three runs given up. You’ve got the ability, Stultsie – believe in yourself, and make them hit your best stuff. You’ve got a good team behind you, and you don’t need to make every pitch absolutely fine.

GO, STULTS; GO DODGERS. We’re really with you at ITD Land.

Have a great game today, Dodger Blue!

Good AfterNOON ITD-land – Yesterdays game was a nail bitter. I actually got to watch the game on TV and yes it was a nail bitter…The funny part was that when Broxton was pitching 102 mph balls I was thinking that he should be the 3rd bobble head (he deserves it – even though I still want Ethier’s bobble head). But yeah right letting the Phillies tie up. He must of been having an off day. Then I was thinking that everything happens for a reason…that extra inning really helped MARTIN get more confidence and hopefully ETHIER’S too. GOOOOO DODGERS…WE GOT THE WIN!

Well, the Manny & Team meeting has taken place, but there are less details than for a failed Soviet missile launch – at least so far:

………..just wonderful (notice the sarcasm in my voice – LOL!!!)

LOL! Maybe we can use this for sarcasm:


:-{ WORKS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our BP is great :-{ …….. JP has made all the difference in the success of this ball club :-{ …………. Joe Torre is a genius :-{

That’s good dodgereric!!!!

I just can’t wait to see JP in left field tonight :-{

I get to go back to work now :-{

Hello all it has been a while. As for the Manny saga, not surprised that he tested positive, it does not really bother me because more are doing things to enhance their performance than we will ever know. What bothers me most is that he was not smart to realize he would get caught..Players have been doing things to enhance their performance forever…In the 70s and 80s and probably before it was “greenies” and there are people in the HOF that partook in them. As for the meeting, short and sweet, what could you really say except sorry I let you down and hug everyone and move on. There is no way to justify it, so move on. He is still a great player and will be when he gets back.

Stults, I anxiously await for what happens when he pitches…Soft tossers are scary to watch. Good luck and lets win.

As for #9, so far he has performed admirably and I hope he continues to hit the ball. I would like to see Xman, but unless #9 gets hurt it is not going to happen.

Nice post rams, but there’s a new thread. Repost it!

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